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I really wish it had of been one of them who took my virginity!

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I felt the tip of it touch me before he said just joking then jumped up beside me to cum in my mouth!

I was a little reluctant to do this as reading about others it seems to have been done so many times! But I have never
talked about it to anyone even though it gave me and my two brothers so much pleasure without hurting others, the
other reason should be obvious to all who read this!
Me and my two brothers are trizygotic or fraternal triplets, separated by only a few minutes at birth so we have always been very close and became interested in sex, mainly because of the internet initially from an early age, for me it started from when I was 11! But it wasn’t till I was 12 I actually had an orgasm, I stumbled upon a video of someone touching themselves, I copied what she was doing but I always stopped cause I felt this weird rush and I didn’t know what was going to happen, but after a week I thought lets see what happens when I don’t stop and wow! It was
After that I found many ways to have one after that! And they got better and stronger, my two brothers were doing the same as me as I discovered, experimenting with their body’s, I only found out cause one of them was a little careless in the bathroom one day! It was the first time I had seen a boys cum for real, we started talking to each other about it and it led to a whole new world , but a terribly secret one.

They told me they got curious like me, and would wake up sometimes with an erection and wet and try to hide it from our mother! which was basically impossible unless they did their own laundry! So we decided in secret to help each other, the only time I’d seen a cock before that was on the internet and it was the same for them with girls, neither of us had touched the opposite sex either! That was soon to change as we started watching porn together in secret! Even going to the extent of using browsers that did not record your history in case our parents stumbled across it! It was real cloak and dagger stuff!
Then one night we were watching some porn in the bedroom and all three of us were getting turned on by it, I know I was dying touch myself but I hadn’t done it in front of them yet and by the looks of those two they were wanting to do the same thing! Never saw boys try to hide an erection before that night it was quite funny, and quite unbearable for all three of us!
After a short time one of them asks me if I looked liked that “down there” comparing me to the girl on the screen, of course I do I said, but younger and better! Are you two as big as him then I asked! Don’t know haven’t measured it I got in reply! after the film was finished nothing happened that night but it was a start of curiosity about each other and I know we all went to masturbate after that! I had got more adventurous using the shower and my hair brush as I’d outgrown my pillow, I also found (only after I saw a girl on the net) using my electric toothbrush was amazing!

I loved exploring my own sexuality and having orgasms, by this time I learned to have something there to catch the cum as I couldn’t live in the shower all the time! I used paper kitchen towels in fact anything I could throw away straight away in the bin! Then one day I got a little too carried away with my hairbrush, in my excitement I pushed it a little too hard and pop, in went in further than ever before, it scared the hell out of me when I saw blood and thought shit what have I done! I pulled it out and went to sit on the loo! It suddenly hit me what I had done, in the heat of the moment I accidently had taken my own virginity! luckily there was not much blood and it stopped hurting a few minutes later, I was 13 then, after my initial fear that I might damaged myself I got quite exited and all I wanted to do was tell those two what happened! I went back to my room and gently started to rub myself again, I was curious too so I started to play with my brush again! I slid it gently into my pussy a little more each time until all the handle was in there, a whole new string of feelings overtook me as I slowly worked it in and out, I had much more powerful orgasms than before too, rubbing myself I got soaking wet with a dribble but now my cum was squirting out! I could have kept going but I had some cleaning up to do!

Later that day I told my brothers what had happened, they replied they would have liked to have seen it! Oh yea I said that will be the day I see you two cum then won’t it, that day would be closer than I thought.
It was the weekend and no school, the weather was terrible so no one was going out except for mum and dad down the local so after they left we did what we always did, gathered in one room and found a good porn site! One of them said so your not a virgin anymore then, well technically that was true but only to a hair brush I said but it did scare me at the time, we stumbled across a hard core version of snow white! They both said she actually looked like me! I can’t say anything really cause there was a passing resemblance!
During the film I got asked what it was like to lose my virginity! And did it look any different! I did explain it was an accident and yes it did hurt for a couple of minutes! After that though it was great, I could orgasm like they do on these sites! Lucky hair brush they said you’ll have to have it framed!

About half way through the film, and it had been something I was expecting, no let me rephrase that, I really wanted to see them as much as they wanted to see me, that is naked! It was just a matter of who was going to ask first and there was two of them! So feeling out gunned I was determined to let one of them spit it out, and one of them did during this film!
So are you going to let us see then? See what I said? You know your pussy, I knew what they meant but I was still taken back by it! It was one minor battle I won but it was time to put up, or shut up!
Are you going to let me see the both of you then I replied throwing it back to them, we had really reached a crossroads that we all wanted to take it was just having the nerve to take the first step, Ok then they said in a minute and they both left the room coming back with tracksuit bottoms on!
Ok were ready they said, I could tell that cause they weren’t wearing anything underneath them! I still had my knickers on and horny as hell! and partly through the film and partly with expectation at what just happened!
The only light in the room was the screen but it was enough, they sat on the bed beside me and I could see they were both expecting me to go first, I stood up and lifted up my skirt, showing them my knickers with the prize hidden
beneath them! There you are I said! It was a huge anti climax for them! And I knew they were expecting me to be
naked under my skirt! It was worth it to see their faces though!
I said I needed the loo and went to the loo and removed my knickers, I flushed it so they thought I really did need it! I went back and sat back on the bed, Ok now it’s your turn I said, you’ve seen me now I want to see you! And with a
little but of reluctance one of them pulled the waistband and I saw my very first real cock! Then the other did the same, are you going to do the same for us then they said? Well I already have and showed them my knickers in my hand!
If you want to see me you’ll have to lift it up yourselves! After a couple of seconds both of them lifted up my skirt exposing my now naked pussy, their cocks were starting to react too as they both started to grow!
We can’t really see you with you sitting down though it’s not fare! Well I thought we’ve gone this far so I stood up for them and loosened the waistband on my skirt and let it fall to the ground, they just stared at me!
I sat back down on the bed, you might as well take those off then since I’m like this, they did just that and sat back down, can I touch the two of you? Both of them just nodded yes, I have to admit I was trembling a bit as I used each hand to touch them at the same time.

I look down at both of them, both of them are pointing up at me,  I could see the little slit at the tips, the graceful sweep of them as they curve downward, they a truly beautiful things I thought, With slightly trembling hands I reach over and run my fingertips over the soft head of my brother’s cocks.
I run both my hands down their cocks,  I tentatively touch their balls, being extra careful because I know boys are very sensitive there. I cradled my brother’s balls delicately in my palms of each hand.
 Both of them layed back on the bed contentedly watching me play with their cocks I looked at them to make sure I’m doing it right and not hurting them, we know this shouldn’t be happening, but neither of us wants to stop.
Does this feel good I ask, both of them nod in agreement, beads of pearly fluid is at the tips of their cocks now, I knew what it was though, cum, I touch the tip of their cocks with my thumb, it’s warm and slippery. I rub it around on the tips of their cocks. I bring my finger to my nose and sniff it. It’s not like anything I’ve smelled before, but I like it. I touch my tongue to my finger, There’s a hint of saltiness, but not much else, I go back to slowly stroking my brother’s cocks, hoping that more comes out, I didn’t have to wait long!

Being the first time for all of us they both came really quick! First one said I’m coming then the other! huge spurts of cum shoots out of their cocks almost simultaneously like strings of pearls! their cum squirts everywhere!  until finally the last little bits does just ooze out and spills down over my clenched hands.
We clean up the best we can and then they say it was my turn! I lay back on the bed for them and open my legs, both of them together work their way up each leg until they reach my pussy, their fingers dance across to my sparse patch of thin pubic hair which had started growing, their fingers swirls around my opening then glides up to my clit, they
start spreading my pussy juices all up and down the length of my pussy, I feel both their fingers explore my pussy,
That feels so good I whimper and press my clit up against their fingers, both of you make me cum, I want you to make my little pussy cum so much, their fingers are doing all the right things and I’m almost there. I can’t believe I’m about to cum for my brothers,  With my feet flat on the soft bed, I raise my hips up against their fingers, I could feel my pussy grip their fingers as my orgasm began, I drenched their hands with cum! Before I even fully begin to appreciate the full dimensions of my orgasm, I start to cum again squirting all over the bed.

We watched the rest of the film cleaning up the mess! Most of their cum landed on them so that was no problem but mine had soaked into the sheets so we had to put those in the wash straight away! God forbid our mum was to find them that way.
From then on, apart from whenever we were alone, we would do the same thing, once a week maybe twice depending on whenever they went out really, it was something we really looked forward to immensely, then all of sudden my periods started!

All three of us knew that speaking a word of this to anyone would mean sudden death! Not even as a joke and how on earth we managed I’ll never know! But manage we did, we still went out with our friends and nothing changed that way, I’ve sort of likened it to the hellfire club! What happens between the three of us stays with the three of us for ever.
We were quite happy to fondle and touch each other, making each other cum then one night a knew element was added, oral sex! After watching it so many times on the net and talking about what it was like if finally happened!
As usual they were playing with me, I was laying on the bed enjoying it and I had learnt a little bit control over when I came! All of a sudden I felt something hot on my clit, it was a tongue and it felt like heaven, he told his brother I tasted really nice and should try it after him, he licked and sucked my clit putting his tongue inside me too before
letting his brother try, jesus they got me so worked up and wet I didn’t want them to stop! I could have stayed there al night letting them do that! As much as I tried to hold back I couldn’t and without warning I came with one of their tongues still inside me! I thought he would have got out of their really quick but he didn’t and when he finally got up his face was soaking wet with my cum dripping of his chin! He swallowed some too! Naturally my other brother had to try it too! He licked and sucked away at me until I also came in his mouth, both of them enjoyed it but not as much as me! I got my first taste of their cocks that night too, I licked the ends of them then let them cum in my open mouth, something I had been apprehensive about until I tried it, then I grew to love it.

After that it became second nature for us to drink each others cum and it became a whole lot less messy too! I always
used to grab a bath towel now as it was easier than washing bed sheets, something I’m sure they appreciated to as it made them look less of an idiot saying they had spilt on their bed as an excuse! we learnt what each of us liked, they might have looked like each other but they had different personalities and tastes sexually, we developed our sex techniques with each other, when I knew they were going to come I would stop playing with them, then start again, they said if felt funny but they started to have bigger and more powerful orgasms because of it, I loved the way their cocks would throb and pulsate in my hands when they came and they adored making me cum too spending more time caressing my pussy! And like me they could have more than one orgasm!

After being out with our friends if someone started talking about the opposite sex we used to tell each other and have a laugh at just how little they knew! It was usually along the lines of “Oh I saw this on the net I wonder what it’s like for real”! Apart from actual penetration, us three knew what it was like but we could say anything except to each other!
for a while I longed to know what it was like to have a real cock inside me instead of my hair brush, I never said anything about it but the feeling was growing, I started to want more, I was still a cock virgin but the risk of getting pregnant always put me off, if I did how would I off explained that! And I was too young to ask for the morning after pill, I did some research on it though!

For a glorious year we enjoyed each other, we felt totally uninhibited and unashamed naked in front of each other, having orgasms was intensely more enjoyable although we all still had them individually! I was on the edge of the bed one night being tended too as usual, lying there with my pussy tingling away being licked, he stopped doing what he was doing and after a couple of seconds I opened my eyes, he was there between my legs holding his cock at the entrance to my pussy, I felt the tip of it touch me before he said just joking then jumped up beside me to cum in my mouth! For a second I thought he was going to push himself inside me! But he didn’t, after we all finished each other off that night I had to ask him if he would of, he said he wanted too so much but I would of got angry so he didn’t! Well at least he was honest and I knew what they both wanted now, and I couldn’t really argue the point with them cause of how I felt about it either! That would have been so hypocritical of me, I guess they wanted to be inside me as much as I wanted it, we were certainly growing sexually and we had matured a lot since we started doing this and they had become a lot bigger too! They were certainly bigger than the handle of my hair brush and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it, and if I let one do it I would have to let both of them.

On my own I would think about having the real thing inside me, even at school it would wash over me like a day
dream then I would suddenly snap out of it! I thought the only way would be if they used condoms so on my lunch break I had a word with them (we went to the same school) where we would usually go and eat in the park, I said if they agreed to use a condom I would let them go inside me, I’ve never seen smiles like it! They both said they would as they did not want to get me pregnant but were wanting to very much, we had to wait until the week end till our folks were out but never mind, as luck would have it when it arrived so did my period! Talk about a party pooper! I was way too self conscious to let them touch me with that but at least I could touch them and make them cum and they could play with my boobs, a big disappointment but that’s nature for you! They had acquired condoms too!

Our next opportunity was too come a couple of weeks later, as usual there was always some new porn on the web and used it as it got us sexually excited watching someone have sex, we played as usual and they gave me oral sex, they got really good at that and sucked on my erect clit while I lay there playing with the other cock, he stopped licking me and stood up, I could see he was putting on a condom which was good and I did sort of promise them!
I felt his cock move up and down my slit, I’m so excited for this. I’ve always wanted to know what this would be like and now was the time I would find out, I spread my legs wider for my him as he rubbed his cock on me, then he slowly pushed into the promised land, only about an inch then pulled back, he pushed again and my all too willing pussy parted for him, he was way bigger than my hair brush! As he gently rocked back and forth he got a little deeper each time, I could feel myself gripping onto his cock like a vice, I reached around him with my legs pulling him inside me, this was nothing like I’d ever felt before, as he slowly moved himself in and out of me it almost felt like when I first came but much more intense, I am so wet now he’s moving in and out with ease, I couldn’t help myself or wait any longer, It was just like this warm feeling enveloped me, and then HOLY FUCKING SHIT! As it hit my legs around him pulled him all the way inside me, my pussy contracted in orgasm as it tried to push him out! I squirted all over him! I exploded in a way I had not done before! I didn’t know it at the time but he had cum too!

It hadn’t lasted long that first time but god it was nice! He pulled out of my pussy and he was drenched! The condom was full and hanging down at the end! As he recovered himself the other one climbed between my legs, he put his condom on, my pussy felt like a bunch of little bombs were going off down there still! He rubbed himself on me then gently started pushing his cock into me, it felt like I was a tiny bit looser now, he copied what his brother had done, I started coming within seconds of him getting inside, I couldn’t help it! Once again I wrapped my legs around him, I could feel it building up all over again as his cock enjoyed my pussy, I was ready for it this time, I could feel myself twitching as my pussy grabbed onto his slippery cock, I could hear it making squelching noises too as he made love to me, as my 2nd orgasm built up I bit my lip and boom! It was so overwhelming I wanted to cry, this time I could actually hear myself coming as it squirted my cum over it’s second cock, I could feel his cock pulsating inside me too as he filled up the condom, when he was done he pulled out of me, it was quite an experience and I was still horny as hell! Being the first time for all of us they came very quickly and they both came inside me! With condoms!

At least the towel underneath me caught nearly all my cum! There was a small damp patch on the bed but it was nothing, I wanted more though, come on you two I said in here, they followed me in the bathroom and I sat on the edge of the bath, I asked them to finger my pussy cause I still wanted to cum, with one either side of me they reached round, I had one rubbing my clit while the other put a finger inside me, it didn’t take long, with an arm around each of them I squirted like a fountain in the bath! They kept going too giving me a second huge orgasm!

My pussy felt so tender to the touch when they had finished! I dried off and rinsed the bath out and joined them back in the bedroom, they were still naked and horny too being young! I made them cum again this time all by myself, all the other times when they had cum I had played with them until they were ready to cum and they held their cocks while they cum in my mouth, one by one I sucked on their cocks, I played with their balls, when they were going to cum I kept the end in my mouth so I could feel it squirt, it was wonderful, I finally sucked them to orgasm properly, after that we all had a quick shower and put the towels we used in the wash, our first real sex had taken less than an hour! But all three of us were no longer virgins.

After that night they made sure they had at least 2 condoms each! I learned a great deal of self control when they were inside me after, the sex got better and better and their endurance got much better, I just loved the feeling of them cuming in me, I just loved having them inside me full stop!
While one was inside me I would play and suck the other one until it was time to swap, they always had two orgasms each, one inside me and one in my mouth if they wanted to cum their! I became multi orgasmic myself, able to squirt many times during sex, I don’t know how much of me they swallowed but it was a lot! They never seemed to get tired of it!
We all agreed it was better for all if we got rid of our pubic hair! Too many times one of us would get one lodged in our throats! Or teeth!
For nearly two years we made love on a regular basis, always with protection, we must have drunk at least a gallon of cum each during that time!
When I was 16 I had to go to my doctors as I felt really under the weather (nothing to do with sex!) and while I was there I knew I could get ellaOne (morning after pill) from him in secret! Under 16 my parents would have to be informed! I told him I was sexually active with my boyfriend (Lol’s) and could I have it, she said yes straight away and gave me a prescription for it!
I was over the moon cause I can take this 5 days after sex and it’s still effective! I couldn’t wait to tell them I had it but as usual we had to wait till they were out of the house! They both worked but it was risky during the daytime and as it turned out in two weeks time Dad was attending a conference and taking mum along with him! For the whole weekend! To be honest we got so confident (but not complacent) even when they were home and we were upstairs we would stroke each others crotch while we were fully clothed though! Many times I’ve had to change my underwear through those two!
So mum and dad went off to his conference thing leaving us three at home with the usual advice, no wild party’s and call us if there is an emergency! God if they only knew!
That night we could stay in the living room and channel a laptop on the big TV! It was nice sitting on the sofa for a change playing with their cocks and for once I we didn’t really have to worry about rushing to get cleaned up and put things in the wash, we started later than usual just in case someone was to come knocking on the door too, they got me all nice and wet and slippery, I layed down on the carpet putting a towel under my bum, feeling their hands on my thighs was wonderful as they worked up to my pussy, they kissed and sucked on my nipples too, ten minutes of foreplay later one of them slipped between my open and willing legs, for the first time I felt his cock on my pussy with nothing in between them, he put a finger inside me and spread my juices around my pussy and the tip of his cock then finally started to insert it, it felt different being skin to skin for the first time, different as in gorgeous, his cock slid in and out beautifully as my pussy lubricated him, I could never resist putting my legs around them and this was no exception, he would go then stop, go then stop, my orgasm welled up like a damn about to burst and finally I couldn’t wait, I pulled him inside me and my pussy contracted squirting it’s cum all over his cock and balls, a couple of strokes later he pushed all the way in, I felt his unprotected cock unload his cum into me, it felt warm as it pooled up in there and his contractions made me cum again! As he pulled out of me I could feel his cum running out onto the towel.

He traded places with his brother as he climbed between my legs, being full of his twins cum did not deter him, after rubbing his cock in between my lips and my clit he slowly slid inside me, even though I was drenched and slippery I could still grip onto his cock good, I flexed my pussy muscles squeezing that lovely tool of his, while he enjoyed himself I licked the other one, his cock tasted wonderful with my juices all over it and that was another first too! I reached down and gave my clit a gentle rub, it was all it took to unleash a huge squirting orgasm over his cock, a few thrust later I felt his cock twitch and throb inside me as he gave me his cum, he pulled out me and I thought It was the best feeling of all, feeling the warmth of their cum inside my pussy, I knelt up and all their cum dribbled out of me onto the towel!
Well little sis did you like it they said, I think the look on my face said it all! Anyone fancy a coffee while we watch TV I asked, both of them did so I went and made one, that night they both cum again inside me but before that I enjoyed some oral sex from them, I enjoyed licking them clean too, in total they came inside me 14 times I think that weekend! I had so many orgasms I lost count!
We are 18 now and the sex is still as rampant! That morning after pill is a godsend and has truly liberated us, they are more than my brothers, they are my boyfriends too, I did to them once well once you get a girlfriends at least you’ll know what to do! The answer I got surprised me but was pleased to hear it, they both looked at me and said but we have a girlfriend don’t we, and yes we know how to treat her!
By now they should we’ve been having sex since I was fourteen!
The only regret I have? I wish it had of been one of them who took my virginity!

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    Allo Anon! J’espére que tu vas bien. Je voulais t’écrire que je trouve cela magnifique et ces du mondes comme toi qui me dit que l’incest devrai être légal même si je n’ai aucun membre de la famille que je suis attirer sexuellement. Aussie depuis x années je me suis dit que l’incest devrait être légal car qui de mieux qu’un ou une membre de la famille pour montrer les plaisirs du sexe sans avoir peur qu’ils veulent seulement prendre ta premiere fois pour gagner des points et répandre a tout le monde qu’ils t’on baiser et aussi qu’il assureront d’aller doucement avec toi, Aussie je ne suis pas religieux mais baptiser catholique et je me suis demandé si l’incest est mal alors quand adam et eve on eu des enfants, avec qui leur enfant on couché pour avoir d’autre enfant et autre exemple disons que adam et eve n’est pas vrais, ce qui est vrai c’est que la race humaine n’est pas venu aux monde avec le même nombre de populations qu’aujourdhui alors surement grâce a l’inceste l’être humain existe.

  • Reply Jim

    What a beautiful sexual relationship you and your brother’s have. You’re all very fortunate that you all can enjoy fucking. Do your brother’s ever get jealous while you’re fucking the other? Ever have intercourse with them separately. Reading your descriptions were very stimulating.

  • Reply Decca

    Wanked off to this 4 times now! Brilliant

  • Reply Babs

    Love reading these especially when their true

    • Anon

      Every word of it is I assure you

  • Reply Viki

    Just stumbled on your story, loved it

    • Anon

      Thank you viki

  • Reply Anon

    Thank you Celeste, yes I knew it was legal in france between two consenting adults, I guess I’m just lucky to have two of them!

    • Sunny

      Hi Anon,

      Your story was wonderful. If you ever write more and need a reviewer let me know. May I message (chat only as you already have 2 boyfriends). Are you French? I always wanted to learn that language. Cheers, Sunny in America

  • Reply Anon

    Thank you Eric, unfortunately no one will ever find out cause everyone seems to be scared to leave me an email address! I have been over whelmed by what people have said they have been so kind and even admitting they are doing the same thing.

    • Tjkid94

      My sister and I just started having sex! Chat with me @[email protected]

    • M. Lovdahl

      [email protected] i really want to hear . I used to fuck my little sister growing up. Though we don’t fuck anymore

    • M. Lovdahl

      [email protected] . I enjoyed story i used to fuck my sister when we were growing up

  • Reply Erik

    Wonderful sensual story I would leave my email but I’m married! Would have loved to have made contact with you, I bet you’re really beautiful too.

  • Reply Celeste

    Hello, in France where I live this is legal just not talked about, I have been enjoying a sexual relationship with my younger brother for the last couple of years but I envy you for having two of them!

  • Reply Kim

    Enjoyed reading your story, I too have sex with my brother, I’m 17 and he is 20 but we started when I was 15, I want to have his baby one day as we are very much in love with each other.

    • Anon

      Thank you Kim, not many people understand what it’s like when your in love with your brother, unlike france it’s still a taboo here.

  • Reply jc

    Marvellous story I’m not surprised you don’t like that snapshot cause it’s used for illegal things! Maybe one day you’ll share some more of your experiences

    • Anon

      Who knows maybe I will one day! I really do prefer email or facebook though.

  • Reply Mason

    I’m so fucking jealous of your brothers!

    • Anon

      I expect many are

  • Reply tom

    When I finished reading this my cock was huge! I bet your a very beautiful young woman now who can get anyone she wanted! Great read.

  • Reply Cumgulper

    Anon that was a beautiful piece of work and well written. I lost my V-card To an older sister and a short time later I initiated oral with a younger sister.
    I absolutely loved this story. I am an old man and you had me throbbing.

    Who are we to judge someone on the things we do and if truth be told there are a lot of us who has done things but are too ashamed to admit it. Cumgulper 1(Snapchat)

    • Anon

      Thanks, we are old enough now to drink and we all go out together now. Those two have cars and we go everywhere together and especially like camping lols! Like I said I could have made it a at least 3 times longer than that!

    • Anon

      Thanks, we are old enough now to drink and we all go out together now. Those two have cars and we go everywhere together and especially like camping lols! Like I said I could have made it a at least 3 times longer than that!

    • Anon

      Do you have an email address? if you leave it here I’ll get in touch with you cause I don’t use snapchat, only me will be able to see it

  • Reply Eric

    ***** All the way! Thanks for sharing

    • Anon

      Thanks Eric

  • Reply T&B

    your brothers are very lucky and so are you, I can imagine keeping it secret has been difficult to next to impossible sometime for you all, now your all adults though it should be much easier, outstanding story though.

  • Reply Jessie

    Excellent just excellent

  • Reply Baz

    What a marathon but a bloody good read, wish I was one of your brothers.

  • Reply CH

    I had a wild time with my sister too when we were still at school, she married now and every now & then we still fuck like rabbits! She would love to have a kid with me too but she would have to say it was her husbands! Long may you 3 continue

  • Reply @meme.sfunnyaf

    Wow I’m so horny from reading this. I’m almost 14, but I’ve never had sex before. Good story. If you want, we could chat? Just @ me on Instagram with my username

    • Anon

      I don’t use instagram or snapshot but if you leave your email address we could chat that way, it will be hidden from everyone but me

    • @meme.sfunnyaf

      Ok. Leave your email and we can chat. Also, wound you be able to send some pics of you? And how old are you now?

    • Anon

      [email protected]

  • Reply BB

    Long story but worth the read, at least you did the right thing in using contraception, I agree with the other fella’s comments though, live & let live.
    I bet you really gorgeous too and wouldn’t mind talking to you so if you fancy it leave me your email address, I promise you just chat, nothing else.

    • Anon

      yea it is a little long but so much has happened! but it could have have been twice as long as that too. you can write to me here if you like.
      [email protected]

  • Reply Varun

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  • Reply Mike

    This is going to sound so corny but I know twins who do exactly what your doing! I accidentally wandered in on them one day, a sight for sore eyes I can tell you! Well I’m no snitch so live and let live I say, loved reading your story and pleased your all happy.

    • Anon

      Aww thanks Mike it took me three days to write it out I wanted to make sure I got it right, a few spelling mistakes I think so sorry about that. I love those two so much it will break my ♥ when they eventually find another girl cause they will want a family of their own one day and that is something I simply cannot provide for them being triplets, to close genetically, but we will enjoy it while it lasts.