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Mommy’s big dick

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I have a 30 year old mother with a pretty big dick

I was 10 at the time and I was sitting on the couch watching tv and my mom sat next to me, she looked tired but also irritated but after a while she blushed and I saw a bump in her pants, I know trans people don’t usually have big dicks but she was at least 6 inches and she probably only got the surgery by her crotch, i saw and asked what it was she looked away and covered it and said it was nothing and walked away, the next day I snuck into her room while she was playing with herself and snuck in front of her dick she didn’t see me and she stopped for a moment to catch her breath, I touched it and held it to move it up and down like how she was doing it, she looked surprised but she looked out of it, probably drunk, she just looked and then I licked it and got wet and began to suck it, she shoved it down my throat to face fuck me!!!

She came in my mouth and her hot cum poured down my throat making me shallow it, she pulled it out and I was coughing, she then moved me on top of her and took my panties off, she felt me and said I was dripping wet. Then slowly put it in and started fucking me I know I was blowing her but I was still a innocent, I kept moaning from the pain and she was thrusting hard into me and switched positions every few minutes and after a while it happened.
I could feel it she came in me, her hot flowing cum gushed around in my womb and there was so much cum she was pumping into me it made me dizzy. When I pulled her out she was asleep and I barely got out the door, and the next morning it was like she didn’t remember a thing. So now I had to explain to her that she got me pregnant.

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  • Reply Drachenlord ID:7sp1xnqj

    Your mother seems awesome please more with more details

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    I wanna see pics of her

    • Mickey ID:5z1091a8k

      Like to see pics of both. Them fucking

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    What’s your snap