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Our yearly trips

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My husband and I travel a lot and once a year around the holidays we like to go somewhere in the middle of nowhere Asia and buy a brother and/or sister for the night. Not hard to find and not expensive. Last year we talked to a mother in a small village. We offered her a large amount and she gladly accepted. Her kids were the perfect age. They were dirty and in rags. We got them clothes and food. At the hotel we let them take hot baths, gave them robes and got dessert. The girl and I sat on the bed kissing. My husband put his dick between us and she watched me kiss and lick it so she did too. I waved the boy over and opened his robe. He had a nice small dick. Perfect size for anal sex. I sucked and kissed it and my husband pushed her head towards his dick too. Hubby undid my bra and pulled them to my chest. I played with their hair while they suckled on my chest. Hubby got naked and her and I laid down while he took my panties off and opened her robe. The boy was staring heavily at my pussy. I spread it for him and touched myself. My hubby was going down on her and the boy tried the same on me. He wasn’t good which I expected. My husband switched and showed how he flicked his tongue and used a finger on me. We sat together and watched him try on his sister. I wanted to give pointers too so I ate her pussy soft and slow. She had a big pussy for being so small. Her clit was buried away but she was sure happy that I found it. My holes were being touched and I noticed my husband was giving pointers on how to touch me. He was holding the boys wrist shoving fingers in me. I needed dick soon I told him. He put his dick in me with the boy fingering my ass. I went wild on the pussy in front of me. My hubby moved us around. She was over me and he pushed her face into my pussy. He pulled her up and her brother stood on front and she sucked his dick. My husband knows my favorite part is to watch when he first puts his big dick in a little pussy. When he got behind her my pussy got so wet. I pulled his dick to my moth and spit. Then put it where it needed to be, in between her big pussy lips. I spread her and watched. She was screaming on her brothers dick. My husband took it easy on her and moved her hips up and down. I got my legs up and guided the boy to my pussy. His small dick felt really nice in me. My husband used my mouth in between fucking her. He took over the boys spot and gave me a good fucking. She was laying next to me and I helped her brother get it in her. Watching them hump made me have a big orgasm drenching the sheets. I got on top and they got quite the show of me riding that dick screaming profanities. I needed more dick. I pulled him off his sister and tasted every inch of his dick and balls. My husband wasn’t much for waiting either. He had her on his face and she seemed to be enjoying herself. I leaned in and gave her body kissed and spread my ass nice and wide. I pointed to my asshole so he knew where I wanted it. It was perfect. It didn’t hurt, all I got was pleasure in both holes. I got close to another orgasm. My husband was tongue fucking some nice pussy and slamming his cock into mine, I had my ass going fucked. I loved the way he grabbed my hips and slammed all he had into my ass. I’m not sure if he actually came but he got softer and pulled out of my ass. I told my husband to fuck me harder because I just lost my orgasm. He said he was too close to go any faster. I asked where he wanted to cum then. He said he wanted more of her first before he came. I was frustrated and needed to cum. He put them on the floor hands and knees. I sat on the edge of the bed watching him stuff her pussy. I had him kneel in front of me and enjoy mypussy. I lifted my legs, rubbed on my clit and watched him eat my ass. I felt that orgasm coming on strong. I backed him up next to his sister and fingered myself until I felt the fluid at the brim and squirted so hard all over them. Her face was the best. Looking up at me, taking my husbands dick and dripping squirt. My hubby said he was ready and told me to get on my knees. I kneeled between them and pulled their heads to my tits. They sucked while hubby jacked off. He came so many thick ropes all over them and my tits. We all took showers and had snacks. We we’re bringing them back the next day so we snuggled in. My husband, the sister, the brother and then me. In the morning I felt his little boner on my ass. I was too tired to do anything and he never made a move so I fell back asleep. I woke again to a hand on my pussy and the bed moving. I thought it was the brother but it was the sister. I lifted the covers and the brother was humping his sister and my hubby was humping the brother. My husband isn’t gay and I only seen him have one boy suck his dick. I asked what the fuck was happening. My hubby explained she couldn’t take it in the ass and he really wanted it before they left so the brother is loosening her up for him. I was like…okay but what are you doing to him. He laughed and said he kept on wiggling his ass on my hubbys dick so he gave his dick a push and he’s taking it no problem. I was definitely up now. I got up to pee and got back with my pussy in her face. My hubby was done with his ass and put his dick on my pussy. She lifted her face and sucked my hubby and he fucked me. Her brother stayed fucking her ass. I played with her hair while she had her head on my pussy watching inches away from my husbands dick in me. I was about to cum and my hubby pushed her face down enough to cover her in my squirt. Hubby moved the boy and got behind her. She took it better in the ass than I do. She was moaning a lot while he put the whole thing in. He told me he wasn’t going to last long. I had to speed things up. I sucked the soul out of the small dick in front of me and my hubby laid him down. He put her on him and even helped get his dick in her pussy. He held on to her bouncing her on her brothers dick. He’s making faces like when he came yesterday, my husband told me. I squatted on his face and my husband took her ass again. My pussy was sucked harder and harder until I think he came again. My husband kept him in there and stuffed her pussy too. Her brothers small dick had no choice but to stay there. I lifted up and buried her face in my pussy. My hubby asked me to talk dirty to him. I told him to fill her pussy up with his seed. I said send her home with so much cum in her. I begged him. He leaned in to kiss me, told me how much he loved me and came in her pussy. Like a good wife, I cleaned the three of them with my mouth. We didn’t have time for a shower so we brought them home and tipped the mother for the great time.

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