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Dad dog best friend and me the park

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Daring fun in park one turned into 3 and a virgin

The weirdest fortnight ever ,last Tuesday I was walking the dog on our local park which is a large area with lake children’s area various picnic areas tennis courts mini golf etc and several car parks , its about 8 going dark and im feeling horny as hell I’m parked in a secluded area so what the hell skirt up knickers off two fingers slid straight in so eyes closed sliding in and out rubbing my clit I opened my eyes at point of Cumming to find a lad stood about 3m meters away with his hand down his jeans.
Doors were locked skirt down over legs window opening a little I said what do you want ? Sorry he said I just ,just what , your gorgeous and , and what? Sorry again realizing he was no threat and I was in control I said you never seen a girl finger herself, NO was the reply feeling realy horny I said do you want to see more YES please , come closer I said tilted seat back opened my legs to expose my smooth pussy lifted t shirt to expose boobs and slid fingers back in ,as I came he shot his load all over car park thank you hes said redressing and left . Well that was a first and rather exciting.Tuesday early evening Rex ( great dane ) in car off to park , half way around our usual route I saw the lad from Tuesday thinking this is awkward I turned left to walk away when he said hi and asked how I was ! , fine I said you okay ! Er Daryl he said tracey I replied not giving my real name obviously , what you up to just talking a walk , okay see you again maybe? YES he replied and I carried on walking .
After about 15 mins I could see Daryl was now following me at a distance I wasn’t worried his politeness and body language gave me no concern ,in fact the opposite my naughty side was aroused not to mention quite wet.
I shouldn’t but I bent over taking a long time to fasten my non egsistant shoe lace he took the bare getting closer I reached the car put Rex in back of estate locked doors and watched Daryl approach in rear veiw mirror , hi I said , take it you enjoyed last time , YES YES , what you thinking of now ? I would love to see your body again , not wishing to disappoint I removed my top allowing my boobs to bounce free ,would you like to watch me ride the gear stick? Daryl eyes nearly popped out of his head .
I undressed placing my by now soaked knickers on head rest making sure they were in good veiw a condom I have in car over the gear stick , then slowly lowered myself on to it , now ass towards the dash impailed on gear leaver I told Daryl to drop his Jean’s ,his quite reasonably size cock stood pround I rode the shit out of the gear stick as he wanked furiously, i screamed and he shoot his load several times ,we both dressed he said thank you and left
Wednesday night walking Rex around our usual route at the same time Daryl approac hed smiling with a hello .He said he couldn’t believe his luck with me and his brother and sister didnt believe him What the fuck this getting out of control I told him it was supposed to be private and to meet me 8.00 east car park near the storage units and left
Thursday I had forgotten I was taking car in for service but was taking Tina to train station as she was away for a few days and i was using hers. pulled in to car park at 7.40 ish and waited it was very quiet 3 people had walked past car park entrance but that was it ,dieing for a pee I went round back of car banging my leg on Tina’s long tow bar jesus’s it hurt went behind bushes and returned to car ,10 past 8 thinking this is a no show I was about to leave when the same three walked across the entrance and to wards me , I recognised Daryl but not the other two the male looked young , Daryl said hello I asked how old is your friend ? Hes my brother Justin 17 and sophie’s my twin 18. Okay I’m waring a tight Tshirt nipples showing as I asked has Justin never seen a pair of boobs before hes seen nothing hes a virgin . I realised I had to get them all on board ( silence) and secrecy being key. Removing my top boobs firm and hard nipples they could all see in the light from the storage unit Justin’s mouth still wide open
What did you want tonight I asked ? the same as last night please Daryl asked that was for you and all you wont see , needing to involve them all and remembering the tow bar I agreed to fuuk the tow bar if Sophie fingered herself at same time she instantly took off her leggings placing a condom on tow bar I lowered myself down and took it all in as agreed she removed knickers and slid two fingers in herself I instructed boys to strip .
Two hard cocks a good looking girl with fingers inside and a pussy full of steel after 10 mins I said to Justin if you lay down ill take your vaginity if I get to lick and finger sophie Daryl your in my ass then sophie you lick me all or nothing ? Sophie told Justin to lay down as she wanted this more than he needed it.
Condoms on I lowered my self down on justin locking in his eyes as I took him all , the look of extacey written all over him I rode him slowly then stopped to look at Sophie she stood over justin pulled my head to her pussy I licked and slid fingers in her after a short while I put my head down to the floor and told Daryl fill my ass he was firm and gentle once inn the both used me to orgasam when they had both shot there loads I led back and sophie was stright in with fingers and tongue till I came .we all dressed the boys said thank you as I got in car sophie came to the car kissed me gave me a number and said ring me . But that’s another day.

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  • Reply Martin-the-perv ID:w4in0j42

    Very horny story, seen a few videos of women using a towbar as a sex toy, vagina and anal, also using the gear shifter, I love watching these and would love to actually see it for real.

  • Reply alex ID:61njao7kk0k

    any lady want to send your story send at [email protected]

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5u1d7c3xij

    Nice hot story