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Raped by my best friend

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I was raped by my best friend, he violated my trust and my body.

I was out in town with my best friend for the day, after doing a bit of shopping and just wondering around, we went to McDonald’s for something to eat, while we were sitting at the table eating, I noticed he kept one hand down the front of his slack jogging pants, just an observation.

Later, on the bus ride home, I saw him doing it again, sitting casually on the seat next to me, his knees apart with one hand down the front of his pants.

When we got back to my house we were in my bedroom, I was trying on some of the clothes I’d bought and he was playing games or chatting on his phone, sitting on my bean bag underneath the window.

As I took off my jeans I looked up at the mirror in front of me and saw Keenan staring at me, he wasn’t looking at me though, his eyes were pointed at the back of my panties, he staring at my butt, “You alright?” I asked, he shook his head like he just came out of a daydream, “What – yeah.” He replied.

I didn’t think it was weird or anything, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, we’ve been the best of friends since we were 4 years old, we’re both 13 now, well, Keenan will be 13 in a few months’ time, and I get changed in front of him all the time.

As I slipped on a skater skirt I’d bought, I saw him rub his hand across his mouth and down his chin, then he quickly stood up and stared out of the window, I turned around, “What do you think?” I asked, wanting his opinion on how my new skirt looked.

He turned around and gave me a quick glance, “Yeah, its nice.” He said, then he began to pace around.

“What’s up, Keenan?” I asked, he was acting very odd.

“Nowt, why?” he replied.

“You just look – twitchy and uncomfortable. Have I done something wrong?” I asked.

“No.” he replied, with a quick smile before turning around and staring out of the window again.

“Okay.” I said, then I turned around and took off my skirt, as I stood there in my panties, I lifted off my t-shirt to try on my new tops, just as I finished removing my t-shirt, Keenan grabbed me from behind, wrapping his arms around my waist, I giggled, “Keenan, what are you doing?” I asked, thinking he was just messing about as usual.

Then one of his hands rose up and he grabbed my breast, “Keenan!” I shouted, his other hand went down and he pushed it between my legs, touching my pussy over the fabric of my panties, “Keenan!” I shouted.

He spun me around and forced a kiss on me, I tried to push him away but his arms were gripped around me, he was grabbing my butt, “Stop it. You’re scaring me.” I said.

We struggled and somehow tripped and fell on to bean bag, he had his upper-body weight on top of mine, I couldn’t move, “Get off.” I shouted, as I was pinned down, I felt panties being pulled down my legs, “Oh my God. Keenan. Don’t do this!” I cried, I knew what he was doing, I knew what was going to happen, I knew I was about to be raped.

He rubbed his fingers all over my pussy and then I screamed out in pain as he penetrated me with his finger, he sat up and placed his other hand on my neck, pinning me down and choking me, then he pulled his finger out of my pussy and stuck his finger in to his mouth and licked it.

“You’re pussy taste good.” He said.

“Please – “ I cried, tears running down my face and struggling to breath, “ – Stop! – Please.” I begged.

With his hand still around my neck, he tore off my bra with his other hand, then he pushed himself between my legs, pulled his pants down just enough to get his cock out, and he pressed it to my crack, “This is going to be great.” He said.

I felt his hard cock push in to my crack, my flaps spread open, my hole stretched and then I felt the girth and length of his cock slide in to my hole and he was inside me.

He took his hand off my neck, my entire body went numb as soon as he penetrated me, I fell silent and my mind drifted away, I felt nothing as he lay on top of me, fucking my pussy like a wild animal.

I couldn’t believe it was real, he was my best friend, the one person in the world I thought I could trust, I never for a minute thought he’d ever do anything like this to me.

My mind came back in sync with my body and I began to cry out in pain as he rammed his cock in my pussy again and again, I was even more confused when I felt the occasional feeling of pleasure, one second I was heartbroken and in agonising pain, the next, I felt nothing but pleasure.

“Oh-Ung – Ungh – Keenan stop – please.” I moaned.

His cock was stretching out my virgin pussy, his balls were banging against my ass, he was squeezing my breast very hard and his heavy breathing was warming my neck as he breathed out and moaned.

“Oh I’m cumming, Milly.” He moaned.

I was even more scared at that moment, “Nooo! – Please – Don’t!” I cried.

He fucked me harder, I had an orgasm, I tried to hold it back, I didn’t to feel pleasure from what he was doing to me, but I couldn’t help it, I howled with orgasm.

Seconds later is when I felt his cock swelling up inside of me, followed by the warming sensation of his spunk as he shot his load and flooding my insides.

When he relaxed after finishing his violation of my body, I managed to push him off of me, pushing my hands firmly in to his chest, then I kicked him in the stomach and ran to my bed, wrapping myself up in my thick blanket.

“Get out.” I said.

He sniggered, “Calm down. It was only a bit of fun.” He said.

Was he serious, a bit of fun, he just raped me, forced himself on me, violated not just my body but also our friendship and trust, and he thinks it was just a bit of fun.

“Fucking get out!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I couldn’t believe he’d done that to me, TO ME! – for some reason I never told anyone what happened, what he’d done, I still felt love for him, he was my best friend.

After a few weeks of endless crying, trying to come to terms with it in my head and ignoring hundreds of his calls and messages, I finally decided to talk to him.

Once I’d spoke to him and found out why he did it, I realised it was partly my own fault.

I should have realised that we had gotten older and our bodies, emotions and needs were changing, he told me that seeing me getting undressed, and walking around in my underwear made him have sexual thoughts, he tried to ignore them for a long time, but the day he raped me he just snapped and couldn’t stop himself.

He was genuinely sorry for what he’d done, I knew him well enough to know that, we cried in each other’s arms and I forgave him, but the trust and friendship, that was gone, he would need to work so hard to earn it back.

He also has to step up, because I’m pregnant with his child and I wasn’t going to raise it by myself.

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