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Princess Power

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They called it the “Castle,” but it was really more like a basement, with the floor, and the whole house gone, except for a chimney.

I thought it looked like a tower, so I ran back to get my sister, and make her play Princess with me.

The boys found this plastic barrel, and by the time we got back, 2 of them were throwing rocks at another one, holding a long piece they cut out like a shield.

So, I let go of my sister’s hand and ran up. “Boys, you got to play in the castle, so now it’s my turn!” Tugging on the big one’s shirt.

My sister caught up, and held my shoulders. “It’s all right, we can share. So… What are you boys playing?”



“Okay, okay.” The boy with the shield came out, “You be the Knight,” he handed the shield over to another boy, “And you be the Princess.”

“Well, what’ll we play?” The other 2 boys looked back and forth, but my sister pulled out my Rapunzel hair.

“Well, I have some rope here, so why don’t you kidnap the princess, while we go get the ransom together?”

“Oh!” I ran, laughing, but they caught me easily. “No, don’t tie me up, I want to climb up the tower.” I pointed, but they looked at each other. “I’m going to be Rapunzel, so gimme that back.” I took the rope, but it was yellow nylon. So, I decided that I could use it as blonde hair.

“Well, she’s right. We could just lock her in the tower.”

“Yeah, I don’t want to tie her up, but maybe if we put a sock in it.” I covered my mouth, before they took their shoes off, to stuff a sock in there.

“Come on.” By the time they figured out how to do it, my sister and the boy put the shield down. By a tree, so they could sit on it next to each other.

I climbed up, and the little boy got off his big brother’s shoulders. I had to be careful not to fall down the hole, but by the time I sat down, with my arms across it to hold onto.

They were already kissing. “Oh!” I’d never seen a boy kiss my sister before, (Brothers, and cousins don’t count) so I thought it might be her first time. Getting kissed by a boy, but if you couldn’t already tell by my loud bratty immaturity. I was young, too young to really know about anything else besides kissing. Mommy, and daddy slept together, and talked about other people sleeping with each other, but that was about it.

“Ooh!” The brothers got down in the basement, on either side of the concrete walls around the stairs. There was probably shutter doors over them at some point. That kind of basement doors, but then we all three watched her take his hand out of her lap, and put it up on her chest.

One thing led to another, and I watched my sister lay down on the shield. Topless, while the boy sat on her, and opened his pants. “Uh!”

The other 2 boys were bent over with their pants down, and the concrete walls to separate them. So, they could watch the 2 teenager, and play with themselves, but I held the rope scratchy against my neck. I put it over my shoulder to play Rapunzel with, but when I saw the boys playing with themselves.

I looked back, but they switched places. Now, the boy was laying down, and my sister was sitting on him. She pulled her pants down, to stretch over his lap, but I couldn’t see where his dick was, but he was playing hand bra to hold her up.

I ended up tying the rope around the chimney, so I could hold it behind my back, and climb down. The way I saw the telephone man climb up the pole with spikes on his boots, but it was easier going down.

“You want to try that?”

“Oh!” The boys squatted, and tried to pull their pants up over their knees.

“I don’t want to play kidnap the princess any more, so what’s that game called?” I pointed up the stares.

The boys pulled their pants up first, then looked at each other. The older one shrugged and said “Sex?”

“Oh,” I’d heard of that. “Let’s play sex, then.”

“Okay, but first you have to take off your clothes.” The younger brother came over to help me, so I touched him, and felt around for his peepee.

“I want to see your thingy. It’s not too big, and scary?”

“You two have fun.” His older brother left, and hung around before my sister came up, and yelled at me.

“What?” I’d gotten down to my panties, and the boy had his pants down, so I could play with his junk.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“It’s called sex.”

“I know what it’s called, but put on your dress. I’m taking you home.”

“Oh!” She scared off the boys and everything. “How come you get to play it? It looked fun, and it’s not fair!”

“You’re too young.”

So then, my first boyfriend followed us home. He was the youngest, and only a couple years older, but he waited for me to storm off. I had a big fight with my sister, until mom, and dad came out to break it up, and I told them she wouldn’t let me play sex.

She got grounded for the rest of her life, or at least that’s what dad threatened her with, but I went out back so they could yell at her. Then, he knocked on the fence, and “PST!”ed. He threw the rope over, “You forgot this. I’m.” He told me his name, and I told him mine, but he asked me if I still wanted to play Rapunzel with him. I had to untangle the rope, and throw it over the fence.

“Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your golden hair.”

He hopped down in the side yard, and I grabbed his crotch right away. “What happened?”

“You want to finish what we started?” He dropped his pants as quick as he could, and I guess. Even back then, I was a bossy little brat. Still pre-sexual, but I found somebody that would do what I said, when I said. So, I said “Lay down here,” so I could try to do it the way I saw my sister doing it in the woods.

He got dirt all over his bare butt, and I kept my clothes on, but I humped his little stiffy through my panties, and even got a little warmed up with friction, before my sister slammed the door to her room. My mom called me from the back door, so I had to “Shush!” him. “You’re not supposed to be here.” Then I yelled, “Coming Mom!” While he pulled up his pants, and climbed back over the wrong side yard.

There’s a gate on the other side, but we had rope to play with. Of course, I got into playing more kinky games with him, when he told me about that kinda stuff. He got bossed around by his big brother, while I was the bossy one, but my sister forgave me, eventually.

She was pissed, and only grounded for a few weeks, but the cat was out of the bag. She had a boyfriend, and they’d been doing it for quite a while. Then I dragged her off to the Castle, and he just happened to be there. I was really too young to even play sex, but I don’t think that messed me up.

I was always kinda like that, a bossy little brat until my boy toy told me what a Dominatrix is, and what she does, to bad little boys like him.

He’s not bad, that’s just one of the games we play. That explains why he didn’t want to tie me up, the first time they caught me, though.

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