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Mom to sleep through anything

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Mom said dad left us just before she give birth to me and she didn’t need men in her life

Mom raised me by herself without any help of my grandparents who I have never met or any aunts or uncles. I seen my aunt once a few years ago and mom and her got into a fight, I mean fight with punches being thrown. So it’s been just mom and me. She’s and heath nut who helps other women get in shape from what mom says is eating to much junk food and sitting on their asses.
Mom I know has been asked by many men for dates and she turns them down flat and there has been a few women who have tried to put moves on her and she tells them straight she’s not that kind of woman. I know mom has a bunch of sex toys cause I have seen them and a times they smell, well interesting.
I turned 13 last month and have been watching mom use her toys through the key hole in her door and when I’m home and one of the women she trains comes around I try to see her get into their workout clothes. Lately I’ve been jacking off at either mom or one of her customers. So far their only two that can hold a candle to mom. she’s slim with firm, not to big tits. Her ass is really nice and the best part is she keeps herself hair free between her legs so when I watch her through the keyhole I can see every part of her there.
Last fall she hurt herself doing her workouts and started taking these pills at night so she can sleep, well they do the job big time cause her phone started ringing just after midnight and I tried to wake her and couldn’t. It turned out when her listened to the voicemail the next day that grandma had died not that mom give a shit. All she said was “Well that one more piece of garbage gone from this world.”
The next night I went to mom’s room after she had been in bed for a couple hours and touched her arm and she didn’t respond, so I rocked her hard and nothing. I thought this is my chance. I pulled the covers off and the over size t-shirt she wears to bed leaving her totally naked. I opened her legs and slid 2 fingers inside of her watching her face for any reaction and she didn’t move. So I put 3 in and she only give a tiny moan. I thought I’m going for it and dropped my jockey shorts and aimed my rock hard cock at her pussy sliding inside of my mom. Oh god she felt so hot and wet, it’s like I was to be in her all along. I started pumping not even caring anymore if she woke up. All I got from mom was little moans and a bunch of groans like she was enjoying me fucking her. I was planning on pulling out when I came but I got carried away and shot my cum deep inside of mom.
After a bit I pulled out and started playing with her tits sucking on her nipples and giving them little bites which she seemed to enjoy as well by the sounds she was making. I give her a hickey right at the bottom side of her right hand side tit. I thought ‘ there you go mom, you’re now marked as mine and only mine.’ and the best part is I’m no longer a virgin either.
I was hard again and thought this chance was to good to past up so I slid myself back inside her pussy and hammered away at her this time, she was moaning big time this time and her eyes fluttered open as her hips moved with me. Well I lost it and came in her for the second time. I think she came with me. I started thinking I better clean her up which I did with a warm face cloth and once she was clean I began to wonder how she tasted. I got between her legs licking her bare pussy and when I licked a little bump at the top of her pussy she seemed to really like that. so I took to sucking and licking her hard there and her hips started to push into my face. She freaked me out when hand came down on top of my head as she began jerking from head to toe. She never woke up through the whole thing but I had to clean her up again cause there was just whitish liquid was leaking out of her.
Once I had her clean I got her t-shirt back on and the covers pulled up. She had a hard time waking me up in the morning but I noticed that she was smiling a lot more than normal. I asked if she felt better this morning and she took me she felt wonderful.
When I got home from school mom was with her last lady of the day and I watched her through the keyhole thinking that there was a woman almost was hot as mom is and how I would love to do her. As I was in a dream world I didn’t notice they were done and as mom was walking by me, she stopped looking down at me and that’s when I realized that mom was looking at my pants and more important at my hard cock inside of those pants. She smiled at me saying “Boys, they are all the same.” She headed for the shower after the lady had left and I went to the door. I watched her undress and saw what I thought would be a tiny hickey wasn’t that small cause I could see it from 8 feet away. I would have to be more careful.
That night about 1am I was back in her room and inside her hot pussy once again. This time after I came inside of her I wondered what it would be like to have my cock in her mouth. I know it was crazy cause there was my cum and her pussy juice on my cock when I opened her mouth Placing my still hard cock inside. Oh god I almost came in her mouth when her tongue moved against me. I fucked her 3 times that night coming inside of her each time plus as our cum came out of her I got a bunch it on my fingers placing them in her mouth before I clean her up. I swear she did cum with me at least once if not twice.
This all happened but in Nov. and she is now pregnant. As it turned out she knew that I had been watching her through the keyhole and she did see the hickey plus she said there was small bruises on the inside of her thighs after the first night. What I didn’t know was she was thinking about me when she was playing with her toys. I guess I’m going to be a daddy to my own brother or sister. This is going to be weird. But it’s great sleeping with mom now and having her wanting to make love to her. Hell she’s only 34 so we could have a bunch more kids before it’s to late for her if she wants.

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    Good job knocking up mom. Breed a few kids that you can fuck as well

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    love to hear more about you both and your kids

  • Reply Doc C ID:78sf67km9i

    Im tired of reading Dad left us/dad died /mom left us/mom died ect No longer interesting reading
    A minus 5 if i could give a score………………………..05/02/23

  • Reply mother fucker ID:n4n7zxw42

    make her pregnant as much as you can…. i know I had 3 kids with my mom and one with my aunt

    • Camoduck ID:pw0en749i

      Nice I got my mom aunt who was 19 mom 36. And neighbors wife and daughter both. Love knocking up women.

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    It is a lot of fun playing with sleeping mom

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    I hope you have twins a girl that you can fucking 10 years in a boy age to fuck your mom in 10 years