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My Husband loves to look at our Daughters 2

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I’m a Mother of two Young girls Kim 13 and Kati 15 and this is a real experience.

So after spending the whole day on our Panties I met Martin, my Husband in our bedroom after Kim and Kati went to sleep.

I asked him “did you like the way they were dressed today?”

He smiled but didn’t replied and I thought maybe because he’s afraid of me, the way I slapped him last time was very wrong.

So I said “Baby I’m sorry for acting that way, I really don’t mind you enjoy looking at our girls, as thier father you have all the rights to look at thier bodies”

He replied “no Vicky I’m not sure what to feel or say, I really don’t want to hurt you or them by my stupid decisions”

Then I got closer to him and put my hands around his neck and said “baby you are not going to hurt us even if you want to, you are a good man, I trust you” and I kissed his lips.

Then I pulled out his hard cock and stared stroking it. He made a few noises and I took it inside my mouth and sucked it like it’s the first time I had him.

Then I lift my head up and asked him “tell me now? Did you love the way Kim and Katie looked today?”

He said “yes huny I loved it”

“did you like to see them on panties?”

“yes I do, I love it a lot”

Then I stroked him harder and harder asking more questions “did you like me wearing panties at home?”

“oh yes baby I really do” he groaned

And then he sprayed his load all over my face and hands while shaking like a fish out of water.

I cleaned all his sperm with my mouth and lay down next to him and we fell asleep like babies.

Next day after school I made the girls to wear panties again with soft vests and it looked like they loved it.

I wore a long t-shirt with nothing underneath and it actually made me to feel so free and comfy.

Then later that afternoon Martin came from work, we Hugged him and I winked at him after a kiss.

He went inside, took a shower and came out to eat lunch. During he’s eating I took his hand and placed it on my bare vagina and he got shocked at how I was.

I bent down and whispered on his ear saying “get used to this” and he smiled at me.

Then later after he finished lunch I wrapped my arms around him on the sofa and four of us started to watch TV and I slowly got close to his ear and asked him “did you saw the girls?”

He said “yes I did, they look so cute today”

Then I asked him “do you want to see more?”

He looked at me and asked “more means?”

I smiled and asked him back “when was the last time you saw thier vaginas?”

He started to stutter and said “I don’t know maybe when they were so young”

Then I said “ok then let’s make some new rules again”

And I stood up, called both the girls into their rooms and told them,

“from now on we don’t wear any panties at home, I want girls to be free without covering them up, when we always cover them, it’ll sweat and gets smelly” and then I lifted up my t-shirt and shown them my naked pussy.

Kim and Kati both giggled while looking at each other and I pulled both thier panties off and tapped on thier butts to run outside into the living room.

Actually at that time I realized that even as thier mom I’ve never seen thier vaginas or butts for a long time and it just made me happy to see them both like that.

So I followed both into the living room and I saw Martin looking at them both with a wide opened mouth.

I smiled at him and said “there you go, enjoy looking at your girls”

He just could not believe his eyes. Both of his angels are running around the house, playing with each other while thier butts and vaginas are out.

They didn’t seemed to care at all and it made it to look more hot.

Meanwhile I called them both close to us and said “from now on this is how we girls will stay at home, only if someone’s visiting us we will put on proper clothes or else we don’t cover up, understand?”

They nodded at me saying yes.

“also now because your little butts are open, be careful about where you sit ok, just ask your dad or me to clean the floor if you guys are going to sit down”

They said “OK we will call you”

Then I said “OK then go on, play you both, your dad and me are going to watch the TV” and I looked at my husband and he gave me a naughty smile.

-to be continued-

(sorry for my bad English and thanks for all the supporting messages on part 1.. If you guys want a part 3 then please rate my story and leave a comment, thanks a lot)

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  • Reply Papa kenny ID:gyke05wqypi

    Sounds extremely hot and sexy just being able to look whenever and enjoy the sight.

  • Reply Willy T. ID:fx7qoskv3

    At their monthly time they just dress up a a teabag.

  • Reply Joe ID:v6a897qs2y0

    Now I must have the rest of the story

  • Reply Dickie D ID:37gcz00mv9j

    13 and 15 years olds running aroung naked? what happens when they get their “RAGS” AKA that time of the month? Sound to unbelivable to me.
    Sorry can only give 2 stars………………. 24/07/22

    • DaddyTR ID:rpvr1ozm

      no problem at all, my wife had our girls at home without underwear, but at that time, they did cover up

  • Reply Nikki ID:82ueks8i

    Please part 3

  • Reply SD veteran ID:5wwpegwrd9i

    great stories

  • Reply Samantha ID:bo2qeotzj

    She’s encouraging him and the daughters to start a fantastic taboo relationship. He’ll soon start breeding their two daughters,along with her help. Can’t wait for part 3. SO 🔥 HOT just thinking about it.

  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    Mr Gonzo……society as a ‘hole’????

    THAT, is what is wrong with society as a whole…..spouting words without spell checking.

  • Reply Love by me ID:1ah770le49d

    We love to read whenever and whatever you write

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I can’t wait to read more there is going to be a lot of pussies getting filled

  • Reply Tmantheman73 on wickr ID:fzq6k75d1

    Please hurry with the next part in this series. Your edging me.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren3fik

    Better, violence has no positive result. The story is getting better each time. keep up the good work. that is the major problem with society as a hole. they listen to our rotten Government or Corporate America stating nudity is bad. How in the fuck do those sick bastards know what “I” want and need while they rape even younger kids behind closed doors.
    Nudity is COMPLETELY NATURAL and should be practiced more often folks.

    • [email protected] ID:6ewq0tbgm3

      Agree with you again Gonzo 28/05/22

    • Anonymous ID:1ewobr0fyupf

      People should be naked On the hardest days outside Air conditioning Repair Technicians Should take a vacation on the hottest days and swimsuits Should be prohibited In public Swimming pools.