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Amy Tale/s – Girls Night Out Pt. 1

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Janet had my legs spread flashing my hairy pussy to like a dozen people at tables while she rubbed it.

It has been almost a week and I have not heard from Janet since Sunday. I even went and fucked Ethan’s big black cock on Tuesday and Thursday. If Janet had a tracker on my car, she did not mind me being at Ethan’s. Every day after work, I would open the apartment door thinking Janet would surprise me, and she never did. Now it’s Friday, and I am home, and only Ken is here. She is doing this to me on purpose – she is playing with me; I am a rich girl’s plaything.

I had been to parties and events with Ken; and with Ken, Greg, and Clair together. Ken is around rich people in his social circles. Most of the women I met there were snobby and sophisticated. Me and Clair are a bit hillbilly, or common and trying to fit in at the country club. We are as pretty as the rich girls, and we do dress for the occasion; but maybe we speak in a down to earth manner or don’t hold our pinky finger just right. Most of the high society types we were encountering were raised that way.

Janet is completely different. Janet could walk into a fancy cocktail party with these rich girls, and totally dominate the room. Janet could walk into a street bar and do the same thing. Janet’s husband made his money fixing these rich girl’s extra cars. Janet has spent the last five or six years of her life as a blonde bunny going wherever she wants, and she threw money at it to get there. I could be at a fancy cocktail party with Ken, and some uppity 32-year-old entitled woman would look down on me as a gold digger (and maybe she is right). This same entitled rich snobby wife would see Janet enter the room, and immediately try and convince her husband it was time to leave, because the devil just arrived, and she was scared. This is how Janet carried herself, and she was my dame to rescue me from such trifles.

Now back to my Friday night at home missing Janet after not seeing her for a week. Ken and I go out to eat, come home, he talks to Greg on the phone, we get in the bed, Ken fucks me. I make him feel special with my theatrics, he gets off, I go shower, and go to sleep. I am awakened at 8:30am Saturday by Ken nibbling on my ear lobe…wait, I reach forward and look, and Ken is in front of me. I turn to see who is nibbling my ear lobe, and it is Janet, and she is under the covers with me naked. I have panties and a night shirt on. I hugged her so tightly, and she says, did you miss me? I say, yes, let me brush my teeth.

Janet stays in the bed and I return and take my clothes off and slide in next to her and cuddle. The bed is big, and Ken is still sleeping. Janet and I kiss and rub each other’s body. We get to moving and making too much noise and Ken wakes up and looks at us holding each other and staring at him. Ken says, good morning Janet…Good morning Ken. Ken asks, I guess you and Amy will be busy all day? Janet answers, yes, and we will be home tonight around 10 or 11pm – will you be home Ken? Ken says, yes. Janet asks, will Greg be here? Ken says, we had not planned on it, why? Janet says, it will be a surprise, just make sure you two are here after 10pm.

Janet says, I am having another party this Friday, so don’t make plans. Ken says, we will most definitely come to the party. Ken gets up and showers while me and Janet hold each other some more. Ken comes out of the bathroom naked, and throws some underwear, shorts, and shirt on, and Janet says, there is breakfast on the kitchen counter. Ken says, cool, thanks, and disappears. I ask Janet about her surprise for Ken and Greg, and she says, later.

We get up and I put my night shirt on, and Janet grabs one of my nighties and slips into it. We go eat. Janet brings me back to the bedroom and she has her nail polish kit, and she makes me get naked (and she gets naked) and she does my toenails. After she is sure my sexy red toenails are dry, we take a long shower, and she washes the hell out of me and douches me. She does our hair, and she gets dressed normal for her (a nice midthigh sundress and high heeled sandals). Janet was born in high heels. I put on a nice skirt, blouse, and sandal flats; I cannot wear high heels. Janet has the body and ass for high heels. High heels make me look dumpy. Now in bare feet, my ass and body and legs look hot. If the occasion calls for me to wear heels, they are always 1” heels or lower if possible.

Janet tells me to call Clair about the party next week. Clair complains about Michael. She says he is becoming a problem now that Clair is spending more time with us. Michael does not know Clair is also seeing Greg. Janet inquires and I explain, and she has an idea on how to deal with Michael, which is another tale. Janet wants to know if she should invite Ethan and Emma, and I say, no. Janet wants to know why because she thinks Ethan’s big cock is a great addition to her parties. I tell her I am not ready for Ethan to meet Ken, and for Ethan to discover all the gay sex stuff.

After the call and discussion, I ask Janet, where are we going? Janet says, we have a hair appointment at 3:30pm, and I thought we could shop some before then. We get home around 5pm, and my hair is marvelous. Janet has her makeup kit, and we begin putting makeup on. She has been telling me we are going out to eat at a fancy restaurant where she has made a reservation.

We eventually get dressed and I wear a red wrap dress Janet picked out for me that hits just above my knees, but with the split you can see my thigh when I walk. I wear a pair of leather flats, sandals, that have an ankle strap. Janet had a baby blue sparkle body conform dress that barely covered her ass. Of course, she wears no bra or panties. I need a bra, so I use a strapless. Janet tells me not to wear panties, but I want to, she pressures me until I agree. Janet puts on a diamond choker, diamond dangle earrings, a diamond bracelet that is like 2” wide. She puts a nice diamond necklace on me, and a diamond bracelet (I don’t wear earrings). We both wear our ankle bracelets. With our lipstick and toenails looking good, we are sexy hot, but more like a mother and daughter.

Janet has a limo pick us up and drive us to the restaurant. I will just condense this part. It was a nice place with great food, and Janet shelled out over $400 for the meal. We arrive at the next destination by limo around 8pm. I was shocked, but it was my first time in a male strip club. Janet paid for a booth behind the main floor away from the tables and clusters of people. I was stunned at how many guys were in the crowd at tables. Janet told me Max would bring her here, and that Max had actually picked up some of the dancers before and they would have a threesome. Turns out that most of the dancers are gay or bisexual.

The strip club does have a stage with featured performers. The music was loud, girls screaming, and some strippers would mingle and get tips dancing at tables among other things. I will also say this as a general observation, their cocks are not all that big, maybe 7 or 8 inches generally, and usually flaccid. And they mainly shook them when mingling in a “G” string sock so that their dicks could flap around covered. You can tip and see more, and Janet tipped, but hang on for that. The best thing about the male strippers is they are cute or good-looking, and basically beefcakes.

So, the first beefcake comes by our booth and Janet starts laying cash on the table starting with $20, and she got into $50, and $100 bills depending on what she wanted. She wanted to see the first guy’s dick, and he showed it and shook it. Janet laid down green and grabbed it and sucked it. He had a nice cock. Then she laid some more green down and told the male stripper to let me suck his dick. I was going, no…no, that’s okay, and Janet forced me, and I sucked his semi erect cock. She asked him what time he gets off work and he said 12am. He left and a black stripper showed up, and Janet sucked him too, and made me. He was not rock hard, but bigger than the white guy. Janet slid to the edge of her seat and exposed her totally waxed pussy. She slapped some green down and told the guy to kiss her pussy and he did, and he even licked it a bit. She tipped again and told him to kiss my pussy and I was reluctant.

I eventually caved, and I slid to the edge of my seat and he licked my hairy pussy longer than Janet’s. She asked him what time he got off and he said 10pm. Now, we were behind the tables on the main floor, but there was a cute strawberry blonde and pretty black-haired girl looking at what we were doing. I know they could see our pussies when we slid to the edge. The next guy that came around was white, and he had a nice cock, and he was good-looking. I would guess if he were erect, he would be close to 8.5 maybe 9 inches. We took turns sucking his dick, and Janet got him to lick our pussies, and Janet stroked him, and he seemed to be getting hard.

Janet slapped some green down and told the stripper to stick his dick in my pussy. Janet made me come sit between her legs. He did it, and he went in and out of me a few times. She made him stand and she sucked his cock with my wet pussy juice on it, and she made me suck too. It was like public sex. We were in the back, but some people watched. Now his shift ended at 10pm too, and Janet asked if he was gay or bisexual, and he said, yes. Janet fanned $1000 at him and said, will you meet me at my limo after work, and he said, yes. He left, and I was still sitting between Janet’s legs, but now no one was in front of me. Janet had my legs spread flashing my hairy pussy to like a dozen people at tables while she rubbed it.

Janet was rubbing my pussy and it was on display, and it was getting me hot. The strawberry blonde and the black-haired girl were looking back at us. Janet saw them and said loudly, do you want to kiss her pussy too? The strawberry blonde tuned back around, but the black-haired girl nodded her head, yes. Janet motioned for them to come over. The black-haired girl (Rachel) had to force the strawberry blonde (Sherry), but they both came to our booth. I stood and Janet slid down and I sat back down facing the table beside Janet. Janet asked them, do you want to party with us tonight at our place? Rachel wanted too, but Sherry was hesitant. These girls were 22 years old and in college. Janet queried them, and Rachel said she had lesbian sex twice before a few years ago, but Sherry said she never had lesbian sex. They wanted to know if we were mother and daughter, and Janet said, yes, this is my hot mama. I felt old, but Janet reassured me that I was very hot, because the stripper got hard. Janet said, that stripper would not get hard for these girls.

Janet pressed on Sherry, and she admitted to being curious. Janet finally convinced Sherry to leave with us too. Janet called the limo and we left at 10pm, and the stripper, Jay did show up and Janet gave him $1000. Rachel and Sherry joined us, and they played with the stripper all the way back to the apartment, which was probably more than they could afford in the club. See Amy Tale/s – Girls Night Out Pt. 2 (Conclusion) for the rest.

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