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Camping with the Boy Scouts

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While at camp I was asked if I wanted to help out one of the scout executives in the area load his barn with fire wood for the winter to come.

It was my 1st outing with the Boy Scouts. A weekend out in the wilderness forest in an established camp ground in this particular eastern state. Sometime after our arrival and setting up camp, one of the leaders asked me if I would be interested in assisting one of the areas executive Boy Scout leaders who lived near by, stacking his barn with fire wood for the coming winter. Being a good scout I said yes. I asked the scout leader how many of us were going and he said it would only be me and that we would leave after breakfast tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, being Saturday and I would probably be there till past lunchtime, and he inquired again if I was still interested and I said yes.

After breakfast Saturday morning, the scout leader drove me out to the executive’s place. It was about an half-hour drive before we got there. The house was large with two levels and an attached 3 car garage. It was quite obvious that this was an expensive home. Across the way from the main house there was a barn and next to it a fenced area with several horses. The scout leader told me that most likely, I would be spending most of my time at the barn but first, we would stop at the house to meet the executive.

I sat in one of the chairs of this dining set that I would have imagined in a dining room inside this home, instead of the large roof covered patio connected to this house. The leader rang the doorbell and waited. After a short time a gentleman with salt-pepper hair, light complexion opened the door and greeted my scout leader. He came over to where I sat at the dining table and introduced himself. He was clean shaven with blue eyes and appeared to be a nice man. Asking about my family, where I lived and what I thought about scouting. He then inquired of me if I was a good scout and followed orders. I responded that I was a responsible scout and followed all my orders. He grinned, had a sparkle in his eyes and said, “I like that, you’ll do fine, I’m certain”.

My scout leader stood from his chair, shook hands with the executive, they exchanged words, then turned to me and advised me he would be back to pick me up in about 4 or 5 hours. I did not say anything but he knew from the look in my face that I was of the understanding that he was staying on the grounds of the exec with me. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to worry that he would be back. It comforted me to hear those words. Then he said, “do a good job and follow your orders”. I looked up at him and said, “yes sir”.

I was wearing khaki shorts, a white cotton t-shirt that may had been a size too small for me. Making my nipples more pronounced through its fabric, and my hiking shoes with white ankle socks. We proceeded to walk towards the barn and he then asked if I always walked that way. I ask what he meant and he said, “do you always shake your butt that way or is that for my benefit”? I knew I was beginning to blush because my face felt warm. I then told him that I always walk this way and that I was not doing it for his benefit. I then inquired of him why he asked me that and he stated it reminds him of the way a girl walks and shakes her butt. I apologized and told him that I hoped I didn’t upset him. He immediately stated, that he was not upset, that he liked it and found it to be a turn-on. I said nothing and kept walking. I was beginning to wonder what this man’s true intensions were.

I’d joined the Boy Scouts to get away from my neighborhood because I had developed a reputation there of being the neighborhood faggot, (See past stories under, “Groomed by 21 yr old). They met once a week and once a month on the third Wednesday of the month, when we had our official monthly meeting in full uniform. During the other weeks we met to learn about new activities such as rope tieing, community service, first aid and many other interesting things an 11 to 16 yr old found interesting. I was 12½ yrs old. We met in the auditorium of the parochial school I went to. In the process I learned that a few of my classmates lived in the same neighborhood where the school was and so, I adopted it as my new hangout.

Having been the victim of a groomer at a very young age, I had my suspicion of what this man; this so-called Boy Scout executive had lined up for me, and I played along. I could’ve ended it right there by stating my position about his true intentions and my distaste of it, but I wanted to know where it was gonna take me. As we reached the barn, I saw that there were several horse stalls inside and a couple stacks of hay bales, and to my right, the stack of split wood waiting to be stacked into cords. Near the pile of wood he had a cut tree trunk about 16 to 18 inches tall. He sat on it and continued complimenting my body. He mentioned that I had shapely legs that reminded him of girls legs and that my butt cheeks were nice and round shaped. He told me to come over to him and he began running his hands up and down my legs moaning, “mmmmmmmmmmmm’, then up to my butt and began rubbing them with one hand while the other continued up and down my legs. He asked me if I was OK with what he was doing and I said yes. The hand rubbing my legs now went up to my pronounced nipples and he began making circles on the left one as the other rubbed my ass. It didn’t take long for my nipple to get hard and he told me so and stated that I must be enjoying it. I nodded my head in agreement. His hand on my ass now began creeping under my shorts and under wear. He found my hole and started playing with it with a finger. Slowly poking at it and rubbing it up and down. His other hand came down from my nipples to my crotch and began squeezing my little clitty-cock. Before long it was hard and he wanted me to remove my shorts and undies stating he wanted to see my hole and if it was ok with me. I shrugged my shoulders as with agreement. He didn’t waste anytime pulling them down and then asked me to bend over so he can look at my hole.

As I bent over exposing my butthole to this man, he moaned saying what a nice boy pussy hole I had and stated, “you’re not a virgin right”? I shook my head indicating I was not. Then he wanted to know how many men had fucked it, and I responded, 3 or 4. His reply was, “its either one or the other. So which one is it”? I said 4. He then told me, “you must like being fucked”, and wanted to know if they shot their loads in me and I told him that they did, and in my mouth as well. Then he commented, “you’re just a natural whore aren’t you”? I just shrugged my shoulders. He asked if I wanted to see his cock and I shrugged my shoulders again but this time he wanted a verbal response. So I said yes that I wanted to see it. By this point I was really horny. It had been at least 5 months since I had a cock in my mouth or butthole and the thought of having this one had me really excited and hot for it and he knew it.

As he pulled out his cock I was impressed with its size and girth and it feared me some. I knew that it would open me up wide and go really deep. The thought of it excited me and made me anxious as well. But I was up for the challenge. It’s too bad that there isn’t a scout merit badge for cock sucking and fucking. LOL. He ask if I wanted to taste it and I nodded my head. He stood up and told me to suck it. As I tried taking the head into my mouth I realized this cock was quite thick and would definitely split my buthole. He helped get a bit more than the head into my mouth by holding my head with his hands and pulling it towards his cock as he thrust it into my mouth. Suddenly, I began to fear this cock fucking me just by how it felt and how it widened my mouth.

After sucking it for a bit he instructed me to bend over completely with my hands on the ground while he spread my cheeks as wide as could and began licking my butthole. This was a new experience for me and it felt fantastic. It was sending chills of excitement up and down my spine as he sunk his tongue into my hole as deep as it would go. I was truly enjoying this new experience.When my hole was completely relaxed, he told me to bend over the hay bale and raise my ass up to the rafters of the barn. I heard him spit. I turned around to see him lubricating his cock and then spat in my hole and inserted a finger and began finger fucking me with one, two, then three fingers. He asked if the fingers hurt me and I stated no, but felt them spreading by hole. He spat some more and made sure it was really slippery for his cock to enter me.

I felt the tip of his head at my hole opening and then the pressure of him beginning to enter me. As his head entered, I felt like a pop had occurred. I gasped at that same moment with the pain of it spreading the entrance of my hole wide. I couldn’t help but wonder if the pop I felt was a rip in the entrance of my hole. He stopped and asked if I was OK. I told him it felt like he ripped me open and that it hurt. To me it was like a burning sensation that was occurring around my opening. I told him to please wait a little bit before continuing. He said he’ll go very slowly and look for any signs of blood. He did proceed slowly and after a bit said he saw no blood so he began pushing it in further. The pain was still intense and reminded me of the day I lost my virginity. I shut my eyes so tight that I saw stars as this man fucked my pussybutt hole. When he went deep, it felt like he was pushing what internal organs were in the area and I felt the pressure and pain of it, as he did. Within time I accepted it as a pleasurable pain of which continues today whenever a girth long juicy cock fucks me.

I could tell he was getting close from his groans and fast breathing. His strokes were also faster and deeper, so were the pains inside me as he went deep. When he finally blew his load deep in me, he held it deep until the final drops of his cum left his cock and entered me. When he pulled out of me, he had shot his load so deep that nothing dripped out of my hole. This man had successfully bred me with his complete load. As we walked to the porch of the house, my hole felt empty. Like it was missing something. He truly opened my insides quite deeply. I was already missing his huge cock. As we reached the porch he asked me if I enjoyed him fucking me and if I would come back for more. I told I enjoyed it very much and would come back if he invited me to. He told me he’ll let my scout leader know. He then reached in his pocket and gave me a 100 dollar bill. I was surprised at this and he said I was worth every penny. Then said that if I wanted more he would invite another friend or two the next time we camped in the area. I told him that would be OK with me. He asked again, how many, one or two besides him. I told him I would be willing to try three. Not only was I a slut but now I had become prostitute.

When my leader arrived he spoke with the exec and called me over to leave. I said my good bye to the exec and reminded him I would ready to around the homestead the next time we were in the area. On the trip back to camp the scout leader asked how my experience went at the exec’s house and I said everything went well. Then he asked what else I did besides stack wood. I did not know what to say. My mind was a blank. His question threw me off completely and I was dumbfounded. The leader grinned and somehow, I suspected he was in on it from the beginning. He told me if anyone asks just say all you did was stack wood, ate lunch, and talked about where I lived in the city. Especially if the Scout Master asks anything when we get back home, got it? “Yes sir”.

He then told me that he knew of a spot not too far from camp that was secluded where he likes to go for some quiet time. Asked if I was interested in checking it out and while there taking care of him. As I looked over at him he was groping his crotch and ask if I was interested. I shrugged my shoulders and he said we could go tomorrow early or sometime this evening. I said, “ok”. He ask me how long it has been since I started sucking cock and getting fucked. I told him I was 9 when I started getting fucked and about 10½ when I began sucking. He asked me if I swallowed and I said yes. Then he inquired if I wanted to swallow his cum or take it in my butt. I said whatever he wanted to do. He then said, “maybe we’ll do both, but for that we’ll have to go early this evening”. As we arrived in the camp parking area, I got out first and the scout leader noticed my khaki shorts wet in the butt area and looking at the truck seat observed it was wet too. He called me and showed me the stain in his truck and said, “I imagine that’s the execs cum your leaking, so you better head to the bathroom right now take them undies off and clean out you butthole as best you can before heading back to camp”. Once I was done in the latrine he said get to your tent and change those shorts.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Flaminghotbutt ID:1dekhtgxgtn1

    That same evening, the leader who drove me out to the exec’s home, took me to his quit place where I sucked him and he drilled it onto me.
    The following year I went back to the exec’s barn and he had another man there with him. When they were done with me, the exec was true to his word, he gave me $200.00.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667z49d

    I believe it because I was raped when I was in the cubs. My friend was too. It was all considered to be character building in those days.

    • Flaminghotbutt ID:1dekhtgxgtn1

      Thanks for believing me and your support through your own personal experience.

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Unbelievable story, no leader will take a scout out of camp and to a executives home

    • Flaminghotbutt ID:1dekhtgxgtn1

      It really happened…

  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Haven’t even finished yet and love it. HMU anytime 😉

  • Reply Flaminghotbutt ID:1dekhtgxgtn1

    When you look for mother stories in reference to being Groomed; look for Groomed by 22 yr old instead of 21 by hotbutt instead of flaminghotbutt. Glaminghotbutt is part of my email address.