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G-rated movie… final chapter

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From an innocent straight boy to a Sissyboi in just a week

I’m in my pink panties sucking on my new daddy’s cock bobbing my head my sweet ass in time while he’s parked at a truck stop showing me off as his cocksucking cumloving pretty boy. After he cums on my face and most of my naked body daddy pulls me out puts a dog collar and leash and starts walking me around in the parking lot.

“ Are U excited Billie..damn U look so slutty covered in my cum I’m gonna show everyone here that you’re my little pretty cock slut and I’m going to film you as I whore you out to all these truckers while you get to suck cocks all night long your pussy lips are going to be a girls cunt for a night seeding your belly like the girl you want to be.. my queer Faggotboi my sissy my bitch”

“ Oooh god oooh daddy yes please I’ll be anything you want me to be fuck oooh yes i wanna suck all these guys I want cum all over me in my belly I’ll do anything for you I love your cock hypnotized by it I wannabe your little girl your sissyboi “

Im being led in my panties cum covered on a leash cruising by the parking lot wiggling my ass licking my lips flirting showing off sticking my fingers in and out my mouth letting everyone know I’m daddy’s cocksucker.
It’s so fucking exciting scary dangerous probably illegal cuz I’m just 15 god I love this sooo much I can feel myself cummming I’m so excited.

After walking around daddy stops by the woods takes his clothes off.
“ Now my pretty little slut show everyone how good a cocksucker you are “ I go to my knees hearing car doors opening n closing I turn and see like 7 guys heading towards us. I smile giving them a wink as I start to kiss lick slobber all over daddy’s cock moaning loudly.

Im sucking while I hear daddy calling me names telling everyone I’m 15 and wannabe a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers how much I’m in love with cocks and cum.

Im soon surrounded by all these guys their cocks out some are starting to jack off on me laughing I grab two cocks in my hand while I’m sucking on my daddy’s cock and I try to put them in my mouth I can’t but I start sucking everybody’s cock back n forth letting them use my mouth like it’s a girls pussy being fucked in my mouth..my cunt.

Im begging moaning pleading loudly being bitch- slapped with their cocks all over my face..body cum splashing all over me filling my belly
seeding me trying to get me pregnant like.. I’m cummming in my panties so many cocks so much fucking cum I’m in love I’m a whore slut Faggotboi cunt for cocks i keep saying more oooh please more.

Im covered in cum head to toes my panties are dripping cum mine and others cum is leaking out my mouth I stand up letting anyone pinch my nipples my ass biting my neck kissing me my panties are being ripped off somebody is cummming all over my ass I bend over I can feel cum dripping in my hole suddenly somebody is sucking on my ass shoving cum inside me with his tongue.

“ Oooh my fucking god oooh fuck oooh yes take me I’m sooo fucking ready oooh god please where’s my daddy I want him to Fuck me to take my virginity making me a girl filling my boipussy with hot sweet cum seeding me oooh fuck yes fuckkkk me.”

I lay on the ground spread eagle and see my daddy he’s smiling naked lifts my ass up and shoves his cock deep inside me.

“ Oooh god oooh fuck oooh daddy yes ..I’m screaming in pain in ecstasy it feels so good I’m biting his neck as daddy’s cock plows in and out of me I’m thrashing around moaning someone grabs my head and sits on my face I’m sucking his ass-hole daddy’s fucking me I’m cummming again when I feel hot cum filling me up it feels so good i almost pass out..

The guy sitting on my face turns around sticks his cock in my mouth.. fucking my mouth someone else is fucking my ass my boipussy guys are taking turns fucking my mouth my ass..
I feel my legs being pulled farther apart somebody big is going inside me then I feel another cock oh my god two cocks are fucking me my mouth is being fucked I’m so fucking in love over n over I’m getting my wish I’m a girl now for anyone who wants me.

I pass out waking up by the side of my mom’s house completely naked so much cum all over me I feel cum leaking out my boipussy and I’m still so fucking horny. I stumble towards the door when someone grabs hold of me turning me around picking me up like a rag doll kissing me our tongues swishing in our mouths I start cummming again moaning loudly..

“ Oooh god oooh yes fuck me please fuck me like a girl seed me oooh hurry before we get caught “
Im a cum dump love cum on me inside me.. I’m naked in my bed so much cum i keep rubbing it all over myself sticking my fingers in my cum filled ass and I start cummming again this time licking my own cum.

In three days i experienced satisfied my darkest deepest desires.
I now have lingerie dresses stockings panties make up..
I look like a 12 year old innocent girl in pigtails walking down the streets looking for cocks ..

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    You need to be stripped naked in a dirty cruising area, then mouth fucked and bum raped by loads of big str8 guys, tied to a tree and left for the cops to find, taken to the station where they brutally rape your sissy bum in the cells, then sit on your face while you suck ass!

    • Billie ID:1edq5lt44gnp

      OMG yes sounds sooo hot

    • Dannie ID:10x8vfd5ekvp

      Cracksniffer U sound dirty dangerous763 scary Exciting how can245 I cum meet U ?? Email or phone I’ll check05 this site weekly42winkwink.. seriously

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    You can be my boyfriend anyday. I love fucking young sissy boys.I’d pass you around at my favorite rest areas. Get you fucked by 10 to 12. Have guys cum all over you and lick it up and kiss you with a mouthfull of yummy cum.

    • Dannie ID:10x8vfd5ekvp

      K… where u live Rick..I’ll cum 2U please