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big sister

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Hi im jack i went to stay with my sister this week end ive always had fantasies about my sister’s I would steal their dirty panties and lick there dildos. so any way i arived on friday night, and took my stuff to my sisters room (by the way im 14 and mail and my sister is 24) when i walked in to my sistrs room i instantly saw the dirty thongs on the floor my dick twiched with excitement my sister was in the kichen so i quickly dropped my bags and picked up a red lace thong i put the part where the pussy go’s up to my nose and inhaled the sweet smell of her juice’s fluded my nose a then licked them thay tasted so good. Fast track to the next day my sister and i did yoga we both got realy swety so my sister went to get in the shower i wated a minute before following her up the stairs as usual my sister hadn’t shut the door all the way so i put my eye up to the crack just in time to see my sister pull thong off bending over her butt facing me i wotched as it stuk to her swetty pussy i pulled my cock out and started jacking it i shot cum allover the door and through the crack into the shower room my sister turned around and smild as she shut the door completely i wated for her to leave the shower room so i could get a shower as she walked out just wrapped in a towel she let the towel slid and reveal her left nipel she gave my a cute smile as i wlaked in to the shower room i shut the door and striped naked and my hart skip the beat when i noticed my sister’s dirty sweaty panties witch she had just taken off on the floor quickly pick them up and found some sticky white Stuff so I tasted it and I instantly new it was girl cum I looked every inch of that thong then I came all over where the pussy gose after my shower I gave the panties back to my sister she smild when she saw all the cum then i went to bed i was crashing of the sofa in the living room the dog Bruce slept in a basket next to me i drifted off quite quickly but i was a welcome by movement over me it was early in the morning Light it just started showing through the curtains and my sister was stood over me in just a thong the very same thong we had both cumed in my morning wood twitched as I made this connection she noticed and smild do we have a proper down there she asked she gently took away the covers and somewhere my legs so they were the sofa properlyshe puled down my boxers and smild as my 6 inch prick sprung up I would be a first big sister if I didn’t help you she said as ahe nelt in front of me rapping a hand and around my dick and licking my bell end i pushed her head down my hole dick and i flet my self slide down her throt she had often bragged to me that she doesn’t have a gag reflex btw she doesn’t was is all happening Bruce gets up and walks behind my sister atrakted by the smell of cum I release my sister’s head and she gasps for breath then Bruce Mount her she gasps in shok my dick in her hand i thort of Bruce fucking my sister mad me get even harder my sister notices this and smills do you like the idea of your slutty sister getting fucked by a dog? I nodded she gently pulled her panties down to reveal a soaked pussy she smiled as she guided bruises cock to her opening Bruce thrusted and slamed her pussy so hard i grabbed her head and forced it down on my dick she was being brutally fucked by both ends she tried to scream with my dick in her throat when Bruce knotted her as she did this i came in her throt but i kept my dick in there till she past out I waited to Bruce had done and I walked behind my sister and fucked her for a hour strat btw this was a true story

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  • Reply SubVirgin

    I want someone to do that to me…

    • Big sister

      Message me at @stephenmcivorpriv on ig and we can talk

  • Reply Anon

    The fact thar you need to keep saying this is a true story is sad. This so fake. I’m a 100% sure you cant fuck someone for an hour. Your 6” cock? Sureeee buddy. This is so fucking sad that you need to post a fake story and say multiple times its true.

    • Big sister

      Message me @stephenmcivorpriv and i will show u my 6 inch cock

    • Anon

      I’d rather not see child porn.

  • Reply AP

    This is a really cool story. Italy suffers from the fact that you needed to proofread it before you posted it.
    The way that you go into details really drives the story and makes it especially hot. I’m looking forward to hearing either another story or you continuing this one, letting us know what happened next.

  • Reply Smh

    Ever heard of a period? Dumbass

  • Reply Tgdcl

    You sound like you are young and you don’t speak great English smh

    • Big sister

      I am English I wrote this on my phone and I’m 14 and I’m not great at writing I just wanted to share my true story

  • Reply Hard

    Id love to get a taste of your sister

    • big sister

      Are u male or female and how old r u

    • I am male

      You can snap me at varunsodh2

    • I am male (varunsodh2)

      I am 16

    • H

      I am a male 17