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Little 10 year old Christina

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It was well past midnight, I was sitting there in the living room cracking open another beer watching tv, thinking about my ex wife. She left me 5 years ago, when little Christina was only 6 years old. She had been cheating on my with this corrupt bitch ass pig at the sheriffs office. I found photographs that showed my wife sucking his cock in his office while she was handcuffed. After I found out, that fucking whore left and didn’t even bother fighting for custody of Christina. But I would do anything for my little girl. I had to mold her into the best woman she could possibly be.

Shortly after Christina’s 10th birthday party, I became attracted to my daughter in a way no father should ever be. I noticed that she had started wearing much more revealing clothes. She started wearing a thin white tank top and booty shorts regularly. I can tell she doesn’t wear a bra, I always notice her little nipples poking right through her tops. And she had a nice little round ass. She’s not a big girl by any means, only 4’8 and probably 85lbs wet, and flat chested. A short blonde bob cut to complete her pale round face and big blue eyes. She’s cute as a button, my little girl.

This night was different. I wanted Christina. My cock was throbbing in my pants. I set my beer down and made my way down the hallway towards her bedroom. I opened her door, and she was laying there under the blanket, sound asleep. I walked closer to her and just stared at her, admiring her beauty. I was stunned when I pulled back her blanket and saw that she was completely topless, she was only wearing a red g string and nothing else. My cocked became harder. I leaned down and kissed my little girl on the lips before running my fingers down her gorgeous body, playing with her little nipples, and pulling down her little g string to expose her hairless, young tight pussy. I ran my fingers over the slit ever so gently and she began to moan. After about a minute, she opened her eyes.

“Daddy why are you touching me like that?”

“Shhh honey it’s okay. Daddy’s going to make you feel real good. Just lay back and relax”

“It kind of tickles, but it feels really good. But I feel like I might have to pee!”

“No honey, you don’t have to pee. You’re about to have an orgasm”

“Whats that?”

“It means you’re becoming a grown woman and I need to treat you as one”

“Oh… okay daddy, i trust you”

“Come here sweet pea”

I pulled her face close to mine and kissed her again. This time she reciprocated. Before long our tongues were fighting.

“Mmmm you got a long tongue baby. You make daddy proud”

I laid down and pulled her on top of me, she pulled off her thong and got fully naked. My cock was hard as a rock. I lowered her on top of my cock, giving myself a nice view of her little round ass. I entered her pussy ever so slowly. God damn, underage pussy is the best. She was tight as fuck, I thought my 8 inch cock was going to rip my little girl in half.

I began fucking her nice and slowly before picking up speed. Pretty soon she was screaming and came all over my cock.

“Oh daddy it’s so big, I don’t know if I can take it anymore!”

“It’s alright baby, you’ll stretch out with time. We still have some breaking in to do.”

I flipped her around so she was facing me, and I French kissed her while I continued to shove my cock into her underage pussy over and over again. I could feel myself getting close. I picked her up with my cock still inside her and began fucking her as fast as possible while standing up.

“OH DADDY OH MY GOD ITS SO BIG!! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” She was screaming with pleasure while I was tearing that pussy up

“Fuck yea baby, daddy’s gonna cum” I couldn’t hold it anymore

I wasn’t wearing a condom and I didn’t pull out, instead I busted a huge nut deep inside my little girls 10 year old pussy. I stood there holding her, we kissed, tongues wrestling for a few more minutes while my cock went limp inside of her and my cum slowly drizzled out of her pussy onto the floor.

“Daddy, that felt so good. Is that what it’s really like to be a woman?”

“Yes honey, you did very well. Now you should probably get back to sleep, you don’t wanna be late for school”

To be continued (?)

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    I love watching little girls in a g-string it gets me hard every time.

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    Fucking love it! Stretch those little holes whenever possible.

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    Why would a a girl who just turned 10 be wearing a g-string? Theres is no logic to your story!

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    Lets hope she was properly bred .

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    Tg maybe that was not copied gatekeepers story as to what happened with me and mystep daughter. Like gatekeeper I thoroughly enjoyed the experience

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    This was copied from someone else

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      I beg to differ

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      That’s one hell of an allegation can you prove it

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      Love the story need part 2 and do her ass

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    Fuck that was hot. Such a good Daddy.

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    I wish you were my Daddy!

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      i saw my daughter sniffing my dirty underwear while peeing. i had left my filthy underwear in the bathroom and she found them laying there while she was peeing. they were pretty smelly but ahe kept inhaling them.
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