My teacher gave me a gift..

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This is the story about how in the last year of high school, my teacher took an interest into me.

In my last year of high school, just after I had taken my GCSE’s, my teacher was marking all the tests and I had the best results above everyone else. She told me that I did well, but said I had to wait to see how well. I actually over 90% in most of them except science which I got 75%. Still good though. My teacher couldn’t wait to see my reaction when I found out, and I couldn’t blame her. My face lit like a candle from excitement andI screamed.

One annoying thing about it was that morning I forgot to do up my zip on my pants, and everyone could clearly see my underwear, and I had a boner. I thought my teacher was really good looking, and because her tits were so big they just made me so horny. Every night I would fantasied about sticking my dick in between her tits, but I knew it wouldn’t happen.

A few days after the day that I left my pant zip undone, I saw my teacher looking at me in a sort of way a drunk girl would at a house party. I walked to her and asked her what was wrong. She looked back and replied “nothing, I’m fine, thank you for asking.” So I walked away. I looked back at her, and she looked back at me and smiled. She was so hot.

At this point I was really horny everyone I walked into the classroom with her, and she was the only reason I liked school. I caught her looking at me in the same way as last time, so I asked if she was sure she was okay. This time, she didn’t say she was fine. This time she waited for the other students to leave and she stood up. Her boobs bounced below her head, and I tried my best not to stare. She shut the door and pulled down a blind that I didn’t even now she had. She realised that I was trying not to stare at her boobs, and she said, it’s okay, you can look. I was really confused now, and this had never happened before to me. I was confused but also slightly excited. She sat on the desk and told me to sit next to her. She said to me “since the day that you were celebrating about your exam results and we all saw your boner, I have been wondering the size, the taste and all other questions, but I know if I interfere with a students life I will get fired.” I looked at her in shock, then came up with an idea. “Well, I can tell my mum that I’m going to hang out with some friends from school, and if you tell me where you live, I will come over.” I replied. My teacher was really excited, and Iw as again shocked that she wanted this to happen. “Great idea!” She exclaimed and she wrote down her address instantly.

The weekend came, and I asked my mum if I could stay at a friends house. She trusted me a lot, so knew I wouldn’t go anywhere except where I said that I would go. This was an advantage because she never really said no if I wanted to stay at someone’s house. She allowed me, and I packed all my stuff and went. I knew that I was going to my teachers house so wouldn’t really need any of it, but still took it anyway so I could change while I was there. I got there, and my teacher got really excited. She started jumping around and her tits bounced with her. She was so hot, and I couldn’t wait. I couldn’t blame her for being excited, as I was too.

My teacher showed me to her bedroom. I said to her “miss Smith (that was her teaching name), would you prefer me to call you miss smith or by your first name?” She told me to call her Madison, as that was her first name. She sat on the bed, told me to sit next to her and she looked at me, in the eyes, then on the lips, then in the eyes and kept going back and forth. I was doing the same, and we both wanted to kiss. She grabbed my chin, closed her eyes and tilted her head. I did the same and our lips touched. I loved this moment. Her lips were so soft, and I wanted to do more. We kissed for about 3 seconds before our tongues met. We kissed with tongue for about 10 seconds and she looked at me in a look of naughtiness. This was my new favourite look that she did. I had a massive boner and it was around 8 inches. For someone my age I thought that it was pretty big. She put her hand on my jeans and touched my penis on the outside. I was really horny, and just stared at her tits. She pulled down her shirt and bra. and told me to suck her tit. I was so happy that she said this, and as I sucked her nipple, she undid my zipper but this time instead of looking at my boner, she pulled down my underwear and she started stroking my penis. This felt so good, and I was so happy. I couldn’t wait for the next step. Eventually, she pushed me onto the bed and lay me down, and continued to kiss me after I finished sucking her nipple. She worked her way down my body and kissed me from my lips to my penis. She licked the side of my penis, and she took the tip into her mouth. She slowly worked her way down my penis and sucked the part just under my tip and my tip for a couple minutes.

Eventually she was sucking me like a pro, and she deepthroated my 8 maybe 9 inch cock. I let her suck my penis, but as she did, I began to turn around. This made her stop and asked what I was doing. I told her “I’m flipping myself around so that as you sick my penis I can lick your pussy. Like the 69 position. She allowed me to do this, and we did 69 for 5 minutes. She cummed a couple times and I drank it all. It tasted so good. She wanted to change position, so I just let her do the work. She climbed on top of me and she put my penis inside her pussy. I was so excited so I helped her get it in. Then she bounced on it and I pushed it in. I was about to cum, but I forgot to tell her. After I had already cummed a couple times I realised that I did it in her. She got shocked and jumped off me. She then started getting worried on whether she would get pregnant or not. I tried to reassure her that she wouldn’t but there was a low chance that she wouldn’t. We both hoped that she wouldn’t. I got dressed and she asked what i was doing. I told her I was getting dressed and going home but she asked me not to because she didn’t want to be alone through the night. I got undressed again and we slept together through the night. She fell asleep while sucking my dick, and so I woke her up and told her that she did. She apologised and continued to suck my penis. I told her to stop and that i wanted her to come up and put her head on the pillow. That way I could put my penis inside her and we could fall asleep kissing. This was the best night ever.

If this story gets good reviews I will post part 2

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  • Reply Itz anit baker ID:rz5vjd9a

    Good post part two

  • Reply Bill w ID:30rxnvr8rb

    Do you have any pics of your slurry teacher? How old is she

    • Creator ID:1a5t7uyzfia

      Unfortunately I don’t have any pics but she is 30

  • Reply Bruh Nick ID:5xrlmj9d2

    Bruh nice story, can’t wait till part 2

    • Creator ID:1a5t7uyzfia

      Sorry it took 2 months, but part 2 is out now

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5op20i

    what HAPPEND after you both fell asleep? text me at (347)949-2811 are you both having more fun?

    • The creator of the story ID:1a5t7uyg6ic

      I’m making part 2 soon so you’ll find out then 🙂