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Swallows & Amazons – Part 1

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I am now going to give my interpretation (twist!) of a 1930’s English classic, the first being Swallows and Amazons. Hope you like it.

Most of the Walker family were now at ‘Holly Howe’ in the English Lake District, a cottage the mother Mary Walker had rented for the summer holidays. ‘Most’ means everyone except Mary’s husband, who was away on duty with the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean.

As a change of scenery, Mary had decided to have a long holiday away from the cramped dirty city where they lived for some fresh air and space where the children could go exploring, and she could get on with the book she was writing.

The journey by train was uneventful, however the taxi from the station was rather uncomfortable, as the roads around the area were rather in need of some attention, and they were all glad to pile out and into the cottage after quite a number of hours travel.

There were five in the family, father who was away as a captain in the Navy, Mother (Mary) who was a writer and looked after their children. These were John who was the eldest, Susan who came next, and Mavis-Titania, also know as Titty to the family who was the youngest. They were not related, but had all been adopted about ten years earlier as after a serious illness shortly after they married, Mr & Mrs Walker found out they could not have children of their own.

Mrs Walker had chosen Holly Howe as it was miles from anywhere, and it had the use of its own sail boat for the children to use as they wished. They were all experienced sailors with their father being a sea captain who had taught them everything they need to know about sailing, boat maintenance and, as a bit of a joke, father taught them skills for looking after themselves if they should ever become shipwrecked.

The children wanted to go exploring as soon as they got to the cottage, but Mrs Walker said it was getting late, and they needed to unpack and sort out their bedrooms. They were going to be there for a number of weeks, so there was no need to rush, and they should all get some rest to be fresh for the morning. The cottage was a lot smaller than the town house they had in the city, but it was all exciting to look around the place and even though it was small, it was just right for a holiday.

Mrs Walker finally got things all sorted, and gave the children a goodnight kiss. John was a bit embarrassed about this now, thinking he was too old for this sort of thing anymore, but let mother continue as he wanted to keep her happy. The girls went to their bedroom, John to his, and mother went to her larger room just a bit further down the landing.

Mary was in two minds as to renting the cottage, as she was rather lonely with her husband having been away for over 2 months now, and it was likely he would not be back for another 2 months. She had friends in the city, but it was too busy and noisy to do her writing which were mainly ‘racy’ novels for women to read which followed much the same pattern each time. Pretty woman starts work in an old manor house for a seemingly angry recently widowed rich landowner. After various adventures, the lowly servant is seduced by the handsome lord or head butler or farm boy or something like that, before finding true love with one of the above, depending on the story, and they all live happily ever after.
She was in bed writing in her notebook, trying to think of a way to be different in describing the girl heroine being roughed-up by the muscular farmhand who wanted his wicked way with the girl, and the fight she had to put up before being rescued by the lord of the manor etc. etc. etc. Mary was jotting things down as she thought of them, and would type things up properly in the morning.

Later she was not sure if it was being away from the noise and bustle of the city which made her more loose with her writing, but as if in a trance she found her pen just skimming across the page, and after about 15 minutes, she put it down and re-read what she had written. It was different from what she had ever written before, and it was more racy than anything she had ever done. In fact it was downright shockingly rude. It would never get past her editors, and she would have to tone it down for them, but she might keep the original notes for a different version which she might sell in the black market if she could get it printed.

She re-read it again and again, making changes and making each newer version more and more rude, to the point where it was unmistakably pornographic. Mary got to the point where she was happy with the final draft, and put the notebook and pen to one side. She was feeling rather hot. It was not just the weather outside, which was a great deal warmer than usual for this area of the country, she was hot from thinking about what she had written.

Mary stripped off her nightgown, and reached deep down inside her handbag for something. It was something she had to keep secret from the children. What she pulled out was described as a ‘Female Pleasure Device’. It was a smooth metal cylinder about 6 inches long with a rounded end and looked slightly like a male penis. She had brought it from a dark shop in some seedy back alley in the city. One of the friends had mentioned it to her, and she tried not to use the device, but could not help herself sometimes, with her husband being away for so long, and tonight, the story she had been writing had made her very horny.

She spat on the end, and slid her hand up and down the shaft a few times so that it was shining and well lubricated. She then reached down under the bed covers and ran the tip against her pussy. She was surprised that she need not have bothered, as she was dripping wet already from the wicked thoughts she had been putting to paper and reading. The device slipped into her vagina, and she savoured the feelings as she slowly inserted it all the way thinking it was the muscular farm worker from her story that was ravaging her in the hay barn against her will.

Mary was reading through the story in her mind. She closed her eyes and pictured the scene in great detail, and the fight the maiden was making before the farmhand managed to tie her up, gag her, and strip her clothes off before doing things to her. By which she meant having non-consensual sex. Mary could see in her mind everything as she had written it. The stripping off, the man’s rampant penis, the penetration, and the animal fucking of the defenceless maiden.

Mary had lost all sense of time and control of what she was doing. The artificial penis was being plunged in and out of her at a furious rate as she became more and more turned on. She threw off the bed covers and she thrust it in a deep as it would go, sometimes sending it at a different angle to touch different parts of her vagina, sending lustful sensations to all parts of her body. She arched her back and bucked up and down, letting out a series of low moans as her orgasm hit her. Her legs shook, and her breathing came out in short puffs as she continued, wanting the orgasm to continue for ever.

It was at this moment that she saw that her bedroom door was open.

Back in the city in their large house, her room was down the corridor well away from the children’s rooms with some guest rooms and a bathroom in between, but here, her room was next to John’s, and her bed backed against the wall of his room. John had been worried that his stepmother was ill, or having a fit of some sort, and went to check if she was alright, and on opening the door was shocked at the sight he could see. Mary was writhing on the bed in orgasmic ecstasy. Not only was he shocked, but as any teenage boy would be, was very turned on at the sight of a naked female, even though she was a lot older than the ones he had seen in some magazines that had been passed round at school, or in paintings at the art galleries he had visited.

He had taken off his pyjamas, and stood in the doorway masturbating his large stiff cock over the sight before him.

Mary was too far gone to care about anything. After her self abuse, what she really needed now was a big thick rampant cock inside her to give her a hard fucking and shoot a load of spunk up her.

She lay there naked on the bed, completely exposed. She pulled out the pleasure device, and dropped it over the far side of the bed. Without a second thought she looked at John still jerking off in the doorway, and held out her arms as if she was just wanting to give him a goodnight cuddle and beckoned him closer with a slight curl of her fingers. John hesitated for a moment, but as a horny teenage boy, he either had the choice of shooting his load there by the door, shooting it into a handkerchief in his bed, or stick his penis into a woman fucking her and shooting his semen into her. It was no choice at all really! John kicked his discarded pyjamas to one side, closed the door quietly, and walked to the bed and climbed on top of his adopted mother.

She pulled him close, and without embarrassment kissed him hard as she wrapped her legs and arms around him, crushing his erect manhood against her wet pussy and belly. Mary was still attractive to many men, and was still on the slim side, but with a slightly bulging stomach from too much food and drink at the many parties she attended with her husband over the years, but her breasts were large and soft, and having not had children, were still firm and not sagging.

Mary finally pulled back from John and pushed his head down to her chest, encouraging him to lick and suck her ample cleavage and nipples. She held his head in her hands as he orally abused his stepmother’s breasts. The sensations were overwhelming. He didn’t think his cock could get any stiffer, but it did. While sucking, he reached down between Mary’s legs and instinctively began to use his fingers to rub the soaking entrance to her pussy, before slipping two fingers into the warm opening.

Mary did not want to go too fast, but she was totally turned on, and was at her sexual height.

“John” she whispered “I can’t hold on any longer. I need you inside me now!”

She pushed him over onto his back, and straddled John, rocking back and forward on his rock hard erection, smearing her female juices all over his cock, thighs and belly. His cock was much longer than her husband’s she could feel as she slid over it. She knew John wasn’t experienced on sex, and was probably still a virgin so she took the initiative by reaching down between her legs and guiding his engorged meat into her pussy. At first she just slipped the head inside her, but lust took over a few seconds later, and she dropped down onto John with a loud slap of flesh meeting flesh as she impaled herself, savoring the feeling of his cock reaching deeper than anyone had ever reached before.

She gasped with the pleasurable feelings of just sitting there with John’s penis filling all available space inside her, but she knew what needed to happen next so that they could both get release from their pent-up lustful thoughts.

Mary began to move backwards and forwards, letting John’s dick slide almost out of her, before pushing herself all the way back down until it touched her cervix and rubbed hard against her clit. She sat back a bit, taking John’s hands in hers and placing them on her breasts, encouraging him to squeeze them gently before she leaned forward with her hands on his chest so that they dangled in front of his eyes. Without the need for instruction, John lifted his head up off the pillow, and began to suck and flick his tongue over her nipples. Mary lifted her head up, presenting her chest to him to devour like she was breast feeding a young child.

The movement of their bodies began to increase in pace. The self pleasure she had done earlier have left her aroused, and she began to feel the tingling of an approaching orgasm. It was unlike any she had experienced before with her husband. This was more ‘animal’ it was more ‘sordid’ it was …. so beautiful than anything before. She tried to stifle the moan/scream as she came, but didn’t do a very good job. Her legs shook and breasts bounced back and forth in time to John’s assault on her vagina.

John could feel his adopted mother’s orgasm as he pushed in as far as he could go. Her insides quivered and clenched at his manhood, and he knew he could not hold back any longer, and with his own moan, the built up pressure in his balls was released. It was unlike anything he had experienced before from his own self abuse. The sensations were so much more. His cock throbbed and twitched violently, and he could feel his cum coursing up his cock before bursting out the end in warm jets of male ejaculate splashing against Mary’s cervix, sending her over the edge again.

After what seemed like an age of moaning and kissing, John finished shooting ten wads of warm male liquid, but his penis still would not stop jerking. Mary could feel it as if it was bouncing around inside her slapping against the sides of her vagina.

Their breathing slowly came back to normal. John looked up and down his mother’s naked body, and grabbed her hair at the back of her head, pulling her towards him and kissing her hard, and was surprised when she stuck her tongue into his mouth and twisted it around his as a final act of abandoned lust before his lubricated cock slid out with a flood of spunk leaking out onto the sheets.

Mary climbed off John, leaving a trail of body fluids across his leg before flopping down on the bed beside him. They lay there looking at the ceiling for a few minutes.

“John” Mary said quietly “It’s time you went back to your own bed. We both need to sleep, and you can’t be here in the morning when the girls wake up.”

She gave him a kiss, and he walked to the door.

“John. Keep this quiet please. Don’t let the girls know.” John nodded, but didn’t have any intention of telling anyone that he was now ‘a man’, until he got back to school that is, but he would have to change the story quite a bit on who he had fucked. “Can you check the girls are still asleep please” she added as John looked back one more time to see his adopted mother still naked on the bed reaching down with her hands between her legs and starting to rub her soaking pussy some more.

John wanted to just run across the room again and fuck her again, but just managed to contain himself, and still watching Mary’s wanton display he closed the door to the sound of her moans.

He walked down the hall, his pyjamas draped over his arm, and as quietly as possible opened the door to the girls room. He could see both beds by the light of the dim nightlight on a table between their beds, but one was empty. John panicked for a second thinking one of them may have got up to see what the noise was in the other bedroom, but then saw what had happened.

Titty often had nightmares, and would almost in her sleep climb out of bed, and into Susan’s for her to sooth her terror. This had obviously happen here, and he could see them snuggled up in bed.

The hot weather, and their bodies being so close, meant they had thrown the bed covers back, and John could see them together. They were fast asleep, face to face with their legs inter-twined, and Titty had her arm across Susan holding her close. Their night gowns had ridden up to their chests, exposing their white panties. John had started to notice Susan starting to become more womanly. Her chest was getting bigger, and he hips were getting wider. Now she was partly exposed, he could see this more clearly though he couldn’t see everything. What he could see was the two of them hugging closely, pussy to pussy, breast to breast, and even though John had just recently had a huge cum, he could feel his cock stirring again.

He dropped his pyjamas and took his cock in hand again, rubbing it up and down at a frantic rate. The girls stirred slightly, but didn’t wake, and seemed to clench each other tighter, as if each were cuddling a large teddy bear. John walked a few paces forward until he stood over them both. He looked them up and down closer now. Their skin was so smooth and unblemished. He wished he could see more, and wanted to tear their night clothes off and jump into bed with them, but he held himself back.

John just stood there a few inches away from the bed, towering over them masturbating over his two sisters. The thoughts that went through his head on what he wanted to do were absolutely disgusting, and didn’t help him from becoming more aroused. His cock was sticking out in from of him, purple with rage, the veins running down the sides were pulsing with lust directly over the two girls. If they had woken up and seen him naked, with his dick in his hand, masturbating over them, he would not have cared what they thought. All he could think of was that he needed release the pressure that was building again in his balls.

Should he go any further or not, was going round in his head. The lustful feelings he had just could not be kept back. Basically he didn’t give a fuck what anyone would think of him, and increased the rate of his jerking and stood on tiptoes. He knew it would not be the same as actually fucking a woman when he came, but this was going to be good he thought.

The end came now. He tensed his whole body, pushed his hips forward, and pointed his cock down at the girls. It was almost audible as his male seed fired out straight as an arrow, landing on Susan’s white panties. The next blast flew over her, and landed on Titty’s bare midriff. He kept this up for six more ejaculations alternating between the two girls until he was completely spent.

He took in a lungful of air as quietly as possible, and watched the girls stir slightly again, but still fast asleep. He watched as his cum started to drip and flow down their fronts and backs until it disappeared between them, and as they shifted position, he could see it, all sticky, slimy and creamy almost gluing them together, but as they moved the strands of spunk pulled apart as if they had been rolling in slimy snail trails.

John carried on watching them for five more minutes until he had gone completely flaccid, but with a few final drips of cum falling to the floor once in a while. He finally decided it was best if he retreated quietly now. He wondered what the girls would think in the morning when they woke up and saw the mess he had created, and if mother would suspect what may have happened.

He didn’t care. He went to the door, picked up his night clothes, and closed it behind him as he crept across to his bedroom. He was now quite tired, and would not have a problem falling asleep himself, but hoped he would dream wicked dreams of what had happened on this the first day of their holiday. There was weeks to go for more of the same he thought as he drifted off.

The next morning John was late waking, and came down to breakfast to see all of the others already eating. His mother smiled at him, but immediately went back to eating, seemingly ignoring what had happened last night. He sat down to have his own breakfast, and while sitting at the table, he saw the girls nightgowns on the floor ready to be washed. Nothing was said about this to him, but he knew what had happened, and could see the stains, and wondered if his mother had any idea on what they were.

After some discussion, after their tidy-up jobs had been done, it was decided that they would take the boat, the Swallow, out for a sail to explore the lake and surrounding area. The wind was in a good direction, and they hoped they could reach most places. So after they packed a few sandwiches and some water for lunch, they set off. Mother gave them all a hug and a few words of encouragement, and telling them to be careful. John wasn’t as embarrassed about the hug today, which the girls thought a bit strange. They waved goodbye, and set off across the water.

They hugged the shoreline for safety until they got used to the boat. Titty had a pen and paper, and began to draw a map of the things she saw. There was Holly Howe to start with. Then they passed the town which they called Rio, followed by the island in the middle of the lake which was now called Wild Cat Island, though they were only speculating as to the wildlife they would find, but it seemed a good name for a map. Just next to this was a smaller island with a single tree sticking out of the top, which had many birds perched on it, which John identified as Cormorants, hence it now being identified as Cormorant Island. In the distance on the other side of the lake they could see a few farm houses and fields, and in some trees, they could see smoke rising up in the gentle breeze. This was a bit of a mystery to them, and they called it Dragon Wood. As it was now coming up to lunchtime, they decided to pull into a bay, which had a long narrow boat on it. This was made of wood, and had flowers and buckets and a small greenhouse on the deck, and so this place was called Houseboat Bay.

They were intrigued by this, and agreed that they should have a closer look. As they got closer they saw a similar sized sailing boat to the Swallow tied up on the other side, and they approached carefully in the hope that they could say hello and make friendly conversation about sailing or fishing or something else.

When they got closer Susan saw a parrot in a cage on the deck.

“They must be pirates” whispered Titty. “Lets sneak up on them and see if they have any treasure?”

John took down the sail and got out one of the oars and paddled quietly closer. Luckily the boat had old car tyres around the outside which stopped any noise when the Swallow bumped against the houseboat. This didn’t stop the parrot from squawking loudly and saying “Pieces of eight”

“Shut up you noisy bird” came a shouted reply from inside. “I’m busy. I’ll feed you soon.”

The Walkers were just about to call out, but the man seemed a bit angry so decided not to, but they did want to see inside the boat. So John grabbed one of the railings running round the outside of the houseboat, and pulled the Swallow along until they got to a porthole. John looked in and saw it was like a cottage on water. There was a kitchen area, and dining table which had a typewriter on it, and an area at the end with long comfortable benches.

Susan got up to have a look as well, when they heard noises from further along. They both grabbed the rail again and crabbed along to the next porthole, and when they got there, they got a big surprise when they peered in.

There was a man standing in the middle of the room completely naked facing the front of the boat. Sitting on the bed was a girl also without any clothes. She was about Susan’s age, and what she was doing, neither John or Susan had seen before but had heard stories. The girl on the bed had the man’s penis in her mouth, and she was rocking backward and forward, and was sucking in her cheeks while she was doing it. The man was obviously enjoying this as he had his eyes closed, and was moaning while cradling the girls the girl’s head in his hands, and was pulling her down his shaft as far as it would go.

Susan and John didn’t think this was possible without choking, but she was doing it without problem.

“What’s going on” said Titty? “I can’t see anything”.
“Shush!” said Susan “I’ll let you know in a minute”

The girl on the bed carried on sucking on the man’s cock for what seemed like an age.

“Fucking hell Nancy you fucking slag. You suck like a real pro” said the man
“How long do I have to keep doing this Uncle.” Nancy replied
“What? Sucking me off now, or before your debt is repaid.”
“Either. You promised you wouldn’t tell on my mum and dad when you caught me fucking that boy from the town, and I think we have been doing this for months now.”
“I didn’t say how long it would take to repay, my beautiful niece. But you like it as much as I do don’t you?” the uncle said as he looked in her eyes. “Now it’s time for me to give something back to you.”

John and Susan could see that the uncle was quite big and strong. He was probably as sailor himself, and they could see some tattoos on his arms which seemed to confirm this. The man bent down. Hooked his arms under Nancy’s and picking her up he threw her back onto the big double bed. Susan could see his cock sticking out in front of him. She had never seen one before on a grown-up. It looked massive to her. Still glistening from Nancy’s spit, and was red and rock hard. She knew how men and women made babies. She had been told in the school class and seen the drawings in a book, but she knew she was now going to see it happening for real. Her’s and John’s breathing was getting faster, and they were both getting hotter. Susan could feel herself getting slightly damp between her legs, and John already had a huge hard cock himself which he was trying to hide from Titty.

The uncle dived onto the bed, and climbed up between Nancy’s open legs.

“Uncle?” Nancy said. He responded with a nod. “I don’t care about my debt anymore. I’m glad you can’t have children. That means we can be like this anytime. So get up here and stick your fucking big cock inside me, Fuck me until I cum then fucking shoot you load inside me you fucking stud”.

He did not need to be asked again. He shuffled up the bed and taking his cock in hand, fed it in to Nancy’s wet hole, Susan took in a sharp breath as she could see it all. The man leaned forward onto his hands either side of Nancy, and pushed deep into her before sliding back out all the way, and then back in again.

Susan was muttering under her breath, all of which John could hear as they were so close looking through the porthole.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Susan kept saying, and much to John’s surprise this was followed by “Oh shit! Fucking give it to her. Fuck her! Fuck her!”

As if on cue, the uncle started to ram home his cock into Nancy’s willing pussy. She was moaning and shouting obscenities, as she was soundly fucked.

“What’s going on” said Titty rather annoyed
“Err, Errrrrr” came Susan’s reply trying to think of what to say “Err it is the captain, and he has captured a slave, and he is torturing her so you had better not look, you’re too young” Susan whispered a lie.

John smiled at hearing this, and carried on watching and listening. He knew the man was almost out of control. He was getting faster and faster, and was just trying to get to the end where he would get his reward. The girl wrapped her arms and legs around her uncle, pulling him as close as possible, panting in his ear.

“Keep going Keep going, I’m almost there” she shouted loudly, but thankfully not loud enough for Titty to hear properly, but Titty could feel the boats starting to rock slightly, and wondered what sort of torture could do this.

A few seconds later Nancy let out a loud groan as she came, followed by a string of grunts from the man, which John knew was him shooting his load deep into his niece. As they got their breath back, the man pulled out of Nancy and flopped down onto the bed. Susan and John could see to was all sticky with cum, and from the angle they were looking, they could see between Nancy’s legs where her uncle’s semen was leaking out.

John whispered to Susan that they should leave as quickly and quietly as possible before anyone came out onto the deck. They pushed the Swallow away from the houseboat, and climbed down into the boat trying to conceal their arousal from Titty, before paddling away trying not to make any splashes.

When they were a safe distance away, they hoisted the sail, and made their way around the far side of Wild Cat Island and back towards home.

Titty was gazing out the front, which gave John and Susan a chance to have a quick conversation on how they were going to stop Titty talking to mother about the houseboat and the ‘torture’. Hopefully they could move things on from this about what they had seen, and try to get Titty to talk about going on a camping trip to the island which she would get excited about and stop her asking questions.

Thankfully, after they got home to the cottage, they had been talking lots about the camping trip, and this took Titty’s mind off most things from the day, and they began planning with mother what they needed for them to stay on the island for a few days.

Mother was slightly suspicious when Titty explained what they had seen and heard, but John and Susan had managed to get the conversation to skip over most of it, but they knew that they themselves would not be able to ‘skip’ over what had actually been seen. They would never be the same again after what they had witnessed. Both of them were desperately trying to distract themselves from reliving in their heads what they had seen by running round getting bits ready for camping. John needed some release, and wanted to get to bed early, saying he wanted to be fresh ready for the adventure the next day, but he really wanted to jerk himself off, and knew he would probably need to do it a number of times before he would be able to sleep.

Unknown to John, Susan was in a similar position, and she hoped Titty would go to sleep quickly, and stay in her own bed so she could (in her own way) masturbate herself to orgasm as she also knew this was the only way she would be able to sleep.

They were both hoping that today’s adventure was just the start of more to come. And how right they were!

But before that the night was going to be long. Susan lay in bed thinking about the day, and what Nancy and her uncle had been doing. Nancy seemed to enjoyed it immensely, and Susan wondered if she would feel the same if it happened to her.

After Titty was asleep, Susan sat up in bed for a while turning things over in her mind. She needed someone to talk to, but couldn’t speak to her mother or Titty, so decided finally to go to see John.

She got out of bed quietly, though Titty did stir a bit when she trod on a squeaky floorboard, but thankfully the door was well oiled and didn’t make a sound. She peered out of the door and could see mother’s light was on, so she tiptoed across to John’s room and opened the door. John’s lights were off, but there was a full moon, and as he hadn’t shut the curtains, the light from this was illuminating the room with a dull grey glow.

It took her a few seconds of her eyes to adjust, but then she saw something she was not expecting. The bed clothes were piled up at the end of the bed, and she could see John lying on the sheet, naked, eyes closed, frantically masturbating. Susan watched fascinated as she watched John’s hand moving up and down his ramrod cock. His mouth was open gasping for air, and it seemed like he would never stop.

Susan moved into the room, and closed the door, but this time the hinges made a slight noise, and John’s eyes immediately flicked open. He could see Susan by the door, and quickly decided that it was useless trying to cover up, so he just lay there on his back and let look him up and down. She moved across the room, and sat on the bed. The warmth in the room was rising all the time.

John put his finger to his lips and pointed to the wall behind him to make it clear they should be quiet in case mother heard. Susan’s face was burning hot at the sight of John’s body next to hers, and she could not help glimpsing as his still rampant hard-on, all 7 inches of it. Her breathing became faster as she tried to work out what to do. The original idea of speaking to him had been forgotten completely, and she now had to decide what to do now. Should she just walk away?

In a daze she came to a decision. She had been bottling up her own sexual feelings all afternoon and evening. She had only thought about masturbating as soon as Titty had gone to sleep. She had never until then thought about any other thing that may happen. John had not moved, touched her or said a word. Susan stared at the wall opposite her for a minute, and rubbed her hand across her face, noticing how warm she was. Slowly she stood up, and without a noise, pulled her nightgown off over her head.

John gave a small gasp as he saw her do this, and could see her beautiful womanly shape silhouetted in the moonlight. If he wasn’t stiff, he was definitely now. Susan had been so ready to rub herself to a frenzy in her bed, she had not bothered with her panties, and John could see her nubile body, flat stomach, perfect breasts and the light downy fluff of her pussy.

She lay down on the bed next to John, and she cuddled him close so their skin was touching. It was like nothing they had ever experienced before. They felt tingly all over, John savoring the feeling of Susan’s body next to his, and Susan laying with her head on his chest listening to his heart beating faster and faster.

John thought he was going to explode, and he needed some release. He tipped Susan’s face up to his, and kissed her hard. They held each other tight and kissed for a long time, tongues flicking into their mouths. Passion consuming them. John knew he couldn’t have sex with Susan, even though that is all he wanted to do. Instead he finally broke the kiss, and took hold of the back of Susan’s hand, lifted it and moved it down his chest, lower and lower. Susan knew what he was doing, but she didn’t resist. John guided her hand down and let it rest on his rampant prick. He wrapped his hand round Susan’s, interlocking their fingers, and made her hold his manhood. They both lay there not daring to move. John’s lustful thoughts boiling away, causing his dick to twitch every few seconds. Susan was unsure what to do, but gently massaged John’s meat, getting the feel of it all over.

Pre-cum leaked out of the tip, and dribbled down the side and over Susan’s hand. John had moved his hand, and was moving it lower down Susan’s flat belly until he could feel the hair between her legs. It wasn’t strong spiky hair like John’s, it was short and unbelievably soft. John ran his fingers through it, and down lower to her opening. Involuntarily she opened her legs further and let John cup her pussy, before he gently inserted two finger into her wet and willing vagina.

It was so different John doing it than herself. The feelings were so much more intense. She had felt this before with her school friend when they had been together doing homework one weekend, and Susan had stayed over. Little did her friend’s parents know that they had been together in bed all night exploring each others bodies. Kissing, licking and fingering each other until they had dropped off to sleep from exhaustion of lesbian lovemaking. But now with John, this was a new level of pleasure. He began to slide his fingers in and out of her. Faint squelching noises could be heard as he did so. In rhythm, Susan began to rub John’s shaft up and down causing more pre-cum to drip down, and Susan could feel this running down the back of her hand.

After a few minutes if this slow mutual masturbation, the pace increased. John who had been jerking off earlier was not far from reaching his end, but wanted Susan to experience her orgasm before he lost control. John’s fingers were blur, not thrusting deep, but fast, and within a minute, Susan came. She bit John on the chest trying to stifle her moans before tilting her head up and kissing John hard. The bite had made John tense up, and Susan’s orgasm had caused her to squeeze his cock hard, and jerk him faster than ever.

John’s pent-up pressure let go. He grabbed Susan’s head and pushed it down his chest as he writhed in ecstasy as the contents of his testicles started to find a way out of his body. He arched his back gritted his teeth to stop himself crying out as his spunk started to squirt out. It fountained out, high into the air before splashing down on Susan’s face and hair. His cock was jerking like crazy as more and more semen was ejaculated raining down on their hot teenage bodies.

After an age of twisting bodies, and throbbing jerking orgasms, things finally calmed down. They were a mess, and would have to clean themselves up in the morning before anyone saw them. Their bodies were glistening in the moonlight from spunk and sweat. They kissed again, as their bodies slid against each other, lubricated by the male semen. Their tongues entwined and a small amount of sperm that had landed on Susan’s face could be tasted in their mouths.

John lay there, rubbing his fluids all over his sister’s naked body. Coating her all over in the outward showing of his love for her. She stopped suddenly when he touched a dent in her skin a few inches long.

“What is this?” he whispered. Susan hesitated for a few moments before replying
“You remember mother took me away on my own for a few weeks just after Christmas, and daddy came to stay? John nodded.
“Well I was taken to hospital. Mother was worried about all those stomach pains I was having. They did some x-rays, and decided that I had a growth on my ovaries, so they operated and took them out”.
“Sorry Susan, I had no idea” John whispered in a concerned voice.
“Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’m better now.” Susan said “I should get back to my room now in case Titty wakes up. Thank you John for a wonderful day. I will never forget it”. And after giving him a last kiss, she picked up her nightgown, and went out back to her bedroom. Sneaking in and laying there without any bed covers, letting John’s spunk dry on her skin. Her hand drifted down her body, and she began to masturbate quietly, and would do so for many hours before drifting off to sleep.

John watched her as she had left the room, her womanly hips swaying as she walked, and as he looked up at the ceiling he smiled to himself. He was sorry to hear of her illness, but after what she had said, he knew he would use the camping trip to go further knowing she could not get pregnant. He smiled a wicked smile, and while Susan was rubbing herself to orgasm in the next room, John did the same thinking of what the next few days would bring.

Part 2 coming soon

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  • Reply Josie ID:1cdjc7wsfii

    I am going to enjoy this story I as introduced to sex when I was eleven by a workmate of my dad when he showed me his new car and he took me for a ride in it He let me sit on his knee and he drove and I steered very slowly around and old airfield When he slipped his hand under my dress and got inside my panties and rubbed me until i could not stand the feelings and pulled his hand from my panties I was shaking for ages.

  • Reply Twickers ID:2kyer0sd9d

    Amazing story

    • Josie ID:1cdjc7wsfii

      Thank you for replying, After a few days I began to remember the feelings I got when he was rubbing my sex,
      . The feelings I got were so strong I became frightened. That’s when I pulled his hand away. The following weekend he came to see my Dad again and asked me if I wanted another ride in his car. I nearly said no but my Dad said for me to go and he would ride with us so I felt safe and we got into the car and when we got to the old airfield he stopped and took me on his knee to drive again and as I sat on his knee and spread my legs over his, my Dad got in the seat next to us seat next to us and I realised that my left leg was touching my Dads right thigh. We started to drive around the outside track and I was steering as My Dads friend drove and this time I was aware that his hand was on my right thigh and had slipped under my dress. I got nervous that my Dad would see but I was surprised to feel my Dads hand come to rest on my left thigh just on the hem of my dress which had ridden very high up my legs.. I almost swerved the car and my Dads friend slowed the car and we sat there for a while until II was calm and we started driving again very slowly until we reached the far end of the old airfield then we stopped. there was a deathly silence for a while , then Norman turned the engine off and sat still for a while ,then I felt Normans hand slip higher up my thigh under my dress, which pushed the hem of my dress higher and then, to my surprise I watched my Dads hand slide up until he was just touching the leg of my panties and I began to shiver a little, then I had two hands rubbing over my panties. I was a little frightened but more surprised that my Dads hand had moved down to between my thighs and he was actually rubbing my sex through my panties I was shocked to feel two grown up hands stroking over my hips and on my sex. then Norman said lets get in the back seat and we got out and sat in the back and Norman put me on his knee ,

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    Great story, so much better than the original Swallows etc.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!