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My Sexual Family – 10

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Young son’s sexual awakening and exploration continues.

Reading the preceding chapters will help in understanding what is happening!

It was a weekend that I would never forget. Although my cousin, Sammy, and I had been feeling and petting each other and having oral sex, it was the weekend we gave our virginity to each other. Having sex for the first time opened up a world of pleasure for us and we couldn’t seem to get enough of it. Sammy and I had even spent her last night with us sleeping naked together in my bed. Of course, we thought we had been careful enough that no one would know we had been fucking. So when my mom figured out what we had been doing and confronted us, we thought we’d be in serious trouble. To our surprise, mom wasn’t mad at us and even explained how sex was a normal and natural thing to be enjoyed. She was just surprised that Sammy and I had learned and done so much at such a young age, after all we were only 10. After that, mom took us into her bedroom and we spent the afternoon having sex with each other. It was amazing what mom did with us.

I was sad to see the weekend come to an end. Sammy’s parent’s came and picked her up after we had eaten dinner. As I stood at the door waving good-bye, mom told be Sammy could come back and stay, but we didn’t have to wait for that in order to have some fun. With dad not coming home until the next evening, mom and I enjoyed a night together, ending up with me fucking my mom in her bed and then we slept together naked. It was so amazing having sex with mom and spending the night in her bed!

I woke up to the feeling of someone sucking my cock. When I opened my eyes, mom had my cock in her mouth and was fondling my balls. It felt so good to have my boy cock deep in her mouth. I reached over and began to caress her tits and play with her nipples. Soon mom began to kiss her way back up my young body, stopping to lick my nipples before reaching my lips. She gave me a long, deep kiss while still stroking my cock. Rolling onto her back, she spread her legs so I was able to rub my hand over her pussy. She was already extremely wet.

“Eat my pussy,” she whispered, “make your mom cum.” I eagerly crawled between her legs and began kissing her pussy mound while I slid a finger up and down her pussy slit. I kissed my way down, licking her pussy from the top of her slit all the way down to the bottom and then back up again. I liked the way mom’s pussy tasted. It was different than Sammy’s, but nice and I loved it. I swirled my tongue up and down mom’s pussy until I found her pussy hole. I wiggled my tongue as deep as I could and tongue fucked my mom. I could hear her moaning as she was enjoying what I was doing. I kissed up to the top her her pussy where I found her clit. As I kissed and licked her clit, I put a finger and then a second one inside mom’s pussy. Mom’s moaning was getting louder as I licked and sucked her clit. Grabbing my head and closing her legs around it, mom was beginning to tense up and when she went rigid I knew she was climaxing. “Yes, baby, make me cum!” As her orgasm began to subside, mom let go of my head and her legs spread back open. She pulled me up so that I was laying on top of her and we kissed, passionately, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth.

We kissed for a few minutes before mom suggested that we get up and take a shower. The warm water felt good as we washed each other. Mom took extra time cleaning my cock and I made sure to wash her tits and pussy really good. After we dried off, we went into the kitchen and mom fixed us some breakfast. It felt kind of weird eating in the nude, but I liked it. When we were done eating, I helped mom clean up the kitchen. It was so exciting to be naked with mom. To see her tits and I loved looking at her butt. Of course, my cock was hard the entire time!

“Sit down on the chair,” mom said when we were done cleaning up. I didn’t know what mom had in mind, but I did as she had asked. As I sat there, with my young, hard cock sticking straight up, mom straddled my lap and lowered her pussy until my cock was buried completely inside her. Her hands on my shoulders, she began to bob up and down on my cock. “Suck my titties, Johnny,” she begged. Holding onto to her tits, I eagerly began to kiss and then nurse on her nipples. I could hear soft mews coming from mom and she bounced on my cock and I sucked her nipples. Mom’s began fucking my cock faster and faster and soon I could feel my balls beginning to tense up and I knew I was going to cum. Mom’s pussy was beginning to spasm around my cock as we fucked.

“Mom, I’m going to cum,” I warned her.

“Yes, baby,” she urged, “I want to feel you cum in my pussy.” With that mom sat down on my cock and hugging me tight, I felt her cum, When her pussy gripped my cock with her orgasm, I shot my load deep into my mom’s pussy. As we both recovered from cumming with each other, mom raised up and my cock slipped out of her. It was covered with my cum and her pussy juice. It kind of took me by surprise when mom knelt down between my legs and began to lick my cock, cleaning both our sex juices off it. After she licked my cock clean, she raised up and gave me a kiss. I could taste our combined sex on her lips as we kissed.

“That felt so good, baby,” she cooed, “I can’t think of a better way to start the day.” I stood up and gave mom a hug. “I love having sex with you,” I told mom, “you make me feel so good.” She smiled at me and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead. I knew that things were going to be different from now on. I had no idea what was going to happen in the days ahead, but I was anxious to find out!

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