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Fucked by black boss and wife part II

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Part I… That night i went home and had sex with my boyfriend but his cock was so small compared to my boss’s that it wasn’t good at all. The next day i went to work early to open up and my boss was already there. he took me into the kitchen and had me suck his cock. “good little white girl” he made me swallow his cum and then he left. At the end of the day while i was closing up, him, his wife and another black man came in. they told me to go with them and they lead me to their car and drove me to their house. we went in and they told me to stay on the couch and not move. they came back a couple minutes later, they were all naked and his wife had a huge strap on. they also had many sex toys, a rope, handcuffs and a whip. We went into the bedroom and they tied me to the bed. My boss put his large dick in my ass. It hurt but felt good at the same time, The other black man put his cock in my mouth to suck. They all kept calling me “white bitch”, “whore”, and “slut” I don’t know why but i loved being called those names. I felt something warm in my ass, my boss peed inside me. he told me to hold it in as he started to fuck my soaking pussy. I couldn’t hold it in and released all over the floor. My boss told me to clean it up with my tounge. They untied me and i licked it all up. then my boss’s wife took the whip and started to whip my tits. I screamed and backed away. The other black man held me down as she whipped my tits, pussy and ass until they were bright red. They drove me back to the restaurant and i drove my car home. I had sex with my boyfriend again and i could tell he was wondering why i had red marks all over me but he didn’t ask.

I have many other stories so tell me if you want a part III

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