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Work Work Work 8

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Vicky is woken again from the smelling salts, again she is screaming in pain from the thrusting horse cock in her cunt, she is wishing she could die and not feel all the pain in her lower body, the horse is thrusting and whinnying and snorting, he is loving the tight feel of his mares cunt as he fucks her to breed her, he rams as hard as he can as he gets the last 4 inches into his mare, he is so happy that he snorts and whinnys some more,

Vicky is out of her body, she feels she can see her body being used by the massive stud that is fucking her to death, she feels the cock in her womb, deep in her womb, then she feels the hot liquid filling her womb, she is being stretched from all the liquid, it is so hot this liquid, it forcing her belly outward, its hurting her in a new way, her insides are on fire now her outside skin is also being stretched from all this liquid she is being forced to take.

The stud snorts one last time and pulls his cock out of Vickys cunt, Vicky feels the swollen bell end of his cock forcing her body to open to release his cock from her cunt, she is in so much pain she has no way to relax from it, then the cock pulls the rest of the way out and there is such a vacuum she feels as if he is pulling her cunt inside out, with a air rushing in noise to her cunt and a sound of gallons of liquid hitting the floor under Vickys cunt she looks down and see the hot liquid is horse cum, and it looks like blood as well from her cunt

Vicky looks at the mess on the floor that is coming out her cunt, she figures her cunt is destroyed, no way will she ever be able to close her hole, her owner walked up and took the stud back to his stable, as he walked the stud back he walked up to Vicky and told her, ready for round two, Vicky lifted her head and looked at her owner, he smiled, she said, please no sir, my cunt is bleeding and so sore, i my never be able to close it let alone walk again, He looked at her and said so you are done with your cunt, it out of service, is that what you are telling me, Vicky looked down at the floor and said no sir in a very small voice, its im so sore and im bleeding, her owner said ok sense you are bleeding from your cunt, then we will find something else to do with you, Vicky breather a small sigh of relief, but only for a second as her owner said I will bring the quarter horse stud this time, he will breed your ass instead of your cunt.

Donna was taken to Miss Tins lodgings on the ranches property, Miss Tin looked her purchase over very carefully, she tells Donna to eat her cunt, Donna is in between Tins legs and is using all the training she got, she uses her tongue all over Tins cunt lips she licks and laps her cunt, she does not touch her clit till she hears Tins breather getting labored, then she lightly touches her clit with her tongue, this courses Tin to gasp, Tins grabs Donna by the hair and pulls her face into her cunt, Donna responds by licking faster and harder on Tins Clit, Tins is moaning and panting and Tells Donna, good slut eat mommys cunt, OOOOOOO fuck your a good cunt, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yes you little cunt eat, eat mommies cum as here it cums, Tin shot cum right into Donna open mouth, Donna swallowed all she could as it sprayed all over Donnas face, Tin held Donnas face on her cunt till she could not take anymore and pushed her down on the floor, Tin was panting so hard trying to catch her breath, she stood there shacking, weak kneed she slumped in the arm chair, she looked at Donna and said I dont know who trained you cunt but boy am I glad.

Once Tin was back to her normal self she had Donna get on all fours and she spanked her with a riding crop, the more she smacked Donnas ass the more Donna liked it, her ass was deep red to the point of purple in some places, she told Donna to service the other girls she had purchase to fuck, Donna did as she was told each girl got her cunt eaten to orgasam and she eat each of there assholes as well,

Tin took Donna to a shower and made her wash Tin and her self, once they were both nice and clean Tin took Donna to her own private chambers, Tin had Donna lie on the bed face down, Tin climbed on the bed between Donnas legs and pushed her legs apart, Donna open her legs, Tin worked her way up Donna legs to her ass, she spread her ass cheeks and looked at Donna pink little asshole, Tin licked her lips and placed her face into Donnas ass, she pushed her lips to Donnas asshole and then pushed her tongue out of her mouth and licked Donnas asshole, Donna moaned, she loved the feeling, she pushed her ass up into the air to give Tin more excess to her tight little hole, Tin loved the taste, the texture, the smell of a clean tight asshole, Tin drove her Tongue into Donnas ass, she worked it in and out and fucked her ass with her tongue, Donna was moaning louder and breather heavy, she was lost in lust, she wanted, no needed Tin to make her cum analy, she was pushing back on Tin as hard as Tin was pushing into her, Donna felt Tin pull her face away, she moan, then she felt Tins finger slid into her ass, then two fingers, then three, before she knew it Tin was fisting her ass, Donna had her ass high in the air, Tin was pounding her ass with her fist, she worked her wrist and then forearm into Donnas ass, Donna was cumming she never stopped cumming once the fist was in her ass, she was moaning and groaning and begging for it to never stop, Tin smiled at her fuck toy, she grab a bottle of lube and poured some onto Donnas ass, she took her hand out of Donnas ass and then pushed both hand into her ass Donna cried out and sprayed cunt juice all over, she was begging, please fuck me, OOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuck my ass, fuck my like the fuck toy I am, Tin worked her hand in deep into Donnas ass, she got both forearms deep into Donnas ass, Donna grabbed the cheeks of her own ass to get them open as much as she could, Tin pushed in more to Donnas ass, up past the elbows, Donna screamed and shook and moaned and groaned, and she blanked out, she came so hard she passed out with two arms elbow deep in her ass with her ass in the air, she came two and was panting for breath, Tin pulled her arms out of Donna, Donna collapsed on the bed, Tin laid down beside her and put her arm over Donna, Tin heard a voice, Mommy can I sleep with you and Donna, Tin goes, yes baby, Number 2 walks into the room and climbs into the bed, 2 snuggles up with Donna, and asks Tin did she do good mommy, Tin smiles at 2 and goes yes baby, 2 goes can we keep her, Tin goes we will see baby, now its sleep time we have big day tomorrow, Night mommy, night baby, Donna is already pasted out,

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