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Passed out mother gets mouth fucked by black friend

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My mom is 45 and my dad is 73. I’m 17 ,I grew up in a messed up family. Dad left mom because of me. When my dad was away for the weekend, I drugged my mom with Ambien 10 sleeping pills and took advantage of her while she was asleep getting her pregnant. Mom couldn’t explain how she got pregnant since my father couldn’t have children anymore. I was 16 at the time, I have a son and a baby brother at the same time while mom has a son and grandson at the same time. My mom started going out with some black guys and when she comes home I check her panties after she takes a shower. Sperm still wet in the crotch of them and I always get a smell of them,I have even jacked off inside her panties. God I want to watch her getting fucked by a black guys so much that I got into her ambiens sleeping pills again. Since she was drinking bloody Mary I slipped her 4 this time. As she drank I called a black friend of mine and asked if he would come over and to bring another friend. When they showed up my mother was really fucked up. She greeted them and said that it was nice for me to have some friends over.I asked them to help get her up on her feet and I started to walk her to her bedroom.Where are we going she asked me? To your bed I replied, they are going to help me put you in the bed I replied OK she said. When we got her to her bed ,I asked them to help me undress her. My dick was about to break it got so hard watching them undressing mom. They stripped her nude in a minute, they were all over her. We laid mom down on the bed and I spread her legs wide open showing the pink on the inside of her pussy. When one of them crawled between her legs and started fucking her,her big titties started bouncing as I recorded . Mom passed out from fucking but we continued to fuck with her I jacked off on her face my buddy mouth fucked her filling her mouth with his Sperm . We had so much fun with my slut mom [email protected]

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