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My true story

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I can’t believe I’m righting my story here but after I was raped it has changed my head into a twisted mind I now have . I enjoy reading all this BS .

So I got married young 18 years old , I ran off with my husband to our little home on the edge of town . I got pregnant fast and had a vary hard pregnancy. My small body was pushed to its limits when I was giving birth , my vagina suffered a large tear . Which was stitched up and doctors told no sex for several weeks .
Now about 4 weeks after , my husband went back to work , he worked construction out of state , gone for days at a time . Before he left there was a for home invasions / rapes happing in town and he told to to leave the lights on at light and keep the doors locked . Then he left I wasn’t scared nor did I worry about it
2 days after he left for work the unthinkable happened !
I was in our living room , relaxing after getting my baby to sleep. When my back door was kicked in . I jumped up and there was 2 masked men. They asked if I was alone , I said just me and my baby .
One of the men said to the other ( you go look for valuables while I fuck this little bitch ) now my heart just dropped as the man grabs my arm and dragged me into my bed room . Take off your clothes and get on the bed , he said . I began to tell him about my injuries when he shoves me on the bed . I pleaded with him saying I can’t have sex because I have stitches . He pulls down my pants and sees my bloody underwear . He steps back , looking in shock . Then the other guy comes into the room shouting ( this house doesn’t have anything, at least theres a fuck in it for us ) that’s when the guy that was with me first says ( she just had a kid and is all stitched up .
They leave my room for a second while yelling then come right back and said to the other guy ( I’ll show ya how we’re going to fuck this girl up . ) he steps in front of me , pulls down his pants , taking out his hard long dick and shoves it in my mouth . In my head I keep telling my self I can do this , I did it for my husband a few times . He tells me , suck it better . I’m trying to the best I know how . After a few more sucks he pushes my head away and punches me in my face so hard I get passed out .
When I came- to. I’m on the bed face down and he butt fucking me in my ass . ( I would like to say I have never did any anal play before and had no idea ) I scream and kick from the pain but he keeps going Then starts moaning loud as he comes in my butt .
He stands up slaps my ass then high fives the other guy while saying , go get some ass ! That guy tried to rape me too but couldn’t , so the guys leave my house with my purse and steals my car .

So ya guys and girls , this story definitely doesn’t belong here but after that happened years ago , I read these story groups to neutralize my head .
Sorry if you didn’t like , delete if not allowed . Jack off if your into this shit .

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    Do you dream about being raped since that incident