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My daughter’s favorite birthday present

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Debbie ready and she wants her daddy. Fiction, gently loving, virgin, incest

By PO469

A week ago today was my daughter’s twelfth birthday and she had a nice party with six of the girls from her class. We had pizza for dinner and a big chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Then it was time to open her gifts.

There were six from the guests, one from her mother and me and one additional one. We got her her own laptop computer. Her friends got her various things like books, jewelry and Music CDs. The tag on the last one said, ‘From your admirer’. She held them all up and showed what they were and thanked the people who gave them to her. She opened the one labeled admirer last. She didn’t show it. She had a strange look on her face. She blushed and very quickly put it back in the box. Her friends asked what it was and she just said school stuff.

Then there was an hour of dancing and games before the girls went home. Every once in a while we saw her whisper to one or another of her girlfriends. The girl would have a shocked look on her face, then they would giggle and then they would go back to what they were doing. When her friends were gone, she gathered up her gifts, thanked me and her mom for the party and computer and went to her room.

Actually her mom and I knew what the mystery gift was because it was not from a classmate admirer. It was another one from us. That box contained a seven inch vibrating dildo and the batteries were already in it.

That night my wife, Doreen, went to Debbie’s room and told her that the dildo was from us. She said that she knew that Debbie might want one of her own because the last time she had borrowed (without telling us) her mom’s, she had put it back in her mother’s nightstand in the wrong place. Debbie started crying and saying that she was sorry, and Doreen hugged her and told her that it was OK and normal for a girl her age to be interested in sex.

The two of them had already had the “Where do babies come from” talk but then Doreen talked with her about the next part of the sex talk. They talked about intercourse, and sex just for fun, and protection and VD. Doreen answered all of her questions, even ones about her and my sex life. She was careful about how she answered some of them. There were a few questions that she was happy did not get asked. Doreen did ask her if she had sex with anyone yet and Debbie said, “No, but I have been thinking about it. The girls at school talk about it and I have watched it on the computer, and it looks like fun.” Doreen decided right then that it was time to make a doctor’s appointment and get our daughter on the pill.

Doreen and Debbie came out of the bedroom. Debbie kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you for the (long pause) dildo, Daddy.” Then she ran back to her room.

Doreen had gone back to our room. About a hour later she came back to the living room. She told me to be quiet and to follow her. We went to Debbie’s bedroom door. It was open a crack. Doreen looked in first and then backed away and motioned for me to look. Debbie was on her bed, on her back, naked, playing with her new toy. She would slide it in and out of her pussy three or four times and then rub it against her clit, and then do it again. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning. Finally Doreen pulled me away and led me to our room.

“Wow, I didn’t realize how much Debbie has grown up. The last time I saw her naked, she was a flat chested little girl. She’s definitely a woman now.” Doreen laughed, “She sure is. The last time I bought her bras, I almost had to buy B-cups. The next time I will have to. Now that you know how sexy she is and that she knows how to use a dildo, what are you going to do about it? I saw the big bulge in your pants while you were watching her.”

“She’s my daughter. I shouldn’t do anything about it but if she wasn’t my daughter, I would want to run right in there, take the dildo out, replace it with my face and eat her out till she came, hard. Then I would want to climb up and fuck her tight little cunt till I came hard. You’re not my daughter.” I grabbed Doreen and wrestled with her till we were both naked. I got between her legs and pounded her long and hard till I filled her with a big load of man cream. She had a good orgasm before I finished. Doreen asked me if I was imagining that it was Debbie that I was fucking. I’m sure I blushed but I admitted that part of the time, it was.

“When I was just a little older than Debbie, it was my father who was the first one to fuck me.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that. It didn’t mess you up. Or maybe it did. You are one real hot fuck now. A bunch of guys have told me how good you are.”

With a smile on her face, Doreen said, “Thank you, Sir. I try my hardest. I hear a lot of compliments from the ladies about you, too.”

We did have many good times with other sex partners and frequently enjoyed watching the other having hot sex or telling each other all the juicy details of a date we just came home from. I especially enjoyed hearing her tell of an evening with multiple men and how turned-on she got and how many orgasms they would give her.

We hugged and kissed. Then she went down on me and cleaned my now soft cock before we slept.

The last thing she said was, “Think about it. I bet she would be happy for you to be her first. She loves you a lot and you won’t hurt her popping her cherry. She’s already done that with a dildo.”

A couple evenings later, we agreed to watch a movie together. I was sitting in the chair. Doreen and Debbie came down from the bedroom wing. Debbie was wearing a tight T-shirt and a short skirt. Doreen laid out on the couch. Debbie looked around. “There’s no place for me to sit.” She plopped down on the floor between me and the TV. I started the movie.

I glanced down at Debbie. She was on her stomach with her chin propped up by her hands and her legs bent up at the knees. I could see up under her short skirt. OMG, she was not wearing panties. I could see her tight little snatch. Her pussy lips were tightly closed. Because of the lighting, I could not see if she had any hair down there. I quickly looked back at the TV as the movie started.

During the movie, Debbie shifted around several times. Each time she did, her skirt pulled further up her legs, until it was right at the bottom of her ass cheeks and I had a direct view at her naked cunny. I looked over at Doreen, and she smiled at me.

Debbie sat up and said, “I’m not comfortable down here.”

She looked at her mom and Doreen said, “Why don’t you sit on your father’s lap.”

Debbie hopped up and jumped on my lap with her legs on the outside of mine and her bare bottom pressed against my crotch. I already had an erection from watching her on the floor. I wondered if she could feel it.

As we watched more of the movie, Debbie started moving her bottom back and forth against me. The more she did it, the more pronounced it became. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing. She started softly moaning.

The movie ended and she got up. I was glad that she did, as I was almost ready to come in my pants. I looked down and saw a big wet spot on my pants. I wondered if it was from me or from Debbie. It was probably from both of us.

Debbie looked at her mother and Doreen said, “Debbie told me that she was having trouble with one of her homework assignments. Why don’t you go to her room with her and help her, Paul?” Then she winked at Debbie.

Doreen came over and whispered in my ear, “I know when her last period was. You don’t need a condom.”

Debbie took my hand and pulled me up and almost dragged me to her room. As soon as we were in the room, Debbie stood in front of me, put her arms around my neck, stood on her tiptoes and gave me a big kiss. It was not a normal kiss between a father and daughter. I returned the kiss. Then she dropped to her knees in front of me, lowered my pants and shorts and slid her lips over my already hard cock. She slid up and down half the length several times and then pulled off and looked at me.

“Mom said it’s good to do this first because guys really like it and it gets them really hard before he does sex with you. I’ve seen it on video but this is the first time I ever did it. Actually it’s the first time I’ve seen a real man’s thingy. Did I do it good?”

“You did it great and yes I really liked it. Most people call it a cock and most people call it fucking.”

“Oh, OK, Daddy. I want you to put your (pause) cock in me and be the first one to fuck me.

I reached down and took hold of her shirt. She raised her arms and I pulled it over her head and off.

I stood there for a few seconds, looking at her growing tits. The size and shape made me think of someone taking a small peach, cutting it in half and setting the halves on her chest. I reached down and gave them a gentle squeeze. Debbie moaned.

She jumped onto the bed. She lay there with nothing but her short skirt on, and that was pulled up to her waist. Her legs were spread wide and her arms were reaching out to me. “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me now. Please.”

There was no doubt that I was going to do exactly that, but first I needed to taste her precious little pussy. My face went between her legs. My tongue split her outer lips and I started licking and kissing her clit and fuck hole. She was very wet and tasted wonderful.

“Oh Daddy, Oh.”

I lifted my head and moved my body over hers. I lined myself up to her opening and gently pushed. She had played with herself with first her mother’s dildo and then her new one but she was still very tight. I pushed till just the head went in past her tight ring.

“Do it Daddy. Push it in. Fuck me.”

I pushed a little more.

“It hurts a little but don’t stop.”

Three more pushes and I was fully in her virgin cunt. I paused for a few seconds, till she lifted her bottom up, pushing against me. Then I started sliding gently in and out of her.

“More, Daddy, do it more. Do it faster.”

The feeling of you being the first to fuck a girl is wonderful, both physically and mentally. Knowing that she was my own daughter and was willingly wanting me to be her first, really made it special.

I picked up speed and force. Soon Debbie was taking a hard deep fucking just as good as her mother does. I came, and I really came hard. I groaned and Debbie cried out a happy cry. I collapsed down onto her but was careful to keep most of my weight off of her. We kissed again.

“I love you, Debbie.”

“I love you, too, Daddy and I am so happy that you were my first.”

I pulled out and pushed up off of Debbie. Then I noticed Doreen standing it the doorway with her hand inside her panties.

“How long have you been there?”

“Right from the start.”

Then Doreen walked over, shifted my position and slid her lips over my sloppy cock.

0223 PO469 If you want to read more of my stories, click on my username at the top of this story. Any photos used with my stories are of people 18 and older and are either of my sexy friends or from a website that allows sharing with credit.

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