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The Peeper Part 3: Defloration

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Read “The Peeper” parts 1 and 2 to understand the story.

My step sister Becky, had her 12th birthday coming up. I planned a weekend of fishing and camping for us. She was so excited when I told her. We were going to my grandmother’s lake property.

My dad dropped us off at my grandma’s. I was able to drive at 15 but I needed to be with an adult. I did not have my full driver’s license yet. I had to wait till I was 16. Which was coming fast. I could not wait.

We ditched the idea of sleeping in tents. My grandmother was going to be gone but gave us the keys to the house. We slept in the guest bedrooms.

“So we got the whole weekend alone to ourselves.”, I said. “What are our plans?”

“Sex. Sex and more sex?”, she said, “Plus if we get bored with that we can just have sex.”

“Oh my how I have corrupted you.”, I said.

She pulled down her shorts and panties and ran a finger up and down her slit. “Ok. If you don’t want to. That is fine also.”, she said. “Remember you taught me how to go solo. I’ve gotten pretty good at that also.”

“Show me.”, I said, “Show me what you do.”

“Come on. That is when I am alone. It is like taking a bath it is private.”, she said.

“Oh yeah. Ok! Ms. Privacy here. Excuse me. You don’t seem to care about my privacy! Who is the one peeping on me in the shower? Masturbate or I will tickle you!”, I said.

“OH NO! Please I really hate that!”, she giggled.

I picked her up and placed her on the bed. I rolled her over and spanked her cute ass lightly. She was growing into a woman and her ass looked so nice. She was giggling. I spread her legs and saw her beautiful treasure. She was starting to grow pubes now. I ran my tongue up her slit giving her shivers. I grabbed a hair. “What is this?”, I asked.

“What do you think it is asshole?”, she asked.

“Oh you know what happens when you call me that.”, I said. Her legs quivered with anticipation.

I opened up the doors to the little treasure chest between her legs and found her little pearl. I danced my tongue across her tasty little clit. She was getting anxious. “Come on do the raspberry thing! It feels so good. Make it feel good like you do!”, she said. I shushed her. She hit me in the head lightly. I stuck my tongue out at her.

I had her birthday present on me. “What is that noise?” she said

“Just your birthday present.”, I said

“What is it?……OH MY..AHHH. AHHH”, she said as I stuck the vibrator in her.

Pulled it out to her protest. “Come on! What are doing?”, she bitched. I put it against her clit. She went back with her eyes rolling in the back of her head. “I am sorry do you have a complaint?”, I asked.

I jammed two fingers in her. I was finger banging her hard as she was thrashing side to side. I had some fun and blew raspberries on her pubic mound. She giggled. Her pussy was soaked as my fingers pounded her pussy. Her legs closed and opened, closed and opened and finally clamped down on my hand and the vibrator. I kept fingering her. She came into multiple orgasms. She came to me and gave me the biggest kiss. She pulled me towards her as we cuddled together. I showed her her birthday gift. “Naughty naughty but nice!”, she said, smiled and laughed.

“I guess you like?”, I asked. She nodded agreeably.

Our weekend of love making passed. Becky got addicted to her vibrator. Using it as much as possible. I unleashed a nymphomaniac. My birthday came up next. That weekend my parents went out shopping and doing shit all day. I got up and showered. I seen the curtain move under the shower. “He knows we are here!”, someone whispered. “Shh or he will!”, Becky said.

I opened the curtain. “Really? Oh hi Tiffany. What kind of trouble has she roped you into?”, I asked.

“I uh…”, Tiffany said staring at my cock.

“Oh sorry, my eyes are up here. Why you speechless? It is what you two came to see right?”, I asked, “You! My room now!” Pointing to Becky. We went into my room.

“What happened to the rules? We keep quiet about this! Who else did you tell?”, I asked.

“Tiffany come here.”, she came into the room, “shut him up.”

Tiffany grabbed my flaccid dick and started sucking on it until it was hard. She was nice and slow with her blowjob.

“You see Tiffany here confided in me that her and her handicapped stepbrother have a sexual relationship. I asked her if she would like to do stuff with you as a birthday gift and she agreed. I was going to surprise you when you caught us. By the look on your face you seem to have changed your mind on yelling at me. Oh you are welcome by the way. By the way Tiffany, he loves it when you bite!”, she said. Tiffany laughed with my dick in her mouth.

Tiffany, like I said, was doing a wonderful job. Nice, slow and senuous. “You like that Luke?”, she asked. I nodded and smiled. “Hmmm who is speechless now?”, she asked and laughed while jacking my dick. Flicking her long hair back. She was hot. “Fuck” I was thinking “I would love to fuck her.”

“You just going to stand there?”, Tiffany asked my stepsister. They both got undressed. Tiffany was more developed than Becky. Her little tits looked so nice. Becky took over the blowjob while Tiffany and I kissed. I felt her pussy. She had a few more hairs than my step sister.

“How is he doing Tiffany?”, my step sister asked.

“He is ok.”, she said.

“Lets school him.”, my step sister said.

They got up and started kissing. Both girls put a hand between the others legs. Both hips started rocking as they made out with each other. Becky laughed, “look at the look on his face!” Tiffany laughed.

Both girls explored each others bodies. Sucking each others tits and caressing their vulvas. Tiffany came first as she shook trying hard to stand up through it. Becky came the same way. They were kissing each other’s necks. I was stroking my cock not believing what I was watching.

Tiffany slapped my hand away. “Uh uh this belongs to us!” Both girls were licking on my pole now. Tiffany would lick base to head and suck on the head and my Becky would do the same on the other side. I was in ectasy. A couple times they came up and kissed. It was awesome.

My step sister said, “You ready to give him his real gift?”

Tiffany laid on my chest and kissed me. “Do you wanna fuck me?” I looked at my Becky shocked. “I arranged this. Go ahead!” Damn! What a great lover I have and what a choice she picked. Wow.

I was in shock of what was going on. “Why so quiet now Luke?”, Becky asked.

Tiffany said , “I think he is in shock. He did not know about us.”

Tiffany had a lovely body. Silky light skin. Little breasts coming in with a nice gorgeous ass. She laid on her back and opened her legs to reveal her beautiful pussy. “Tiff his eyes are about to pop out of his head!”, Becky said.

I lined up my cock slowly poked it into her. She gasped as it went in. Becky and Tiffany started making out. I rubbed Becky’s slit as they did. She took her vibrator to Tiffany’s pussy while I fucked her. Becky got up and put her own pussy in Tiffany’s face and her and I kissed. Tiffany started rocking her hips hard as the vibrator did it’s work on her. Her legs locked around me as she came. “Awww shit!!!!!”, Tiffany exclaimed. Becky laughed. I started fucking her tight 12yo pussy harder and harder till I was basically slamming my cock in her hard as I could. She was being loud. Enjoying her pussy being pounded. Becky started to shake as we pretty much came at the same time. Becky was grinding her pussy on Tiffany’s face. I grabbed her hips and pounded her hard as I could. “holy shit! Oh fuck!…ohhhhhhh Awww damn!” as I orgasmed and blew my nuts into her.

My stepsister just giggled. Knowing she did good. She kissed me. “You like your birthday present?” She asked. I kissed her and said yes. Tiffany said “I liked it too. Damn.” I pulled out of her and collapsed.

We got dressed and went outside. We smoked a joint. Tiffany had to go help her brother so she left. My stepsister and I went back in and made out on the bed and talked. “You should have ate her out. She tastes wonderful. Oh yeah almost forgot. She is not the only thing I am giving you.”, she said. “Do you wanna fuck me?” I stared. “Really?”, I said. “Yes really! I love you and want you to have my virginity.”

She spread her legs and I spread her outer folds and dug in on her clitoris getting her wet again. Putting my mouth firmly against her clit and blowing raspberries. She was giggling like mad. She loved that. I stuck a finger in her. It was ready.

She looked a little nervous. As I hovered above her. “You ok? You sure about this?”, I asked. She nodded. Ahhhh her cute virgin pussy before me. It was lovely. I ran my head up and down her slit. I put my dickhead on her hole and slowly pushed it in. She took in a deep breath. “Ow ow!” She said. I fucked her slowly. It hurt I could tell but she was not the first virgin I had. I learned to take it nice and slow for them. They will love you to death afterwards. After a couple minutes I picked up pace. Now she was getting into it. Moving her hips as I slid in and out of her. She put a hand to my face as I made love to her. “I love you Lukey.” She said, “Hey ram it.”, she said. “Fuck me like you did Tiffany! She said you were great when she left. She asked if she could come back. I think you made an impression. Do me like that.” I rammed my dick in her as hard as I could. “Ah ha ha uh…Oh fucking hell!”, she said as I rammed her. “He he he…YEAH!”, She exclaimed. “I love my Lukey! Fuck me hard. Hard as you can!” I grabbed her hips and just slammed into her as hard as I could. “Come on slam me hard baby! I love it! I want that big dick of yours deep inside me!” Hearing my cute little 12-year-old step sister talk like that to me just really turn me on. My dick swelled and just exploded my semen into her once virgin cunt. I collapsed next to her. My dick coated in spots with her virgin blood. Out of energy. She came and laid on my chest. We made out. “This was the greatest birthday ever. I don’t know how you could ever top this. Thank you so much!”, I said. She smiled. “You do good work there big brother. I love you.”, she said. “I love you too.”, I said. We laid together and got up and showered together. We held each other until we heard the familiar sound of the car pulling in the driveway. Unfortunately that meant fun time was over.

To be continued

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