Update! (I got some thongs)

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Because of my last story a lot of people said I should wear thongs… (my brother raped me)

I thought that it was a terrible idea, bit then I started looking at them and if I could attract a man that could be my boyfriend he pulled defend me!

Unfortunately none of the stores sells thongs in my area :/ so I went online and they have nothing in my size :,)

you see my boobs aren’t that impressive, however I have a pretty nice ass, so I went to a site that finally had the right stuff for me.

I bought a thin red thong with a lace bra, and I bought a black bra and panties, but they have zips on the front :3

As I was trying them on I… may have gotten a little frisky… so I started touching myself… and guess who BURSED through the door. Nope not my brother. MY DAD. ugh I was so embarrassed. Not only did he see my thongs, he caught me legs spread fingers deep inside me. I was a little scared he was going to rape me on the spot but he kinda just… stared… then he left..

So now he knows about my thongs, idk what I should do or if I should confront him… and I’m still worried about my brother raping me in my sleep… but we will see what happens!

I’ll keep you guys updated

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  • Reply Jeff ID:3zxjrencm9a

    I would love to talk to you how could I make that possible

  • Reply Hard cock ID:3zxjq00km9d

    Have you been raped again? You should let your dad walk in on you again and keep fingering yourself while he is staring

  • Reply Daddy Richard ID:1g69ienr6ia

    Such a good little girl anni always keep your sweet little kiddie cunt hairless and wear thongs every day I’m sure you will find a man with a huge cock to be your boyfriend and fuck your sweet little kiddie cunt all day everyday

  • Reply Tacoo ID:c0l3vtv4

    What episode of dr stone you on? Lol

  • Reply Anonymous ID:rz5vjd9j


  • Reply Daddy Richard ID:1g69ienr6ia

    Such a good girl all girls should wear thongs wear them all day every day don’t wear any other panties how did they feel on your aas and kiddie cunt baby is your kiddie cunt still hairless if not shave it keep it bald

    • Anni ID:ndpovj4qrj

      It.. has some hair… but just shave now :3

  • Reply Luffa ID:5erroou98

    You wanna talk anni?

  • Reply Kinkysissy ID:2m7y32exia

    Show us your self some pictures

  • Reply Castiel Novak ID:145e852um9b

    Tell your dad and the cops