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I lure in a boy for my husband

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Middle aged womam and her love for young gay boys

I am joanne, 35 year old yoga instructor. Im fairly fit, d cups, nice ass and a pretty face. My husband is 30, bisexual and very much loves to do whatever i say. Over the last few months i have built a relationship with one of the girls in my class as well as her 12 year old son.
Her son was just getting to the age where he would peep in on our classes and ive caught him looking at me multiple times.
One day his mom was over my house for a private session which she did once a week and would bring her son over to play games in my living room while waiting. This one day i had known that his mom had errands to run and she had asked if i could watch her son, Aaron for 2 hours while she was gone. Knowing this i had a plan ready.
The class ended and she left. I was still in my home gym so she sent aaron in to talk to me when she left. He sat on a exercise ball and played his game again while peeking up only sometimes to watch me stretch.
After noticing what he was doing i started to back up whilr facing away from him. After changing stretches and poses a few times i notice his face was right behind my ass. I crouched down and quietly ripped my legging a little, stood up and bent over right in front of him. I waited for a second to know for sure that he had glanced up and when i stood back up and turned around tp get a look he was glowing red and staring straight at his game.
Oops, didnt realize how close i was.
I walked over and opened the window to the room and unzipped my sweater and bent over in front of him. I did a few pushups looking straight down and made my way over close to him again pretending it was an accident. Eventually my head was almost to the exercise ball and i looked up from between the boys legs where i could clearly see a little boner and directly into his eyes. He was blushing and terrified staring back at me. I reached up and touched the buldge.
The boy dropped his game and fell backwards.
You like what you see huh? He looks at me while laying on the ground after falling.
I step over him and he can see the hole in my leggings again, he looks right at it.
Come here ill show you more i say as i reach out my hand.
Still having not said a word he takes my hand and i walk him to my bedroom.
I sit him on the bed and stand up in front of him. His eyes are glued to me as i take off my shirt, wearing just a little bra. Then my pants, i was not wearing any panties so he then focuses directly on my little bit of pussy hair. Then i remove the bra and push him onto his back. He crawls backwards until his head gets on my pillows, i climb on top of him and put my big tits in his face.
What he doesnt notice is i pull a rope with handcuffs attached from behind the head board and quickly while hes distracted by my breast put the on his hands. He goes to react but then i lower and put my tits right in his face.
Lick them, i say. And he starts to lick my nippples.
After a second i stand up on the bed and turn around to face away from him. Hes staring at my pussy now. I kneel down with my pussy in his face, lean back till his nose pokes it and then reach down on the sides of the bed and grab 2 more ropes and attach each to his feet. He tried to respond but i sit back anfd put my ass in his face. Lick, i say. And he begins to licks all over unskillfully. He licks my wet vagina and then all over my asshole.
I get up. Good boy, i say, now stay quiet. Then undo one foot from the rope just so i can pull his pants off one leg. I pull them down and his little 3 and a half inch cock springs out. He twitches but cant cover anything up. I walk over to a table next to the bed and take a few items with me. First i go down to the boys little erection anf with no warning take the whole thing into my mouth. He jumps and moans and i keep sucking and sucking. In less than 60 seconds the boy fills my mouth with cum. I swallow the first few pumps but it keeps on coming. At last im left with 3 pumps of cum still in my mouth so i spit it out onto him. I rub him cum all over his asshole and slip a finger in. He jumps ajd says no. I quickly shush him and he obeys.
Did you like that Aaron?
He just nods back.
Keep being good and theres more where that came from.
He just looks back at me. I go around to the side of the bed and put a blind fold on him. He again goes to speak but i had predicted it ajd quickly put a gag in his mouth and secure it around the back of his head.
He twitches to try and move but he cant budge.
Come in, i say.
And my husband walks in the room.
Hes already naked, with his big hard 8 inch cock. Without a word which we discussed earlier he comes on into the room and gets on the bed between the boys legs. He touched the boys little cock and it quickly perks back up again. He sees the cum on his ass, licks a finger and puts it in the boys ass. He jumps again but its useless. The finger slides in easy from all the cum and my husband smiles. He takes his cock in his hand and spits on it before rubbing it all over. I watch, now touching myself as he puts his head to the boys tight little asshole. The boy squirms but it doesnt help.
My husband slides the tip of his big cock in the boys little ass and boy starts yelling but its muffled from the gag. Im soaking wet watching. His cock sides slowly deeper and deeper as his little asshole stretches around it. I look and see precum dripling from the boys rock hard cock. I sit on the boys face and take his cock into my mouth with the perfect view of the cock slowly slides in and out of his ass. The boy is rock hard at this point. I turn around and slide his little cock into my pussy. I take off his blind fold so he can see me. He looks down and all he can see is his cock going in and out of me as i rock back and forth on it. Hes in shock and just staring. He quickly starts to cum in me and it drips out of my pussy. I feel my husband as he takes his cock out of the boy and rubs some of the cum dripping from my pussy and puts it onto my ass, spit on my asshole and with ease slides his cock in as he has done many times in the past. Now the boys cock has gotten soft and back to hard again inside me as ky husband gives his hole a break and i rock back and forth on his cock again. Then my husband starts fucking the boy again. His cock starts to twitch inside of me so i get up and turn around to watch. As im riding the boys cock i watch my husband fuck his little hole harder and faster while grunting almost covering the boys muffled screams. I watch my husband thrust all the way into the boy while his cock pulsates, pumping him full of cum. At almost the same time i feel the boy cum in me. I am now overflowing with cum but keeping his cock in me as my husband does the same to him. I watch as he pulls out and cum oozes out of the boys little asshole. I stand up and cover my pussy to keep the cum inside. I take the gag and blind fold off the boy as my husband leaves the room. I stand over the boy and let go. His own cum quickly pours out of my pussy all over his face. I then sit on his mouth and force it open for him to taste me. He knows what to do and starts to lick my pussy clean of his cum. I get up once more and this time sit on his again rock hard cock with it in my ass as i rock back and forth while rubbing my pussy. Until i cum and i get up. Uncuff him and leave the room without saying a word. After a few minutes i go into my home gym and the boy is back in the same spot playing his game again. After a while his mom comes and tells him to go get in the car.
How was he? She says
He was great, didnt hear a word out of him. I say.
Thank you so much, i really appreciate that.
It was no trouble at all i swear. I say and then lean in to give her a kiss on the lips. Shocked she pulls back but i stay close, looking in her eyes. She closes hers and leans in as i kiss her again but with some tongue, rubbing a little of her sons remaining cum from my mouth into hers. I pull away and she licks her lips having no idea what the taste was. Blushes and says ok i.. i will see you next week. And walks to her car. Leaving me watching her ass walk away, soaking wet.

Maybe another part?

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:60aa7938m

    I used to loved getting fucked by older men, and this story made my assshole twitch

  • Reply Bob ID:1dr8ji1sdg3f

    Loved how you handled the 12 year old boy. He’s the perfect age for this. His cock gets super hard when he’s aroused and his ejaculations are intense for him. Love it. I’d like to chat with you about your fun experiences and share mine. I was also young when my virginity was taken by a teacher friend. My ejaculation was awesome!!!!
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Joanne, You are a wonderful writer with with a huge talent in writing captivating stories.
    I hope that you continue writing forever. You asked what your readers would be interested in reading.
    My wife and I talked about it and she asked her sister. They agreed reading stories like this one is very hot. Also stories about loving tender mom son relationships that become sexual. A wife being lovingly shared by her husband on her wedding night with husband getting sloppy seconds, or thirds. My wife’s best friend and her sister suggested stories with wives and the family dog, with or without the husband knowing. My buddy at work suggested a story where a young woman’s BF or husband seduces her mother, with her knowledge and consent. Possibly ending with mom becoming pregnant, or a threesome with mom and whoever you decide. I would like to read a story of a married couple that one or the other of them is bisexual and they find lovers to please both of them.

  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Wow! a very hot story. Hope it continues. Hope the boys mom gets seduced, first by the instructor, then the instructor with her husband, then the boy brought in having sex with the three adults.
    Good story writing. You are a talented writer. Keep writing. Very enjoyable to read what you write. Thank You.

  • Reply CuteLucas ID:3zarkilexii

    ooh wow wish soo much I was that boy! I´m also young and like that story soo much! mmm

    • Ray ID:1e821dxtpv2m

      Just how young are you

    • CuteLucas ID:3zarkilexik

      hm,,,around his age ish,,

  • Reply megabetaboy ID:nkbi000k82w

    This is such a hard story, and I’m sure something that happens again and again, submissive, perverted, wives, providing fuck fodder for their alpha husbands.

    • ranger ID:1dg6lvyyxp0l

      hi bro read my story A THRIVE FOR PLEASURE PART1 and post your comments

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dc16zbamh9o

    I love it. I am bisexual and would love to seduce a boy with my wife.

  • Reply megabetaboy ID:nkbi000k82w

    Hmm, lovely, sexy story. She’ll be hooked, especially giving mum a taste of her son’s spunk.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I agree very hot story and MERRY CHRISTMAS Joanne !!! Britney

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:y3coe83pu2t

    What a very hot story!! Hopefully you can get his mom involved next time. Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback11

    • Bione ID:13tr5jy1hyr1

      Leaves me throbbing

  • Reply John ID:1eab1dvk12nc

    Just realised peadophile story … ? not cool

  • Reply John ID:1eab1dvk12nc

    Im new to chat, hot story

  • Reply Hawk ID:5xrks72ql

    I’ve never had an interested in boys, still don’t, but this story was so fucking hot. Amazing writing, got me very hard. Session if anyone wants to chat more:


    • S.T. ID:1ebkgjq7lbos

      ID LOVE 2 CHAT

  • Reply Ju ID:13rg54q1h4es

    Sc me jucifer493 would love to find a boy to do this to

    • Joanne ID:1ehv1j5zvg8a

      So happy you all like the story. Would love to hear more of what you are all into hearing