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Leon’s Story

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We rented a Beach house for the last vacation before school.

We rented a Beach house for the last vacation before school. It was suppose to be 10 of us, with the Detla covid it was only 5 that showed up. Me, Im 15, Ruby Mae, 12 and my mom 2 of my uncles. My uncles just wanted to go to the pier and fish all day, my mom, lay on the beach and have a bottle of wine, along with trying to hook up with a younger guy.

I was about 5’9, Ruby Mae, my cousin was 4’3. She was part India and part White, really cute and funny as hell. We hit the beach the first 2 days we were there and had a ton of fun, then it rained and rained. My uncles hit the strip clubs in town and my mom watched tv and drank.

One morning, Ruby wanted to walk in the rain on the beach so I joined her. I had never been attracted to her, she was my cousin, but after we got back from the walk that changed. She had wore her bikini, a blue 2 piece, not much for tits but her ass was round and cute.

We took a shower and I went to chill in my room, just watch some tv. I was sitting in a chair with my feet up facing the window, she comes in lays in my bed. I didnt see her get in my bed, I just heard her get into it. She asked me if she can play with my tablet and I told her yeah, it was charging on the dresser, across the room. She said get you get it for me please, I didnt want to get up and said if she wanted it to get up and get it.

Her reply was that she was naked and couldnt get up, I thought she was joking and lazy so I got the tablet for her. I watched tv for a while and wanted a nap. I had been wanting to take a late night walk on the beach and sneak a bottle of liquor from my uncles and get drunk, but without Ruby.

I got up and went to get in bed and she stopped me, I was like its my bed Im going to take a nap so get up. She replied that she was naked and NO she wasnt moving. I said you are lazy not naked now get up. She lifted the cover really quick and flashed her body at me, she was naked. I told her to put some clothes on and she said no and said I could lay in bed with her but she wasnt leaving.

I got in bed, I was wearing a shirt and shorts, I didnt look at her when I got in bed. I turned away from her and closed my eyes trying to take a nap. I woke up about 2 hours later, Ruby was gone, then it hit me. Girls dont just get naked and jump in your bed, something was up. I went to her room, she was napping, I lifted the blanket slowly, she was still naked, I saw her round naked ass and felt a tingle in my dick.

I went downstairs, no mom, no uncles, so I went back to Ruby’s room. She had been in my bed so I got in her’s. I dont know what I was thinking but I turned and spooned with my naked cousin. She woke up a little and told me take off my clothes or get out. I stood up and got naked and layed back beside her, spooning her naked, with my hard dick near her thighs. She went back to sleep. Im laying in bed naked with my cousin, this was fucked up, what was I doing.

I fell asleep again, got woken up when my uncles came home, drunk and yelling about the strippers at the club. I got up and dressed and went to my room.

That night at 1am I went to sneak out. I got the rum and was headed downstairs, Ruby opened her door and caught me. She said take me with her or she would tell on me. So she went with me, I had my back pack with my rum, it was nice, the only sound was the waves. We got the beach and she said lets get brave. I didnt know what she meant until she started to undress, I saw her naked body in the moonlight, was to dark to really see her, she said your turn. I got naked to and put our clothes in my back pack.

We shared the bottle of rum as we walked, she gives me the bottle and runs in the ocean naked. I hear her scream saying the water is so cold. She runs back and hugs me, then kisses me. We hold hands as we walk, we get near some shops and the street lights are on. We turn around and when we got close to our house she wants to sit on the beach.

We sit near the water, the water comes up and hits us, it is cold. We sat for a while then walked back the house, I got the clothes out of my back pack and she didnt want hers, I got dressed and walked into the house with her naked beside me, the light was on and I saw her beautiful body naked in the light, she just turned and hugged me and said she had fun and I watched her walk naked up the stairs.

I went to my room and showered off, she knocked at my door. She was dressed now, she said I could come sleep in her bed with her if I wanted. To be continued,,,

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