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Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 1

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I was born in 1960 in Salinas, California, at the time a small farming town with a population of about 25,000 people. It sits just inland from the Monterey Bay and was a great place to grow up.
My parents had a home in a northern neighborhood in town, but I spent most weekends and summers out at Uncle Jim’s ranch. In my story titled “Family Beginnings”, I tell the tale about my first real sexual experience beyond that of wet dreams. My best friends and constant companions were my 4 girl cousins, all who were just a bit older than me. After cousin Lori jacked me off that first time, when she squeezed my dick and made me cum a bucket full of semen, we experimented with each other, trying every sexual thing that our young and depraved minds could think up. All the different positions we could possibly fuck in, eating pussy (they taught me very well!), anal (cousin Lori loved that shit!), and, of course, blowjobs.
With my cousins, I never thought of blowjobs being better than anything else we did together. Don’t get me wrong, every guy (including me) loves getting his dick sucked, especially when we get to cum in a pretty girl’s warm mouth. But up until this point, as long as I got to cum, it was all good! (This part of the story actually appears in Part 2, but I decided that the entire story needed to be told in full, thus pushing the story of the second night of our church youth group camping trip back a bit.)
My mom used to drag me to church some Sunday mornings until I got to be 11 or 12. One of the families that went there had 3 daughters. The oldest was about one year older than me, the youngest about 4 years younger than me, and the middle girl just a year younger than me. I had a pretty serious crush on Rosie, the oldest, but it was the middle girl, Virginia (her real name, but we all called her Ginny), who was crushing on me. And this girl absolutely adored me!
The two sisters stood in contrast to each other. They were a mixture of Native American and Mexican ancestry, but couldn’t have looked more different. Rosie was a tall, thin, long legged beauty with light brown skin, blue eyes, a mixture of dark red and black hair that hung down in tight curls (almost like an afro but loose enough to hang down around her pretty face) which she always kept tied back, and sweet, thin lips. She acted like a tomboy, just like my girl cousins who I got to fuck on a regular basis. This was probably why I was more attracted to Rosie rather than Ginny.
Ginny had always been a little chubby. Her skin was a dark brown, she had big brown eyes, black wavy hair that hung just to her shoulders, was shorter than Rosie and definitely not a tomboy. She did have some great looking lips, though, big, full, soft looking marshmallow lips. But I never looked at her like I did her sister… until we went on a two night camping trip with the church youth group.
I hadn’t been to church in a while because I was too busy having sex with my cousins every weekend. At the beginning of summer, 1973, after I had just turned 13, my mom begged me to go on this camping trip. I said okay and the lady who was the chaperone picked me up on a Thursday morning. She had a pick up truck and was hauling an RV like camper behind it. I was the last kid to get picked up, and when I tossed my sleeping bag in the camper with my gym bag, I saw the rest of the kids that were coming. I saw Ginny and knew she was only 12, the youngest among us. I got excited and looked around for Rosie but was disappointed to hear she wasn’t coming. Ginny came out of the camper and hugged me. I said hi but kinda blew her off and got in the back of the pickup with the other guys. No one was older than 16, and I pretty much fit in, being pretty muscular for my age and having hair down past my shoulders. I didn’t really know most of the kids but got introduced and accepted quickly, especially when they learned that I played drums with a rock band that played dances at the local junior high and high schools that we all attended.
We took off for Arroyo Seco, an awesome place, a river in Monterey County about 30 miles south of Salinas and just west of Soledad. I loved this place and always believed it was made just for me. There was a government run day picnic and beach area which closed at sunset, a government run camping area just up from the day use area, and another great swimming hole we called The Gorge further up a dirt road past the government camp. But it had been decided by the lady who took us that we would stay at a private campsite called Miller’s Lodge, ‘Lodge’ being an oxymoron since the only building was a restaurant with a little store. Otherwise, it was all riverside campgrounds, a great group of swimming holes, and super easy up- and down-river trekking capability. You could walk for miles either direction and come across places where you could swear nobody else had ever been, it was so pristine. Over the years it changed, of course, but back then it was like heaven on Earth to me.
We drove down highway 101 to the Soledad turn off, us guys yelling at the other cars and trucks on the road from the back of the truck. All the girls were in the camper. This was before any kind of laws were being enforced about kids not riding in pickup beds or campers hauled behind a vehicle. Shoot, I’m not even sure there was a seat belt law at the time. We had a lot of fun on the way down and jumped out of the truck as soon as we got to Miller’s. Me and the rest of the guys went down to the river and walked upstream and met big Frankie, our chaperone, and the girls at the last campsite, the only one big enough for all of us. We didn’t pitch tents, preferring to sleep under the stars.
All the kids went down to a swimming hole where we could climb rocks and jump or dive into the river. Ginny, like the other girls, had her bathing suit on underneath her clothes but wasn’t ready to get in the water yet. A couple other girls stripped down to their bikinis and got a round of hoots and hollers from us very appreciative guys. Ginny kept trying to get my attention, talking to me every time I came up out of the water, hugging me tight even though I was wet, grabbing my arm and putting it around her shoulders, and generally being a pest.
A couple of the older guys swam over to me after the next time I dove in and wondered why I wasn’t giving Ginny the time of day.
“Dude, the other girls say that chick is really into you”, Russ told me. “You oughta talk to her, man. You might get some lip action!”
Shit, if only Russ knew how much pussy action I’d been getting for the last year, he would’ve been pretty fucking surprised!
“Eh, I’m into her older sister”, I replied. “Besides, Ginny’s only 12. And if I wanted to get with any other girl here, it would be ‘little’ Frankie. Or maybe even ‘big’ Frankie!”
That got some laughs. Little Frankie was our chaperone’s daughter and cute as a button, same age as me, but a ‘good girl’ who wouldn’t go for a guy like me (at least not for another 6 years). Big Frankie, her super hot mom, was every boy’s dream fuck, blonde, tanned, athletic, great tits, perfect little ass, and super sweet. But totally off limits to the likes of us children.
Curt laughed out loud and said, “Yeah, right! Good luck with that. You know it ain’t gonna happen with the hot mom, and little Frankie isn’t gonna do anything with her mom around. Might as well go for what you can get, cause the other girls are spoken for.”
I looked around and knew he was right. Their girlfriends were there, and it looked like the other two guys had already paired up with the other two girls. That only left me with a choice between little Frankie and Ginny. And I knew little Frankie was off limits.
So, I turned and looked at Ginny again. She did seem to be a bit cuter than the last time I had seen her, and I didn’t really want to be the only guy without a girl for the next couple of days.
“Just go talk to her”, Russ insisted. “Make her feel comfortable and get her to come in the water with the rest of us.”
I finally broke down and agreed, so I got out of the river and she immediately came up to me, gave me a big smile with those pretty lips, and grabbed my hand in both of hers, like she was claiming me as a prize.
“Why don’tcha come in with us?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s probably really cold,. isn’t it?” she asked with a big grin, still holding my hand with both of hers.
“Shit, Ginny, it’s gotta be like a hundred degrees out here!” I exclaimed. “And you still got on that big t-shirt and jeans. Trust me, the water feels really good.”
She squeezed my hand and said, “Oh, okay. But stay here while I take my clothes off. I don’t wanna fall while getting outta my pants.”
“Yeah, no sweat. Just hold on if you need to.”
She pulled the big t-shirt over her head and, boy, was I ever surprised! My cousin, Lori, had been an early developer, and even now at 14 had the biggest tits I had ever seen. But once I got a good look at Ginny’s generous natural gifts, I had to admit that they were just as big as Lori’s, and Ginny was only 12! How the fuck had I never noticed these babies before?
Then she leaned over and pulled off her pants. She struggled to get them all the way off her feet and reached out to steady herself. Her hand landed on my abs and slid down a ways, taking the waist of my trunks down with her! There I stood with my fairly hairy and thick prick for everyone to see. Ginny didn’t realize what she had done until she finally got her pants off and went to stand up. That’s when she realized she was face-to-cock with my manhood.
Instead of being embarrassed, all she did was stare at it for a couple of seconds, finally said, “WOW!”, and lifted my waist band up again.
She didn’t know that everyone in our group had been watching the whole incident, but I did. I had seen the surprise on all the girls faces. I know I’m not much longer than average, but my cousins swore up and down that I had to be way thicker than most. Over the last year or so, I had noticed that my dick had, indeed, grown thicker. And even though you’re not supposed to look and compare, how many of us boys in junior high gym class didn’t sneak a comparison peak during shower time? I knew what I had and was never embarrassed by it, knowing that my cock was the thickest in my gym class.
That’s when one of the other guys, whose name I can’t remember, called out in a loud voice, “Damn, dude, cold water makes me shrivel up into nuthin’! You better get back in the water and quit makin’ the rest of us feel bad about ourselves!”
Everybody except little Frankie laughed. She turned red and looked up to where the truck and camper trailer were parked, probably hoping her mom hadn’t heard! I laughed too, knowing shrinkage was a real thing. But I had just seen a pair of boobs on Ginny that caused some swelling to occur in my penis.
When Ginny stopped laughing, she tossed her clothes on a towel and twirled around for me.
“It’s my first bikini!” she announced excitedly. “How does it look?”
I couldn’t speak for a moment, checking out her nice round ass. She still had a little pudge in her belly, but overall was looking very fuckable!
“Well, what do you think?” she asked again.
I looked up at her, seeing those big, beautiful lips, and for the first time I had to admit that Ginny was a very cute girl.
“You look pretty fuckin’ hot!” I told her in a low voice so nobody else would hear.
She blushed a little, then stepped close and hugged me. I knew she could feel my boner growing against her belly, but she just hugged me tighter. I wrapped my arms around her, tilted my face towards hers, and tasted those luscious lips for the very first time.
As much as I had thought about doing this with her older sister, as well as spending every Sunday morning in which my mom had dragged me to church in the last year, thinking about diving between Rosie’s thin legs and sucking on her pussy and clit, I knew that Ginny was going to be the sister I would wind up doing all these nasty things with.
As we continued our embrace, Ginny parted her marshmallow lips and I flicked my tongue across those juicy berries and into her mouth. I found her tongue, she found mine, and my dick was raging with boiling blood by the time we parted.
She looked up at me with an innocent smile and said, “That was my first kiss…EVER! And it was everything I dreamt it would be. I love you so much, and I can tell you love me too. I can feel it!”
She then pressed her belly into me a little more, and I knew I needed to get back in the cold water or else she was gonna make me spunk in my trunks, right there in front of everyone. I groaned, feeling the need to bend her over and shove my dick in her virgin cunt, but thought better of it and decided to turn her around, wrap my arms around her belly, and hold her close while we walked into the river together. It paid off as soon as my balls felt the cool rush of river water, and my cock simmered down.
Ginny and I stayed real close to each other the rest of the day, though, and kissed and fondled each other frequently. She never pushed my hands away when I would feel her tits or held onto her ass when we kissed. I kept pushing my luck to see how far she was willing to let me go.
Swimming in deeper water so no one else was likely to see, I started brushing my fingers between her legs. She kissed me harder. So instead of just brushing her pussy, I put my hand fully against her mound and could tell that she already had a pretty good bush growing. She responded by moaning.
“God, that feels so good”, she whispered in my ear.
Emboldened by this response, I turned her around and held her against my chest while we tread water together. I’m a pretty good swimmer, so staying afloat using only my legs and one arm was no big deal.
I slid my one hand down her belly, holding it close to her skin. I kept going down, making sure that my fingers slipped underneath the elastic waist band of her bikini bottoms. She leaned back into me and offered no resistance. My index finger found the top of her curlies and I investigated there for a while. She still hadn’t tried to stop me, so I continued my pursuit of her virgin land. Right when I was just beginning to rub up and down on her pussy lips, Jocelyn tapped me on the shoulder.
I jumped and pulled my hand out of Ginny’s bikini, realizing that I had kinda forgotten about other people being around.
“Hey”, Jocelyn whispered to us, “It’s not like the rest of us aren’t doing the same thing, but it’s getting kinda late and big Frankie is gonna be calling us to eat pretty soon. Make sure you don’t have a hard on when you get out of the water. And Ginny, make sure your bathing suit is fixed right. One of your boobs is about to fall out.”
“Thanks, Joc”, I said, pronouncing her shortened name like ‘Joss’. “Kinda lost track of things for a few.”
“Hey, we gotta look out for each other, right? I know you two are the youngest ones here, so we got your back. Trust me, after Big Frankie goes inside the camper for the night, then we can all go back to fooling around again as much as we want to, okay?”
“Really?” Ginny asked. She was still against my chest but turned her head and said, “I think I’m gonna have a lot of fun tonight!”
I pinched her butt and heard Jocelyn tell her to calm down until later. They both giggled and splashed water at each other, then at me. This started a splash war that all the kids got into and only ended when big Frankie came down and called us to dinner. Thank God for Jocelyn putting a stop to what I was doing with Ginny or else I probably would have been fucking that little girl by the time big Frankie came to get us.
God, I loved this church group! Who knew that 99 percent of the kids in church were such horny little devil’s?
We ate standard teen campout fare, burgers and hot dogs, chips, tater salad and the like. Then big Frankie told us to follow her and we all took a walk up the road to the restaurant/store at the entrance to Miller’s Lodge. She bought everything we needed to make S’mores since that was the one thing she forgot when she had gone shopping back in town. All the kids had paired up again and held hands as we walked. On the way back, Ginny started feeling bad about little Frankie not having anyone to hold hands with and told her it was okay if she wanted to hold my other hand. Talk about taking liberties! Bitch didn’t even ask me if it was okay! Not that I minded holding hands with two pretty cute chicks. Reckon it actually felt pretty cool and started thinking of ways to really get this party started later.
Nothing else like that happened with little Frankie that camping trip, although I did catch her doing something by herself later that night. It would take me almost six more years to break into her treasure vault, and I owe it all to just a bit of good fortune and decent night vision.
After we did up our S’mores it began to get dark. Not that Salinas was a very big city back then, but the population had doubled since I was born to about 60,000, and more people meant more houses and buildings which meant more ambient light. You just couldn’t see as many stars as you used to, and the night sky down at Seco was awesome to look at.
We had spread a couple of tarps on either side of the fire, one for the boys and one for the girls, but we were all sitting with our girls and listening to ghost stories that big Frankie and the older kids told. After about the fifth story, big Frankie said it was time to get some sleep, so we all split into our appropriate sides and said goodnight. As big Frankie and little Frankie headed into the camper trailer, I saw the other kids winking at each other. I looked across the fire at Ginny and she winked at me. I winked back and my cock started to expand. We were all still in our swim suits, and I could see that the other guys were also working on erecting tents in their trunks.
The girls could obviously see what was going on in our crotches and began giggling amongst themselves. Russ and Curt, the two oldest guys, held their hands up in a ‘WHOA!’ sign to try and get the girls to chill. We all just kinda whispered to each other until we saw the light in the camper go out. Then Curt got up and sneaked over to the camper, crouching just underneath a window, and listened intently for about ten minutes. When he finally heard what he was waiting for, he stood up and looked inside. Then he softly and slowly walked back and held up one hand as his thumb and index finger made an ‘okay’ sign.
“Okay”, Jocelyn whispered as she picked up her sleeping bag and made her way over to Russ, “Rocky and Ginny, you’re new to this, so here’s the rules. We don’t care what you guys do with each other, but keep the fucking noise down! Don’t be moanin’ and groanin’ like a couple of crazy people, okay? And whatever the fuck you see and hear the rest of us doin’, you better fuckin’ keep it to yourself. Nobody else EVER hears about what goes on out here, because if they do, then we’ll never get to go anywhere like this again. And I like going on summer and winter camp trips, so don’t fuck it up for us.”
I could see she was serious and she was kinda scary, too. I just nodded my head. I notice that Ginny was standing beside me with her sleeping bag and was nodding as well. Nothing else needed to be said. The other two guys went over to the girls side, then I heard sleeping bags being unzipped followed by the sound of more zipping. Me and Ginny looked over at Russ and Jocelyn as they zipped their bags together, while Curt and Candace followed suit. Ginny sat down beside me and we did the same thing.
Ginny was trembling as we climbed into our bags and lay side by side. I pretty much figured out she was still a virgin, not just because of her age, but because of her confession earlier that I had been her first kiss. I didn’t wanna just pull my dick out and shove it up her untainted snatch (well, I wanted to, but my cousins had taught me better), so I just put my arm around her and laid back with her head on my shoulder. We stayed like that for a little while as we listened to the other four couples making out.
Pretty soon I felt her relax. She started rubbing my bare chest and whispered in my ear.
“I’ve never done it before”, putting an emphasis on ‘it’. “Thanks for not just screwing me right away.”
“Ginny”, I said, “that wouldn’t be right. I know you’ve never done this before, and if you’re not ready and wanna wait, we can just kiss.”
Her hand moved from making circles on my chest to making circles on my belly, and it kept going down, a little bit at a time.
“Oh, believe me, I want to”, she whispered as she nuzzled her mouth against my ear. “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”
That struck me as odd. She was only 12! Just how fuckin’ long was a ‘long time’ to her? Of course, I didn’t say anything. Her hand was down to the waist band of my trunks now and her circles were getting smaller and slower. She continued nuzzling my ear and whispered,
“I love you, Rachmael”. She used my full name and even pronounced it correctly, like a real Israeli would. That made me take note. There aren’t too many English speaking people who can pronounce it correctly. “And I promise, I’ll do anything for you, anything you want me to.”
Her hand had reached my fully erect cock and she felt it with her hands for the first time. It was in that moment I knew that I had this virginal slut right where I wanted her.
I rolled onto my side and kissed her lusting lips. I quickly reached underneath her back and loosed that pair of cannons from their holster masquerading as a bikini top. I gently massaged her incredibly full and incredibly young breasts, naked in my hands for the first time.
She arched her back and began to moan, causing a shushing response from several of the others. Jocelyn’s head popped out of her and Russ’s sleeping bag.
“What did I tell you? Keep it down, you two!” she whispered hoarsely at us. I knew what she had been doing!
“Sorry”, Ginny whispered back. “I’ll try to remember.”
Jocelyn looked at me. “Next time she starts doing that, just shove something in her mouth, okay?”
That caused a titter of stifled laughter from everyone, and I couldn’t help but join in.
Ginny had been busy getting my trunks off and was down in our combined bags, trying to slide them over my feet.
“Ginny”, I whispered, “maybe you should practice that while you’re down there.”
Another titter of laughter circled the fire. To my surprise, Ginny handed my trunks to me then proceeded to do just what I asked. And I didn’t have to tell her a good god-damned thing.
She was tentative at first, but I felt her lips lightly rest just below the tip. The lightness surprised me because when my cousins took me in their mouths, it felt like they had their lips stretched over their teeth and were trying to bite me!
Ginny licked at my big mushroom tip. My erection might be a little different than most. I have one of those big topped, broad mushroom heads, then right underneath it shrinks down to about two-thirds the size. After that, the girth increases steadily own to the base, becoming pretty thick pretty quick. Some ladies have been unable to accept the entire thing into their vaginas, which always bummed me out because, hey, every guy wants to get his entire cock wet with the pussy juice of the girl he’s fucking. Am I right, or am I right?
So, here’s this really cute, really stacked 12 year old girl with her perfect lips now softly encasing my pulsing pecker. Her tongue actually feels like fucking velvet as it slides all over the head. I knew I was gonna blow my wad in her mouth if she kept this up, so I pulled her off and pulled her up beside me. I started kissing her again and worked my way down to those huge mountains of flesh. I finally worked my way to a nipple and lightly sucked. Strange thing happened. Her nipple elongated in my mouth! I couldn’t believe how long it got! I’d sucked all four of my cousins tits (actually, 8 tits, 4 girls) and none of them even came close to busting out nipples like my little brown bitch had!
I gave it one last slurp, sucking and stretching her tit with my lips, causing a ‘pop’ to echo in the night.
I had heard that sound a couple times already and knew what it was from past experience. But Ginny had never heard it before. She giggled a little and whispered, “Now I know what those pops were!”
We could hear both Jocelyn and Candace, the other two girls on our side of the fire, start giggling too. I whispered over to Russ and Curt,
“Shove something in their mouths!”
Everybody around the fire had to cover their mouths as we all started busting a gut. I had to hold one of my hands over Ginny’s mouth as well as one over my own since both of hers were wrapped around my now wet-with-precum cock.
I wondered about waking big Frankie and whispered at Jocelyn if I had blown it.
“Nah. She expects us to horse around for a few hours. A few giggles aren’t going to wake her up. They’ve been asleep long enough in there by now that we can enjoy our privacy. Just don’t make Ginny scream when you pop her cherry… and if she has an orgasm, cover her mouth right away because she won’t be able to do it herself.”
“Gotcha. Thanks, Joc.” With that I began working on Ginny’s other nipple and was rewarded once again with a long and firm new friend. I made her tit ‘pop’ once again, but it only drew a couple short giggles as everyone had turned their attention back to their own partner.
I started to move down to get a taste of Ginny’s Land of Milk and Honey, but she stopped me and wouldn’t let go of my arms even though I was pretty insistent. My cousins all told me that I was a most excellent pussy eater and clit licker, and I wanted to get my tongue inside of my newest nectarine.
But she softly whispered to me, “Please, not… not yet… not tonight. I… I… I’m just not ready for… for…’that'” She said it almost as if it was a dirty word, and I had told her I wouldn’t force her to do anything.
But then I remembered that she had promised to do anything I wanted, so I asked her why she didn’t want me to eat her pussy.
She looked away for a second, kinda like she was embarrassed. Then she whispered in my ear, “In case, you know”, she began slowly, “so that I don’t get my blood in your mouth.”
“Are you on your period?”
“No, I haven’t had one yet. It’s the other thing, you know, what she said about popping my cherry. My ‘high man’ hasn’t been broken yet.”
I almost laughed because that was exactly how she pronounced the word. Not ‘hymen’, something I had learned from cousin Rory, but ‘high man’. But I held my shit together and kissed her and thanked her for being so thoughtful.
My erection had died down to half mast during all this, so I shifted my concentration back to kissing those luscious, tasty lips of hers, and…
Problem promptly solved. I felt my cock throb back to life like it had been given CPR. My blood was hot for this girl’s horny hump-hole and I gently spread her legs apart and centered myself over her body. I could only think of one thing: plunging my dick as far into Ginny’s pussy as I possibly could and just fucking her as hard as I could until I was finished.
But the year long lessons, which my female cousins had taught me, ruled over my pure animalistic instinct. They had all been virgins as well, and they taught me patience before a single one had taken me between their legs.
So I softly kissed Ginny and just pushed my mushroom headed cock to the entrance of her Candy Land. I didn’t push it in, I just lifted myself up and down, rubbing it lightly over the entrance to her sweet slit. I did this repeatedly for two reasons. First, to relax her pussy lips and let them open naturally and, second, to build up some natural lubrication, mixing my leaking pre-cum with her now seeping sex sauce.
When I felt enough wetness, I gently pushed the head of my intensely hardened cock just inside the lips and stopped, holding there as her breathing increased rapidly. I could tell she was really nervous.
“Do you want me to stop?” I asked huskily.
With her lips pressed together tightly to keep her mouth closed, she shook her head and kind of just ‘mmm-mmmuhed’ at me.
I waited a few more seconds and kept my eyes locked on hers, which were, at the moment, closed. I pushed in a little deeper and felt resistance.
My cousin Suzie was a tiny girl and had the tightest virgin pussy of all four cousins. I didn’t think Ginny was quite as tight, thank God. It had taken Suzie a couple of days before she could even walk right after she gave up her virginity to me the year before. ‘Horse threw me’ had been the excuse we all came up with when asked why she couldn’t stand up straight.
Ginny’s closed eyes squeezed shut even tighter. I was at the threshold now. The next push and there was no going back. I wouldn’t be able to return her virginity after this.
“You still okay?”
Ginny nodded her head real fast and kept her mouth and eyes tightly shut. With her approval, I decided to go ahead with another push of at least an inch to get through the entrance of her Love Tunnel.
Holding myself up at the elbows, I kept my hands on the sides of her face in case I had to move quickly to cover her mouth. Then I pushed through the resistance.
Ginny’s eyes went from tightly closed slits to wide-eyed wild! She arched her back against me which just sank my cock a couple notches deeper than I had intended. I covered her mouth with both my hands and stayed still, leaving my throbbing thunder stick where it had landed. She tried to thrash her head from side to side, but I was an outstanding athlete with several years of training in Judo, and I just held her head as still as I could without hurting her.
Tears sprang from her eyes and rolled down her round cheeks. She wasn’t sobbing, but I could tell she was in pain.
“I’m not gonna move for a while, I promise”, I whispered in her ear. “I know it hurts right now, but I won’t do anything else until you say it’s okay.”
That was when I felt a soft hand cover mine. I still had both hands pretty securely fastened over Ginny’s mouth, afraid she would cry out if I let go.
“Rocky, ease up. She’s okay.” It was Candace. “Ginny, if he lets go, you’re not gonna cry out loud, right?” Ginny shook her head as I eased up a little. “Of course not. Let her go, she’ll be okay.”
I took my hands off her mouth and shifted them back to the sides of her face and began stroking her Raven colored hair, trying to be as gentle as I could. I looked up at Candace and saw that all of the other girls were kneeling around me and Ginny. And they were all naked! I could see that Candace and Trudy were true blondes, and I could also see that none of these girls had tits like my Ginny. I broke off my gaze and returned my attention to the girl who was still feeling the initial effects of becoming my woman.
“Ginny”, Trudy, who, at 14, was only a year older than me, whispered, “give me your hand.”
It was only when Ginny gave one hand to Trudy that I realized she had sunk all of her sharp fingernails into the flesh on my back. As the claws of one hand let go, I could actually feel them tear free. I could now distinctly feel those of her other hand still digging into, and gripping tightly, the other side of my back. I guess paybacks a bitch, eh? I still have 4 little crescent scars on each of my Lat muscles.
Trudy kept talking. “Girl, you’re pretty lucky as far as first times go. Rocky’s really been taking his time to make sure you’re okay. I wish I’d have had someone who cared even half as much my first time. Bastard just shoved it in, pumped alway for about 20 seconds, unloaded inside of me, then got up, got dressed and took off without a word. God, that hurt… in more ways than one! But we’re here for you. We have been all night. We weren’t gonna let this be a bad experience for both your first times. And it’s really sweet to see two virgins together, to be each other’s first.”
I looked sideways at Trudy real quick, then back at Ginny real quick like my head was on a swivel, hoping neither caught my look of pure surprise at her statement.
But somebody noticed. Jocelyn spoke up.
“At least we assumed it was the first time for both of you.” I caught her quick smile out of the corner of my eye. “Russ was my first, and I know I was his, but Trudy is right, Ginny. We’ve been waiting and watching all night since you told us earlier that it was gonna be your first time. If Rocky had pulled something like what happened to Trudy, we’d have all pulled him off you and cut his balls off.”
Candace then whispered, “Hey, how ya feeling, girl?”
Ginny indicated that she was okay. I could tell that most of the pain had subsided. She was lying relaxed beneath me and the tears had stopped flowing from her eyes.
Candace: “That’s real good, sweetie. But you might wanna take your claws outta poor Rocky’s back. He’s already bleeding pretty good on the other side.”
Ginny jerked her hand away, causing a bit more damage as she did so. Candace just smiled at her, patted her hand and said, “Good girl. He’s marked for life now.”
Ginny giggled and smiled, completely relaxing, and I felt my still stiff statue sink another notch into her now deflowered (and nevermore virginal) Rose Garden.
Jocelyn: “Alright, ladies, let’s leave these two love birds alone. We’ve got our own issues to take care of. I know we all agreed to wait and make sure these two were okay, but I’m in some desperate need of attention myself. So, you two have fun. If you need us for anything, it’s not like we’re that far away.”
The girls all went back to their guys and began doing what boys and girls do together. I am still surprised that they all let me see not only their naked tits, but their bare pussies as well. But I sure as hell didn’t complain about it!
Ginny kissed me and whispered, “I knew you’d be good to me. Now I wanna be really good to you. Make love to me, Rachmael. Make me a woman tonight!”
I pulled back a couple of inches from her pussy, then slowly pushed in a little further than I had been. I kept this up until most of my thick prick was inside her prime pussy, stopping short by about an inch so I wouldn’t stretch her out too much.
She must have noticed, though, and said, “Is it all the way in?”
“No, baby, I don’t want to hurt you.” My memories of Suzie, plus the lingering words of Trudy’s first time, prevented me from fully planting my flag pole into her freshly tilled soil.
“I want it…no, I NEED it, all of it, inside me, baby. I can take it… I’m a pretty tough girl.”
All I could think was, You asked for it!
I pulled out of her wet and, most likely, bloody cunt to where only the head of my pulsing pound of flesh was still in her. For a moment, just a moment, I thought about hammering that nail all the way through the soft wood below me. But I settled for a slow thrust. It took a couple more tries to sink my shaft fully into her puss, but she took it like a champ, only grunting softly with each deepening and stretching thrust.
When I could happily feel that the entire length of my erection was fully enclosed by warm, wet flesh, I held my crotch hard against hers and raised my upper body off of her soft breasts. My cousins had told me that in this position, with almost all my weight focused onto the vaginal area, especially on the special button hidden just under the little piece of flesh at the top of the pussy, sometimes it was enough to cause an orgasm.
I rocked up and down on her, trying to grind against her clit as hard as I could with each forward and back movement. I could hear her gasp and grunt a little, but after a few minutes I tired from the effort and laid back down on top of her, my elbows once again taking back most of my weight. I did keep my lower body suspended on my toe tips, however, and began rocking up and down again, another position that my cousins had found quite pleasurable.
“Oh Gawd”, she whispered as she bit my ear lobe, “this feels soooo gooood!”
Her legs wrapped around me and I kept up the methodical pressure on her most intimate parts. I wasn’t pumping fast, and I wasn’t pumping in and out. I was more like sliding up and down her pussy, trying to make just enough movement to fully cover her vaginal valley, from the fleshy covered nub at the top to the stretched out bottom of those hot lower lips.
And I could feel my heart beating faster as the need to ejaculate into Ginny’s hot house built. I moved my arms around her back and my hands reached down to grab onto her chubby bottom cheeks. I took hold of each round swell and began driving my cock as deep as I could into her inviting body. I started sliding up and down her pussy faster and faster, the only two thoughts in my head being, ‘Oh, God, I’m gonna CUM!’ and “Don’t make any FUCKING NOISE!”
I had forgotten all about trying to make sure that Ginny had an orgasm. I also completely forgot to keep my hands free to cover her mouth if she did have one. I was too intent on my own lustful pleasure of the moment, and I quickly reached the Point of Know Return (yeah, I know, but I just love the music of Kansas).
I did, however, remember not to cry out in ecstasy, as I hoarsely whispered, “I’m gonna cum in your pusssssyyyyy!” And with a stifled groan, and with a final thrust, I spilled my seed into Virginia’s Virginal Valley.
I held myself all the way in, holding on to that magnificent ass, letting my cum filled cock empty deep, deep inside of this young girl who had promised to do anything for me, whatever I wanted. She had just proven herself to me. I could feel her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms locked around my neck as my well ran dry. Even when I was spent she continued her hold on me, refusing to let the moment pass.
“God Damn, that was so fuckin’ hot!” I recognized Russ’s whisper. “Jesus Christ, Rock, you’re puttin’ the rest of us to shame!”
Jocelyn: “Russ, you could learn a lot from this kid. You better get some pointers from him for tomorrow night. Or maybe I’ll just steal him away from Ginny and have at him myself!”
“Fuck that noise! Let’s go again right now and see if I can do better!”
I looked over and saw those two, plus Curt and Candace, staring at me and Ginny. Candace’s mouth was hanging open, and Curt looked like someone had just kicked him in the nuts. And this whole time Ginny is still wrapped around me, and even with an audience my cock is getting hard inside of her pussy once more. Guess having fucked my cousins enough times in a group setting made me a little less shy than most folk.
“Hey, Ginny, are you okay?” It was Jocelyn.
Ginny just whimpered. ‘Oh, shit!’ I thought. ‘I DID hurt this little girl!’
My mind raced and I tried to pull my stiffening pecker from her possibly damaged pussy. Still, she wouldn’t let go. Finally, I heard her let out a long breath.
“That was just too good to be true!” Ginny whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. By this time the two couples from the other side had come over, wondering what the hell was going on.
Candace, without taking her eyes off of us, whispered, “Isn’t it fuckin’ obvious? These two virgins just made the whole bunch of us look like beginners! Shit, I can’t believe what I just saw!”
And Curt was still staring, still looking like he’d been kicked in the nuts, still shaking his head. Candace pushed him and he fell over, unable to catch himself before landing on his face.
“That’s what I need, Curt, someone who’s willing to put the effort in to make his lady happy. Joc, don’t you think that we deserve that? A guy who’s willing to move mountains, or at least his body, to make sure you’re satisfied?”
“Definitely, Candy Cane. But I know Russ is gonna give it his best shot in a few more minutes.” Turning to Russ, “Ain’tcha, tall, blonde and handsome!”
Russ wrestled her down onto their bags and started kissing her. Quickly, their attention became focused on each other and they forgot about everyone else.
“Damn, we missed it”, one of the other guys whispered. Strange how I can remember all the girls names still, but the names of those other two guys just won’t come to me. Might be because they didn’t have naked boobs and a bare pussy for me to check out when my dick was solidly entrenched in Ginny’s super fresh cunt.
“Stick around”, Candace said in a resigned whisper. “The way Ginny hasn’t let go of him yet means she probably wants to fuck again. Wouldn’t be surprised if his cock isn’t already hard again and they’re just waitin’ for everyone to go away before the next show begins.” She pulled Curt back over to her and asked, “Do you wanna try it again? Can you remember a couple of those moves Rocky laid on Ginny? Oh, never mind, I’ll talk you through it when the time comes. I just hope your good at taking instructions.”
Trudy and Mindy grabbed their guys and took them back to the other side of the fire. Pretty soon I heard the familiar sounds of couples making out, soon followed by the sounds of couples having quiet sex. I turned my attention back to Ginny and the fact that the blood in my engorged dick was still pulsating inside a young, wet, hot, cum-filled pussy.
Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw movement over by the camper. I was sure we were all busted and my heart started to pound. When I didn’t see anyone walking towards us, I let my eyes relax and casually looked over, not really focusing on anything, a trick I had picked up somewhere along the way to see better at night.
Sure as shit, someone was sitting on the steps of the camper, moving an arm back and forth very quickly. I recognized the slight build as that of little Frankie’s, and I knew exactly what she was doing. I’d watched my cousins masturbate themselves to orgasm plenty, and I could tell that the ‘good girl’ of the group was doing just that, furiously rubbing and fingering herself while secretly watching the rest of us try to fuck each other’s brains out. I just tucked this information away for use at a later date, a weapon that I could possibly use in the future when, and if, the time was right.
Ginny didn’t have an orgasm during our first fuck. I asked her before we started again and she said, “Maybe, I’m not sure.”
I told her, “Ginny, if you’re not sure, then it didn’t happen.” Again, a little tidbit of knowledge gleaned from my cousins. “But I’ll do my best to give you one this time.”
I got to fuck her two more times before Jocelyn broke everything up at around 2 AM and we all got back to our proper places. I did make Ginny cum twice the second time we fucked, but she must have been too tired the third time. I didn’t take my cock out of her puss until after my last cum, and when I did, she went to the restrooms with the other girls. When they got back, we kissed our girls goodnight. That’s when Ginny told me that when she had peed, she found out that her pussy was really sensitive and tingly. She also said it was very sore. More happened the next night, including something that rivaled the first time that my cousin, Lori, made me cum with her hand.
So, chapter two of this saga to come in the near future.
Hope you like reading the IRL stories about this part of my life. I’m just grateful to have a place to share a small piece of my life. Some of the robust language in these stories is obviously for effect, but the essential facts, as well as most of the dialogue, are pretty much how I remember it.
Thanks again…
Rocky J.

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