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Slow and steady part 2

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I did not see her the next day. Maybe she did not feel the same way? I felt horrible. I wanted to talk so bad to her. It was the next day that I saw her. We met again in the barn that night. She apologized again because this created a dilema for her. She would have to leave her family for me. She was torn between the two. She loved me as well. We started our usual make out session. I stroked her hair. She was getting bolder and just started unzipping my pants and going for my dick. “I am a terrible influence” I thought. How far this girl has come. Wow. She asked me what to do. “What do you mean?”, I said. “Awhile back you asked me to put it in my mouth. What do I do?”, She asked. I told her what I liked in a blowjob. She started swirling her tongue around the head and going down on it. Then she did something unexpected. She sucked hard on it and I felt my climax coming. I let out a grunt as I came into her mouth. She swallowed it. No problem. Damn this good little sheltered girl has a wild streak. I went to return the favor and she willing lifted her dress and spread her legs. I parted her slit and went to town on her clitoris. It swelled up and I sucked on it. I stuck two fingers in her hole as my thumb caressed her clitoris. I told her I was crazy about her as I pleasured her. She started convulsing and an moaned as her legs locked on my hand. “We need to talk”, I said. “Where do we go from here? Winter is coming soon and your Dad is not going to need me anymore. How can we see each other?” She said she did not know. I asked her to leave the farm. “You are old enough. You are 18 you are an adult. You can live with me and my parents for now.”, I said. She said, “she could not do that. She could not betray her family.” “What are you going to do be some housewife in some arranged marriage then? Do you want that or someone who loves you and cares about you?” We broke it off that night. Heartache sucks. Especially with seeing her on the farm. I quit my job with her dad. We did not see each other for about 5 years. I got my degree and tried to move on. I went back to Nappanee to see my parents and forna job. I saw her again in town. Not in Amish dress. I called her name and she looked at me. She hugged me and asked how I had been. She left the way of life about a year after our break up. I asked her to dinner and she agreed. We later went back to her place. She apologized for the way it ended and I said I understood. We had a couple drinks together and picked up where we left off. We started making out on her couch. She unbuttoned my pants and got my dick out. “Remember When you taught me how to do this? Lets see how good of a teacher you are.”, she said. I started feeling up her to her vulva. She moaned as I caressed her pussy. She took her clothes off to show off her amazing body. I never actually saw her fully naked until now. I bent her legs up and rubbed my dick along her lips. I lined up with her hole and shoved it in. She let out an “ow” with each thrust. Fucking A she was still a virgin. I saw blood on my dick. Fuck did she wait in hope of seeing me again? He pussy was tight and wet and it felt so good. I arched back and grunted as I pumped my juices into her pussy. I laid next to her and we stayed together until morning. She said she dated a couple guys but they were not like me. We dated for about 6 months and at Christmas I asked her to marry me. 30 years and 3 kids later we are still crazy about each other.

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    TBH again he lack of paragraphing makes it hard to follow. As for he erotica it lacked severally for this site as there is no section for love stories. YET!
    Now comes the good part. The story as a hole was fucking awesome and through he roof. Yes it could of had more dialog in areas but the overall story was very good and as a true story the ending flat brought tears to my eyes. I am a firm believer in love from the heart and it was quite obvious in this story the both of you were absolutely destined to be together. I am so delighted that the two of you still have that magical spark when you first met.

    Keep writing stories like this and fix a few errors and I will have to up my game at writing to keep up hehehe!