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Debs transformation to lesbianism (Part 1.) and more

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I already get all the young pussy I can eat, because I’m definitely a bottom girl, it’s my preference to eat pussy, especially young pussy. So Mat, I love what I do with my men

Hello my reader family, I decided to address some comments directed to me from a male reader going by the name of Mat, and to continue with a flow of thought about my lifestyle, I’d like to say that I know that it’s extreme but there are hundreds of people online that showcase their extreme lifestyles while enjoying everything about it. There are women who are married that enjoy bestiality with there husbands and his friends, there are women who enjoy Gangbangs with their husbands, with their husbands friends, with strangers and finally even with a few of there husbands family members, so Mat, it’s been many years that my husband has been sharing me and I don’t want it to ever stop. I want to be like Dee Siren and so many other wives who live a Hot-Wife lifestyle because it really turns me on, and when I reach my fifties and sixties, I hope to be the sexiest whore imaginable, so that I can be readily available for as many young men that want to fuck me. I already get all the young pussy I can eat, because I’m definitely a bottom girl, it’s my preference to eat pussy, especially young pussy. So Mat, I love what I do with my men, especially with my husband, I do know that this type of lifestyle is not sustainable forever but I’m going to enjoy it for all it’s worth and I really appreciate you clarifying your comment, it’s greatly appreciated and now to Kelly, thank you for writing me, I appreciate your curiosity but don’t be so impressed with me enough to follow what I do, without the consent of your boyfriend,especially if he’s interested in marrying you and make sure to seduce him into his own wishes to see you getting fucked by his two best friends. Remember that he might think he wants it, until you actually do it, because men mostly love the fantasy, but hate the reality. Stop cheating on him with his two soccer teammate buddies, and don’t let them pimp you out to their friends, and stop letting their two dogs fuck you every week, even if you like it, you don’t want to be labeled a whore in college, because college boys are like girls, they talk and they’ll eventually make your life a living hell, also those things are illegal in your state so you have to be careful, unless you move to Florida. I have a very private life I have two very private homes with no annoyingly close neighbors that can pry on my secret life, I’m also an adult, I’m a stay at home wife and my husband has proven his fidelity to me, as I’ve proven myself to him by being more than what he ever expected as a flirtatious whore of a wife, who is completely shared in a Polyamorous tryst. Find the right man that wants what you want and deny, deny, deny even if you want it. Let your boyfriend always know that it’s him that you really want and that it’s him that your doing it for, so let him take the lead on his wishes for your whoring and treat him as your king. Allow him to control the situation until your 100% certain that he wants you to want to get fucked by his friends, so just make sure that sharing you is alright with him on a psychological level and if all is well, after a period of time, then you can kiss, flirt and fuck his friends with the same passion that you have for him.
Because of what we spoke about, It’s not my place to judge but you did ask for my honest opinion, but you have to question if you love your boyfriend, because your way too eager to fuck his friends. I was reluctant, very reluctant because of my love for Brandon, and even though Steve was as sexy as hell, I still felt badly about letting him fuck me so often so think about everything you do and don’t be a slut, for the sake of being a slut, because your just going to hurt yourself, create a shitty reputation, and your going to hurt a lot of people, you see, the more I cheat is the more I’m loved and it’s the more I’m wanted by my husband and for him I’ll do anything, I’ll fuck his friends, cheat on him and fuck our horse and dog, all of this I do for Brandon out of love and the added plus is that he needed me to fall in love with Steve and to share me literally in a fully Polyamorous relationship. Just be careful and think about what your doing, but if all goes well, enjoy it. We women like all sorts of things, some like anal, and some don’t; some women would never fuck a horse or dog and that was me in the past, but now I do it all the time; some women would never have a sexual relationship with another woman and many, many women would. An amazing way to introduce the psychological aspect of training him into what he says he wants is to start masturbating to pictures of his friends, and also calling out there names while he’s fucking you and fantasize while role playing as much as possible about them while your with him and if your boyfriend becomes addicted to you thinking about them while your with him, that’s the best time to tell him that your ready to let his buddies fuck you…BUT PLEASE, STOP CHEATING ON HIM, IT’S NOT FAIR TO BE DISHONEST WITHOUT RULES, LIVE BY THE RULES AND PLEASE YOURSELF AND YOUR MAN, BECAUSE HE WANTS YOU TO BE FUCKED AND SHARED, SO ENJOY THE COMPLIMENT AND BE PATIENT AND LATER IF HE WANTS YOU TO CHEAT, THEN GO AHEAD BECAUSE IT WOULD BE SOMETHING YOU BOTH AGREE ON! Brandon doesn’t know about my emails, documenting most of my sex life online and communicating with other women like you, he doesn’t know about a few other things, like Steve’s two brothers, his two uncles in-law and his nephew fucking me on a few occasions. But if Brandon found out he wouldn’t mind it would only turn him on and that’s what I truly love about the sexual relationship with my husband, so always be on the same page, sexually, with your boyfriend because I’ve seen far too many relationships end because the man always believes he can take the sight of his woman making love to someone else, until reality hits him right between the eyes, then you both lose…you end up loosing the man you love and he ends up losing the woman of his sexual fantasy, JUST NOT WORTH IT!
I’ve even fallen in love with a young college student who is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Steve set us up on Tinder, and we hit it off, amazingly! My husband is very supportive of my love affair with her and my lesbian side has been nurtured by my desire to please Steve. I was not a lesbian or had that desire at all, except for the normal level of curiosity, but now it’s all I think about, actually fucking black guys is #1, #2 is lesbianism, #3 is fantasizing about getting fucked by dogs and horses and the fourth lust on my list is my desire for both lesbian and male Gangbangs. For Steve I’ve masturbated to every sexy female celebrity, eaten so much pussy from his many girlfriends, and dated 6 college girls and one 18 year old high school girl. So during the year of 2015, from March to November I was in weekly lesbian orgies and only dating girls, attending lesbian bars, clubs and sex houses. I really didn’t miss cock because I was thoroughly used with many types of strap-ons, but one girl stuck out of the rest and that was Amber, an aggressive 18 year old high school lesbian, she is now 21 going on 22 and has only grown more extreme in her lesbianism. Amber is a lesbian hunter, meaning she prefers turning and training straight girls and women (married women) into lesbians or at least turning them into bisexual women who prefer pussy to cock. I have to admit it worked (except for Carlos), she was the only girl who made me truly transform into a bisexual woman or should I say a bisexual wife. Brandon has accepted my transformation and I share my accounts with him in our private sexual moments and by phone, and as for Steve, he’s in love with me even more than ever and our love for each other has only grown over the last few years because of it. On most of our lesbian engagements, as we go home, Steve is usually allowed to watch Amber and I make love in the kinkiest ways, he loves it and can’t seem to get enough of me being openly expressive with my lesbianism, especially with a girl that I love. Steve has become a cuck for me, for girls, like Brandon is for me concerning men, but Carlos is another story all-together, because of my time with Amber, he disconnected from me over the time period during 2015 and when I reconnected with him in January of 2016, I was truly devastated as I just popped by his apartment, foolishly, and I heard him fucking in the spare room and he was punishing two older women, a black version of me, she actually looked like me, short, curvy, busty and a big ass and the other woman was Hispanic and drop dead gorgeous, I mean it, she was beyond sexy and her skin looked velvety. The black woman was eating her pussy while, Carlos fucked the black woman’s ass. I was turned on but devastated, so I snuck out and didn’t contact him until two weeks later during the middle of January, close to his birthday, but he was hesitant to talk to me and told me that he’d moved on and that it was okay because I was married anyway. I cried, we kissed and I prepared myself before I went to see him so I gave myself an enema just in case he wanted my ass. He fucked me but for the first time it wasn’t with the passion of love that I was used to, it was really half-assed, I was not pleased even-though I orgasmed, I wanted his passion and wanted to feel his love for me, I really regretted ignoring him for a year and I told him of my regret and concern and how much I’ve grown to love him but he never regained his love for me like he once had, but he still fucks me from time to time when he’s available or when he comes to town, but he’s become very Americanized, speaks perfect English and has moved to Brooklyn NY and has started his own business and lives in a loft mainly in Brooklyn, but also a loft in Philadelphia. Remember I live a fully Polyamorous lifestyle and now have two main private homes with my husband Brandon, and his best friend Steve and occasionally visit, for periods of time, with Amber. I no longer live with Carlos since he’s become more of a “fuck buddy.” Understand that both Brandon and Steve know my affection of love for Carlos and have agreed for me to travel to Philly and Brooklyn from time to time, it has not been the same with Carlos, he’s grown into a man, a gorgeous man, like every time I see him he gets sexier and manlier, just amazing. However, I’m no longer the focus of his attention and I’m no longer his love, he’s with the underground Philly hot-wives scene, that have women of all races for him to fuck and most of them are from New York City. He’s become sexually dominant, which I love, but I realize that I love being the center of my men’s affection because I’m truly a submissive woman, it pleases me, sexually, to please my lovers.
I’ve gone from reluctantly being a shared wife, to becoming a Hot-Wife. I’ve become a willing whore for my lovers to opening up to Gangbangs with Steve and his black friends who are strippers in D.C and Baltimore. He befriended them purposely, in order to have them fuck me regularly to take the place of Carlos, I enjoy it but it’s not personal and meaningful, we just fuck, I never want to kiss or cuddle and spend time with any of them, that’s when I realized that I am very sexual but I have to feel something for the person I’m sleeping with in order to really get off on them. Steve’s uncle Pat feels guilty about fucking me, secretly so often, he’s heavily into anal, and mother and son sex fantasies, but anyway he and I have connected because we talk a lot about food and we cook and clean the house while Steve or Brandon is at work, yes he’ll come at either house to fuck me. Steve’s younger uncle is only a year older than me and he fucks me on occasion, he’s into rape sex and punishment, and he and I enjoy classic cult shows like the Munster’s and the Addams Family, so we end up having the same type of humor, I really enjoy his company a lot. Steve’s nephew, Brad, is amazing, young and cums non-stop. He is a rapid fire fucker, fucking him is like being fucked by a piston, and he calls me every demeaning name you can think of and I’m made to swallow his cum every time as he fucks his aunts pussy, ass and tits, oh boy, he loves fucking my tits and trying to cum directly into my mouth while doing so, he’s also into watching 70’s taboo porn while fucking me, yet he and I connect because he’s a cuddler who enjoys me constantly sucking his cock with my pussy juice all over it, while I talk dirty to him, and actually he’s a lot like my husband and allows me to be a dominant slut and express my whorishness with the vigor and passion that gets me re-excited, and finally Steve’s two younger brothers are beastly during sex, after they fuck me I’m always exhausted and fall asleep, and the beauty about them is the way they use me. I am fully and utter borrowed, back and forth between the other without missing a beat, never ending, being passed between the both of them relentlessly, without a pause, kissing, licking, sharing, slapping. It’s loving and passionate as they use me and let me know that my purpose is to get fucked, used and shared for their pleasure until I’m all used up. They have made it clear to me that they own me and that they want me for themselves, that I belong to only them, that I’m their woman and only theirs. Steve believes that they’ve stopped fucking me and wanted to know why, but they haven’t, they just want him to think that so they can brand me as their own. They’ve fucked me more than 80 times, sometimes twice in a day, when Steve or Brandon had to leave town for a day or two, and I’ve passed out all 80 times, I’m mean they’ve actually made me pass out every fucking time and I have serious crushes on the both of them, because their the only men that have ever made me squirt, literally every time I orgasm with them, I truly enjoy being tag teamed as we’ve connected with each other by our love of marathon sex, meaning that they fuck me, so far, a minimum of 9 hours straight, the maximum was 11 hours non-stop when Steve delayed his stay in Chicago and they stayed at our house an additional day taking turns with me, fucking amazing!
Nevertheless, I really enjoy my lesbian lifestyle even-though I’ve cut back on it to accommodate my husbands needs since Steve has taken on the role of getting new contracts for the business and growing it nationally, so his relatives have been fucking me frequently during all of 2017 some of this year, less but still some, at least 67 times this year. I live an extremely sexual lifestyle, if I’m not eating pussy, I’m letting some guy or animal fuck me senseless, anyway, accommodating my husband was paramount for me because I didn’t want him to ever feel neglected like Carlos felt, I didn’t want my husband to get used to me being with someone else, no matter what he said, so during the middle of 2017 I told Brandon every detail of my whoring, knowing he’d love it and it would turn him on, and every detail of my lesbianism. I tease him with lesbian fantasies, masturbating to every sexy girl that I see on the street as we go home and I describe every thought I have about them. I’ve placed sexy pictures of Amber on our walls, my computer and tablet, his computer and phone so that when he wakes up in the morning, he can catch me masturbating to a picture or video of her, and before we fall asleep I masturbate another time to her, letting him know how much I desire her. He’s been living this reality for almost two years, his wife, me, expressing my sexual transformation into the lesbian lifestyle and he is in heaven as he gets a front row seat to the viewing. Originally he was a little jealous, and anyway it was only for Steve, but, again, because of my fear of loosing his love, like I did with Carlos, well I wasn’t gonna have that happen to Brandon, so I let him in on everything. Saying to him, “ I love pussy, fuck your lesbian wife Brandon, fuck me while I think of Amber, I love her and want her pussy more than your cock, more than any man’s cock, except for Carlos. Her pussy is what I’ll always want, whenever you fuck me, I think of her, when I close my eyes, I think of her, when you kiss me I think of her, the way she smells, the way she touches me, when we caress each other, I love being a lesbian with her and I’m so glad that she transformed my sexual love for men toward women, and when I’m with her I’m not just being a bisexual wife, but I feel and act like a full blown lesbian and if you ever cheated on me, I would live with her and fully become a lesbian and let her use me like she usually does, eating pussy after pussy, arranging lesbian get-togethers on craigslist and Tinder for me, just so my face, hair, mouth and fingers can smell like pussy!”
Till this day, even when we watch bestiality animation porn, especially from animopron, while getting fucked by our horse or dog, I think of Amber consistently without hesitation. Even though it seems like Brandon and I have no boundaries, I need you to know the truth about our very serious conversations on who I cannot let fuck me, which are: his father, his sub-contractor Jason, his brothers, or any of his relatives except for his cousin Kevin in West Virginia who used to let Brandon fuck his cousin Kelly on Kevin’s mother’s side of the family who is not related to Brandon, so as a favor to him Brandon did allow me to seduce him into fucking me and I did, so whenever he’s around or available, he and I have been occasional lovers for years. FYI, I’ve fucked Jason regularly for 2 years, before Brandon placed the rule on me, and I tapered off from letting him fuck me which took about six months as I eventually hooked him up with a girlfriend of Steve’s, who was an absolute whore. Jason was and is married but his wife was and is a cheater, and I helped him to get over her by fucking me as often as he could and where ever he could. He loved it and so did I, anyway he got over it, but he’s still with her and they both cheated until she got a bad case of chlamydia and stopped, while he continues to cheat on her till this day. Jason, Steve and I kept this secret to ourselves and if they exposed this secret, they would never get the chance to fuck me again, but eventually did admit my affair to my husband and he was furious for the first time, I mean absolutely furious and to this day, I still don’t know why. But I put this part in to address Mat, one of my readers I wrote about earlier, that I’m not allowed to do any and everything, but definitely mostly anything.
I’m real, I’m complicated, yet simple. I was a regular girl that became a sex addict by initiation. Well, actually by exposure and a willingness to give my husband his sexual fantasy early on in our relationship and it just took off from there. Make no mistake, I’m a whore, but I’m a whore who adheres to the rules of my many polyamorous relationships. My Brandon and Steve says that I’m their personal pornstar in the body of a wife, their wife. I am an Ava Devine (a Nasty Whore with no limits), a Vanessa Del Rio (an active, aggressive slut) and an Amber Blank (a slut-wife) rolled-up in one person. In August of last year Brandon and I have been looking into having a shemale or Tranny fuck me, so I did have the experience of entering and winning 7 online membership meetings with a few Trannies and I’ve been fucked by 38 times mostly by Vaniity, I love her and can’t wait for her to punish my pussy and ass, she’s fucking beautiful, sexy and loves fucking women, Brandon and I almost always watch porn while we fuck, so that I can always have someone else to fantasize about while he fucks me, and seeing Ava Devine and Belladonna fuck so many Trannies really turned me on, and I asked my husband if we could fuck to those kinds of videos while I get off to them, and we did, for months, until he asked if I could let a Shemale fuck me regularly, I said, “FUCK YEAH!” He was thrilled, we checked Tinder and Craigslist, but they were all extremely unattractive so we went on-line and searched a few of the Shemale sites and found Tranny porn-star hookups on specific sites and that led to me and quite a few other wives, who are turned on by them, to be selected for regular fuckings every few months throughout the year, and sometimes we switch schedules with each other. It’s amazing to be dominated and fucked to efficiently and powerfully by such beauty that can maneuver their cocks with such precision and passion, that it’s enough to make all women Tranny lovers, fully male with their cocks and fully female with their looks and attitude, shit it’s fucking the best of both worlds, and so I’ll write about those experiences soon. Good night everyone.

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  • Reply cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Debs, You give excellent advice. And you live an exciting lifestyle.

    Where have you been these last few years?

  • Reply Mat ID:z35zzgzfi9

    thanks for your reply,
    it is long reply LOL. i couldnt read all 90%.
    did you ever consider writing a book ? or movie story (adult of course) ? i think it worth it.

    i can say only , (enjoy it ) but dont forget to share it because i need it .

  • Reply TonieAWhore4Hubby ID:11av8zgx49j

    I fucking loved reading this! Your amazing, my husband and I have been doing the same thing for 14 years, except for the animal thing it’s like we live a shared life, thanks for writing it down, I’m really inspired to note down my own experiences. I love it, I love it, I love it. Please write more about your experiences, I think you should start writing short stories, thanks for your input on the website Deb. My name is Tonie and I turned 42 in September and my husband and I have been very secretive about our lifestyle and reading your story makes me feel mentally liberated, and my husband and I are going to expand our repertoire because of you, oh, he loves reading your work too.

    • Debs Baltimore ID:11av8zgx49j

      Thanks Tonie, Wow, I’m so flattered. I’ve found a lot of wives like myself online, and I fucking love your Identifying Title.

    • Vinny ID:10zh1918fia

      This is a truly fantastic story, and so hot!!! But, I would love to hear a lot more detail, especially about your lesbian encounters and any lesbian seductions, by yourself or with Vanity or any other female! And more detail with the animals. Also, where is “Part 2 of Debs transformation to lesbianism (Part 1.)”??? Why haven’t you written anything for a full year? Are you still living this amazing sexual life?

      I am THIRSTY for more!

    • cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Tonie, I hope you and your husband a lifetime of pleasure.
      And I would love to hear about it all.
      Good luck out there, and be safe.