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Amy Tale/s – SB-02 (Neo-Queen)

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What, you don’t want me messing with your harem of pussy in your big love nest? Janet laughs and looks at me and says, this little bitch is wild Amy.

I fell asleep Friday night after Paige came to stay with us. I wake up Saturday Morning and I am naked (I had a nightie on when I went to sleep), and Paige was laying against me naked. I get up and find my nightie and the door is locked. Paige is waking up and I tell her, you cannot lock this door and leave it, Ken’s stuff is in here. Paige rolls over on the pillows and goes, blah, blah, blah, and closes her eyes like she is going back to sleep. I walk over and throw the nightie she was wearing at her and I tell her, put something on, I am going to the kitchen and Ken might come in here. I wait, and she puts the nightie on and lays back down.

I walk into the kitchen and Clair is there, and she is starting to cook breakfast and she says, your bedroom was locked, who do you have in there? I say, that brat Paige is staying with us, and she locked the door after I fell asleep. Clair says, oh, did she rape you? I said, this is not funny Clair, she is out of control sexually, and because she is a minor, I cannot stop her. Clair says, tell her mom. I say, that is crazy, she will accuse me of molesting her daughter. Clair says, do it when Ken and Greg are fucking her mom, then Paige will have evidence on her mom too, for her stepdad. My mind drifts away on this idea wave Clair has proposed…yes, I could still win this game. I needed more information on Bethany, her proclivities.

Everyone was up and ate, and Paige was taking a shower and I asked Ken and Greg, what kind of sex do you have with Bethany, I am just curious? It was the usual threesome, and Bethany loved it when Ken and Greg had sex together, and she loved getting fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. The crème de la crème was her propensity for bondage, she liked to be restrained. I knew Ken had restraints, but I am not into that stuff, but I might try it after this. Aunt Bethany liked to be tied while Ken and Greg did things to her and to each other. This was all I needed to know.

I called Janet and asked if I could still come over this morning and swim. Me, Clair and Paige showed up in bathing suits under shirts and in flip flops. Janet, Sherry, and Rachel were by the pool, and Anthony and Max were in the utility garage. Me, Janet and Clair were laying in three loungers by the pool and formulating Clair’s plan. I explained that I knew Bethany would be at the apartment at 10am Sunday; and calculating conversation time, and us leaving to babysit Paige, and time for Bethany to get started with the boys, I figured 45 minutes. Then, I was going to return to the apartment and walk in on them, with Paige. We were not going to tell Paige, and say Clair forgot her wallet as the excuse to return.

I was going all out, and I wanted players to assist me, so I called Ethan and Emma. Of course, Janet and Clair would be there, and Janet wanted to call Carla (aka Less Than Beautiful) and I said, no, I do not want her to know where I live. Janet said, Carla will not stalk you, and you may need muscle, and Carla could probably take Ken and Greg in a fight. We laughed, and I said, okay, you bring Carla with you. Janet said, Carla will be so happy, she was here last night thinking you were going to spend the night.

We were scheming by the pool and Paige, Sherry, and Rachel were swimming and playing in the water. I looked up, and Paige had Sherry up against the side with Sherry’s top pulled up, and Paige was licking Sherry’s big tits and pretty red nipples. I stand up and shout, SHERRY, STOP THAT, SHE IS A MINOR! Paige wraps Sherry up in her arms and turns toward us and says, this fucking girl is built like a brick house and gorgeous. Janet tells them to stop, but Paige will not let Sherry go. Janet walks over to where they are and works Sherry’s arm loose and leads her out of the pool. Janet is standing over Paige in the pool and she says, this is my house little girl, and you will restrain yourself, and stop forcing yourself on my friends, you are too young.

Paige squats down in the pool and spits some water and says, what, you don’t want me messing with your harem of pussy in your big love nest? Janet laughs and looks at me and says, this little bitch is wild Amy. I say, she is the spitting image of you, she is your evil clone, and you are both evil. Paige jumps up out of the water and catches Janet off guard and pulls her into the pool and manages to wrestle Janet’s bottoms off, and she throws them outside the pool. Paige has Janet by the ankles and pulls her around and Janet cannot do anything. Janet is screaming at us to help and we are laughing our fucking asses off.

Paige must have been stronger than she appeared, and she pulls Janet’s thighs around her and locks Janet’s arms down to her side and starts trying to kiss Janet, and she is biting at Janet’s lips. Janet is shaking trying to get loose, and Paige lays her head on Janet’s shoulder and uses all her strength to hold Janet’s arms down against her side and restrains her. Janet cannot get free and stops struggling, and Paige lifts her head and tries to kiss Janet again, and although Janet quit fighting, she is not allowing Paige to kiss her. Janet says, you cannot hold me forever little girl. Paige says, how about you eat my pussy until I get off, and I don’t tell the police you girls raped me? Janet says, tell the police whatever you want to little girl, I can afford an attorney.

Paige bites at Janet’s lip again and says, you sure you want to do that, eating my pussy is a lot cheaper, and what about the embarrassment you and your friends will have to endure? Janet looks at me and says, Amy, get this fucking girl off of me! I am just laughing, and I say, maybe you need to just pay the fine. Paige starts to kiss Janet’s neck and shoulders and Janet says, okay. Paige lets Janet go, and Paige takes her bathing suit off, and she sits up on the side of the pool and spreads her legs. Janet swims over and eats Paige’s little hairy pussy. Paige tells Sherry to come back, and Sherry takes her bathing suit off (Sherry is only 6 years older than Paige). Paige gets Sherry to straddle her as she eats Sherry’s beautiful brown hair decorated pussy.

Paige grabs around Sherry’s thighs and buries her mouth into one of them, and Paige starts moaning as Janet eats Paige’s pussy to orgasm. Paige recomposes and lays Sherry down on the side of the pool, and she 69’s on top of her and eats Sherry’s pussy until she gets off. Paige walks naked over to me and lays on top of me in the lounger and kisses me and asks, how many girlfriends do you have? I say, counting you, too many.

Paige says, I am really getting addicted to being around you, is this love? I say, no darling, this is lust; if you were to behave because I wanted you to, that would be love. Paige says, I think I will call you my Queen. Janet laughs and says, this girl has figured it all out, hasn’t she? I lift Paige’s head and kiss her, and I say, you are the new Queen, wear it well. I look at Janet and I say, well Duchess, looks like you are not going to inherit the throne. Janet says, I am fine with being your Duchess baby! Janet leans over and kisses me.

Max and Anthony walk up and see Janet, Sherry and a 16-year-old girl naked, and I just don’t fucking care anymore. I rub my hand across Paige’s back, and she squeezes me tight. I get up and take my bathing suit off and jump in the pool. Paige jumps back in and hangs around my neck, and we kiss and rub on each other as the rest of the girls get naked and jump in the pool too. Clair hooked up with Rachel, and Janet and Sherry were going at it. I placed a towel on the side, and I laid back with my legs in the water and just let Paige eat my pussy until I got off. Paige jumped up out of the water on top of me and knocked the breath out of me, and then laid on me, breasts to breasts, and we kissed, and I rubbed her ass, and we hunched our pussies together.

We all ended up in the pool house showers and I washed Paige and she washed me, and when everyone was dry, we came back to my apartment with Clair. Tomorrow was Sunday, and I wanted to be well rested. Paige slept with me and I told her to wear something and to not lock the door. I wake up at 8am Sunday and stir Paige, Clair, and the boys, and Clair helps me make a big breakfast. We eat and get dressed and it is just before 10am, Aunt Bethany will be here soon…

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