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Kate’s Unfortunate Series of Events [Part 3]

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Three siblings celebrate their summer vacation at grandpa’s house – although things start slow, the eldest falls into an unfortunate series of events.


As it turns out, it did end up getting worse for me after that humiliating experience of having my pussy inspected and being made to orgasm in front of my younger brothers. It just so happens to be on an incredibly unlucky day that would continue to spell into an unfortunate series of events.

It was after that event that I changed. I couldn’t believe it. Honestly, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. One thing for sure, I know I’m not the same girl who first arrived at her grandpa’s house for a summer vacation.

I sat at my desk pondering this, twiddling my thumbs, dressed in pajama pants and a baggy t-shirt. Despite the still hot summer August heat, I dressed myself like this because I couldn’t take it anymore. Especially now, my brothers had completely lost their sense of subtlety around me and as much as I would have loved to be a hermit and hide in my room forever, grandpa still enforced chore duties. They didn’t even need to be bold about it now since they have basically seen all of me naked. I couldn’t help but cringe whenever I was seen by either of my brothers. I constantly felt their eyes ogling and undressing my clothing and it made me feel so…Vulnerable. Helpless. Perverted. Ashamed.

I wanted to scream with what happened, as it came so fast and unexpectedly. I knew I couldn’t disobey grandpa. I knew the punishment would have been rough if I didn’t climb onto the table and spread my legs open. I knew that spreading my legs would reveal my freshly shaven pussy to my younger brothers who had front row seats to my embarrassment.

Front row seats to seeing their older sister’s pussy get exposed, inspected, touched, and teased so crudely. I knew I couldn’t close my legs as I felt myself get soaking wet at the humiliation. Being forced to hold myself open like that and let myself orgasm hard infront of my brothers’ young eyes. Letting them hear their big sister whimper and moan, not being able to help it while their eyes were locked on my contracting pussy lips.

If it all couldn’t be enough, suffering the indignification of being too submissive and breathless to argue when they asked to clean my juices and get a feel of my most intimate areas. Touching my clit, my pussy lips, spreading them open with just thin pieces of handkerchief separating their hands from what should have been unfathomable.

Somehow, things got seriously twisted after that. I’ve never even really looked at boys or my body before this, not even to masturbate! I wouldn’t say I was exactly a prude, but here I was, getting exposed against my will and being forced to obey orders under risk of punishment while my body was getting infuriatingly turned on. Why was I getting aroused by this?!

I lost my breath at that disturbing revelation when suddenly I jumped in my chair as knocks on the door rang out.


Out of both of the twins, Mitch had always been the louder one. I couldn’t count the number of headaches I got from him.

I begun to tell him to go away when another voice spoke –

“Oh, and plus you have chores. Mitch and I have been going out with our friends for the past few days and we’re nearly out of laundry. You better do it right now or we’ll tell on you to grandpa because it’s your turn!”

I could instantly tell that it was Ryan’s voice. Soft spoken and quieter than his brother, Ryan differed in that he was cunning. Always the first to try to get me in trouble because he enjoyed it, and he was also the first one to nearly see me naked. I can still remember him breaking into the locked bathroom to pee, just as I was getting out of the shower. Luckily I had quickly covered myself in my towel, but it was seconds before he could have seen my fully naked body. He was even bolder when I caught him trying to peek through the bathroom door lock the next day I bathed! Of course, he couldn’t see anything but he still deserved that black eye when I opened the door.

I stopped my complaining right there because grandpa had become terrifying to me as of recent events. I was still trying to get on his good side in order to survive this summer. Punishments would only further make things worse. Frustrated and resigned, I yelled back:

“OKAY OKAY, JEEZE. I’m coming out!”

When I opened the door, they were gone. I felt silently blessed that their eyes this time didn’t stay to look at me, not that there was much to look at with my baggy clothing anyways. I suspected my brothers were probably on a hike with their friends considering their boots were missing.

To my knowledge, grandpa said he would be out for a few hours this morning on errands. I was finally alone to savour this quiet moment as I walked to the laundry room, happy that I could enjoy some peace from all the ogling and creepiness from all the males in this house.

While I was separating lights from darks before the wash, I became lost in thought again.

I had noticed they had been out more with their friends lately. Not that I was complaining of course, it meant less creepy stares. Since us kids came to grandpa’s house pretty much every summer, my brothers made long good friends of the other boys in the lake town in which my grandpa resided. As a result, I got to know a lot of them. Although, I never really got along with those boys and was probably meaner to them than I wanted to be.

Sure, some were unremarkable but almost all of them had the same annoying, mischievous personality characterized by preteens of their age. Hormonal, rowdy, insensitive, and just plain crude. In particular, I despised one boy the most by the name of Todd.

Older than my brothers by one year, Todd always had a crush on me since the first time we met. Should I have been flattered?

I scoffed.

Out of all the boys, Todd stood out because he was easily the fattest, the dumbest, and the most perverted. He outclassed the hormonal-ness of my brothers by a long shot. He was constantly trying to talk to me and get me to be his “best girl friend” which I didn’t even want to know what entailed. He always made excuses to touch me, like the “omg I missed you” uncomfortable hugs he would always forcibly give me whenever we visited during summers, squishing into my chest and constantly putting his fat hands dangerously close to my rear. His eyes relinquished all traces of subtlety too, for he just straight up stared at my chest, ass, and thighs whenever we met.

I complained about it to my grandpa constantly over the years, but the only advice he gave was to indulge Todd. Outrageous as this sounded, it actually worked. After I gave in a little, he stopped trying so hard to get my attention and gave me some peace, finally being satisfied. I still hid whenever he came by out of fear for his disgusting butcher’s son hugs though. Even his fingers were like sausages!

Satisfied with sorting out the laundry, I sat down on both knees and bent over in order to start loading the laundry machine.

I was totally deep in thought as I worked.

Todd always gave me the shivers. He was such a creep and I never let him catch me showing a lot of skin. As much as the brat dreamt, I swore I’d never let him see me naked.

Suddenly, I felt a hand hold me by my hair and another slip past the rear waistband of my pajama pants while I was on all fours loading laundry.


I immediately flinched and tried to turn my head to see who this groping bastard was but to no avail due to the hand on my hair holding me still. Who the fuck had their hands down my… ohhhhhhh-

“Good morning Kate! Since you did so well on your last personal hygiene inspection, I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt that you were keeping yourself neat down here. I realized I haven’t checked in a while, so don’t mind me while I do so now..”

I could feel a hand slide down past my bottom and underneath me while I was bent over half inside the front load washing machine. I knew I had to be a good girl and stay still, but I couldn’t help but squirm when I felt a pair of fingers rub my panties where my.. my pussy was.

“Hmm, you’re quite warm here today Kate! Why are you dressed in long pj bottoms and a baggy t-shirt on a day like this? It’s nearly 35 degrees out!”

Dammit, why is he still rubbing me over my panties like that? Fuck, hes driving me insane. I was hoping he’d just get this done quicker before my brothers might come in and see this!

All of a sudden, I felt my panties being pulled aside to reveal my moistening pussy when I came to a nightmare realization that was too late.

“God dammit Kate, I trusted that you’d be responsible about this type of thing. Look at this, I can feel uneven hair and stubble all over your vagina!”

I groaned. I had planned to take a shower and shave but I hadn’t got the chance because my brothers were always at home when I wanted to go. I was still hesitant and reeling from the humiliation to be around them – especially if they knew I’d be taking a shower naked with them in the house. As a result, I had to let my pubic hair be until I had an opportunity to shave.

His fingers ran between my lips and up to my mons and down. Spreading them open and gripping my pussy tightly with his hand in the frustration and disappointment he expressed.

“Ow! Grandpa, I’m sorry, okay! I promise I’ll shave right now and you can check it afterwards but please stop hurting me like this,” I whined as I fought against his left hand holding me in place by my hair and his right hand on my pussy.

“No, you don’t get a chance this first time I caught you. I told you that there would be consequences if you didn’t shave down here and I’m going to prove to you that I’m serious about it so you know for the future. I want you to go downstairs to the family den and strip off everything except your panties and brassiere.”

I grimaced and gave a short angry whine but when I saw the no-nonsense glare grandpa gave me, I sighed and walked past him to the stairs.

Thank goodness. I knew I was about to be punished and spanked but I felt grateful because:
1) Atleast my punishment would be in private as my brothers were out with their friends and since they left earlier this morning, I didn’t expect them to be back for a while.
2) The downstairs living room had no windows and was pretty secluded from the rest of the house. A person would need to be purposely going there in order to catch me being punished.

Once I arrived at the den, I compliantly pulled down my pajama pants and stepped out of them – now clad in only purple panties and a baggy black t-shirt that was long enough to be a nightgown. Before I took my top off however, I stopped undressing when my grandpa followed shortly down.

“Grandpa, I’ll do what you ask but why do I need to take off my t-shirt? If you’re going to spank me, you only need my bottom uncovered!”

Grandpa looked at me curiously, less angry and more disappointed now, but he smirked during his explanation,

“Well first of all, it’s almost 35 degrees outside and scorching. I don’t want you to dress like this on a hot day because I’m worried you’ll get heat stroke.”

I was stumped. Here he was, about to spank me and he was still caring about my health and well being. To be fair, I knew I had become very sweaty and the punishment would only be with grandpa present.

My fingers wrapped around the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it off my body, revealing a purple bra – the other part of my matching underwear set. It was an older pair and quite tight on me but we were alone so I wasn’t panicking. However, I still felt self conscious now that I was half naked in front of him. I covered up my body a little bit with my arms.

“Wait Kate, you thought I was going to spank you? That’s not why I brought you down here.”

I was suddenly confused. Why else ask me to undress and come down to a private area with a coffee table at perfect spanking height…

My face went pale when I realised what was going on when I noticed the black pencil case sized bag in his right hand. It was my shaving kit.

“Grandpa, what are you doing with my shaving kit? Please don’t tell me you’re going to do what I think you’re going to do. I can just do it myself, just please, please let it not happen right here. Ryan, Mitch, and their friends are outside! What if they came in and saw this, it’d be totally impolite and immodest!”

I knew grandpa was always about saving face and maintaining a good image for himself in his community. Hopefully this little comment would change his mind.

Grandpa fell silent for a minute before he exploded in an authoritative and firm tone,

“Okay Kate, let me indulge you. This is MY house and they are MY guests if they come, and making sure you are kept healthy and proper is MY business. Now if you want to do this quickly, keep your bra and take off your panties and lay on the coffee table legs spread.

This is part of your punishment because I already know how mortified you get when you’re caught indecently. If you don’t shave your womanly regions, I will do it myself and in whatever space for all I care. This is what will happen every time you fail to shave so we better get this done quickly if you don’t want to stay like this for long enough that they do see.”

I realized I had no choice or options out of this. Unable to look him in the eyes I turned around, hooking my fingers around my panties and tugged them down revealing my curvy hips and ample bottom. Revealed also was my poorly maintained pussy which was covered in a small carpet of hair.

It was also then I realized that I hadn’t shaved my bottom either! Since I was going to be lying down on my back during the shaving, my rear hole would be slightly hidden by my butt cheeks. I decided to stay silent, hoping he wouldn’t notice as I moved over to the coffee table and laid down in just my bra with my legs tightly together to protect as much of my modesty before it all started. I closed my eyes and hoped that this would go quickly.

Opening the shaving kit and moving over to kneel at the end of the coffee table, grandpa now sat in front of my closed legs and pulled me closer to the edge. Then, using his hands he grabbed onto my calves and pulled my legs open to either side in order to spread myself to him. I held my breath.


It was absolutely scorching today. Even when dressing minimally, drinking lots of water, and hiking under shaded trees, the group of five young boys were starting to waver.

“Holy hell is it hot today, isn’t it Ryan? I think we all should start heading back now before we all pass out.” groaned Mitch, who wiped sweat off his forehead using the bottom of his t-shirt.

Ryan glanced over at his brother exhausted, “Oh good idea, I can’t wait to get out of this sun. What about you guys, agreed?”

The other three nodded, it was clear that the group wouldn’t get any further today. Todd especially was suffering, being the boy furthest behind from the rest. A cacophony of wheezing and dry coughs continuously ran through the entire procession as they made their way back to the patio at grandpa’s house.


I laid in agony and humiliation on the coffee table. While grandpa was quite gentle with his shaving, he was definitely very thorough. My face was burning with humiliation at what was happening. I had already become soaking wet down there because of the situation and all the touching grandpa did.

It was almost like grandpa was purposely teasing me, making touches while shaving that seemed innocent – yet made me ache and yearn with pleasure. The soft touches on my sensitive and aroused pussy were driving me to the edge and I had to stop myself from grinding for more pressure.

I was on my back, my legs held up and spread by my hands holding the backs of my knees, a position that seemed to raise my pussy and bottom upwards. I knew I wasn’t allowed to move or else I’d get an earful but this was getting torturous. I couldn’t count how many times my clit was brushed against and I knew that my accumulated moisture had not gone unnoticed.

I bit my lip to stop myself from making any sounds as I felt his fingers circle my throbbing clitoris once again. I was about to cum if he kept shaving me like this.


When the group had finally arrived, all the boys immediately plopped down on the deck furniture. It was a long march back off of the forested mountain side and everyone was very dehydrated.

Todd, in the worst condition of all the boys, sat up begrudgingly.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna go grab a soda. Do any of you want one?”

Four hands were raised in unison as Todd nodded and began to make his way inside the home he had visited many times.

Since the brothers’ grandpa usually had a lot of visitors with children, the house had a second separate fridge for sodas and ice cream in the downstairs-basement kitchen.

“Hmm, I wonder where Kate has been this entire summer vacation. I haven’t seen her yet for some reason but I can’t wait to surprise her with a visit. More so, I can’t wait to press myself into her giant tits again when I give her one of my hugs! It’s unfair how sexy she is for a highschool senior.” Todd mused.

Opening the fridge and bending down on his chubby legs, Todd began to gather sodas in his arms. He closed the fridge door with his foot and was starting his trek back up to the patio when he stopped.

Todd was confused. It was almost like he heard the sound of a whimper or moan in pain. Deciding to investigate, he followed the faint noises towards the downstairs den which was down the hall from where the fridge was. Sneaking forward and trying to reduce the amount of sound his overly large frame made on the creaking floorboards, he peered around the corner.

Todd’s eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets.

There, laying on the coffee table was unmistakably the girl he had fallen in love with and lusted for. Except for one key detail.

She was nearly naked.

He could barely contain himself at the sight.

She was on her back with her knees held by her hands, effectively holding her entire rear up and spreading herself. All she had to hide her dignity was a purple bra that looked way too small to contain her heaving chest. Todd was mesmerized by the rising and lowering motion of the beautiful girl’s chest as she breathed heavily. Her face was pointed towards the ceiling and her eyes were closed, her expression almost seemed like she was in pain.

Looking further downwards, Todd saw her bare slender tummy, her curvy hips, and nearly fainted at the sight between her soft plump thighs. It was the first pussy he had ever seen on a female. Heck, this was the first time he had ever seen a real life female so undressed. Not only that, but the female in front of him was definitely Kate!

The brothers’ grandpa was sitting at the edge of the coffee table and in between Kate’s legs. Todd felt his knees go weak when he realised what was going on. He was already fully erect when he quickly turned around and snuck up the stairs to the patio.


The boys, startled by the sudden appearance and outburst of their friend, were in shock.

All of them yelled in unison.


“Agghhhhh fuck…” I whispered softly, careful not to let grandpa hear my cursing.

I had already cum under his hands once and he was already strumming me again to another climax. Please just finish the job quickly, this position is so embarrassing and I just want to close my legs again. I can’t take any more of this!

Grandpa was only halfway through the shaving, when suddenly there was a thunderstorm of foot stomps behind him and then audible gasps.

I immediately flinched and sat up, staring into the eyes of five boys with two of my brothers’ included.

WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING HERE?! They’re supposed to be out hiking, oh my god, I’m basically naked in front of them!

There was absolute silence for nearly a minute while the events unfolded. Grandpa was surprised to see the boys there but definitely not as mortified as Kate was right now. While Kate’s eyes were open and staring at her intruders’ eyes, the eyes of the five boys were elsewhere.

Fuck, they can see nearly everything! My face got even redder when I realised Todd of all people was one of them! Oh please nooo, it was the last thing I wanted!

I immediately closed my legs and brought them to my chest, covering myself the best I could in a sitting fetal position.

It was true. Each boy was entranced at the sight of Kate’s half naked body, eyes roaming and leering all over her bra encased chest pressed behind her shaven legs, her thighs, her hips, and Todd even bent forward to try to get a look between the poor girl’s closed legs. They were stunned to see the girl they grew up with during the many summers so exposed and humiliated.

James, the youngest, quietest, and most timid of the bunch, surprisingly broke the silence.

“Mr. Deviere, what are you doing? Why is Kate undressed and practically naked?”

Grandpa smiled, “Hi all of you. I was just helping Kate maintain her personal hygiene. I keep telling her to keep her parts shaved and clean but this time she forgot. So I have to do it for her.”

The boys’ eyes were still bulging at the sight just when Todd stepped forward and spoke next.

“Oh, can we help? We always like volunteering to help people, and we’re friends with Kate so good friends should help other friends. Besides, we’re all learning sex ed and human biology in school anyways so this would be a good lesson for us!”

I couldn’t believe what Todd was saying. I had to do something.

“Grandpa, please. Do they have to be here for this? You don’t even need to go into that much detail for sex ed! It’s inappropriate and unnecessary. Them seeing me like this is punishment enough,” I pleaded.

Grandpa paused. He looked at me, then at the boys, then back at my nearly naked body.

“Of course, I’d love to make this a teaching moment for you all!”

“Grandpa, noooo plea-”

I flinched as I felt a hard slap on my rear, stopping my outburst short.

“Kate, before you said that you were worried about being impolite and immodest for being caught naked in front of these young men. In my opinion they don’t seem too offended. However, it is impolite and immodest to refuse a very reasonable request from a house guest. You wanted to be considerate of guests before, so giving them an educational lesson that they asked and had a good opportunity for is the right thing to do.

Kate, get back into the position I told you to be in or there will be further consequences on top of shaving you infront of these young men. Boys, please take places around the coffee table.”

I knew I had lost. This was the worst thing that had happened yet. Not only would I be so exposed in front of my brothers, but also three of their friends including Todd! He never once kept his eyes off of my body and I could tell the pervert was trying to look in between my legs! I bit my lip in frustration, laying down again on my back but keeping my legs closed for as long as I could.

“Dammit Kate, you really don’t know how to follow instructions do you?” he sighed.

The boys moved forward, surrounding the coffee table. I couldn’t bear to look any of them in the eye.

“Mr. Deviere, can we touch and help out?” Todd pipped.

Grandpa curiously looked at Todd, carefully considering whether it was necessary before giving the boys a firm nod.

Suddenly, hands were all over me and I squirmed. Ryan and Mitch were the first to act, emboldened by previous events, they were on either side of me and grabbed onto each of my legs to spread me wide for the entire group. This swiftness took me by surprise as I tried to fight against it to close my legs and hide my unshaven pussy from all their eyes.

The red haired boy at the head of the table, Jacob, held my arms and my wrists together above my head which prevented me from covering myself. They could now get a full view of my bra and chest! Fuck, why did I have to choose such a tight fitting pair of panties today!

The worst was with Todd and James who were sitting on either side of grandpa and had a perfect gynecologist’s view of my pussy. Grandpa had ordered them to use their fingers to keep my inner thighs, my vagina, and my bottom cheeks open. I was beyond mortified at this point as I felt Todd’s disgusting fat fingers rub over my most intimate place before spreading it roughly. I let out a soft whimper at his aggressiveness. James’ touch was quite a bit more gentle and almost gingerly. I was hoping to heaven that none of them knew what it meant when a girl was wet down there but it was useless. Almost all the boys could tell I was soaking and dripping wet and they knew why. I couldn’t do anything about it, this all was so frustrating and humiliating.

In this new position, all their eyes explored my body from my breasts behind my bra – begging to pop out of their tight clasp – to how naked I was from the waist down and especially at my most private place. They could see a decent amount of stubble that was so crudely brought to show to the group of young men whom I was supposed to be above and respected by. I was older than all of them but here I was, being exposed against my will.

I was already so aroused, swollen, and sensitive down there as the boys were given a humiliating private show while the shaving began once more.


Todd was ecstatic.

“Oh my god, I’m actually touching Kate’s vagina! I can see every little detail! She’s so soft and slick down here and I couldn’t help but grin when I teasingly rubbed her opening. Her hips bucked up for me!

Her tits are way bigger than I ever thought they would be and her body is so pale and sexy! I’ve always fantasized about seeing her like this and I can touch and see her all I want! I can’t believe I’m living the dream right now.” Todd thought excitedly.

The same could be said for the rest of the boys who spouted erections in each of their shorts.


I was speechless. All I could do during this moment was try to control my quickening breaths. Due to all of the new and unwanted sensation, my breathing had become heavier and I knew some of the boys were focused on the erratic up and down motion of my heaving chest.

Grandpa’s fingers moved deftly with the razor, shaving one area and ordering either Todd or James to hold me open in a certain way when he moved to another area.

James was silent during this entire time, eyes just completely wrecked over the half naked girl in front of him. He had never seen a female like this before and he had so many questions!

“Why are my hands getting wet and what keeps coming out of Kate’s va… vag.. vagina? Is she peeing on me?!” James pondered.

James hesitated for a moment before deciding to ask out of curiosity.

“Excuse me, Mr. Deviere? Why is Kate all wet down here? Is she peeing?” James questioned curiously.

Grandpa stopped his work for a second as he gave a quick thoughtful glance at James.

“Well, every person has erogenous zones, zones that cause them to be aroused and feel good. A female’s zones include her ears, neck, nipples, breasts, thighs, and her vagina, especially this small bud right here called the clitoris.”

He touched my clit with some firm pressure, rubbing once counterclockwise which made me buck and close my legs suddenly causing Ryan and Mitch to lose their grip. It was only a matter of time when the two brothers pulled my legs apart again but tighter this time.

“As a result of touch, she becomes aroused and her vagina lubricates itself in order to prepare for intercourse. Touching her in these places makes her feel good and by judging the amount of moisture, this is a sign Kate is aroused and likes the attention.”

James was ecstatic. Innocently, he exclaimed ,”Yippee! I’m making Kate happy because she likes how I’m helping her! I love helping out others and making them feel good, Mr. Deviere!”

Grandpa gave him an encouraging smile before pausing to think about a new idea that popped in his head.

“Yes James, very good. Actually now I’ve noticed it, another physical reaction in addition to lubrication when a female gets aroused is that her vagina gets swollen and opens up a little. In fact, this will be particularly helpful as it’ll make it easier to shave her.

This is where I need all of you young mens’ help. I want you all to touch and try to get Kate to be as aroused as she possibly can. Rub, pinch, pull, tease, touch – especially at her erogenous zones – anything you want to do which will be a great help while I try to finish up the shaving.”

Hearing this new development, I immediately fought against the hands holding me in place struggling against the restraints as I tried my best to hunch up and cover my almost naked body. I was so humiliated being seen completely exposed like this by this group of boys who should never have seen me like this. I was four or more years older than all of them but here I was being held down on the table in only my bra to all these middle schoolers.

Suddenly, grandpa stood up and walked to the end of the coffee table where Jacob was holding my arms above my head and reached behind my back to unclasp my bra.

“Please grandpa, they’ve already seen and touched my vagina and bottom, please don’t let them explore my breasts too! This has gone too far, cover me up please.”

Holding onto one of the straps, he carelessly tossed the bra aside to reveal my bare chest.

I was now completely naked in front of all these boys.

All the boys gasped and were just staring at my size 36D chest in shock. They could see every part of me now including my quarter sized areolas, my rigid nipples from the sudden cold, and how large my breasts were on my slim frame. I was red with embarrassment knowing there were all these young eyes staring at my naked tits and pussy, boys too young to see a naked girl this soon.

I could tell all of them were hard and were just waiting for the fun to start.

Todd was the first to act. He used his left chubby hand to rub against my pussy, inserting his fingers between my lips while his right hand cupped my plump left breast, his thumb toying with the little bud in the center. All I could do was bite my lip and stop myself from moaning out loud.

The rest of the boys around me boldly followed suit to Todd’s example. Jacob at the head of the table, held my arms up with one hand while his other pinched, groped, fondled, and tugged at my other breast and nipple. It hurt but I couldn’t help but squirm even more at the sensation it sent to my pussy. I knew my nipples were one of my most sensitive spots and this made me ache even more.

Both of my twin brothers still held my legs wide and tightly, but decided to go different directions.

Mitch moved my hair that was slightly covering my chest and decided to go straight to share a feeling of one of my breasts with Todd. He grinned at how much harder my nipples had become, cupping around the entire breast, jiggling it slightly and feeling its heft.

Ryan, on the other hand, holding one of my legs even wider, decided to venture south and rub his fingers in my juices before inserting two digits inside me. During the last inspection, both twins had got a feel of what outside my pussy felt like behind some handkerchiefs and Ryan was excited to see what his fingers would do inside a vagina for the first time. He laughed out loud, feeling my immense warmth and softness. My breathing got immediately heavier as I felt his fingers curl up to my g-spot which I’m not even sure he knew about. I started to grind and buck my hips involuntarily in sync with the “up and down” motion of his fingers. I was so close to cumming and as much as it would be humiliating, I had been teased for ages and my pussy was aching in desperation since my last orgasm during the shaving by grandpa.

James, still timid about the whole ordeal, simply just used his pointer finger to rub my clit in a clockwise manner continuously in rhythm.

Grandpa held onto my thigh tightly, still shaving the rest of the hair on my intimate areas. He urged the group on as my overheated and soaking wet pussy opened up and spasmed even more, allowing him to get the buzzing trimmer into the folds.

All throughout this were boys “helping” by rubbing, tugging, pinching, fondling, and groping every part of my body. I felt hands roam over my tummy, my breasts, my navel, in between and underneath my breasts and thighs. I had hands toying with me everywhere. I could feel Todd pulling apart my pussy lips to look inside while Ryan continued to do that infuriating curling motion with his fingers.

Kate was so wet that Todd kept losing his grip on Kate’s slippery labia, having to push his fingers even deeper to keep her spread open.

I was even more shocked when Todd bent down and began to lick at one of my nipples, taking it into his mouth as I felt his disgusting tongue swirl over it. I shivered in a squirming frenzy, overcome by all the hands and sensation.

Oh my god, this is so intense. I can’t help but be taken advantage of by these boys who’ve probably never seen and touched a naked female before! Here I am being touched in ways I can’t control and I couldn’t help but blush even redder when I realised I was only getting wetter and wetter. I was about to cum without being able to help it for the third time that day.

The boys couldn’t help but notice the wet and squishy sound of the fluids that were pouring out of Kate’s pussy, and Todd knew she was nearly there. Kate was so overwhelmed by sensations and pleasure that all she could do was bite her lip harder in order to do anything except whimper and let out any sounds that would give them their satisfaction.

When the climax finally hit, it hit like a truck. Kate lifted her rear upwards, voluntarily spreading her legs even wider. She pushed her pussy towards the buzzing of the trimmer and exploring hands as she let out a sharp whimper past her closed lips.

Kate was cumming, and she was cumming hard. Everyone around her watched excitedly, hearing her stop holding back her sounds. They all went even quicker and heavier with their touches all over her body. She had been overwhelmed by feelings for so long that she had to stop biting her lip and made all the needy girlie noises that she wanted so badly to hide from the boys who already saw and did so much they shouldn’t have.

Entranced, the boys were totally into it at this point. They kept going, turning this girl whom many of them fantasized about in their dreams into a mess of fluids, moans, and shivers.

It was moments before the recent orgasm was over that the fourth began to build up. Kate was already so sensitive from her recent orgasm that she was trembling at the continued touching of her erogenous zones.

As Kate began to feel her fourth climax beginning to erupt in front of everyone, she started to try to close her legs – fighting against Ryan and Mitch who were holding her legs open. It was clear she was so overstimulated and sensitive that as good as it all felt, she couldn’t take it anymore.

But it was useless. Both boys on her legs held firm against the pulling motion she made and after a while, Kate was exhausted. She let out a frustrated whimper at being unable to close her legs together and held her breath as she was made to cum again.

Even though it all ended after several minutes, Kate had climaxed atleast five times total.

It was all over when grandpa suddenly turned off the razor, cleaning his hands and the device with a handkerchief, “okay, you guys can stop now. I’ve just finished off with the shav-”

Todd spoke up, politely interrupting before grandpa had a chance to put away the razor.

“Excuse me, Mr. Deviere? There’s some leftover hair between her bottom. See?”

His chubby hands gripped onto Kate’s butt cheeks and spread them to reveal to the group his findings.

Grandpa bent over to see more closely.

“Ah yes, well look at that. Good work Todd, it looks like this misbehaving young woman has neglected to shave her anus as well.

Kate, please turn over on your front and bend over on your hands and knees for me. You all can help her do this too lads, it looks like she’s dizzy from all the orgasms we helped her achieve during the shaving.”

Indeed this was the truth. Kate was an absolute mess and could barely understand what was going on, focusing more on trying to steady her out of control breaths. She let them turn over her body in a bent position on all fours with her head and chest curved down and her ass pointed upwards.

The boys all guffawed at this new position, openly commenting on how her pussy and ass looked from the rear. Jacob quickly slipped his hands past Kate’s head and fondled her breasts which had dropped down and were slightly swaying due to gravity.

Once the shaving was done, the boys loosened their grip on Kate who was allowed to return to her room naked but not without effort – her legs had basically become jello. Unable to walk back, she resorted to crawling on all fours in defeat with the group of boys satisfyingly leering at the sight of her now totally shaved ass and bare pussy moving away from them.

Closing the door, she hopped onto her bed and instantly fell asleep in her unclothed state. Kate was too exhausted to process the events and amount of humiliation she just experienced.


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