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My ex made me like little girls

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This is story about how an ex gf makes her boyfriend interested into his lil sis and illegal porno

So it was one of these days in the past few weeks I started looking at my sis and thinking of her sexually I mean like who doesn’t they have a vagina and boobs and it’s hot so yeah don’t judge me I’m 15 and a virgin my sis is 14 and my now ex gf is 15, 2 months younger than me all I ever did with her was get high and eat her out and sneak out so yeah also I recently just started looking online at younger girls like 11 or 12 and I don’t know why they just make me so horny and it’s the only thing that interests me is the porn stories on here and the younger people in these I just want help because it causes a boner like 24/7 and I actually have blue balls like bad. One day I was looking at my sis then I went in my room about to go to bed and then I was thinking about going in my sis room and while she was asleep fucking her and cumming in her but then I passed out and woke up in the morning normal.

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  • Reply wild77er

    Where’s the sex? Damn it I’m mad. There was no sex saying I ate a French fry does make it a meal, nor does saying I ate her pussy. No one had sex. He got a little squeamish about a crush on little sis but won’t act on it …

  • Reply Realfamfun32

    That’s not uncommon at all If I was you I would act on those urges as soon as humanly possible and help teach your little sister how becoming a real woman feels by pumping as much of your family seed inside her perfect womb as possible.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker

    WOT? This is a nigh incomprehensible Wall of Text. It doesn’t really say anything about how you’re blaming your XGF for you becoming a child molester. That’s what it says in the title, right? Well, all she did was be a couple month younger, and let you eat her out. I’m not seeing a lot of dots to connect to you molesting your sister because of that.

    • Thk

      Mans mad about others while he writes the biggest shit himself

    • Psiberzerker

      Who’s mad? I was a little disappointed because the title promised that there might be some force on the girlfriend’s part, or little GirlS, plural. Instead, it’s just another Big Brother/little sister molestation with the girlfriend barely mentioned again. Rest assured, if I were mad, you’d know it.