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My best friends girl part two

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Well after that that glorious Sunday with Kat, I felt like her firewall had been breached and I could continue pursuing her with less fear and more confidence. I had so much I wanted to teach her. She turned out to be a model “A” student.

The owners of the store would have an “appreciation day” for the employees once a year which involved them paying for tickets to go to a near by amusment park. I was definitely going because I knew Lee and Kat would be going like they have been for the last however many years. I would always ride with them.

It was the eve of Kat’s b-day, Tuesday I believe. Lee and I were the only kitchen staff at the moment. Tuesday afternoons were always pretty slow. “Hey Lee, what does Kat want for her birthday” I asked.

Lee said,”I thought you already picked something up for her”
“I did,but those things are kinda what she “needs” I want to give her something she wants, something she’ll love” I shot back.

Lee thought for a sec, “Have you seen that add with an electronic drawing/sketch devise” Lee asked.

“Yeah I’ve seen that add” I said. “And have you seen where I work, I’m not making what the head chef makes” I chuckled.

“Oh well I was just going to tell you not to buy that for her, I already have” he said.

“You, my friend, are a dickhead” I told him. We both laughed.

“Now seriously, I’m sure Kat has discussed with you what she’d like” I went on.

“I’ll tell you what” Lee chimed in. “You get her whatever you think she’d enjoy. You know her pretty well and I know she will love whatever you get for her” he said.

“Well fuck,you’re no help” I joked.

“What time are we gonna head to the park next week” I asked.

“I thought I told you the other day” he said. “We’re not going”

“What!! No you didn’t fuckin tell me any such thing” I yelled. “Why aren’t you going” I said, disappointed.

“Kat’s mother is coming to town and wants to see her” he sighed.

“You know what, fuck that bitch.she hasn’t been in Kat’s life for the last 8 goddamn years”
I protested. “You are the one that has raised her since she was three Lee.”

“That bitch walked out on you and said she didn’t want anything to do with Kat” I exclaimed.

“I know, but if its any consolation, Kat said she doesn’t want to see her” Lee said.

“I told her that was up to her and I wouldn’t make her either”

“Well good for you” I said.

An order popped up on the screen.Lee grabbed the items and started preparing the food.
As I was leaving the kitchen to get the bus tub from the dining area, I said, “So if you’re not making Kat go and see this bitch, then you guys can go next week, right” I happily asked.

“No, she’s only going to be here that one day and I do need to talk to her about child support that she is suppose to be paying” he said.

Fuckin shit I thought. Another balloon burst. It seemed I wouldn’t be spending the day at the amusement park with Kat and her dad?……..Or maybe just Kat.

“Thats fuckin brilliant man” I said to myself out loud with a bit much volume.

When I returned to the kitchen, I said, “Lee, I have a great birthday gift in mind for Kat”
Lee looked up at me and raised his eyebrows, “Well, what is it”

“Since you’d rather stay and “talk” to Kat’s piece of shit mother” I began, “then my gift to her will be me taking her to the park next week”
Lee seemed to ponder the idea before he smiled and said,”You know, thats a great idea. I think she’ll love it” he said as he turned back to the grill laughing.

I turned to fill the dishwasher and stopped. “You dirty little fuck head.You already planned on me taking her, didn’t you. Does Kat know?” I asked.
“No, she thinks it was called off” Lee admitted.

Instant boner in my pants. I had to stay facing the sink. Just the thought of Kat and I alone in the car for that 3 & 1/2 hour trip. Oh the things we could do. I wanted to scream,”Hell yes”
but I didn’t want to seem overly excited about it.

Lee rented out a child’s birthday establishment. You know like Chuck-e-cheese but not.
Her party was as good as an 11 year old party could be.
Her friends were all there. Her girl scouts leader, grandma on her mother’s side and grandpa on her dad’s side.

There was a huge bouncy house. It was an alright party. There were door prizes and games.Even a raffle give away.

The party started tapering off around 5 pm-ish and by 6:30 it was all over but the cleaning..
“It’s gotta look good” Lee announced. “or I won’t get my deposit back”. he said.

I had just grabbed some bag of party stuff that needed to go out and put it in Lee’s car.As I was coming back in, Lee was headed out loaded down with all kinds bags boxes and other stuff.

I glanced over by the restroom and just cought Kat heading into the little girlz room. She looked back and saw me see her. She waved at me and then motioned for me. I did a 180º turn around to see that no one was there. All clear.

Kat was completely out of sight when I reached the door. I made one more visual scan of the place and was satisfied we were alone.

“Kat” I whispered, “where you at”
Her reply was “In the third stall down. Where’s my dad” she added.
“He is putting things in the car” I said. Then I added, “He will be a minute.”
“Listen lil puffy puss” I know why you waved me over, but right now it’s too dangerous and risky” I said.

Before I could say another word, I hear the stall door creak then open. My cock was already
filling with blood on the walk over here imagining her naked, well
when she emerged from that stall with her skirt pulled up and her tights and panties pulled down, I bout creamed my fuckin jeans.

“OMG” is all I could muster.

“Will you rub down there again and make what happened the other day happen again” Kat pleaded.
I was standing there harder than I’ve ever been before. Lee right out side, his daughter exposing to me her beautiful slit asking for a finger- bate, it was so taboo. But that was making this situation so much more exotic and arousing. What a fuckin turn on.
I dashed to where she was standing swooped her up and stepped inside the stall.
The toilets were the ones with the big tank on the back.
I sat her on the lid of the tank as I stratled the toilet and sat facing her sweet puffy preteen pussy.
I grabbed her ankles and lifted her feet, tights and panties over my head.
I was so fucking horny for her I couldn’t take it no more
As my tongue reached her pussy, my eyes looked at her face.
She undoubtedly was puzzled. “Wha” but it was to late. I already begun my assault on her clit.
“Aaahhht” slipped through her vocal cord. ”
“Tha-aat feels soooo weird but so muuuch bettteer than youuur thumb” she stuttered.

I was absolutely feasting on that 11 year old pussy. And it was delicious.
I would ram my tongue in her pussy hole then then lick straight up to her clit and put her whole pussy mound in my mouth and suck while my tongue flicked wildly on her clit.
Maybe a minute had passed and her tiny body started shaking and convulsing.
“I’m going to do that thing again” she whispered.
I was bobbing my head like I was sucking a dick.
“Umf slurp ummm umth cum in my mouth” I cackled.
“Eeeeegh mmmm. mm uh hu yeeeees…..” she came. sweet little girl juice filled my mouth.
I drank every drop I could. It was running down my chin so I used my right hand to catch and scoop it to my mouth.
Kat was still shaking with her eyes closed and head against the wall while this whole scenario was taking its toll on me. I couldn’t hold it any longer.I exploded in my jeans.
I lifted my face from her pussy as I pulled her feet back over my head and before I could get another breath, she leaned forward and put her lips to mine and started kissing me, you know, the way an eleven year old would kiss.
“I love you” she said.
“Aww baby girl, I love you too” I replied.
“But I’m going to have to teach you how to kiss”
She smiled and said “You better get out of here before dad comes back”
“Good idea”

The End (of this portion)
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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9d

    It is always a complete honor and pleasure teaching them the art of sensual sex and foreplay especially if they started getting wet n sticky at a young age lol!. Us guys been teaching the young since the dawn of man with some trying to stop us telling it is wrong pounding us with a bible of control and silly BS laws.
    Sex is natural and free and should stat that way. So if you get the urge between your legs, dreaming of a stiff hard cock, well just go out and get it. remember it is YOUR RIGHT! no matter what age and they can NOT stop you from doing so!

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Oh ja bitte ich liebe die Geschichte von kat und freue mich auf weitere Abenteuer vielleicht könnt ihr irgend wann ihren Daddy mit ein beziehen