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Simone Part 20 – An unexpected visitor

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I stood and looked for the belt. As the three youths fucked Patricia in all her holes, I was going to whip her.

I started to drift back to consciousness. The dream had been so vivid, bringing back memories form over forty years ago. The three youths, Joey, Nico and Danny had used and abused Patricia in every way thinkable. They had pissed on her, made her drink it, and fucked all her holes repeatedly, even all at once. They had beaten her, whipped her skin red raw with a leather belt, slapped, kicked and punched her. She had been passed from one to the other, cocks forced into her throat, ass and cunt. They had spat in her face, slapped and bitten her tits. They had taken her to the edged of sanity and beyond with evil yet skilfully applied sadistic humiliation, pain and torture.

Danny had been the most brutal. He had slashed at every inch of Patricia’s beautiful skin with the belt until she was covered in raised lash marks. In places, he had even drawn blood. He had beaten her until she passed out. He had then forced the biggest cock I have ever seen into her tiny teen butthole and then gotten Nico to DP her, forcing her pussy down onto his friends waiting cock, while Joey fucked her in the mouth and throat. They had destroyed her, and I had not only watched, I actively took part. I too had pissed on her; I too had forced my cock into all three of her holes and filled them with my seed. Then as the three of them took her slim body to the limit with Danny in her ass, Nico in her cunt and Joey in her throat, I had taken up the belt. I could not deliver the devastation Danny had brought down on her, but I lashed her back, thighs and buttocks as hard as I could until I was sweating and my cock was raging from the excitement.

I opened my eyes.

There was something wrong. I knew it instantly. Something felt different, and I realised that not only was my cock not in Lena’s mouth, I was alone in the bed. Where the fuck was she? I was still groggy and had to force myself to focus. I pulled myself up against the headboard, my back touching the cold wood, the coolness helping me to force myself into the real world. A rake of bright sunlight breached a crack in the curtains and fell across the bed and my naked legs. My cock was soft and a damp patch where Lena’s head should have been, I suspected, was my last ejaculation. In my memory, that had been into Patricia’s mouth. The three youths had finished with her. They were getting dressed. My cock was raging from the excitement and so I had used Patricia’s mouth one last time to blow my final wad of seed into her throat. She was unconscious again.

No, stop thinking about the past. I forced my mind to focus. Where the fuck was Lena?

“Lena!” I called into the quiet flat. “Lena, where the fuck are you?” My pulse calmed as I heard the patter of bare feet on the wooden floor and her pretty voice calling from the kitchen.

“I’m coming, master.” She burst into the room, clearly worried. “I’m so sorry, master, I know I should not have left the bed without your permission, but you were sleeping so deep and I needed to pee and I wanted to surprise you. I didn’t dare wake you. I made you coffee and I made you eggs again. This time some bacon, too. Do you like bacon? Shall I bring you some now? Do you want me to…”

“Shut the fuck up!” I barked in a very serious tone, letting her know she really needed to stop blabbering. “Just stop fucking talking, fuck bitch.” She started to cry, she knew she had fucked up. “Why the fuck is there a sperm patch on the sheet where your cum-mouth was supposed to be?” I asked her.

“What?” She asked shocked and took two steps over to the bed to examine where I was pointing. “Oh my God!” She exclaimed. “Master, I am so sorry. You were soft when I went to the bathroom. I had swallowed your piss and then you came in my mouth four times during the night. I swallowed it all like I am supposed to. I don’t know what happed.” She sobbed.

“Well clearly you didn’t swallow it all fuck-bitch. You left your post and ignored my instructions and I messed up the sheets with cum. Cum that you should have eaten. Now get the fuck over here and lick what’s left of it off.” I commanded and though sobbing, she obeyed, crawling over the bed and going down to the stain with her tongue. I grabbed a handful of her hair and mashed her face into the sperm stain as hard as I could. “Fucking lap it up, lap-dog-bitch. Lick that sperm stain clean and then we need to discuss your punishment. I enjoyed treating her in this way and my cock twitched to life.

“Hmmmpfpfpf.” She was gasping into the bed. I was clearly pushing her face so deeply into the bed that she could not breathe. Good! I pushed harder, sensing her panic grow as she finally started patting at the bed with the palms of both hands, her sign that she was now genuinely in distress. Yet still I held her; I held her until she started to weaken, to slap less and resign herself to her possible death. Only then did I yank her head up by her hair. As I did so, she gasped for air, and I slapped her hard across the face with my left hand as I held her head by the hair. I spat into her face and slapped her again. “Now get your fucking face onto my cock you suck-bitch, and pray you manage to suck another load of spunk out of my balls before I get bored.” As I said this, I forced her face down onto my cock and she opened her mouth to take the full length and width of my cock into her throat. I helped her, pulling her head up and down by the hair, wanking myself with her mouth and throat. I left her next to no time to breathe.

The memories of Patricia being brutalised by the three youths and me had clearly raised my level of excitement because it took very little time for my cock to reach full size and my spine to start tingling. However, if Lena thought her punishment was to be a harmless face fucking and a couple of slaps, she was mistaken. I just wanted to empty my balls before I got down to the real task of reminding my little fuck-bitch that she needed to obey me at all times and beg for permission to do anything outside of my orders. I would explain this to her soon in very clear terms, but for now I was content in ramming my glans into the very back of her throat.

“Get your fucking fuck-face onto my cock, you fuck-bitch.” I stated, and placing my elbow and forearm on the back of her head I forced her face into my groin as hard as I possibly could. There was a slight ‘plop’ and my cock head moved into her throat to maximum depth. I held her there. I played on her panic and her life, holding her and letting her start to choke. The lack of air soon caused convulsions in her chest that rippled into her throat, massaging my cock. Her hand clawed at my thighs and tried to find strength to get my glans out of her neck. I held and held, longer than ever before.

“Hmmmm, Hmmmm!” She cried over my cock. This was the worst I had ever done this and she sensed it was different. She sensed it was dangerous. The veins in her neck turned purple and snot and slime started to explode from her nose, and still I pushed down with all my strength. Her legs and feet started to kick and she desperately tried to twist, to turn, find any way to get air back into her lung. I was determined that was not going to happen.

“Goodbye, Lena.” I whispered into her ear as she slowly slipped towards death with my cock deep in her throat. “A fuck dog is of no use to me if it does not obey me. My toys need to remember what I tell them and follow it out to the last word. Now I can simply let you die and then fill your throat with cum you failed, fucked up fuck-bitch.” As I spoke the last words, she was gone. Her body went limp, her movement stopped, and the room was still, and yes I remained buried in her throat. Just another forty or fifty seconds and it would be over. I knew that. Lena needed to know that. She needed to understand. I pulled my cock out of her throat and mouth and gave her face a very light slap before checking that she was breathing. She was.

“Good girl.” I whispered, and turned her over onto her stomach. My cock was raging and I needed to dump my seed. Grabbing it in my right hand I slid it between her pussy lips a little in order to wet it a little, and even slipped it past her lips entering her tight cunt a couple of inches. Then without pause, I pulled out of her cunt and rammed my stiff cock into her ass in a single thrust, not stopping until my balls hit home. The thrust was hard and even hurt me a little as her back passage stretched to take my invading member, and yet muscle memory knew to let me in rather than really fight. Fighting just makes it worse.

I hammer-fucked Lena’s butthole, pulling out to the tip and ramming my whole shaft back in as quickly, as hard and as deep as I could manage. I was trying to hurt her though her unconscious body could feel no pain. I was trying to disgrace and humiliate her though her unconscious mind could process no feelings.

“You filthy fucking fuck-whore bitch.” I gasped into her ear as another trust went deep into her bowels. “You dare to leave my bed without asking first, cunt? You are in for a whole new world of hurt today sweet Lena.” I whispered and again drove into her ass. I was holding a large fist of her beautiful red hair as I fucked her anus like a lunatic. I yanked her head back rammed my cock into her before pushing her face back into the pillow, and then it hit me. That burning, electric tingling feeling at the base of my spine, and a lightning bolt ran up my back and into the base of my skull. I buried my cock as far as it would go into Lena’s shithole and sent the entire content of my balls deep into her guts and I growled like a bear.

“You fucking fuck-sack, you ass-fucked bitch, take my seed.” I growled and sent wave after wave into her still motionless body before collapsing onto her back, spent.

I lay for perhaps two or three minutes, and Lena had still not come round. ‘Do I need to worry?’ I thought. She was definitely breathing, I checked again. Was she faking? I doubted it. I slapped her ass as hard as I could, and she stirred a little, the pain clearly starting to register now. If she had been faking, the reaction would have been more. I was relieved. Now I need to get her ready for her real punishment, so I slipped of her back and went over to my bag, still in the corner.

I took out four pairs of handcuffs. I wanted my fuck-bitch spread-eagled face down on the bed. So I attached a cuff to each ankle and wrist and these to the bedposts. I studied my handwork for a second then went to the kitchen.

The coffee machine was still glowing and the eggs and bacon were keeping warm on the hob. “Good girl.” I said aloud and opened an overhead cupboard to grab a plate. I then located a mug, knife and fork and even managed to do myself some toast. Sure, this was all work for my fuck-bitch Lena, but she was a little tied up at the moment.

When I returned to the bedroom plate in one hand mug in the other, she was still motionless on the bed. I placed my plate with knife and fork on the side table and took a sip of coffee from the steaming mug. It was piping hot but tasted great. I told her so.

“Excellent coffee, slave.” I stated and placed the hot mug down in the small of Lena’s back. She immediately reacted. “Ahhhhhhhh… Master please no!” She cried, and I lifted the mug. It left a slight red ring on her skin, but was no way hot enough to cause any real damage. I took another sip. “So you are back with me?” I asked. “Ready to learn your lesson and be a good fuck-bitch from now on?”

“Yes, master.” She whimpered. “I am so sorry and understand why you punished me. I deserved it and really thought I was going to die. I swear I will never disobey you again, master.” She added.

“Lena.” I said quietly. “I have not punished you yet. I heard the intake of air as she froze in fear. “I taught you how I can kill you at any time in order to make it clear that you need to be of service to me. Your holes, hands, entire body need to be of use to me, but I still have not punished you sweetheart.” Again, I touched the hot mug to her delicate skin, only this time to her right buttock. She groaned, but did not beg. She was ready to take her punishment and knew begging would not help. I raised the mug, took a sip, and put in onto her left buttock. Again a groan.

I leaned over and set the mug down on the side table. I took the plate and set in down on Lena’s back. The plate was warm, but not hot enough to burn her. I was simply using her as a table. I took the knife and fork and started to chop off some bacon and egg, which I popped into my mouth. I took a bit of toast and reached back over for my coffee as I chewed and swallowed.

“This is a great breakfast, fuck-whore.” I stated flatly, and took a sip of coffee to wash down my food. “The idea was nice and I appreciate that you thought I would be pleased, and I am.” I set the mug down on her right buttock again, and she flinched. “Problem is, whilst you went cooking, I came on the sheets. It is your job to take every single drop of my spunk into your mouth, cunt or ass. There must never be any of it lost, do you understand?” I asked quietly and flatly.

“Yes, master.” She replied. “I messed up. I should have made you cum before I got up so you we empty whilst I was gone. It will never happen again. Next time I will suck you off again before I go to make your breakfast. Would that be ok, sir?” She was clearly not sure of what the right protocol was here, and I knew that was not good. If you have toys, slaves, you need to make the rules clear so they can please you. You can always make excuses to hurt them, but the rules should be clear.

“That would be fine, fuck-bitch.” I replied and moved the mug to her left buttock. “Now, about your punishment. Do you recall all the things I did to Ursula?” I asked and again heard the sharp intake of breath as her fear grew, but she knew she had to answer.

“Yes, master. I remember what you did. Thank you.” She stated, and I knew she was grateful for the punishment I had dealt to her perverted sister, but now her mind was racing as to how bad her own punishment was going to be. I was actually just tormenting her. I knew already exactly, what I was going to do to her, and it would hurt, but not be anywhere near the damage I had done to Ursula. I took another sip of coffee and placed the mug onto the side table again. It was nice, but it was time to get down to business. I quickly cut a few more pieces of bacon and egg, bit off some more toast and put everything onto the side table.

I stood. “Well, dear fuck-toy. Let’s get started. It time to let you know what a bad, disobedient fuck-bitch you have been.” As I spoke, I walked over to my bag and took out two dildos. They were not the massive ones I had used on Simone. I had learned my lesson. I wanted to hurt Lena, not destroy her holes. I still need those to fuck. I wasted no time, performed no ceremony; I walked over to the bed, inserted one into Lena’s cunt and then the other into her butt, and turned them both onto full. As the buzz filled the room, she groaned, more pleasure than pain. That was about to change.

I now retrieved my leather belt from the chair where I had left it, and looping it, I cracked it together to make a snapping sound. Lena stiffened and understood her fate. Patricia’s naked back flashed into my mind and the image of Danny’s massive cock forcing in and out of her ass as Nico fucked her pussy and Joey her face made my own cock jump to life. The vibrators buzzed on, and I would be aiming for those later, but my first lash took Lena lengthways up the middle of her back. She arched backwards at the pain and yelped. I had held back, the blow was light and designed to sting not damage. My cock twitched again, and a drop of pre-cum dropped onto the wooded floor.

My second blow was harder. An angled lash across Lena’s right ass-cheek, it curled along her hip and hit bone. That was not my intention and it was a cruel and painful blow, she screamed and immediately started to apologise.

“Master, I am sorry, I am sorry. I will try to be quiet.”

I lashed again, her left upper leg. Harmless, she flinched a little, but not a sound. Then I put a forceful blow directly at her butt-crack, lashing the leather onto the ends of both vibrators, and she let out a deep groan and started to sob. I decided to make the next hit a little kinder, and aimed at her left buttock, but again I misjudged and the blow took her with the leather wrapping around and hitting her left hipbone. Again, she screamed, but even louder, though quickly biting into the pillow. I had to stop this, so dropped the belt and went over to my bag. Retrieving a ball-gag, I straddled Lena’s back, a knee either side, and attached the ball-gag from behind. Now she could scream all she wanted.

I picked up the belt and planned my next blow. Now she was gagged, I could go a little harder, yet I once again decided on her back. She arched as the much harder blow went across her spine and right shoulder, and she groaned into the ball-gag. I raised the belt again, this time intending to move to the left and go across both buttocks and the vibrator in her ass, but instead I stopped and my heart stopped, too. The doorbell rang.

The ringing was frantic, repeated, urgent, then the banging started. Clearly a fist on the door. Then a voice echoed in the stairwell outside Lena’s flat. A voice I knew and it turned my stomach and the blood in my veins to ice. Simone.

“Open this door. What’s going on in there. Let me in right now or I will call the police.” Then banging and doorbell ringing. “I can hear you. I know you are in there. Open the door.” She was getting louder. “Ok, I am calling the police.”

I panicked. My heart racing I pulled on my trousers and shirt and started moving towards the front door as I buttoned up my shirt. “Ok, ok. I’m coming. Just give me a sec. I will be right there.” I shouted, hoping she could hear me. I reached the door and opened it. Beautiful, wonderful Simone stood glaring at me.

“What in the name of heaven is going on here?” She demanded. “What are you doing to that poor girl?”

“Nothing!” I blurted out. “We are playing. We do that. Pretend and shit. But she is fine. I am fine. There is nothing to worry about.” I was clearly shaken and Simone was not buying it.

“Then you won’t mind if I check.” She blurted out and pushed past me into the flat.

I grinned as I closed and locked the door. “Not at all.” I said. “Come on in.” I turned and followed Simone back towards the bedroom, where Lena was bound face down to the bed. Simone entered the bedroom and I blocked the doorway behind her.

“What the f…” She exclaimed, staring at Lena. Then she looked at my bag, looked back to Lena, looked back to my bag, which she clearly recognised, before turning round slowly to look at me. She was as white as ghost.

“But, but… You!” She whispered. “It’s you?”

“Hello fuck-toy.” I said quietly. “Nice that you could join the party. Now Strip.”

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  • Reply Night Hawk

    Thanks to all of you for the comments. I am glad people read and like my stories.

    @6924cm what happened to Patricia was indeed very brutal and very hard on the poor girl. There is a conclusion to that branch of the story coming up later, where you get to know not only poor Patricia’s fate, but also mine for my involvement, and the three other guys, Joey, Danny and Nico. I don’t want to spoil the story in advance, but firstly it is clear that after such abuse, there was no way for Patricia to hide or disguise her rape. The whole village knew about it, at least the adults. You also need to understand that the village I was born in was tiny. This kind of event had rumours spreading quickly, and poor Patricia, was given a lot of blame and not treated kindly by her family and the locals for what had happened. But I explain this in the concluding part of that branch. I am not proud of being involved in her rape and destruction, as horny as it was, but it allows the readers to know how my mind was formed at a very early age.

    • 6924cm

      I understand how your mind was formed, mine was formed in also real fucked up ways. However I also like to think that exactly because our minds were formed this way, even though at the eyes of many, we are still seen as monsters, we do possess a sense of justice devoided of the morality crap that ends up allowing injustice to happens… Our sense of justice is crude, swift and damning to who we perceive to have caused unnecessary pain towards others, especially to our fuck-toys, making us act on it with tremendous and rightful punishment.
      You were to young on Patricia case, but as we have seen with Lena, your vengeance towards Ursula for what she caused on Lena was swift, damning and hellish, and very well deserved.

      In a way, what happened to Patricia, allowed you to not have the crippling moral that society inputs on us, allowing you to find your own morality.

      Idk if you ever meet anyone that told you that he knows…

      Well my friend, I do know

      Waiting for your next story, stay good

  • Reply 6924cm

    The second one, is related to Danny, Joey and Nico, though they offered to you the teachings of how to use and say to a fuck-toy, I believe that their fate should not be a kind one, preferably, if applied to them by you with Patrícia help on it. Like I said, although they help you earn some important life lessons, they still caused a destruction into Patrícia own body and life that she had not done enough to deserve such, not counting, possibly stealing from you the chance of re-using Patricia countless more times as you grew up.

    Btw thanks for your reply on my others comments, related to the use of the salt, but maybe this is the chance you been waiting to use it, since regarding to this particular mineral, it’s effects are enhanced by 10x if used in male bodies.

    Hope you can think of something nice using salt for their punishment involving you and Patricia this time with Patricia in the giving end. I do believe she did won the right of a real pure vendetta.

    Can’t wait for your next one mate.
    Offer still up, one day we might join for a pint

  • Reply 6924cm

    Sorry not have yet commented, been very busy with my life, was only able to catch up today.

    Of course you should continue, only kinda sad you didn’t had time enough to fully complete Lena punishment. I believe each fuck-toy should have their punishments given single handed with no interruptions, though I’m curious about what will you do next since Simone butt in.
    Read the 2 related to Patricia, they were excellent, only have 2 slight disagreements on it. The first is related to life destruction, Patrica after such treatment will most definitely be pregnant, which will indeed ruin her life, since she will have the marks of what happened lasting months, if not years in her body not counting the damage done to her mind, and as excellent the whole episode was, she had done nothing to deserve such life ruining fate. I’m all for punishing cunts such as Ursula, ruining them completely, but not so much when the fuck-toy hadn’t done enough to deserve such.

  • Reply rere

    god i love these stories to much been reading sense part 1

  • Reply Night Hawk

    More? There is little response, here!

  • Reply mega sus

    here comes simones destruction

  • Reply Anonymous

    Can’t wait for next one