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The Retirement Home (Part 5)

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The boring part of the job is the staff check

The most boring part of th e job but somebodyhas got to do it and Sally is off with her little indian friend again the one I can’t get near!!
Ok we have 74 residents some in double rooms 20 Staff Just the Sister and us Living In and I haven’t met half of them Time to start with the staff I started leafing thro the files, Nobody stood out good CV’s good attendance records while hear Nothing special about their photos but they were just head and shoulders there is a very pretty black girl only just joined us working with Sally so she must have interviiewed her
I have Sister to bring her in, They arrived Sister as prim and proper as usual she introduced her as Millie and left. The girl looked uncumfortable but I pointed out a chair and explained I just wanted a chat. So you take excersise classes and walks etc is that right She relaxed Yes obviously keen to explain. So what kind of excersises Oh gentle ones walking running on the spot arm streching
Can you show me? well the uniform is a little restricting Sir I usually have shorts and crop top
Oh what kind of underwear are you wearing Oh Sir I couldn’t Well I am the Boss I said with a grin
She pouted and began to take off her uniform. ust the pink dress that carers wear her breasts were small covered with a white trainer bra she just had a thong. Oh my god your like a beautiful little doll do some excersises for me. Luckily I was sitting behind the desk as my cock was bulging to such an extent that I had to release it from the confines of my pants She began to demonstarte the gentle excersises then as she saw mt interest began more complicated ones like splita and high kicks, bending over showing her pert naked behind Her smooth black body was covered with sweat she took off the bra her tiny breasts were so tiny and firm they didnt’t move.In one of the moves she held her shoulders on the floor legs in the airand reached rounf to divest herselfof the thong’ she stood hands on hips her ebony body glistening Not a hair her wholebody smooth

We don’t do that Sir for that I’d need a rise!
God I’ve never been blackmailed before but I didn’t mind this one. I walked around literaly lifted her onto the edge of the desk her legs so pliable just lifted and i entered her. She stiffened then relaxed and we fucked with experienced thrusts she was young but knowledgable no sooner had I spurted deep in her she turned leant over the desk and offered up the most wonderful pink bud. tighter but pliable we were soon pumping.when Sally walked in. Oh don’t let me disturb you I had great hopes for this one. She tweeked her cheek as she walked past into her inner office
That kind of spoilt the rythym but we managed to finish
I lay her back on the desk nippled the childlike breasts kissed her full mouth and gazing into her black eyes said you’d better go see Sally about that raise

There are days like that but not very often after all we have a budget!

So next job was to find a Doctor replacement it wasn’t easy retired ones weren’t interesed in the few hours GP’s were too busy we ended up interviewing a junior doctor from the hospital
Young slip of a girl in her 2nd year whatever that meant but was willing to put 4 hours a week in for a general inspection and possible call out if she wasn;t on call herself. Sally said she didn’t look as if she had a pick one her We decided to shock her first thing if that didn’t then we would know she was suitable

I took her to see Billy and the young carer who had taken him into hand so to speak and explained his situation she didn’t miss a beat turning to the carer tou masturbate him and sometimes suck him If it is only his upper torso thats the proble could he fuck you?
the carer giggle you know I never thought of that well I can get astride him and lower myself on him and the doctor said for a bit of fun the girls could get you in the hoist!!! Everyone especially Billy had a laugh at that I looked at Sally we’ve got a good doctor!
We took her round as many of the apartments as we could during her first 4 hours and she made notes. I have the night off tomorrow maybe I could come back I may have some ideas from these as she waved her notebook
We were only to happy and looked forward to the following evening

Now she said taking charge, which amused us as she only looked a schoolkid but was by our calculations had to be early twenties

Mr Brown No 35 he has a star against his name? we explained he was one of the audience at Julie’s performance ah that explains it Did you notice his bulge when i leaned over him We went in
Mr Brown I’m your new doctor and my first prescription is to take away your viagra she held out her hand he shamefaedly fumbled in his bedside drawer and the others he takes a box from his pocketNo ore OK now lets have a look at it he looked at us we shrugged No No everything off
He relutantly strips and stands naked in front of us she spanks his cock one side to the other now don’t be a naught boy she continues spanking until bruised and blue rises rigid
There now thats what you do it reminds you your a naghty boy and gets you an erection she leant down and sucked it quickly there thats your reward

She swept out with us following leaving him with a stiff cock glistening with pit and precum

My subject is Psychology

Right one more and I have to go back. Sally and I spoke at once, well this isn’t physical, but may be up your street we think ourSister is repressed in some way Sexually? Not that we can see but there is something there
Very well I’ll see her in themorning as part of my 4 hours Let her know I’m coming

She was there in the morning and entered Ah Sister thank you for seeing me I’m Dr James
I don’t know why you are here I had my annual report only last week.
And I have read it 100% for work ethic etc but your employers are worried that there is some called of repression
OH yes since that couple have come the place has been a den of iniquity
Please explain?
Well theres that Billy thing Then the Julie performance and why has that little black thing got a raise and everyone knows about Marjorie and that dog of hers
Ah Now I’m begining to understand are you married Sister? No! a partner? No Any casul sex Definitley NOT!!!! well there was once…….
Long time ago? and not a good experience?
No it was horrible!
But you agree that sex can be in a loveing relationshup?
I suppse so
All those examples you gave were for different reason and I’m not suggestioning you should agree with them but doesn’t it seem that you are a little jealous? Look at your employers everyone can see how in love they are!
I admit but they’ve got funny ways of showing it!
Well you don’t know how they show it in private and their actions are for the good of the Home I can assure you I’e been very impressed
Now what underwear do you wear?
Sloggiie panties and Bra
mmm very straightforward Would you like to see mine?
She took off her white coat and dress to reveal a red thong and peek a boo red bra
Now doesn’t that look more fun
Her hands were up to her face in shokc her head nodding
And have you seen one of these she held up a basic vibe
It’s one of those sex toy things
Yes thousands of thousands of respectable women all over the world buy these every year and I want yo to try it
Oh I couldn’t honestly she looked shocked
Well not with those panties on they will come off come on now two girls together
Witn a sigh she turned around slipped them off and turned back revealing a large bush of genital black hair She was handed the vibe and clusily searched the forest of hairs with it
The doctor knelt and found a way between the slit before turning it on low. She took one of the Sisters hand to it thats it in and out gently
Her whole body stiffened but as it was turned on higher her cunt wettened and she began to gasp she pushed it harder and harder her eyes widened her breaths came in short gasps one hand went to her bra slipping underneath to find a nipple
The sister sat on the floor watching her the climax wasn’t long coming. she jerked shivered and releaseda torref of warm wet sperm onto her black hairs
She looked down her eyes glistened on I’m so embaressed
The nurse well it is a bit of a mess and began to wipe it with tissues but otherwise how was it?
Oh you’ve no idea she gasped
Oh yes I have my dear the Doctor smirked
So what I want you to do is to report to your employers and explain to them your previous attitude as they were really worried about you

She dresses and madeher way to my office
I’m off for the week now but expect the sister to come to see you shortly

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