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Long Hair Aunt and Mom Part 2

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The adventure continues, as the protagonist’s sexual journey with his long hair mom and aunt intensifies

Part 2: The Journey

The next day, it was planned to visit the temple. So both my aunt and mom were getting prepared for the occasion. I wore a Kurta and dressed traditionally. When my mom and aunt came out of their rooms all prepared, I was left awed and speechless looking at them.

Both were wearing white sarees, with open hair. As they bathed before going to the temple, their hairs were wet and two erotic fragrances of shampoo intoxicated the room. My aunt Urvi combed her long hair neatly behind her ears and wore jasmine flowers as earrings. She wore the saree showing her rich navel and a sleeveless blouse exposed her milky arms.

My mom Parvati was looking sexier. She combed her wet hair straight covering her ears, and tied a bunch of jasmine flowers behind her head on her hairs. She cajoled her eyes and wore red lipstick. She also wore flowers on her wrists and her blouse which was sleeveless, backless, and deep neck, exposing her rich arms, her sexy back and her fresh cleavage mounds. Her navel was exposed too.

I immediately had an erection seeing these two sexy ladies, and my lust increased more. I couldn’t wait to taste and fuck these fine women. As we went out, I booked a cab. We got inside the cab and I sat in the middle of my mom and aunt. The cab had a small window to exchange money, and it was closed up for privacy. I rolled up the sleeves of my kurta and put my hands behind them to feel their wet hair. Both of them came and sat close to me as if they were in my arms. The big bag of necessary items was kept on my lap so my erection was well hidden. It was a pretty long journey.

As the journey started, my game of seduction started. As I had sex with Mom last night, it was easier with her. But with my aunt, I was playing it slow. The feeling of their wet streaks of hair was making me horny as fuck. My mom looked at me and bit her lips, her red lipstick was seducing me. She then put her hands under the bag into my pyjamas and grabbed my dick.

I was aroused and pressed my aunt’s waist and in response she rested her head on my shoulder. She closed her eyes, as I slowly moved my hand inside her saree, into her panties, and started to rub her vagina with my fingers. She closed her eyes and was enjoying and moaning and mumbling. I quickly sniffed the smell of her hair from her head and then moved to my mom kissing her ear through the wet hairs. My mom saw my aunt closing her eyes, so she quickly turned my head towards her with the other hand and kissed me on my lips. We exchanged a hot kiss, as she ravished her lipstick on my lips. My mom stroke my dick as much as she possibly could. I was about to have an orgasm, she quickly took out my dick and put it in her mouth and started sucking. I held her head and took hold of her wet hair pressing her deeper into my dick. In the meantime, I put my fingers in my aunt’s vagina, stroking deeper and deeper as she moaned heavily out of ecstasy. Then I splashed out huge loads of cum in her mouth. She licked and drank all my cum. She got up and kissed me on my lips. My aunt splashed her orgasm in my hand and opened her eyes and kissed me on my cheeks.

We then went to the temple. Everyone was checking out my mom and aunt, and I was their man. In the line, I stood behind my mom, poking my erect dick and sniffing her wet hair, sometimes licking the wet waters from her hair. I also put my hands around her waist and pressed her navel and ass. After enjoying Mom, I went behind my aunt, ravishing her wet hair, pressing her ass, poking her with my erection and licking her ears. It was the best day of my life. After, the temple, it was late when we arrived home. So we all went to bed early as we were tired. That night, as Mom and I were in the same room, we lip kissed and snuggled and cuddled as we were tired to have sex.

The next day, I planned something to take my relationship with my mom and aunt to the next level…

(To be continued…)

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[Word from the author: Stories are written in shorter versions for more audience engagement and quick orgasm :D]

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