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Bully takes his revenge on my mother

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The bully gets angry and me and takes it out on my innocent mother.

Hi I’m Srinu, and in my family, I have my father who is in Govt Teacher, and my mother, who is a housewife. I had spent most of my life in cities in Kerala, but this time father got promoted as principal and got a school in a little rural area of Kerala. It was a little difficult for us to adjust, but apparently, it was just for a couple of years. This school was in a Muslim area and we were Kerela Brahmins. We looked like tourists because of our skin color(Fair) and a little sophisticated lifestyle (City influence). Not sure because of our clothing or the way we spoke, we were not accepted into the community. We used to keep to ourselves.

I was also in my final year of school so I used to go with dad in his car. Though I was the son of the school principal I was subjected to bullying. I was a good target for it anyways. I was very thin, wore glasses, and was good at studies. My school bully was Hanzal. He was the son of the local political figure. He was 2 years elder than me but used to spend most of his time on the school grounds. He used to make me run on the ground, fetch stuff for him and clean his bike. I did it quietly as I had already received a good old punch in my stomach on the very first day I arrived. He had warned me if I told my father about it, it was the end of me and my family in this village. So I kept quiet.
One day it was raining and we were playing football. Hanzal joined us in the game and started to play very rough with all kids. We pushed me to the ground and kicked the ball so hard on my face that I started to bleed. My friends got nervous and took me to the school nurse and informed my father. He came running to check on me. He asked who did this? I didn’t tell him. But one of my friends told dad that it was Hanzal, and he was always making me do stuff for him. Dad got really angry and called Hanzel to his office. He scolded him hard and warned him that if this continues he was going to take serious action.

Hanzal didn’t say anything at that time. He left quietly. The next day my father received a call from the Kochi office that he has been summoned for disciplinary action. He was confused, but he had to go. It would take him two days to return back. I didn’t see Hanzal at school that day. I was walking back home when I saw Hanzal’s bike parked outside my house. I ran inside. I saw Hanzal and mom were having an argument about something. I said “What’s going on? Why are you in my house?”
“He was a video of me bathing in the shower and threatening to share it with everyone.” Mom said with tears in her eyes.
“What? how? ”
“I know my way around things,” He said.
“Delete it now itself.” I lept to grab his phone. But he was huge, he was 6’2″ well built. And I was 5’6″. He pushed me down and I fell over. He kicked in between my legs. Off, my balls. I sat there holding my crotch.
“So what are we going to do about it.” He said waving the phone in front of mom.
My mom was 37 yrs old and still in good shape. She had huge boobs 36DD. She used to dress in a saree, which complemented her boobs and huge ass. She was very fair, with long hair till her waist. She used to wear a lot of religious chains around her neck along with her Mangalsutra. Most of them ended up in her huge cleavage.

Hanzal went close to mom and said, why don’t you undress in front of me, I want to see you naked up close. Mom was shocked and dumbfound. She looked in his eyes seeking mercy. But he was way too horny to let this opportunity go. He held her saree and marched towards her. She started to move back and with each step, her saree started to peel off. Now she was in her yellow blouse and petticoat. She was trying to cover her bosom with her hands. He threw the saree away then he said in a loud stern voice. “Blouse utaro Nahi to phad ke rakh Dunga (Open your blouse else I will tear it off)”. Mom looked at me. I was still on the floor in pain. Hanzal grabbed her hands and tried to tear the blouse, she interjected. She opened the blouse slowly. Then he gestured towards her peticoat. She obeyed. Now she was only in her big black bra and maroon panties. “Bra utharo madam (Open your Bra)” he said in a fun voice. Mom did and immediately covered her boobs with her hands. “Chalo ab apne chaddi bhi utao. (Now remove your panties as well)” Mom turned around and removed her panties too. “Wao kya to gaand hai teri ma ki saale. (Wao what an ass your mom has)” He said with a loud slap on her left ass cheek.
Mom was still trying to cover her body parts with her hands. He turned her around. “Hand hata randi saali (Remove your hands whore)” Hanzal slapped her hands off and started to grope her boobs violently. Mom’s hands were to her side while he was sucking and groping her huge boobs. “Kitne mulayum duddhu hai teri ma ke. Lagta hai tera baap roz masalta hai teri ma ki boobs. (Your mom’s boobs are really soft. Looks like your dad squeezes them every day.)” He was now completely turned on. He started to rub her pussy. She had little hair around her pussy. Like 3 days after shaving. He was sucking on her boobs and fingering her pussy. He must be doing good because now my mom was rolling her eyes and head back in pleasure. Hanzal also noticed the same.
He pushed her back on the sofa and unzipped his pants to pull out his 9inch big dick. “Chal ab mere Lund chus saali hindu kutiya.(Now suck on cock you Hindu bitch)” He held her head from behind and shoved his whole dick inside her mouth. She couldn’t do anything. She tried to stop by holding on to his thighs. But with one hand he held her both wrists and pulled them over her head. With other, he held her hair. He was throbbing his dick deep into my mom’s throat. “Saali shera ki kutiya, bohut ghamand hai tum logo ko. Agar tujhe gaon ki randi na bana diya to mera naam Hanzal nahi. (You city bitch, you think you guys are better than us? I will make you the village whore, Else I will change my name.)” He kept fucking my mom’s mouth for 15 mins. Then he pushed her on the sofa on her back. She was all messed up. Her hair was a mess, her face was covered with her own saliva. Her lipstick was all over her checks. She was looking like a whore.

He then lifted her legs up and her ass just to the edge of the sofa, he started to fuck her pussy. With one huge stroke, he entered mom’s vagina. He was holding my mom’s legs in the air and was thrusting his dick in her, again and again, and again. She was screaming in pain. “Aaram se karo, dard ho raha hai. (Go slow you are hurting me)” Mom said. “Randi tere maaza ke liye nahi chood raha tujhe. Dard Dena hai tujhe.(Whore, i’m not fucking you for your pleasure, you deserve the pain)” He kept fucking mom for like 20 mins in this position. The he rolled her over. By this time mom was also getting wet so she was not screaming anymore. He placed her in doggy style on the sofa on all her fours. He held her long hair like a rope and started to fuck her from behind. With another hand he was slapping her ass as if he was riding a horse. “Randi ki chut phad dunga aaj.(Will tear this whore pussy today)”
Mom again was making noises, this time more of moaning because of a dick in her pussy and the hair-pulling. She was enjoying the pain. This angered Hanzal more. He swept her hair to the left and while fucking her, he grabbed all her chains around her neck from behind and started pulling them. He was using them as a harness to control her neck. Mom was choking due to this, She was trying to scream but was unable. This was making Hanzal hornier. He made the grip tight. Mom has now trying to hold her neck around the chains with one hand. Her boobs were swaying forward and back, with every pump in her pussy. It was an amazing view. My dick was hard. I guess I was a cuckold. Hanzal screamed, “I’m close.”. “Andar mat choodna(Do not cum inside me)” Mom said.
Hanzal let go of her chains, placed his chest on my mom’s bare back, grasped her both boobs from behind, and started to fuck her hard. His eyes were closed. He was about to cum. He squeezed mom’s boobs very tightly as he thrust his dick hard inside mom and finally. “Aaaahghghhh”. He had cum inside my mom’s pussy. “Lo Hindu brahmin ki chut mai musalman ka beej(here you have it, Hindu Brahmin’s pussy is filled with Muslim man’s seed)” he pushed her forward and she laid on her stomach. Her pussy dripping his cum. He took a pic of his conquered ass and cum dripping pussy.
“Tu madarchod, utho aur apne ma ki chut chat ke saaf karo(You motherfucker, get and lick clean your mom’s pussy)” Hanzal said to me as was doing his pants.
I hesitated, but he kicked to show me who is the boss. So I went there on my knees and started to lick the cum off my mom’s pussy. It was still warm. I could smell her pussy juices too. It was awesome. I cleaned her pussy by licking it multiple times. I kind of started to enjoy it. Unaware that Hanzal was recording this as well.
“Sahi mai madarchood hai be tu. (You are a real mother fucker.)” He said as he ended his recording. I closed my eyes in disbelief that he has this video.
“Chalo mai jata hu, kisi aur din aata hu tum logo ki gaand marne phir se. Aur haan apne baap ko bataya to pure gaon mai vidoe dekha dunga ki tu apne ma ki chut chatta hai. (Ok Im leaving, will return some other day to fuck your asses. And remember not to tell your dad or else I will share the video of you licking your mom’s pussy with everyone in the village.)”
I knew we were in deep shit.
Mom turned around and got up. She didn’t say a word or looked at me. Just grabbed her clothes and walked to the bathroom.
I went into my room, still hard, jerked off to everything I saw, and came.

I’m sure this will not be the end. Hanzal with this video will definitely try and humiliate me and my mom again.

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  • Reply macmmot ID:5xs5babqk

    thats what mothers are for. i had my mom having sex with my friends because i caught her having sex with our dog and told her i would tell everyone unless she did what i told her. I was selling her for sex and she didnt care who had sex with her

    • PITI ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Das klingt geil ja Mütter sind einfach nur Huren und so sollte man sie benutzen erzähl uns mehr von der Schlampe oder kann ich sie irgend wo sehen hast du Bilder von der Schwanzgeilen Hure meine Email ist [email protected]

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    Damn,i just came,it felt gud.

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    hindus are just targeted by these behenchod islam

  • Reply Pussy Lover Dad ID:4gm091oii

    great stori

  • Reply SUSSY BAKA ID:5rb3bdw8

    I know you aren’t from kerala because you don’t even know the spelling of kerala. And your grammar is wrong in many sentences, which is also a proof you aren’t from kerala