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Dad’s Stormy Lust: Part 1

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An unexpected hurricane forced a man and his 18 year old daughter to spend the night at a cheap hotel…

“…Hurricane Ian is expected to turn into a high end Category four hurricane in the next 24 hours, as it’s approaching the west coast of Florida, centering on Tampa Bay. Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency and an evacuation order has already been issued for Hillsborough County…”
“Wha- did you hear that???”, Natalie gasped.
I held up my hand, “shh- wait, be quiet–”
The reporter’s voice blasted through the radio, “…to stay inside and away from windows and roads, be prepared to evacuate to a shelter, and listen to local television or radio for updates…”
“Fuck,” she covered her face, “we’re screwed.”
Indeed. We were in the middle of Route 41 and still three and a half hours away from home. The weather was becoming more and more chaotic, the skies the greyest I have ever seen them, and rain pounding on the windshield so heavily I could barely see the cars in front. Traffic was already moving slow but then we came to a complete stop.
“What’s going on?”
“Something blocking the road probably,” I answered, trying to get a better look.
“Ugh,” Natalie groaned, “that’s the worst.”
I took my phone, trying to read about any traffic updates, when the cars in front took the right lane, reviling a huge X traffic sign placed ahead and three officers in yellow jackets signaling us to take the next exit.
“Fucking hell”, I hit the wheel, “they closed the road.”
Sitting next to me, Natalie straightened up in panic, “you’re kidding me!”
“Shit, fuck,”, I slowly took the right lane, knowing it leads us to fucking nowhere.
“What are we gonna do?”
Looking at the skies again, I muttered, “call Mom, tell her we need to wait till they open the road again.”
“No way! What if it takes hours?!”
“What do you want me to do, ah???” I snapped. “We told you to stay home but you HAD to visit Noah this weekend –”
“I haven’t seen him in two weeks!”
“–and Mom lets you do whatever the fuck you want–”
“Call her.”
She phoned Clara, “hey, Dad says we’ll be late… the road is closed… I don’t know. I don’t know!”
I was looking around, hoping to find an open restaurant we could spend a few hours in, but it was already 7PM and there was literally nothing but old warehouses and closed office buildings.
“Mom is asking if we want her to call Dorothy and ask if we could stay at their place.”
“Dorothy, who? NOAH’S MOTHER???” I yelled, “put her on speaker… Clara, you lost your mind.”
“She called to ask if everything was alright and offered her basement–” Clara’s voice came through the phone.
“No fucking way, besides I’m not driving now an hour and a half back to their place. They’re already closing all the highways.”
“I don’t want you to drive at all, Michael, they are already so many accidents.”
“It’s fine,” I took a right turn to some narrow street, following a glowing LED sign, “we’ll eat something and wait till the storm passes.”

The sign apparently said “Sweet Inn”, and the inside looked as shady as the outside, with red lightning, dusty red carpets, red curtains, red everything; the kind of place people don’t plan to stay for more than one sleepless night. Natalie hated it and wanted to leave but I convinced her to stay just for a small bite. Apparently, however, they only served drinks at this hour, and so she and I drank coffee at their small, dark bar at the back of the inn, accompanied by a number of men in suits and what seemed like their one night stand.
When it was already 11PM and the weather was nowhere near to calm down, the bar was closing and we had to go look for a place to stay. The bartender warned us that everything was either booked or closed in a 15 mile radios — even this inn was fully packed. Turned out he was right, and the receptionist was able to offer us only one room for tonight. Natalie was already so tired she forgot to protest, and we found ourselves walking outside in the pouring rain with a key to room 23.
“What the fuck?” Natalie said the moment we stepped inside.
The room followed the same horrible theme of dark red velvet everywhere, with an old small TV screen and a double bed, but I guessed Natalie was more concerned with the see-through shower at the corner of the room.
“What kind of sick people are staying here?” She muttered.
“Wait here, I’ll ask them if we can switch–”
“No, I’m tired, I just want to sleep”, Natalie said and dropped on the bed.
I took off my dripping jacket and grabbed two towels from the cabin. I threw one at Natalie, “let’s think about it tomorrow.”
She grabbed the towel and dried her hair, “I smell like a dog.”
I dried my face and texted Clara. “You’re fine, go to bed.”
She got up and looked at the shower again, “I have to take a warm shower, I’m so cold.”
I signed, “okay… text me when you’re done, I’ll wait outside.”
“No, I can just –” she took the towel and hanged it over the glass door of the shower, using it as a cover. She stepped inside it, “it works, no?”
“Hm, yeah, I only see your legs”, I said. There was the other side of the shower which was still exposed, but you’d need to deliberately stand at the other corner of the room to see anything.
“Great, I’ll be quick,” Natalie took a couple of extra towels with her and closed the shower door behind her.
I looked for the TV remote controller and changed the station to a Yankees’ game. Damn, they were loosing to Red Sox.
I lied down on the bed, positioning the pillows behind my back, when I realized that out of the corner of my eye, through the reflection of the hanged mirror across the room, I was seeing Natalie taking her top off.
I turned my gaze immediately. For a few long minutes, staring blankly at the TV screen was all I was able to do.
I heard the water start running and my eyes wondered to the mirror again. The white towel on the glass door did not cover one inch of Natalie from this angle, and I was seeing it all; her long wet dark brown hair, her thin shoulders, the side of her breasts, the two small dimples at her lower back–
I looked away again. Disgusted at myself, I grabbed my coat next to me, ready to take a walk, when the loudest wind blasted just outside our room, shaking the whole building, reminding me I have nowhere to go.
I shifted on the bed again, trying to block the mirror from my view. It’s fine, it’s only for tonight, we’ll get out of here tomorrow and she will never have to know.
But why can’t my eyes stay on the fucking game?? It’s your own fucking daughter, you sick fuck.
It’s just that, I never noticed how grown up she’d become. Of course, I realized we had just celebrated her 18th birthday three months ago, and she reminded Clara and I every single day how very little control we had left over her, but she was always my little baby. Having two older brothers who had left home long ago, she remained and would always be the little princess of the house.
But from this angle, not facing me, covered in soap and thick shower steams, she looked like Clara when we first met in college; with her clear, smooth skin, her small pointy breasts, the curve of her waist, her long shiny hair.
Thinking about my time with Clara at college sent an instant signal to my dick. We fucked like bunnies back then, always sneaking into her room, doing it on her roommate’s desk, at the gym lockers, behind the stage after her drama class. I still loved her to bits even after 26 years of marriage, but nothing would bit the amazing feeling of her tight pussy on my dick I was lucky to enjoy back then every single day, sometimes more than twice, or thrice.
I did not realize that by now I had a full on boner that was threatening to pop out of my pants. I quickly covered myself under the sheet, taking another worried look at Natalie who was still showering, and who had no idea that her sick father is having all these thoughts just a few feet away.
I turned my focus to the game again, trying to distract my mind, hoping my boner would subside by itself, but after a few minutes of kidding myself my dick remained hard as a rock. Add to that that I was never a small guy, the sheet was way too thin to hide anything, and you could still clearly see something was going on. If I covered it with a pillow or a jacket it would only look ten times more suspicious.
The way I saw it, I could either risk Natalie seeing me this way, which I would rather swallow nails instead, or…
I looked at the mirror again. Suddenly the sound of a running shower stopped and I saw Natalie reaching out for a towel. She started drying her hair and I knew I had maybe a couple of minutes left. Fuck it.
I opened my belt underneath the bed sheet and grabbed my hard dick. I started pumping back and forth, still checking every few seconds to see whether Natalie is about to come out. I closed my eyes and jerked off frantically, trying to come as quickly as possible; picturing fucking Clara, and then the porn actress I’d jerked off to last night, and then the new HR girl with the huge boobs who’d joined our office a couple of weeks ago — ANYTHING.
I was getting into it and becoming very close. Watching the mirror again to make sure Natalie is still in, she turned around, showing me her naked figure in full display for the first time. She had one towel wrapped around her head, and with the other she dried her wet, dripping body. She tapped her shoulders and arms, then her neck and collarbone, moving to her firm breasts — her perfectly shaped breasts with her small, pointy, brown nipples. I pounded my dick even harder, sending shivers down my spine. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I wanted to throw my head back but my eyes were glued to the mirror. Natalie then shifted the towel to her tight belly, then to her small back, and down to her smooth, shaven pussy.
That did it. I let out a quiet “ahh” and came right there, still fapping like crazy and riding out the longest orgasm I’d had in years. I released 4, 5– 6 thick shots of cum in my boxers and kept gripping my dick tightly till it was finally over. I wanted to close my eyes and fall into a sweet, sweet sleep, but my mind did not let me enjoy this long enough before flooding me with feelings of disgust and shame at what I just did. I quickly grabbed a few tissues from the nightstand to my left and tried to clean up the cum off my dick; could’t remember when was the last time I jacked off so… chaotically.
Natalie was already fully dressed when she came out and saw me innocently tucked in bed. “Who’s playing?”
“I, ah…”, I cleared my throat, trying to remember who was playing or what my name was, “the Yankees, they ah… a really bad game for them…”
“Really?” She sat on her other twin bed, “seems like they’re winning.”
Oh, now she knows baseball.
I took a better look at the scoreboard — damn, they were. “Yeah, but, they lost so many good opportunities…”
She went under the covers and turned away, “good night, Dad.”
“Good night, kiddo”, I said and turned off the lamp.


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