A very Clark family Christmas Part 2

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(This is the second part of my series’s fourth installment)

As I parked my car in the mall parking lot I began to wonder just how long it’s been since I had sex with Someone in a public area. I think the last time was when me and Katy were still dating and she sucked me off in a restaurant bathroom. Just thinking about it made my pants tighten.I stroll through the mall and hear Christmas music playing all around, I see all the kids were sitting on Santa’s lap telling them what they want for Christmas Little did they know in a few minutes I’m gonna have a little cutie sitting in my lap. Speaking of which I text Mary I’m here and ask what store she’s in, she reply’s simply with “Victoria’s secret” off course Mary isn’t a very subtle person so I walk into the store and I hear a voice.
“pssst hey, over here.” It’s coming from the changing rooms. I walk over and almost immediately after I make my way to the first one I am pulled into it and thrown on the stool.
“Ah damn it Mary you didn’t have to be so rou-“ I get a full view Mary and she’s wearing a beautiful black micro bikini the way her huge tits are practically spilling out and the way the bottom clings to her smooth teenage hips makes my mouth water.
Mary giggles “you like what you see big guy” she says while striking a sexy pose. I’m practically speechless she was mine, all mine to play with no one else.
“Hell yeah I do, do they even sell this here. I asked while jiggling her boobs.
“Don’t know I brought it with me, it was a gift from Amy.” She said sitting in my lap grinding on my crotch.
Mmhm what a good friend, I’ll have to give her a cream pie as thanks. I take my cock out and without delay Mary sandwiches it between her thighs and starts rubbing them together.
“Mmm that sounds so hot, your such a good dad I’m jealous.” In response I undo her bra and start playing with her fat tits, the way they bounce in my hands is so hypnotic.
“Fuuck Mary that feels great. Honestly I would adopt all of you myself if I could.” I confess
“Mmmm I would love that more than anything I love you soo much Frank.” she speeds up.
“Please Mary call me master” I ask.
“Ooooh okay master, do my plump juicy thighs feel good daddy?”
“Of course baby, in fact I’m cumming” I squirt a shot glass worth of cum all over her thighs.
“Hey Mary be a doll and use your boobs will you, you know how much I love them.”
“okay master” she gets off my lap and envelopes my cock between her tits and begins bouncing up and down it was like fucking two clouds at the same time.
“Jesus Christ Mary your tits are incredible” I say trying really hard not to shout.
“Hm if you think that feels good try this on for size” she then starts kissing my tip rapidly as if she’s rewarding it everyone it comes up. I can’t handle the pleasure I can feel my mind start going blank when suddenly there’s a knock on the door.
“Excuse me miss are you okay in there?” We started panicking. Mary goes over and peaks her face out to talk to the employee.
“Y-yes I’m fine no need to worry” she tells the employee, trying to make them go away.
“It’s just that you’ve been in there for a while and we have other customers who need to-“ I stop focusing on them talking because my eyes point at Mary’s absolute dump truck of an ass. Seriously how does a 16 year old high schooler have a butt that fuckable. It looks so perfect, so smooth, so round I had to have it. I get behind Mary and slowly stick my cock into her ass and my god it’s even better inside then outside although not nearly as amazing as Katy’s.
“NNHMM!” Mary squirms a little trying to get it out, I responded by pushing it in further.
“Are you okay miss?” the employee asks concerned
“Ga ha ha I-I’m okay j-just some bad stomach pain is all” the employee walks away clearly weirded out by this whole experience. Mary turns to me clearly angry.
“Jesus what the hell frank we almost got caught!” She whispered.
“Oh come on how could I resist a cute butt like this and besides do you really want me to stop. I ask. Mary starts blushing.
“I-I never sa-“ I bend her over the stool and start fucking her doggy style.
“That’s what I thought, and like I said earlier call me master” I say before smacking her ass cheeks as hard yet quietly as I can.
“MMFM!!” Mary yelps as I start hammering my dick into her tight underage butthole.
“Ha ha m-master please don’t ooh stop mmm.”
“good girl That’s what I like to hear.” I say as I practically split her anus in two. Having a harem of high schoolers is truly incredible I wish everyone could experience this.
“Fuck you like that slut you like the way I pound your ass like a drum!” I say while spanking her repeatedly.”shit I think I’m about to cum!” I begin to pull out when suddenly Mary slams her ass back onto my cock.
“Fine have it your way” I say before I blast a liter of cum directly into her granting her wish.
“MmmAAHH AH AH AH!” Mary moans before collapsing. I yank my cock out of her and shove it in her face.
“Now clean it” I say in a firm tone. With out a word she begins licking all the cum off it like the good girl she is. Every stroke from her tongue feels amazing but not nearly as heavenly as April.
“Merry Christmas Mary.” I Say before taking a peek out the door and leave while no one else is looking. I begin the trip back to my car and take another look at the list.
“Alright next is Yoko and she’s at the wait what? The sauna huh well consider me interested.”

(Continued in part 3)

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    Don’t stop now Goop!
    Part 3, please!!!

    • Goop ID:3zxjfleq49jl

      Yeah sorry I haven’t been very active I can’t really think of anything good for part 3 and I honestly really want to get to part 4. I’m thinking of making a side story of Katy “entertaining” some of the house guests while Frank is gone just as a way of breaking the silence ya know.

    • AP ID:on8so7lk0dl

      Goop, this is the time where I wish this board had some very limited way of private mail so we could trade email addresses. Unfortunately it would quickly get abused I’m sure and I do not want either of us to take on the risk of publicly posting our email addresses.
      So, let’s work with what we have.
      I like your idea of a side story. How about when Frank gets back to his vehicle after leaving the mall, he gets a video call from Katy. Frank immediately notices that she’s in the bedroom and that there are two young men with her.
      “Honey,” Katie says, “do you remember those Jones twins from across the street? The ones who got the full ride soccer scholarship and went to college last year? Well they stopped by a few minutes ago to wish us a happy holiday. I thought it was one of Amy’s friends and I had just got out of the hot tub so I answered the door in just a towel. Well honey, the towel slipped and the boys decided to give me an extra present. I hope you wouldn’t mind.”
      With that the phone slipped from Katy’s hand and landed on the nightstand just right so Frank could see everything that the Jones boys were doing to his wife.
      I think you can take it from there. ( :

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