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Down in the Ditch

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When I was 8, I was old enough to go off on my own, but I had no idea about the worst that could happen. I guess I got lucky…

I just got done playing over at my friend’s house, but it was getting late, so I had to walk home. I got to stay for dinner, but it was a school night, so I couldn’t sleep over. It was way before it started getting dark, so I guess I headed home early.

Now, there was this creek running out of our neighborhood, and under the highway, but I didn’t live that way. There was also this drainage ditch, that ran between people’s back yards, I took as a short cut. All the time, it was just the straightest way to, and from my friend’s house, and sometimes they came this way, but this time I was all by myself.

Then, I heard dogs barking, before I heard a boy running down the ditch. His shoes hit the concrete hard enough to echo, before he turned the corner, and ran past without looking up. I saw it sticking up under his shirt, but I couldn’t see what it was. Just a rounded boxy shape, but then he got to the next corner, and stopped.

He looked around, but somehow didn’t see me. I was quite a ways down, but then he reached back, and pulled out a tablet. Like a phone, or a laptop, but somewhere between those 2. It didn’t have a keyboard, but it did have a big screen, almost as big as a computer’s. I don’t suppose it’s much surprise that he took it out there to look at dirty pictures.

Well, I was just curious about what was so interesting, so when I walked up it was just a naked lady. “Huh!” He was breathing funny, and his back was turned, so I couldn’t see what he was doing. Then, he reached up to swipe the picture down, and look at her privates. She had a hairy bush, so we couldn’t see them very well, but then he went back to pick out another one by the thumbnails.

Then, he went back to breathing funny, and playing with himself, where I couldn’t quite see. They had these rocks in chain link like a fence, so they didn’t wash away. The walls were a little higher than the top of his head, but he turned around to lean back in the corner. In the next picture, she was laying back with her legs up in the air, and her hands around the bottom, to pull herself open.

I couldn’t really see inside her that good from there. I had some idea what it was all about, what goes in there to make her pregnant, but also my aunt Shelly had to change her number. She went out with this guy one time, but then he kept sending her dick pics. I never saw them, she just complained to mom about it, and blocked him, but he could always send them from another phone, I guess. She couldn’t block them all, but she wanted a boyfriend, maybe something serious, so they could live together, then get married, have kids, and all that stuff.

He just wanted a booty call, and the sex was okay, but that’s all he ever wanted to do with her, or talk about. Wham, bam, thank you maam, and then he ignored her messages until he got horny again, and sent her another selfie. I wasn’t even thinking about that, until he went back, and picked one with the camera man in the picture.

What reminded me was the same angle. Oh yeah, it wasn’t Aunt Shelly’s harasser. I giggled, remembering when I saw my daddy’s. “Uh!” I ducked back before he turned around, “Is someone there?” He sent mommy a dick pic, because he didn’t know I was on the laptop, but that’s okay, because they’re married.

I peeked back over, on my hands and knees, but I nodded. I was a little reluctant to talk to him, because he was a stranger, but I saw he still hand his pants open. His underwear pulled up, but he held one side of it, and the dirty picture in the other hand. “Were you watching me?” I nodded again, and couldn’t help giggling, but I bit my lip. “You like what you saw?” I shook my head, and pointed. Down the front of his pants. He looked down, and pulled out his underwear, but all I saw was bush. “You want a closer look?”

I nodded, and got up to sit down, and hang my legs over. I had on jeans, so the rocks and stuff, they weren’t exactly comfortable, but I held my arms out. He put the tablet down next to men, and helped me down. I went right for his underwear, but he couldn’t keep it up. “Oh, I’m sorry.” I looked up, but any thought of speaking to strangers flew right out of my head. “I know I don’t have boobs yet,” but I stuck my hand in there, and felt how warm his balls were.

“Huh, you’re a dirty little girl, huh?”

I shook my head, but then I stopped, and thought. “I don’t know.” I never got a chance to do anything with a boy like this before, because honestly I was in second grade. Even the 6th graders weren’t really all that interested in kissing, and the few boys that were like older girls, with boobs and stuff. He liked older women, with big boobs, and bushy privates just going by the one he picked to look at but then he got the tablet down to pick another photo, and turned it over to show me.

“Try this.” The lady was down off the bed, and looking up, with the penis in her mouth. The camera man didn’t really change at all. He was still standing up at the foot of the bed, and looking out. He still had a boner, but he didn’t have to hold it in his hand.

“Okay,” I thought that was called a blow job, but I sniffed it first. It smelled sweat from running, but then I held it up, and stuck my tongue out, and licked it. “It’s salty.”

“Just suck it until it gets hard, and you’ll get a big surprise.”

I frowned, “What’s it taste like?”

“I don’t know, I’m not a cock sucker.”

“No, not your dick, your. Dick cheese.” I giggled.

“You mean jism?” I nodded. “I don’t know, but there’s one way to find out.” Again, I heard way more about this stuff, when I wasn’t supposed to be listening to grownups talk, but they didn’t know I was there. Also, dirty jokes to giggle with my friends, I couldn’t think of any, but I knew this was definitely dirty.

I certainly shouldn’t be doing it with a stranger, an older boy, and I talked to him, but then he started talking dirty, and I really wanted to know. What his jism tasted like, I forgot what to call it. He called it jism, but after I sucked all the salty sweat off, it just felt warm, and soft. Then, it started growing, and getting firmer. So I didn’t have to worry about it stretching, and flopping out.

That happened a couple times, but I just flipped it back up to my mouth, and sucked it in again. “Huh, you want to get fucked?” He pulled out, and picked up the tablet to find another picture.

“No, not yet. Ngh!” I fumbled with my button, but I was in such a hurry, it kept slipping out of my fingers before I got it through the hole. “You can’t just stick it. Oh!” It finally popped through, so I could wiggle my butt out, and push them down. “In, you have to lick it out first.” I pulled out my underwear, and pointed down. “I’m sorry, I know I’m not hairy, uh!” He just stuck his hand in there, and practically picked me up by the crotch. Then, he felt up between my legs, and yanked my panties down in back, and then he turned me around.

I giggled, and kicked a little, but not to get away. This was fun! It just wasn’t easy to find a way to let him oral sex me, down there. I mean in the ditch, the floor is muddy cement, but the walls were chain link blocks full of rocks, tied together with coat hanger wire. So the sharp points stick out, and twisted around. If you weren’t careful, you could draw blood, but with my pants down, it hurt just to get down on my hands, and knees.

“Put me down up here.” I turned around, and looked around, but finally wound up bending over. So I could squat down, and he could hold me up, With his head between my legs, where I could hold onto it. Wiggling, and giggling, when his wet tongue slipped in, and swirled around! Now that was fun! Not quite tickling, (I hate that) but it felt really good, and naughty, and dirty too!

“There, that should be good enough, come back down here.” He helped me, but then I had his hairy crotch right in front of me. So, I bent down, and sucked him off. He held my head, and fucked my mouth, but he didn’t stick it in too far. I didn’t choke, or gag, I just had to hold my lips tight, and breathe through my nose. “Uh uh uh UH!” He started shaking, and I felt it splash in before it slipped out, and bumped my nose. “Hold, uh!” He held the top of my head, and held his breath, but he finished off with his fingers. Pinching, and pulling to give me a facial, and I closed my eyes before I got any in, but I also rubbed my tongue to spread the yummy taste around in my mouth.

“Huh!” He let go, and his hands shook. I grabbed his undies, and held on, so I could flip his dripping dingle, and suck the last drops off. “Uh, that’s enough.” He pushed me off, and pulled his pants up. I had plenty to wipe off my fence, and eat off my fingers.

“Mh, it’s yummy. You ever eat paste?”

He shook his head, and grabbed his tablet. “No.”

“I know these kids that eat paste. The teachers tell them not to, but it tastes a little like this.” Of course I wasn’t one of those little kids, I was a 3rd grader! That’s the only thing I could remember, in all my 8 years, that reminded me of the taste. It’s not even really close.

“That’s great.” He stuck it back, and pulled his shirt over it, then he ran off.

“Huh!” I looked up, but it was starting to get late. So, I had to pull my pants up, and climb out to run back home before dark. Of course, that was only my first time, but the only one with him. I saw him around the neighborhood again, but he always ran away, before I could talk to him. I didn’t have a phone number to give him, except the one at home.

Mom, and dad would probably lock me up in my room until I turned 18 if he tried to call me, but it’s just a dumbphone anyway. So, it doesn’t have a screen to send me dick pics, but I just had to close my eyes, and remember the one time I got to suck a boy off.

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  • Reply Boner

    I was a 12 yr old boy staying with my cousins at Easter, my auntie went to work and uncle was in the garage, my cousins giggled and said do I want to see something rude, yeah ofcoure I said, thinking they was gonna show me their pussys.
    Theyd flashed me their knickers before for fun.

    But they took me round the side of the garage and we could see through the blacked out window
    My uncle was wanking on a deck chair almost naked. a box full off mags and folders.were next to him and he swapped things to look at,
    The girls said the folders had big photos of our mum’s and dad’s having sex

    It seemed.my.dad and his brother were swapping naked pics of our mum’s


    • Psiberzerker

      Sounds like a good premise for a story. It’s just not my story to tell…