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Sick Sister in law

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Afternoon first time alone with sis in law

One afternoon, I got a call from my wife that her sister was sick and need attention to look after her. And my wife is not able to do so call me for help. Yet her husband was away at the same time.

After reaching she was having high fever and I brought her to see doctor, after everything was done sending her home and also got some food and my lunch. Before she can ate her medicines.
While I was preparing her lunch I remember I got some illegal medicines from black market that I gotten long time ago before I was married in my wallet. Which never had the change to use the last tablets. I drop that in herlunch bowl and mixed on the soup. While she was having that but could not finish left half bowl of noodles. After she resting awhile I got her medication and let her rest. While I watching my show and lunch. She ask me to treat as your home and went to her room. After while my wife call and check out I told everything she done and what she was doing now as I went to her bedroom door ajar I see that she was naked and hand touching herself I lied to my wife she is sleeping after medicine. After hang up I try to call her she didn’t open her eyes at all and she still touching herself I went nearer to her and whisper to her she call me another name got my surprise not her husband name which was her ex boss name I don’t know why she call her ex boss name then I start playing with her.. Telling her I miss u so much and she replied me same as me.. I miss you fucking me the last time before my wedding night. I really shock that she did that on her wedding eve. My hand went down to take over her hand and rubbing her wet pussy. She ask me to fill her womb again tell me she is safe too. My heart is pounding hard and my cock was rock hard under my pants. And I continued to trick her asking her she still kept that night event hopefully I got something out of it. She pull me nearer and whisper to me yes. Still kept it on my phone hidden album. Will show you later let do it before my husband is back.. I need to you now. I quickly undress myself and got down and start licking her wet clits and she moaning almost the whole house could hear lucky only us and Televisions in the living room.
She tell me I want you inside me again now. I do as I told.. I start kissing her and she hold my unprotected hard cock on the lips and slip it inside her.. She took control with her eye was close.. She was on top on me and riding on me and she was wet and tight and tell me u feel so large and thick compare last time.. She riding fast I was about to cum soon as she continued that speed.. She call her ex boss name again.. Cum inside me.. I long time never had this before.. I turn her around and take control and fuck her slow and hard she scream and moaning like no tomorrow. I playfully ask her want to have another video shot of us again and I just pass her the phone from her bedside and she unlock it and pass it to me and I video her just her only and I continued to screw her and another free hand I grab her boobs. I feel that she gonna cum again soon her pussy muscles getting tighter and without notice she explode and loose herself feel the so wet on my cock and she tell me cum inside me and I fuck her harder and fast within minute I erupted inside her wet womb.. I video of my cum flowing out from her womb and I stop the recording. That was long time I never cum so much.i just panting hard and I feel cuming non stop until my cock slip out by itself. After catching my breath she already doze off. I snaps some photo of her nude shot before dressing cleaning her up. Then I transferred everything of clips and photo to my phone while searching the ex boss folder from her phone. That alot of photo and video and seem more than one occasion and quickly transfer everything to my phone.
By the way she was in her early 30s asian Chinese womans and her ex boss was like in his mid 40s type also married man. I’m just slightly older than her. Her name is Irene I change her name for privacy.
After settle down, shortly my wife came and got dinner. Irene was still sleeping.

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    Very horny

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