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The Castle

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This house burned down, and they never built it back up, but we took some of the cinder blocks, and made the wall look like a castle.

I got a nerf bow for my birthday, and I had a friend that had 2 pistols. She let me borrow one sometimes, but as soon as I could. I put on a green hoodie, and went over to show it off.

She said “Like Hawkeye,” but I said “No, Green Arrow.” So she said “Yeah, he’s just like Hawkeye only in Gotham.”

So, she gave me a yellow magic marker to draw a mustache, and beard on. I had to be real careful to make it look like a golden arrowhead on my chin in the bathroom mirror. So by the time I got done, she changed into her cat suit. Buckled the red hourglass belt on, but she didn’t have the bracelet thingies.

She’s really cool, and fights really good, so we went out to play “Raid the fort.” She got to keep both her guns, and told me about the Hydra base we’re going to break into. She’s really into spy stuff, but she had her costume zipped up over whatever she stuffed in the top. So, it looked like her boobs, but when we’re almost to the end of the road.

It was really a driveway, for the house, but now it’s just a dirt road, through the woods. We heard someone yell “NO!” Really loud, and she started running. “Come on, somebody needs our help!”

So, I chased after, and caught up, but when we got there. We heard grunting first, so she got there and snuck up to the wall. I had to bend way over to keep down, but when we peeked over, the first thing we saw was Polly.

We should have known, Polly the loudmouth yelled at everyone, and threw hissy fits when she didn’t get her way. So nobody wanted to play with her. At least that’s what we thought, but then I saw Doug. They put a rope around the chimney, so he was tied up in front of the fireplace. There was another fireplace up above that one, but his pants were down, and Polly bent over.

“Mn mh!” Was all she could say, bobbing her head up and down under his shirt. At least that shut her up, but I looked over at Natalie, and she looked back with a big grin. She unzipped her cat suit, and pulled out the little toy basketball she cut in half. So they rolled around in the dirt, and I could see the foam inside.

She pulled the zipper out even more, and turned around. Sat down, and took a deep breath. “Huh, I’m hot.”

“Yeah,” I peeked between the cinder blocks again. “She’s dressed really hot.” Apparently, she took some yoga pants, and cut them off, but left the seams on the front, and backs of her legs. So, her butt stuck out the back, and she wore these plastic shoes. Just solid plastic, but bright red, and nail polish to match. “Huh?”

Natalie touched my hip, so I looked over. “You think she’s hot?”

“Oh, no.” I just glanced back, but all she had on besides that was a training bra. “Maybe when she’s got her big mouth shut.”

She pulled my pantleg, so I turned around, and sat down next to her. “Well, aren’t you at least a little hot?” She rubbed my chest, and started unzipping my hoody. She was blushing so much it looked like she was wearing makeup, and I didn’t even know she even knew how to put it on, let alone she brought it with her, but even her lips looked red, and soft, so I kissed her.

“Huh!” She rolled her head back, and closed her eyes.

“Sorry,” I thought I got the wrong idea, but she slapped my chest. “You should be, you know how long I been waiting for you to do that?”

“Guys,” Gretchen came out around the corner. “If you’re going to make out, do you have to do it right out front?” She looked back and forth at us. “Nice soul patch.”


She pointed up at her chin.

“Oh, the beard.” I forgot I put it on.


“Lena” (Alias)

Kyle wasn’t my boyfriend, yet. He was my best friend, because he would actually play with me, and he even said I fight good. Just that, I fight good, not even “For a girl.” I had hoped we would be 2gether, 4ever, and maybe got married some day. I hadn’t really thought about kids, but we’re still kids, so that could wait.

Until that loudmouthed girl Penny. Well, she didn’t really ruin anything, but nobody believed her when she bragged about having a boyfriend in the 5th grade. That was a couple summers ago, so she’d started growing up. Physically anyway, she was still a meanie, and a bully.

So then, her sister caught us kissing out front. She invited us down to the basement, but thank God Penny put on a trench coat. I could still see her muff hair when it flapped open, so I rolled my eyes.


“Where’s your whip?”

“I didn’t bring it.”

Kyle hugged my shoulders, “Yeah, she’s Black Widow, not Catwoman today.”

“Well, what’s with the stuff on your face, you lose a bet?”

“Come on.” Doug had his pants on, so he took her off with her sister, and left us alone.

“Whew!” I didn’t know how tense I was until they went up the stairs, so I could relax. I shivered, but Kyle rubbed my shoulders, and turned me around.

“I thought you’re hot.” He leaned down, and tilted his head one way, so I closed my eyes, and tilted mine the other. It didn’t feel like I always imagined, but I still liked it.

“Mh!” I licked my lips, and bit them, nodding.

“You’re way hotter than her, even in those crotchless yoga pants.”

“Oh, I think she tried to make them look like a garter belt.”

“What’s that?” He shook his head.

“Oh,” I got my phone out. “You know thigh high stalkings?” Searched for pictures to show him, and pointed it out. “That’s the garter belt, to hold your stockings up.”

“Oh.” He nodded, and grinned. He looked silly with the dry erase marker on his face, so I tried to wipe his chin off with my thumb. He looked back and forth. “You’re not wearing any makeup?”

“No?” I blushed.

“Well, for a minute there, you looked like.” He tipped my chin up, and kissed me again. So, my lips plumped back up. “Just like that.”

“It means I like you.”

“Good,” he hugged me, “I like you too.”

“Uh,” I pushed his hips, and looked down. “Is that what I think it is?” I pointed, but I couldn’t see it sticking out of his pants.

“Yeah, it means I like you.” He looked back at the fireplace. “You don’t have any underwear on, like that.”

“No,” I turned him back, “I don’t think they make it in my size.” Hell, Penelope is 11, and she probably couldn’t even get a garter belt. Why else would she ruin her tights like that? She didn’t even get the straps right, they’re supposed to go on the sides of the legs, not the front, and back.

“What are you thinking?” He hugged me again, but that thing, hard against my belly was a little distracting, so I pushed his hips again.

“Oh no. If you’re thinking, what I think you’re thinking.”

“Well, we don’t have to do that.” He looked back, at where he saw her giving oral sex. “But, maybe I could try it, on you?”

“Oral sex?”

“Well, I know it doesn’t work the same but.”

“Huh!” I just reached up for my zipper, and slid it down. Slowly, “Well, I have a training bra, if you want me to go back, and put it on for you?”

“No, that’s okay.” I got to the bottom of the plastic zipper, but then he stuck a hand in there. It’s lycra, so it stretches, but instead of feeling up my flat chest, he felt down. Below the zipper, and unbuckled my belt.

“What kind of underwear do you wear, then?”

“Well,” I pulled my arm out one sleeve, then another, but I just broke a sweat. Running down the road, no idea where it would lead us, but then I pulled the wet suit down, and my underwear up.

“Captain America?” I had to look down. Blue, with white stars.

“Oh, no. Wonder woman, I just didn’t put on the top.” My mom’s old underoos. No idea how she kept them so nice. From the 80s, but they fit me, and you should see her action figure collection. Not dolls, Action Figures, she had GI Joes, and Transformers, too. She wouldn’t let anyone play with them, or even take them out of the box, not even dad.

“Huh!” I just put my head down on his shoulder. When he touched them, and rubbed them in. “Huh!” Whenever I read stories about women getting breathless, I didn’t think they literally ment they couldn’t breathe. I could, but barely. “Oh!”

“You’re really getting hot in here.” I nodded. “So, maybe you better take them off.” He kissed me quickly, but then he kissed my chin, and down my neck when I threw my head back. “Oh Kyle!” I held his shoulders, and felt them going down. Ahead of my waistband, but he didn’t even stop for my nipples, or detour one way or the other. He just kept going down, lower, and lower.

Following my waist band when that slipped off my butt. He stopped to kiss my belly button, just as quick as he kissed my lips, but my fingers slipped off his shoulders. So, I felt up his neck, his ears, and his nose brushed me.



“You smell sexy.” Then, he kissed me.

“Oh, oh Kyle!” Deeply, then deeper, and deeper. Wiggling in, so I could feel his wet tongue, and his lips sucking at something!

“Ah!” My butt shot out, and I bent over, knees crossed. “Not there.”

“I’m sorry?” He wiped his mouth.

“It’s okay, but it hurts when you kiss me there.”

“Your clit?”

“Huh?” I tried to bend over, to look. Well, where I peed, I know what it is, but I never touched it before, like that. Just to wipe, but with toilet paper, and stuff.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would be that sensitive.”

“Huh, me neither, but I think I’m ready.” I pulled my underwear back up.

He looked doubtful. “What for?”

I rubbed my nose, “You know? Get up there, where Doug was.” Where we usually put the treasure, when there was a treasure to get.

“Oh,” he backed up, “You don’t want to tie me up?”

“Not this time, but take off your shirt.” So, I can see what I’m doing, but I had to belt my leotard back on, so it didn’t fall back down.

“Okay,” he threw it on the hearth. “Now what?”

“Now drop your pants, and your underwear.” He wasn’t as big as Doug, from what little I saw, but this is Kyle, and I love him. He made me feel so good, before he rubbed me the wrong way, but it was an accident, and I want to make him feel better, too.

I kissed his nipple first, and felt it with my fingers, moving over to the other side. “Smooch,” I looked up, “You like that?” he nodded, and smiled, so I worked up the courage to kiss my way down. Stop at his belly button, to kiss it deeply. “Ptoo!” Pick lint off my tongue, but at least he’s not hairy?

He really should be hairy, if he was a man, and he will be some day, but “Sniff?” it doesn’t smell to bad, so I lick it, and it doesn’t taste too bad. So, I tried licking, around and around the little red head, before I kissed it, and let it slip in my mouth.

I didn’t like it, and he didn’t say anything, but I got it wet. So, I popped it out of my mouth, and pushed his hips. “Huh, sit down.”

“On the bricks?”

“Yeah,” I dropped my belt, and pushed my underwear down with the spandex. I was too horny to bother with my boots, so I just got up on his lap, and stretched them over his legs. “Hold it, hold still. Now hold it up.” I squirmed around, but between us, we finally guided it inside me. “Oh, AH! NGH!”

“I’m sorry.” I nodded, and just held onto him. Tried to take a breath, but that just made me move impaled on him. He just held me, until the pain started going away, or I got used to it. Either way, we had to get that over with so we could start having sex. Before I have to worry about getting pregnant, and birth control, and all that grownup stuff.

Honestly, I never felt all that innocent, until I lost it.

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