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Not Safe 4 Work

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This is part II. If you want to read about how this happened, scroll down to “Not Safe 4 School.”

It was a Coffee House, the kind of place that’s open all night. I just happened to show early in the morning, with a sex pervert, wearing a 10″ strapon.

Fortunately, it was the kind of place that had vending machines in the bathrooms. Where you could buy condoms, and lube if you had enough quarters. (Also tampons, mini pantie liners, and douches in the girl’s room.)

They didn’t just cater to drunks looking for a place to soak up the alcohol after last call. This was also the place to go get a hot meal and a booth if you’re walking the streets at night, looking for work? Sex work, and not just the ladies of the night.

So, it was a little strange for a 5th grader to come in wearing a school dress, boy’s pants, and a 10″ strapon, but while I got some looks, nobody judged me. Let alone the man who brought me there, because he was a regular.

The waitress just smirked, and dropped off a couple of menues, but the only question she asked was “CanIgetyousomethingtodrink?”

“Yeah, how about a pot of coffee, you hungry?” He turned to me, hiding behind the menue, but my cheeks had warmed up from crying on my walk of shame. I just nodded, and looked over the food. I wasn’t really that hungry, but it covered up my embarrassment.

“Take your time,” she just left, and went to take care of some other customers.

“The pies are pretty good here,” he offered, so I flipped back to the Deserts. I had a pretty good dinner, and I was watching my weight. (Which is stupid for a late bloomer, wondering why she can’t seem to get boobs. Maybe because you try to “Eat healthy,” and exercise? I guess not wanting to be made fun of for getting fat was more important, up until then.)

“Yeah, can I get a slice of chocolate cake? With ice-cream, vanilla, and do they have sprinkles?” To hell with my diet, I want something sweet, and he’s buying.

My sugar daddy said “Sure thing,” then ordered pork chops, and eggs for himself. “Well, you said it was a long story, so we’ve got all night.” He leaned back, and put his arms up, across the bench.

“Well, a long story short.” I leaned across the table, and lowered my voice, looking around to make sure the waitress wasn’t coming back to hear us. ‘i was molested.’

“Yeah, I figured, so he’s the one that got you the dong?”

I giggled, but then I realized that I was about to let the whole cat out of the bag, to a total stranger. So, I just nodded. “Yeah, his wife came home, and caught us in bed together, so she kicked me out. I didn’t even get a chance to take it off first, she barely even let me put my clothes on.”

“Here’s your cake, it’ll take a while for the pork chops to cook…” I wanted to scream, but I just whimpered, and curled up in the corner. Crossing my legs to hold the dildo down under my thighs, as if everyone in the diner hadn’t seen it when we came in. It was 10″ long, so it stuck up, halfway to my knees, but I had boy’s pants on under the dress. I was playing the boy, since I was the most flat chested.

I kinda stuffed my face, just to keep my mouth full, and swallow all the dirty little secrets, but honestly? I wanted to brag, he was a pervert. In a room full of drunks, whores, and perverts, he even dressed like the stereotypical child molester, from when he was a little boy. (Do an Image Search for Stranger Danger some time.)

So, we wound up sitting there for hours, and after a couple pots of coffee, my tongue loosened up. There was a whole table full of hookers right there. No pimp, but then a drunk came in, and staggered over there to talk to them. One of them excused herself, wiped her mouth, and got up. To “Check her makeup.” Of course the other girls just waved it off, and went back to their conversation. Just business as usual, which helped me relax, and get over my embarrassment.

“That kinda thing happen all the time?” He checked his watch (He still had a calculator watch, when he could get a phone to do all that, or even a smart watch. Like Dick Tracy.)

“The bars just let out, so there’s a little bit of a rush.”

“For the diner, or the whores?”

“Both, that includes singles bars. So if he struck out there, he knows he can come here for a sure thing.” Sure enough, he came out looking around, and made it to the door without puking. He even looked a little steadier on his feet, but then the hooker came out, with fresh lipstick on.

“Well, I just drank, more coffee than I ever had in my whole entire life, so if you’ll excuse me?” That’s when I saw the vending machine, up on the wall. Out of reach of the children, though I didn’t see any other kids in there. I took off my pants, the strapon, and wrapped it up in the boy’ pants. Then, I used the toilet, wiped, flushed, and washed my hands.

When I came out, there was a boy? In my seat, it was kinda hard to tell with the way he was dressed. Skin-tight pink pleather shorts, fish nets, high heel pumps, and a [Daddy’s Little Girl] crop-top that showed off his tight abs. No makeup, he had a big nose, and an Adam’s apple, and a pretty big bulge in the tight crotch of his hot-pants.

Obviously not a girl, not even a “Trap.” I’m not much of an underage drinker, maybe a few sips of wine on special occasions. Like Thanksgiving, or communion. I’m not a good Christian, hell I’m not even sure I’m really Christian, but my family is, so I went to church. I’m just saying, you’d have to be too drunk to fuck, to mistake Jonny for a girl.

“Uh,” I looked back, and forth, then sat down next to Stranger Danger.

“Oh hey. This is my friend, Jonny. Jonny, this is…” He just left the blank for me to fill in the blank.

“Jane, Janet, but my friends call me, Jade?”

“Uh!” He scoffed, and rolled his eyes, dramatically. “Where’d you find this one?”

“None of your business, unless you want to make some money tonight?”

“Always, what kind of job?”

“Well,” he patted me on the shoulder. “You ever nailed a hustler up the ass?”

“For money?” I practically squealed, then I choked down my giggles, and tried to sit up straight. Act mature. “How much?”

“Well,” Jonny traced circles in the coffee ring on the unwashed table. “How about $200.00?”

“One fifty.”

“Deal.” I just looked back and forth, hardly even believing that we just worked out a prostitution deal, right here at the table. I mean, yeah. I just saw it happen over there, at the street walker table, but. That’s almost normal, when we’re talking about me. A 10 year old, doing a gay prostitute up the ass for money?

“$50 bucks,” I agreed, “That’s $200.00 right? 50 bucks for me, and 150 for him, or her? I’m sorry, but I’m not sure about the pronouns.”

He rolled his eyes, “I’m a him.” He nodded.

“Great, let me out.” He pulled out his wallet, to pay for the check, and came back to leave $15.00 on the table for a tip. I don’t know what’s customary, but looking at the prices on the menu, we weren’t anywhere near a hundred bucks for dinner, desert, and coffee. I figure it’s a little extra for the waitress to keep her mouth shut, about child prostitution.

I got the giggles anyway, I couldn’t help it, I was finally going to get to have sex with a boy. A gay boy, and yeah with a dildo up the butt, instead of the regular way, but still. I’d only ever done girls up the butt before, but I guess it’s like riding a bike?

It turns out there was a hotel around the corner. Actually in the same building, or the hotel had a coffee shop in the ground floor, but the entrance was around the corner. So anyway, we got a room, and the guy behind the counter didn’t say anything. He leaned over, almost up against the glass to look down at me.

Obviously trying to hide below the counter. Then, he looked up at Stranger Danger, with my dildo and pants tucked under his trenchcoat. Then over at Jonny, the gay whore dressed up to play the girl. “Huh, why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“That would be child-porn.” Our sugar daddy, threw his hat on the table, “And that’s illegal.”

“Is it okay if he watches? Gimme the dick.” He just set it on the table, still rolled up in my brother’s pants. Sunday best, I used to get dirty little giggles thinking about him sitting in church. No idea where his pants had been, after I used them to have raunchy lesbo sex with my girlfriend, and her older sister.

So, I pulled it on under my dress, and Stranger Danger felt me up, helping my flip over the straps. They get kinda twisted up between my legs when I pull it up, especially under my dress. Also, my sunday best, even though it was barely Saturday morning, since that was my excuse for staying the weekend. I’m going to church with my best friend. Not that we’re bisexual girlfriends having group sex all weekend.

Jonnny just dropped his hot pants, and got on the bed. Bent over, with his high heeled pumps crossed at the ankles, and popped the cap on a bottle of lube from his purse. “Um, you got a rubber?”

“Yeah,” the pervert had 3 of them folded up in the pocket of his trenchcoat. He took it off, draped it over the table, and fished out his chubby watching me roll it on.

“Let me lube this up for you,” Jonny rolled over, and kicked the shorts down to his ankles, but he kept the shoes on. The whole time. “Uh!” He rolled his eyes, but he poured lube in his hand, and rubbed them together before giving me a hand job.

I looked back, and SD was starting to pull it hard. “Huh, you look so sexy like that. Both of you, so hot and sexy. Yeah, take it slow. We got all night, so there’s no rush.”

Even when he got hard, he just stroked it slowly. “You better lay down, and let me be on top.” Jonny offered, even though he was much bigger then me, my first time, I was on top. It really helps if you can control when you get penetrated, how deep, and when your cherry pops.

“Okay.” His thick platform pumps sank into the dirty mattress, when he popped a squat, but he pulled them out of the plastic shorts. The fishnets were already assless, but he couldn’t take off the thong underneath. He just pulled the Gstring out of the way, and held the greasy rubber tip up.

“Uhn!” He moaned, and sank down a couple inches. “Huh, fuck!” He backed off about half way, then sank down a couple more inches. “You want me to say anything?”

“No, just take it. Take that big black cock up your ass.” Oh yeah, and the 10″er was a black one. Of course.

“Huh, yeah. Take all 10 inches.” Jonny closed his eyes, and shook his head. I bit my lip, realizing my little pipsqueak voice was probably a turnoff. Since he was gay, and all. I bet he wanted a man, more like.

Lester? I can’t keep calling him sugar daddy, or Stranger Danger, so how about Mo. Lester? “Huh yeah. Take it yeah. You love it, don’t you?”

“Yeahah! I love it.” He didn’t shake his head, but I could tell it was a lie. It looked like he was going to start crying, and I know it hurt. I didn’t do all the fucking, but I’m not really a top. I guess I’m technically on the bottom here, but if anything. His privates shriveled up even smaller in the pouch of his G string. Fuschia hot pink, instead of pink pink, like his fuck me pants.

“Huh, that’s enough. Get off.”

“UHN!” Jonny rolled over, and I felt bruised through my panties. I didn’t realize how heavy he was, even squatting like that.

“Roll over,” Mo grabbed my arm, and tuned me over roughly. “Bend over.” He picked me up, and put me back down on my knees. “Come here.” He pulled me back, flipped my skirt up, and yanked my panties out. “Huh, you’re so hot, and sexy. You wet?”

He touched me, and I just flopped down. “No,” I turned over. “Huh, you brought lube, I mean. Jonny?”

He was in the bathroom, I heard the toilet flushed, and crossed my legs. The dong just swung over underneath my dress, and if it weren’t so serious, that might have even been finny, but I wasn’t laughing.

“Yes Jade?” He leaned around the corner of the doorway. Shyly for what we just did.

“Huh, you better take care of business first, so go ahead, and give him the money you owe him, so he can leave, but I agreed on $50 to fuck him.” I pointed out, “You didn’t say anything about fucking me. You mind if we use your lube?”

“No, go right ahead.” He came out, incredibly steady on those big stupid heels.

“Here you are.” Mo got out 3 $50.00 bills, and handed them over.

“Thanks,” Jonny grabbed his purse, and just left.

“Huh, fine. How much?”


“One fifty.”

“No, $200.” I spread my legs, and rubbed my greasy palm in between them. “$250.00 dollars counting Jonny.” Is it Johny, or Jonny?

“Huh fine. You drive a hard bargain.” I don’t have to tell you how illegal this all is. Child prostitution, sodomy, um. Well, I guess just those 2 are plenty enough, but it’s not just a great story for me. One that nobody, not even Jane would ever believe, but if anybody calls the cops, I’m not the one going to jail, and getting registered as a sex offender here.

Honestly, why they never picked him up on description is beyond me. Try not to dress up too much like a sex pervert, guys? #NotAllMen, but if you dress like that? Try not to get upsest when us innocent little girls, without a sexual thought in our pretty little heads see you as the dirty perverted creepers you actually are.

Not all girls are that innocent, neither.

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