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Dominated by a Kid (Matthew last part)

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Matthew forces me to fuck his surprise. (Story is only a fantasy)

When I woke up, I found myself being tied up to the bed rails fully naked with something hot filling my pussy and things vibrating against my nipples.

It was only after blinking my sleepiness away did I notice it was Matthew fucking me, pistoning his hips with a frown and he had taped vibrators to my nipples.

“Matthew ah—” I moaned when I understood he was abusing me again, my body spasming and trashing at the pleasure from the vibration on my sensitive nipples and him hitting my sweet spot.

“Finally awake !” He spoke with his cocky smile, fucking me deeper and faster like a real rabbit, “I’m gonna keep you like this, this morning, and this afternoon you’ll have your surprise !”

He was talking nonchalantly as if he wasn’t fucking the daylight out of me. I was already spreading my legs more for him to have more access, his hips slamming against my ass echoing in the room. I could feel my orgasm coming with the vibrators jolting my perky nipples.

“Matthew ngh— you can’t do this ! Ah !” He kept hitting my sweet spot and my eyes rolled back as I drooled, trembling. Despite telling him not to do this, I was pliantly waiting like a good little slut knowing her place.

“You don’t have a say in it !” He replied with a huff, taking me by my thighs, “I’m coming in your pussy !”

I keened when I felt him shot his sperm deep in my womb but couldn’t stop spasming with the vibrators abusing my nipples. I kept trashing and drooling while he pulled out.

“Look at the toys I found ! I think these are mom’s, but anyway,” he shrugged before turning himself to take one long dildo that vibrated. “I’ll try them on you !”

“Ngh— no Matthew—” I arched my back when he shoved the dildo deep in my ass and surprisingly it didn’t hurt which meant he had stretched me before.

Which turned me on. What exactly did he do to me when I was asleep ?

But I couldn’t think anymore, fully gone, fucked dumb.

I didn’t even see him jerking off until he slotted his cock in my mouth without any warning and started throat fucking me, “You’re too loud, stay quiet,” he complained, bucking his hips roughly, pounding deep in my mouth.

I couldn’t keep up with the constant vibration of the dildo and the vibrators, I moaned around his shaft and squirted hard.

Thankfully he noticed, because he pulled out to turn off the toys, still shooting his sperm on my face.

“Now let’s try those !” It was another dildo but bigger and larger, and a mouth ring.

This was going to be a long morning.

By the time he finished abusing me, I was limp on the bed while he untied me, gone from the numerous orgasms that shook my body. I was going insane and turning cock dumb at this point.

He yanked on my hair to force me to wear a dog collar with a leash which was clearly from his dog.

“Now let’s go down doggy !” He pulled on the leash forcing me to move and ordered me to walk on all fours naked and used.


“Shush, dogs don’t talk,” he told me, pulling on the leash.

I was humiliated to walk around naked and acting all submissive to a kid.

I was a real whore now and I loved it.

Once we finished showering with him forcing me to blow him then fucking me again, he forced me to eat in a dog’s bowl on the floor, treating me as his real pet.

My pussy kept tingling and pulsing hot, dripping slick at how dominant Matthew grew to be, knowing exactly how to treat sluts like me.

“Now, let’s go in the garden, your surprise is there !” He yanked on my leash and dragged me outside, thankfully it was a warm day so, I wasn’t freezing.

“But your neighbors—” I stuttered in fear of being caught. If they found out I could go to jail.

“Obey me,” he ordered with a frown, tugging on the leash.

I was forced to follow, heart beating in anticipation and adrenaline.

He tied my leash to a tree and ordered me to stay still.

Then I started hearing some heavy pantings. I looked behind—

And then I saw him.

I blanched.

The kid wanted to make me fuck the dog.

“No Matthew I’m not gonna—” I yelped when the dog ran to me and I froze, sensing him sniffing my wet pussy.

“I wanted to know if you can get pregnant by a dog,” Matthew explained while I gasped when the cold and wet snout was pressed against my pussy folds.

But this was going too far.

“Go away !” I yelled to the dog, pushing him like I could only to freeze when he started growling.

“Stay in position, Gary gets upset otherwise,” Matthew explained, pulling down his pants to start jerking off. “He needs to fuck now.”

“No please—” I startled when he mounted me from behind, his whole weight falling on me, snapping his hips as fast as a rabbit.

He kept missing my hole and replacing himself, brushing my clit and sending me mewling.

The pleasure was taking over my fear, pliantly staying still for a dog to rape me and breed me.

I bent over more by reflex, presenting my cunt submissively and drooling dumbly whenever he rubbed his long length against my pussy.

And then his cock slammed all the way in and I threw my head back, arching and screaming in shock.

I didn’t have the time to process the moment, the dog was pounding me into oblivion, the burning pain turning to sparks of pleasure whenever his whole cock was in, bumping against my womb.

I was gone mute by a dog’s cock, and my body was submitting further, like it knew its role of being bred and used.

I was turning into Gary’s personal bitch, his personal breeding hole, and I loved it.

My pussy greedily took his cock, sperm and slick dripping down my thighs while Gary’s was panting and drooling over my shoulder just like me. Each thrusts was sending me more incoherent and dumb than before, cunt beaten to submission, breasts bouncing.

I was being fucked by an animal, used like an inferior bitch.

I didn’t even notice Matthew jerking off in front of me, but then he took a handful of my hair and shoved his cock down my throat, shooting his sperm deep in.

With how stupid I turned, I didn’t swallow and let it dribble down my chin and throat, eyes rolled back and mouth parted to constantly moan and drool.

And then I felt something bigger and hotter hitting against my cunt as if trying to force it inside.

“Oh, his knot is so swollen !” Matthew yelled happily from where he was crouched, watching me getting railed dumb by a dog, “he’s almost ready to knock you up !”

Without a second, his knot roughly slotted in my cunt and I spasmed and screamed, squirting hard while Gary pumped me full of his milk.

I collapsed on the ground with his cock locked in my cunt as Matthew clapped excitedly.

“I’m sure you’re pregnant now !”

I cried out when Gary moved out and roughly unslotted himself, leaving me shaking and dripping sperm.

I panted after having my brains fucked out, no strenght to explain him I couldn’t be bred by a dog’s cock.

“Oh, he’s coming back !”

My eyes widened as I looked at Gary coming back with his hard cock. I tried to stand up but it was the wrong thing to do, he mounted me again and snapped his hips trying to find back my hole.

“No stop—”

“I’m leaving you here until I’m sure you’re pregnant,” Matthew told me while leaving.

I panicked, “Matthew ! I can’t be pregnant with a dog’s cock !”

Matthew stilled and looked at me just as Gary shoved his cock in my ass sending me screaming and crying.

“Wait, you can’t ?” He huffed with a frown, Gary kept bucking his hips and fucking me non stop, “oh, that’s too bad I guess,” he scratched his head, I moaned at a particular harsh thrusts, arching my back.

“Then I guess I’m the only one who can get you pregnant,” he came closer, patting Gary’s back who just finished by cumming deep in my ass.

He pulled out and sat back, Matthew watched the gobble of sperm dripping down, “Let’s go back inside.”

“Ngh, yes sir.”

“So, how was our son ? Not too much for you ?”

I smiled and shook my head, patting Matthew’s head, “No, he was really sweet,” I could still feel his sperm dripping in my panties.

“Thank god, I was worried,” the mother spoke with a chuckle before handing me the money, “here for surviving with this little monster,” she joked and Matthew smiled from where he was hugging me, pressing his fingers against my clothed hole.

“Thank you !” I took the money and left, waving byes and finding Matthew’s knowing gaze.

He had hoped to get me pregnant, but the thing was, I already was pregnant with Kevin’s child. Maybe after I gave birth to my kid, I’d let him have his chance again.

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    Kevin should pimp her out to his schoolmates. That horny bitch needs to be gang fucked!

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    MAke mor stories like this, Kevin should fuck her again and she should wind up pregnant

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    It would be nice if this babysitter could help Mathew dominate other girls. Maybe closer to his own age too.

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