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Wrong rest stop continued

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I let a old man turn me into his sissyboi blackmailing me

I’m naked in my mom’s driveway sucking on the old man big cock moaning sucking begging pleading like a cocksucking cumloving slut not caring if I got caught by neighbors or.

Hours ago I was at a rest stop being seduced by a old fat guy I sucked my first cock and instantly I became a cocksucking cumloving Faggotboi. He followed me home now I’m naked getting nervous scared again I told him to leave me alone it was a mistake to please go.

“ Mmm sorry my little queer boy if U refuse me I’ll make sure your mom n friends see these videos of you moaning like a bitch in heat sucking my cock begging for my hot sweet cum don’t think you will like that “

“ Oh god no please mister don’t tell on me please I loved sucking you so big so tasty don’t tell I’ll be your slut faggot boy sissy just don’t tell”:I was pleading begging him.

Suddenly he picked up my naked body like a rag doll and kissed me I gasped his tongue slipping in my mouth.. WTF I never kissed a guy we are both naked in public my driveway I felt myself kissing him back swapping tongues I started to cum on his belly.

“ You little slut lick your cum off my belly” I’m licking my own cum rubbing my fingers in it.
Smiling I stick my two fingers in my ass my own cum was inside me..

Lost in lust I grab his cock pulling him towards the house… “ Shhh mom is sleeping my room is downstairs both of naked sneaking to my room our clothes were still in the driveway.

“ Take me be my daddy my lover my master use my naked body please you can fuck me like a girl seeding me with your hot cum I need your hot cock deep inside me “

He throws me on the bed spreading my legs wide apart and started to kiss lick suck my ass getting me all wet I was excited it felt great I started to cum again.in his hand he filled my ass with my cum his finger one than two finger tucking me I thought it’s gonna hurt but it felt sooo good I started to buckle my ass in rhythm with his fingers..

“;oooh god oooh god slowly please “ his cock was slipping inside my virgin ass I was losing it moaning like a girl with every inch going inside me.
“Oooh yes daddy fuck me turn me into your bitch your sissy oooh god yes sooo fucking good seed me please get me pregnant cum inside me”

“ Oooh god No oh daddy stop it’s to big oooh god stop it’s hurting to big no more please oooh my daddy “ I could feel my ass stretching out I think he is all the way inside me. Suddenly

“ Oooh god yes Ooh fuck yes fuck mecdaddy fuck me harder I’m yours now I love being fucked by your huge cock it’s all mine now”

Daddy started to moan telling me he was going to cum inside me.. I could feel hot cum going inside me dripping out my ass he pulled out then started to suck my cum out my ass then French kiss swapping my cum..

He got up naked went out the house I heard his van start up. I smiled like good little cum slut.

Got a package a few days later inside were panties training bra lipstick nail polish a little teddy lingerie robe like.. pictures of me naked sucking his cock cum on my face.. a note cum to the rest stop this Saturday night only wearing this I got a surprise for you making you my little girlfriend my friends want to meet you treat you like a real girl.. I smiled

Cumming soon gang banged at the rest stop my cum soaked coming out party

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    need that next part. these are so hot