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Banned from Brazil for life

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Many years ago I destroyed a native, isolated tribe using nothing more than my cock. Now, I can never go back to see my wife or children.

Back in 1982 I went to Brazil with my parents, they received a grant to pay for their expedition, it was to make peaceful contact with some of the most isolated tribes on Earth.

We came upon a tribe and they were initially very hostile, one of our guides was shot in the leg with a poisoned needle and nearly died, thankfully my parents managed to communicate in some fashion with them and after several days of negotiation, they welcomed us in to their village.

We had a long restless night witnessing strange rituals and chants, almost like they were singing songs, as they danced around a large fire, throwing things on it to produce different coloured smoke, we got our faces painted and I got my chest tattooed, which hurt a bit.

The following night, we must have arrived at some important time in their calendar, because it was only young boys dancing around the fire that night, they could only have been about 12, wearing nothing but makeshift underwear made out of animal skin and hats made from twigs and feathers.

A lot of young girls, the same age as the boys were all sat circling the fire holding rolled up rugs made from tree bark, when the dancing stopped, each boy selected a girl, bound their each other’s hands together with rope and made their way in to one of the huts, following each other inside.

There was one girl left, the chief of the tribe commanded me to approach him, he took the girls hand and placed it in mine, wrapping rope around our wrists, turns out it was a partnering ceremony, and now I was officially, at least in their eyes, married to this young girl.

She led me in to the hut and all I saw were girls laying on the rolled out rugs, the boys were on top of them, all of them naked, and they were having sex, not only was it a marriage ceremony but also a ceremony of the boys becoming men.

My parents protested my marriage to this girl that was tied to my hand, but the chief insisted, and he got angry when my parents wouldn’t obey him, afraid of what the tribe would do to us if I refused their ‘gift’, my parents told me to go along with it, it wasn’t a problem for me, as you can imagine, I was a virgin at the time and seeing all these young girls and boys having sex, it was like a big orgy in the hut, I saw a lot of naked girl flesh and became extremely aroused.

We found a space in the back and she untied our hands, then she rolled out her rug, then she removed her snake skin bra and I guess panties before kneeling on it, then she ushered me with her hand, smiled, asking me to kneel and join her.

I asked for her name but their language was very strange, when she spoke it just sounded like a noise, her name was something like, “Lkioti”

I was a white boy, and I was wearing a pair of shorts and a fish net shirt, which she promptly got me to remove, she took my hands and placed my palms on her small round breasts, she looked at me as if to say, “Take me, I’m yours.”

Some of the other boys and girls had finished what they were doing, didn’t take them long, and now they were standing around behind us, watching, nodding and throwing their arms forward, basically telling me to get on with it.

She laid down on her back and spread her legs apart, lifting her knees, she had a nice pussy, and she was really beautiful all over, but I had no idea what I was doing, I laid myself on top of her, keeping my upper body propt up with my hands on the ground.

Frustrated with my reluctance, one of the boys put his foot on my back and pushed me down on top of her, as I lifted myself back up, ready to deck the little bastard for kicking me, a girl ran over, she grabbed my cock and placed the tip of it in the crack of Lkioti’s pussy, then she slapped me on my ass and stepped away.

I got myself in to a comfortable position and then thrust my hips, after a few attempts, my cock slid inside her pussy, in an instant my biological instincts kicked in and I knew exactly what needed to be done, as I began to fuck her and take pleasure in feeling the inner warmth of her pussy surrounding my cock, I fucked her hard.

Whilst I was moaning my head off, she lay there looking at me with a smile, she was very calm and hardly even changed her facial expression, it’s like she had been trained for this somehow, trained to always smile and bring pleasure to her tribesmen.

When everyone standing behind us realised that I’d come, they cheered in their own weird way.

Once I’d finished enjoying the pleasures of Lkioti’s pussy, we left the hut and were greeted by the chief, who placed a necklace around my and all the other boys necks, made of animal teeth, then they started celebrating.

From that day on, Lkioti never left my side, apart from when I joined the other boys to go hunting for food, and when I wanted to have sex with the other girls.

The boys and men in the tribe were allowed to have sex with any girl or women of their choosing, every night you picked someone to take to your hut, and as I was now one of them, I got to fuck any of them I wanted with no consequences, it was great, my parents didn’t approve though.

9 months later Lkioti gave birth to our baby, and I had officially become a part of their tribe, and it wasn’t long before I’d pretty much diluted the tribe’s pure blood.

I spent 2 years with them and haven’t been back since that day, I do wonder daily how my children and Lkioti are getting on, and how many grandchildren, great grandchildren or even great-great grandchildren I could have now.

Because of my actions, breeding with a native tribe and destroying their pure bloodline, I am banned from Brazil for life, so can never go back.

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  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m8

    i feel like this could only be called mondo smut

  • Reply 6924cm ID:2y9d2a4k0do

    Yeah there are strict rules regarding to native tribes interaction and yours is on the top 5.

    You can however declare to the Brazilian govt traditional abdication. Basically you give up of your current life and go live as one of them. Post your email here, I’m Portuguese, I’ll see what can be done IF you wish to return there

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0ar

      This is so obviously a sexual power fantasy, and not the confession of an act of genocide. In fact, it’s remarkably similar to a scene from “Romancing the Stone,” which came out in 1984. So, you’re basically giving legal advice to Jack T. Colton.