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Junior High Tower

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I heard the boys talk about it, as a place the fags went to play gay games, and eventually, the curiosity got the best of me.

First, my brother went to middle school, and before he went on to high school, he gossiped with his friends. When I wasn’t around mostly, but sometimes I heard them talking in the side yard. Behind the gate, where they could smoke without mom, and dad catching him. Hanging out with stoners, they smoked pot too, but not outside where someone might smell the skunky stink, and catch them at it. (It’s legal here, but not underage, any more than alcohol, and cigarettes.) They drunk beer too, when they could get them, but this isn’t really about that, or them.

That’s where I heard about a Circle Jerk, and since I already knew straight porn search terms, it was pretty easy to look up videos online. Then, [Twinks Circle Jerk] when I found out that’s what they call young looking teenage boys with shaved balls, on the gay side of Xvids, XNXX, and Pornohub. I always avoided that, because I heard they liked to buttfuck, and that’s gross.

So, I didn’t want to see that, but just a bunch of hot guys, naked, and beating off together was about the hottest thing I’d seen so far. They also felt each other up, grabbing asses, and rubbing their dicks together, sometimes. They sucked dick lots of times, and I’d already started sucking my fingers to get them wet. Imagine it was a cock, and even gagging myself until I didn’t throw up to practice deep throating.

Raiding the kitchen for bananas, and hot-dogs too. Pretty typical pre-teen masturbation stuff, some of my friends talked about it. Others just blushed and shook their heads, often on “Truth or Dare,” when I asked how they liked to play with themselves? They just said “Dare,” then quit, and ran off when I dared them to show us.

Another FAQ was “What do you like to think about?” When you’re masturbating, after the prudes ran off scared, embarrassed, and ashamed. So, the kiss, and tell girls could giggle, and talk freely about our fantasies. The erotica girls would ask “What kinds of stories do you read to get in the mood?” So, I asked “What kinds of videos do you watch?” All pretty much the same thing.

So, we had a little circle jerk for a while there, when I was 11 in 6th grade. Only being girls, it was a little different, we couldn’t cum on a cake, and make the last one eat it, even though I never saw that in any of the videos, the stoners said that’s what the gay boys did. (But what do they know? They’re stoners, and not gay, so it had to be just a rumor.)

Finally, I went on to middle school, and the first day I climbed up to the top of the stairs to see. They kept going, up to the top of the tower, but sure enough, there was a cage around the stairs. Just like my brother said, when he was going there, they locked it with a padlock, but it was just screwed into the metal with screws. So, they just had to unscrew it to get in the door, and go up to play their gay sex games in the tower.

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes, disappointed, because while I could see the screw holes, and the square in the paint where they took that off. They put a lock on the door, that somebody punched out with something. Then, they put a chain through the hole, to lock it that way. I kept going back, trying to figure out the combination, but that never worked. Then, I asked around to see if anyone else heard about using the old bell tower to have sex.

Gay sex, straight sex, or lesbo sex, it didn’t really matter to me. I just wanted to do something, pretty much anything, except for lick pussy, fingerbang, and fuck my bicurious friends with hotdogs, and stuff. It was okay, but we only did it once or twice. Per girl, I mean sometimes we’d get a new girl that hadn’t tried it yet, or one of the frigid girls warmed up, and decided to try it, because she was too horny to say no, but I sure wasn’t bicurious any more.

I’m still down, to do it. For instance, once I got a boyfriend, as soon as he wanted to do a threesome, I knew plenty of girls I could call to lez out while he watched. Mostly, I mean they try to get in there, you’ll get a couple pokes, but really? Honestly, if the girls like it, at all, and we’ve done it before lots of times, the guy’s pretty much just there to watch, or get in the way.

Oh yeah, sorry. Uhm, I forgot to say that we didn’t really circle jerk? You know, because we don’t have dicks, and balls to frost a cake, but instead we passed around something like a banana. To suck, and dip in our twats, and suck off each other’s juices, but it wasn’t a competition, like the boys. It wasn’t even a dare, it was just masturbating, and deep throat practice.

It’s how we compared notes, I guess the unofficial name was Slut Club, even though we’re all still virgins, and honest about it. The whole idea was getting ready, so when we did get boyfriends, we would know what to do. We’d see who could bite off the most banana, and swallow it whole, but we only tried that with a hot dog once. Then, we had to try to give her the heimlick until she finally coughed it up, and we only used Bananas for deep throat practice after that.

Finally, I caught the bad boys breaking into the tower again. Word got around that you could use the old bell tower for sex again, if only somebody would just break in. It just took a long time for Jeremy, and Jacob to throw a pair of bolt cutters over the fence. Jeremy grabbed them quick, before any of the teachers, or faculty saw him with them, while Jacob ran around the fence.

That’s because they had metal detectors, and Xray machines like the airport, to keep boys from bringing guns, and knives to school, but you have to think that if they got caught with a pair of bolt cutters tucked under his trench coat, they’d take that away, too. I knew that J&J were like, well they wore trench coats to school, year round. The kinds of boys that could get bolt cutters, for breaking and entering.

“Bad boys,” but come on. Even in 6 grade, I knew there were more then 1 kind of bad boys, because my brother hung out with the pot heads. The middle school handbook said stuff about gang colors in the dress code, but these weren’t gangsters, neither. They’re white, but that didn’t mean anything. We didn’t really have enough black, and latino boys, so the gang bangers were mostly white, too.

I had no idea they’re gay, because they wanted it that way. That’s why they dressed up like creepy perverts, flashers, and #NotAllMen. We had those too, they’re boys, but if they overheard you talking about anything feminist related, they’d butt in to tell you “Well actually, not all men…”

Yeah, we get it. There’s creepers, and different kinds of creepers. Sex harassers, flashers, gropers, molesters, rapers, kidnappers, and killers who might fuck your body after you’re dead, and then dump the body when it get too cold, and stinky so they have to find another girl…

That’s the problem, or the one biggest problem, for girls like us. We want a bad boy, so he’ll do bad things, like steel a car to go joyriding and fuck in the back seat, but not too too bad. There’s got to be goldilox zone, where they don’t get themselves stuck in the Friend Zone because they’re too nice to make a move, but we don’t wind up chained to a bed in a basement, waiting for them to come in with electrodes and stuff to make us scream, so they can get it up.

KUNGH! Sure enough, I was barely up to the first landing when I heard the metal gate slam open, and the chain rattle back through the hole. They were smart, instead of just leaving it wide open, with the broken chain on the floor, they pulled the cut ends through, so it just looked like it was still locked. Too bad, there was no way to pull the chain back out, without it rattling loudly against the bars.

So, when I got up the stairs, and out the side of the tower, they were just standing there, trying to act natural. “What are you doing up here?” The asked, so I shook my head.

“What are you doing up here?”

“We asked you first.”

“Well, I heard you breaking in, and you know the rumors about the gay boys using it for circle jerks a few years back?” I put my hands up, to hold onto the bars around the hole in the floor. They took the bell out, but they didn’t cover up the hole in the floor. They just put another cage around it, and bars in all the arches they had for windows, but then the boys looked at each other, and blushed.

“No? Who told you we’re gay?”

“Nobody, I just said, they used to come up here for circle jerks.”

“So, what’s it to you?”

“I just wanted to watch. I always wanted to watch a real circle jerk, and.” I got out my phone, “It’s my favorite porn to watch online.” I unlocked it, and went to chat. So, I could click on the Camera icon, swipe over to saved pictures/video/downloaded videos.

“You can get porn on your phone, up here?”

“Yeah, maybe.” I looked around, and held it up. Shaking my head, and walking around. “No, wait. I can’t even pick up the school network?” Which has cockblock filters on it, of course.

“Yeah, it’s like a Faraday cage.” Jeremy’s the nerdy one.

“What’s that?”

“Never mind, you don’t need to stream porn if you’ve got a couple of real men to watch us jack off?”

“Ighm!” I covered up a laugh, when he said real men. “Sorry, I don’t mean to scoff, but you’d really do that, for me?”

“Yeah, but you don’t want to stand up in front of the windows where somebody might see us.” So, they backed me into a corner, and unzipped their pants. Got them out, and looked over at each other. Pulling them hard, but they don’t want to sound gay or anything.

You looking at my cock? Yeah, I’m looking at your hairy little cock, look at my cock. “HhuhHh!” I shivered when I got my cold fingers in my underpants, but they warmed up pretty quick, and I just put my head back. “Oh! Oh!” Moaned, rubbing my pubes in my palm, and 2 fingers up, and down the sides. My middle finger right down the middle until I felt a little damp spot on my fingertip, and I knew that I was wet enough to slip it inside.

“Huh, shit!” Jacob slowed down first.

Then, “Aw fuck! YRH!” Jeremy turned, and they pointed their dicks, right at each other. So the cum shot out, and hit their hands.

“Oh, god!” I got down, and held my hands up to catch the dribbles, smell my fingers, lick them, and rub it all over my face, but when they’re done, they just turned away. Zipped up, and left nervously, they didn’t say anything, but I just scooted down, and sat in the corner.

Smacking my lips, and savoring the taste. Breathing in through my nose to smell the tangy jizz, and feeling it dry to a crust on my face. “Huh!” I finally got up, and climbed down. Grinning like mad, and remembered to hang the chain back through the gate. So nobody knew that the fag tower was open for business again, but the cummy crust all over my face flaked off before I could even get home.

I didn’t care, it was so exciting, it kept me horny all the way home. Just knowing I had dry spooge all over it, and even if people could see it, they had no idea what dirty fucked up things I was finally getting into, but it didn’t stop there.

That was only the beginning, of course…

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