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Meeting the mouse

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A Memory of when I went to Chuck E cheese in the summer for my brother’s birthday when I was 13

So when I was 13 I went to Chuck E cheese for my brother because my mom always did what he asked since he was the favorite, and since it was his 8th birthday was in a few days so she took him and made me go along too which was dumb, there were only kids all of them were just screaming and running around so I just sat in the booth before I went to go play games on the arcade machines.

We were there for about an hour and then a man and a Chuck E cheese costume came out from the back and all the kids ran around him my mom told me to watch my brother so I followed him to meet the mouse and I noticed that one of his arms important moving but there was motion in his stomach but I ignored it and after a while most the kids ran off to go play and so did my brother and I was going to go with him but that’s when the mouse poked me and made the motion to follow I was confused and when I try to turn around he just got in front of me and told me to follow him I just agreed and assumed he probably wanted me to help take the costume off because the air conditioner wasn’t working that good and it was hot outside but way more humid inside and I was wearing denim shorts and a tank top so that I didn’t become a pool of sweat. I didn’t really want to imagine wearing a massive suit of fur in this heat So he took me into the back and pointed at his zipper on the back of his costume so I unzipped it and he basically let the costume fall off of him and it fell off except for the head and And I got to see the dad bod under the suit but that’s what I saw that he was wearing a shirt, only a shirt and that’s when it clicked in my head why the right arm of the mouse wasn’t moving because he had it his hand on his dick before I could even try walking away he grabbed me and started groping my breasts and I could feel his dick poking on my back and butt the whole time he pulled my shirt and stripped it so much that it basically fell off of me I wasn’t wearing a bra because it was hot and my tits weren’t big enough to need to cover them, they weren’t small i was a 36B cup at the time And he just enjoyed squeezing them while I struggle to get away eventually he put his hands on my shorts He unbuttoned and zip them down and while I struggled to pull them up he pulled them down along with my panties and that’s when he forced me on my knees and put me face down I couldn’t see what he was doing but I felt it I felt the tip of his dick rubbing on my slit And he pushed it in a few times but when he left it there and put his hand on my hip that’s when he pushed it in I started crying trying to beg him to stop But he ignored me when I look back all I could see was the naked fat man’s body and the Chuck E cheese head.

He told me that I was way better than the other little girls he had which made me realize that I wasn’t the first And he just kept going until I felt his dick start the twitch inside of me and he was pulling on my hair at this point telling me he was about to blow but before he did he pulled out, he flip me over and put it back in now facing me now he was sucking on my tits squeezing one and sucking on the other while his other hand was firmly on my hip and soon enough he let out a loud moan as his dick started to twist inside of me and I felt a liquid being poured into me. He pulled out and I cried more when I saw his cum leaking out of me, He turned around took off the mouse head took off his shirt and then put on the mouse head again He threw the shirt on me and told me “I should cover up unless I wanted this happened again” after that he went into a locker and started grabbing clothes and he put them I was just sitting there while he changed clothes and I didn’t get up until I heard a door open before he left He told me “hopefully I can see you again.. slut” and the door closed and I got up put on my panties and my shorts along with the shirt that was way too big for me that he gave me cuz my shirt was basically ruined and stretched so much that if I put it on it wouldn’t be covering me and I walked out and went back to the booth with my mom and brother who were laughing and having fun while I was raped in the back.

We left soon after and on the drive home my mom asked where I got the shirt and I lied and told her “I spilled something on my shirt and one of the employees gave it to me so I wasn’t wearing a wet shirt” when I said that my mom called me a ‘klutz’ and just went on to ask my brother if he had a good time and I just sat silently remembering everything that happened to me And when we got home I told my mom what happened when I wasn’t with her but being the great mother she is she didn’t believe me and told me even if it was true “It was probably because I dressed like a slut” And “I should have expected it with the way I dressed” then I went to my room and cried myself to sleep.

After that for the next few years when we went back to the same Chuck E cheese for my brother’s birthdays I would always see the mouse and I would always try to stay away from him hoping it was a different person and not him of course one day when we were celebrating my brothers 12th birthday and I was 17 and my mother had a surprise for him and his friends Because here comes Chuck E cheese walking up to him with a cake and giving him a high five And while they sing Happy Birthday to him Chuck E cheese walked up to me and put his hand on my ass and I heard him whisper “remember me”and will I try to stay calm he quickly let go of my ass when my brothers friends looked at him And he played and got chased by them while I sat down and tried to ignore him.

After the party Chuck E cheese tried to get alone with me but I made sure I was always around my brother and his friends which didn’t stop him from grabbing my ass when I wasn’t looking, And when we got home I took a shower and try to forget that day.

I’m now 25 and graduated college recently in another state and I’ve gone no contact with my mother for many reasons and along with the whole ignoring me getting raped thing And I’m now talking to about therapist And I told her about what happened and she told me to write about what happened and it might help me move on And while I did write it on paper when I found this app I decided to write it here.

And that’s my story of why I really really Don’t like Chuck E cheese or pizza

πŸ‘„This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.πŸ‘…

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  • Reply Annony mouse πŸ€ ID:w4jt79m0

    Aw BS. You were a 13yr old slut. You became a 17yr old slut. ( Bet you got fucked that time too. Didn’t yah) Fucking whore. Now your a 25 try old slut telling rape fantasy stories online. Give me an hour with your slutty holes I’ll show you how to get raped. Take it up the ass bitch…

  • Reply Trancoso ID:1dgivlod6pgj

    I allow him to molest me more, get his number and when he calls me I be there to slurp on his cock after a long day of work. Taste his sweat from being in that costume.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9a

    This very reason is why I have never raped a girl in my life. I love the girls but this shit is just over the top wrong. I bet your a beautiful young girl and I hope you don’t ever think all guys are rapist because they are NOT. I have made love to a shit load of younger girls but they had always shown interest and I love teaching them which is a void in society.
    At least we have a thing or two in common, I fucking hate Chuck E Cheese and there pizza sucks to no end and their games are a rip off.
    I think in your therapy you should put on a strap on cock and scull fuck a Chuck E Cheese head for 30 minutes and let me know how you feel lol!
    Your beautiful never forget that!

    • Tobby ID:2px1n23dzzw

      I never trusted that fucking mouse

      And here’s some evidence of why

  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    You should cut his cock you are still in time