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How I found I like FAT Girls (Sofie part 3)

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This is a TRUE story of how I met , fucked, humiliated and degraded a FAT girl My story is true and genuine

The entire next week my mind was filled with the image of fisting Sofie, remember for a 17 year old boy that was mind blowing and when I wasn’t thinking of fisting her , I kept thinking about how I licked her asshole.

My parents were going away Saturday and Sunday to some conferance and I was texting Sofie during the week to try plan that she would come over Saturday and spend Saturday night with me

She arranged with one of her friends to “let her stay over” which was what she was going to tell her parents. I then sent her a text: “go buy the shorted hot pants and short tank top and when I fetch you I want you to be wearing it !!!”

Friday morning I got a text from Cathy the Track star asking if I wanted to hook up after school. I told her I was keen but I had one request : I asked her to wear cotton panties all day so that by then end of school they would smell of her pussy. Cathy obviously agreed

After school Friday afternoon , Cathy and I got together , I enjoyed fucking her because she was so light and skinny , I could man handle her body and she couldn’t do a thing to stop me. She was so wet when we met that I used her cotton panties to wipe her wet pussy and even fingered her with them before placing Cathy’s panties in my pocket. I fucked Cathy while I told her she was so flat chested that she might as well be a guy. She hated that I humiliated her like that , YET she kept comming back for more


Saturday morning I woke up , jumped in the shower and got a text from Sofie telling me that she had told her parents she was staying at her friend Mia’s house and that I could fetch her from Mia’s house at noon. I put on a pair of shorts without underwear

As noon approached , I climbed in my car and drove to Mia’s house. Mia was Sofie’s best friend. Mia was one of those plane Jane kinda girls , nothing sexy and defiantly nothing special.

I arrived at Mia’s house and texted Sofie that I was there. Soon the door opened and I saw Sofie quickly look around be for walking rather quickly to my car. She was wearing the shortest hot pants you could ever imagine and her belly was even covering some of it. She wore a short tank top that hugged her breasts tightly and her BIG white BELLY was all on DISPLAY.

As she walked quickly to the car , I saw how awkward she was and she belly jiggled and her FAT wobbled. She climbed into the car and gave me a kiss hello.

We spoke a little in the car and Sofie told me that Mia thought she was crazy to dress like that , calling her inappropriate to dress like THAT in public

On the way back to my parents house , I took a slight detour , there was a mile long sand road that looped round closed to my house. As soon as I turned onto the sand road , I drove at an average pace , the car bounced and shook on every stone , bump and crevice in the road – I couldn’t keep my eyes of Sofie , her FAT wobbled and jiggled from the bumpy road and her BIG tits bounced on her chest. What really caught my eye was her pale white thighs that showed her cellulite shaking at every bump – I WAS TURNED ON

As we got to the main road , I pulled my cock from my shorts and watched as Sofie tried to maneuver her LARGE body around so she could suck my cock while I drove. Her lips went straight to my cock head and she sucked my cock.

We pulled into the drive of my house and I parked the car and grabbed Sofie’s bag as we walked into the house. She walked infront of me and those short tight hot pants barely covered her FAT HUGE ASS

Getting inside I put her bags down and sat on the couch and watched her looking at me. She was standing a little awkward being dressed in so little.

“Do you feel sexy” I asked her

She shook her head no

“Do you feel you are dressed inappropriately ?” I asked

She nodded

“Why?” I asked

“Because a girl with my body shouldn’t wear clothes like this” she said

“your body?” I asked

“Yes my BIG FAT body” she whispered feeling very self conscious and insecure

I had her where I wanted her !!!!!!

“you are right, you are a FAT over SIZED girl , your ASS is too big for those hot pants and your BELLY is bulging out EVERYWHERE , your BIG tits are too BIG for a top like that – A FAT FUCKING girl like you shouldn’t wear clothes made for skinny SEXY girls” I degraded her

She stood there listening to me degrade her body, her eyes fell to the floor and her face filled with blood as she became so self conscious and unaware of what to do with herself

“do you know what your body is made for?” I asked

She shook her head NO again

“Its made for fucking and that’s all” I told her

She had never been humiliated like that before and it turned me on talking to her like that

“Are you HUNGRY you FAT FUCK ?” I asked

“Yes” she said

So I slowly pulled out my cock and called her over “Come get something to EAT you OBEASY CUNT”

She knelt between my legs and I could see she was uneasy being spoken to like that but she opened her mouth and started sucking my cock. In one go she bottomed out and deep throated my cock

“Thats it you FAT WHORE , suck my cock , Show me how hungry you are” I shouted

She bobbed her head up and down my cock and moaned loud while she did , making sure I could hear how hungry she was , it wasn’t long and I told her I was about to CUM

She placed her mouth around my tip of my cock and used her hand to jerk me off until I came in her mouth. Once I had finished I watched as she pulled her mouth off my cock and made a big gesture of swallowing my load

I looked at her and said “If you only at cum , you wouldn’t be such a FAT FUCK”

Her head dropped down on her shoulders from the insult


We spent the afternoon naked and watching tv , every now and then taking a dip in the pool.

We were watching a movie when I felt like playing with her pussy , I had neglected showing her PUSSY any attention and when I started rubbing it , she quickly opened her legs , her FAT thighs parted and I massaged her clit with my thumb before sliding two fingers into her pussy – gosh I loved how SLIMY her pussy was, it covered my fingers and then my HAND and then I was FISTING her

“Even your pussy is so BIG that my entire hand fits inside you, is there anything SMALL about you” I degraded her some more

She just lay there taking the insults as her body betrayed her , getting more and more turned on by being fisted by me.

“I wonder what else would fit inside your HUGE pussy” I said. That gave me an idea. I had seen in porn movies men shoving object up inside of woman. So I got up and went to the kitchen. I came back with a tray of assortments.

First I stuck a cucumber inside her pussy , it went in so easy. The next thing was an egg, I pushed it inside her and then told her to push it out , I watched as her pussy lips parted and the egg slowly came falling out, it was covered in so much SLIME that it never dropped out her pussy , it stuck to her lips like Spiderman

I then counted as I pushed 1, then 2 , 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, and lastly 8 eggs into her pussy. We both looked surprised and then she slowly pushed them one at a time out.

Next item was a COKE can , she looked uneasy but her SLIME helped and soon I had the can inside her pussy. I laughed as she pushed it out joking with her about BIRTHING a COKE can. I opened it and pushed it back in , she then tilted her hips and tried to pour the COKE into my mouth. We both laughed our asses off while this happened.

Next I tried an EGG PLANT , this seemed to really battle to slide inside her, it started to hurt going in , but I pushed harder and she screamed out in pain. I never got the thick side inside her but I did mange to get a lot of the thinner part into her pussy.

Once I took out the egg plant , I held open her pussy lips and I could see her hole was stretched open a bit and I could see slightly inside her. This gave me my next idea. I went to the kitchen and came back with an ice bucket.

I had Sofie hold her pussy open while I slowly pushed 1, then 2 , then 3 ,4 5 – 6 – 9 – 10 – 12 and lastly 15 ice blocks into her pussy. She told me how cold it felt and then I made her close her legs. I told her to stand up and I knelt down looking at her LARGE FAT THIGHS , eventually I saw the faint trickle of water running from the melting ice in her pussy down her legs. I lent forward and began licking the water , I wanted to taste more and more, eventually she parted her legs as BEST as she could cos her FAT thighs stuck together and I was able to get my tongue close to her pussy to taste the melting ice

She told me that she felt so cold inside her pussy and I had to feel it for myself , I told her to sit on the couch and open her legs as wide as possible

I got between her legs and pushed my cock inside her , it felt real cold inside her pussy. I fucked her pussy while sucking on her tits. She moaned and told me how HOT my cock was inside her and I felt my balls fill , I pulled out and told her to hold her BIG tits together, I jerked my cock off and sprayed my cum onto both her nipples.

Now to give you an idea , her TITs were so BIG , she was able to suck her own nipples. I then watched as she licked my cum from her own nipples. Once she was done cleaned her tits , she lent forward and sucked my cock clean too


As the evening came , I decided to order pizza for delivery. I ordered two large pizza’s. 20 minutes later the pizza guy was at my house, I slipped on my shorts and opened the door to get the pizza’s. Little did he know that Sofie was naked on the couch , just around the corner.

I took 3 slices from one pizza on put it on a plate and then I took the second pizza still in the box and placed it on the coffee table in the TV room. Sofie looked at me curiously – why did I have a plate and she didn’t and why did I have 3 pieces and she had an entire LARGE pizza infront of her.

I told her to kneel at the coffee table and EAT HER pizza. She knelt her FAT LARGE body on the floor and sat opposite me. I sat on the couch and watched as she ate her first slice. Then I watched as she ate her second slice , then the third and forth.

She looked at me then at her pizza , she thanked me and said she was FULL

I looked at her “You are a FAT CUNT , you like FOOD , you wouldn’t be so FAT if you didn’t like FOOD , no finish your FOOD , you FAT FUCK”  I shouted at her

She looked down and took another slice and fed herself “Thats a good girl , EAT” I said

After she had eaten her 6th slice i could see she was a little uneasy by my comments and me forcing her to eat.

I stood up and walked behind her , I told her to put her hands behind her back and if she moved them I would send her home. She reluctantly placed her arms and hands behind her back. I slide my hand into her hair on the back of her head and pushed her face down into her pizza, I smashed her face around in her 2 slices of pizza “You FAT CUNT , you like food , you like to SHOVE your face , you like to EAT , don’t you ?” I degraded her as her entire face was getting covered in pizza

I pulled her head up and took a piece of pizza and pushed it into her mouth, she chewed down on it and I took the piece in my hand and wiped it across her body , covering her tits with the pizza.

I then told her to place both elbows on either side of the pizza box and bend over with her ass in the air and eat the pizza like a dog

Sofie had her ass in the air and was trying to eat the last piece of pizza with only her mouth , while I took she piece that was left in my hand and I rubbed it all over her ass and then I smashed the rest of it onto her pussy

“SEE even you PUSSY is HUNGRY” I shouted at her

“You a FAT COW” I called her  “EAT” I shouted as she tried eating the piece in the box while I stuck the piece of pizza in her pussy , I then pulled my cock out and shoved it in her pussy. To be honest it wasn’t great , the crust of the pizza hurt my cock but I was in such a ZONE that I fucked her pussy while watching her EAT.

There was something that I would never be able to explain but watching a FAT girl EAT – is a turn ON !!!

When she had finished , I pulled her up and led her to the shower and we took a hot shower together. It was the first time I had ever showered with a FAT girl before and everything I moved I touched some part of her FAT BODY.


After we got out the shower , I locked up the house and we lay on my bed, the only light was side light on the bedside table.

Sofie looked at me and asked ” Can I suck you?”

I couldn’t believe this 16 year old girls appetite , not only for food but for cum too

She started sucking my cock and then I stopped her. I rolled over and knelt on the bed and bent over “Eat my ASS” I told her

She slowly parted my ass cheeks and began licking my asshole , she really got into it. She licked my ass, sucked it , kissed it and even tried to shove her entire tongue inside my ass.


Then it was her turn , I made her get into the same position and I began eating her ass , I then slide my finger into her wet SLIMY pussy and used her OWN SLIME and I slide my finger into her ASSHOLE.

After a few minutes I had managed to get to fingers into her asshole. I then told Sofie “I am going to fuck your ass”

She told me she had heard of anal sex before but never really knew anything other than it hurt

I told her to relax and it would not be that bad

I slid my cock into her pussy as I grabbed her WIDE HIPS and thrust myself inside her pussy , she started screaming that she was cummming. Once she came down from her orgasm , I took my very SLIMY cock and placed it at the entrance to her asshole.

One , then two hard pushed and the tip of my cock slide into her asshole. She took serious deep breaths as she tried to relax, I slide inch after inch further and further until I was all the way buried inside her ass. I held it there for a few minutes letting her ass adjust and then I began to fuck her asshole.

My hands on her shoulders ,  I pulled myself deep into her asshole , stroke after stroke , in out in out and she started pushing back every time I rammed in hard …

I looked down to see her BIG FAT LARGE ASS around my cock in the dim light and I soon felt myself about to cum , I told her Sofie to “SQUEEZE MY COCK WITH YOUR ASSHOLE” I shouted and I felt her muscles squeeze my cock and then I was cumming and I sent a stream of hot CUM into Sofie’s bowels , I collapsed on her back leaving my cock inside her ass.

We stayed like that for a while until my cock started to soften and it slid out of her ass all on its own, I lay down on my back and she lay next to me , I told her I wanted her to leave my cum inside her ass , wanted her to sleep with it inside her

She said she was HAPPY to do it for me.

I looked at her and we kissed before I whispered “CLEAN ME”

She was shocked and hesitant , but she moved down and sucked my cock that had just been in her ass and cleaned my cock.

We cuddled and fell asleep


Next part of this story (SUNDAY) coming soon !!!!!
_Austin Hell

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    I’ve been with one very fat chick. She took pride and deep throating me. She loved anal she loved pleasing a man because she knew she was a fat pig and not that pretty. She was very intelligent. And she was incredibly horny. I’m surprised at how big her pussy was.

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    Excellent! Should have let the pizza guy see her naked to add to her humiliation,, but very good otherwise!