Holiday on jersey with my Mother

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What I saw gave me a huge erection that I couldn’t control! Mothers gorgeous body wrapped around me naked as the day she was born.

When one thinks of incest it I would say people think of it as extremely perverse and horrible, but my own encounter couldn’t be further from that common perspective of it, and it lasted for over twenty years with me and my Mother.
I didn’t know before but she was an extremely highly sexed and sensual woman but it was soon to become apparent, I guess Dad’s job didn’t help either as he was a captain for a very well known company on container ships which took him away a lot but which furnished a very good lifestyle for us.
My Mother has always been a very good looking woman, so good in fact that we often got mistaken for boyfriend & girlfriend! Some going considering I was 18 at the time and she was 41 and she still looked liked a teenager! And there are still plenty round today who look like that if you care to Google it! But they are few and far between.

With her dark brown hair and green eyes coupled with an gorgeous figure (not that I ever noticed!) she was a knockout, and she revelled in it when were out, she was a hell of a tease too saying if people think I’m your girlfriend might as well behave like it then! And she did many times! I even called her by name which proved even more convincing, it was a game and I must admit I did like it, nothing sexual at that time apart from a pat on the bum or a peck on the lips.

We have never been embarrassed about our body’s but I had never seen her naked, only tantalising glimpses passing her bedroom or when she asked me to get her a towel and hand it to her when she was in the shower, then one day coming out of the shower with a towel rapped round her she went to her bedroom and I heard her call me, I knocked before going in and she said come in, I can only say I was flabbergasted by what I saw! She’s in her wardrobe bent over looking for something and her pussy was on full view! My cock sprang to attention straight away! Have you seen my new hair drying she asked still bent over! I guess I should have felt guilty as hell for getting a hard-on from looking at my own Mother like that but I just stood there staggered! Her pussy was perfect! better than any of the little prick teasers at university with for sure, as she stood up she said, well have you seen it? Errr no I haven’t I said, I swallowed hard and tried desperately to will my erection to go away but that only made things worse, and harder! That was the start of it. If anyone said they didn’t go and have a wank after that they are lying cause I did!

I had left university as I decided to pursue a career in aviation as a pilot and the summer holidays were upon us, and I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time so when my Mother suggested a short holiday in Jersey since Dad wouldn’t be back for at least 6 weeks, I was all for it, now due to the time of year it proved impossible to get two separate rooms and I guess she was lucky to get what she got, a single room for us with on suite a fact she actually kept from me until we were on the flight! And because we had the same last name it was under Mr & Mrs! Getting there it was easy to see why she took it though because they were overflowing with holiday makers and I guess under the circumstances it was take it or not go! And besides no one knew us there or really cared, Oh yes and she wanted me to call her by her first name too, essential as we would be sharing a room under the Mr & Mrs title!

So anyway we got to our room and settled in, ok she said which half of the bed do you want? Any preference? No not really Kate and she smiled, I like it when you call me by name she said, it’s a pity you couldn’t do it all the time, ok you have that side and I’ll have this, lets get out of these travel clothes and go out and with that she disappeared in the bathroom to change coming out in a bikini and white top, I got changed in the room while she was in their.
One thing I’ll say about the place is that the beaches are really close! Everywhere we went we held hands and after a couple of days I really started to treat her like more like a girlfriend, it was easy with her and she really revelled in it, many a time her hand used to end up on my bum too! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it!
We had been there three days and was really enjoying what the place had to offer and each others company, no one suspected we were Mother & son just another couple on holiday, the third night we went to bed and she was fidgeting, I asked if she was Ok and she turned straight towards me and said, I’m not used to sleeping in my underwear and it’s starting to irritate me, Do you mind if I take these off and sleep as I do at home, I said what, you mean nude, here? Well I ain’t got nothing you haven’t seen before have I and it seems rather silly all things considered! Of course I knew what she was getting at! Shower and the bedroom! Well if you feel comfortable like that here with me I said, and with that off came her bra and panties under the sheet! Ahhhhhhh that’s better she said this is more like it with a little giggle! I know you sleep raw at home too so if you want why don’t you take off those boxers, it must be so uncomfortable for you, or would you like me to do it! I was really caught off guard I didn’t know what to say except how do you know that! A really stupid answer considering I’ve woke up lots of times with my sheets thrown off starker’s and she must have seen me! And she replied I know your not that naive, or a virgin! And with that she gave me the most wonderful kiss on the lips said goodnight sweetheart rolled on her side and went to sleep! In the morning I woke up on my back with her cuddled right into me, her breasts pressed into me and one leg over mine, I looked at my watch and it was a little before 6, I slowly raised my left arm and put it around her as to not to wake her, I must admit the feeling was wonderful as we lay their as a couple and I just couldn’t resist lifting up the sheet to have a look! I’m mean who wouldn’t! What I saw gave me a huge erection that I couldn’t control! Mothers gorgeous body wrapped around me naked as the day she was born.

I woke again at 07.30 and she was stirring finally opening her eyes, Oh she said how did I get here before saying good morning, in your sleep I said, I could stay here all morning she replied, time to get up and shower & breakfast and with that she threw the sheet off and for the first time I saw her naked properly, I tell you now I wish I’d had sore eyes cause she was a sight them! Are you still wearing those things she said as she went into the shower! We had a great day on the beach, swimming in the sea, walking and talking before going for some lunch and we hired a car too so we could explore the rest of it as it has a great history, I promised my that night though I would go to bed naked, of course she was right, I wasn’t a virgin and not naive, I know when a girl is coming on to me and wants it and I was being railroaded in a big way! But this was my mother and I simply couldn’t make the first move, she was doing all the running except holding up a sign!

As bedtime came and we usually went pretty early as the sea air made us tired, she went and had a shower then I did, I dried off as much as I could then put my boxers back on, she was already in bed, moving to my side and while she was not looking I slid off my boxers letting fall to the floor and stepping out of them, I must admit she was right, the coolness of the sheet was wonderful, I lay down on my left side facing her although she was also on her left side facing away from me, a couple of seconds later she wriggled over so we were back to front, only naked this time, if this had of been a girl from university my hands would have been all over her by now but it wasn’t, as she snuggled back onto me her scent was gorgeous, As she relaxed and I could feel her naked body melt into mine, I thought any second she will notice I have nothing on this time! I already had the beginnings of an erection but now her pheromone attack accelerated things to the point of no return! My cock settled into her bum cheeks.

My Mother was being playful as she always has been, pretending not to notice and a little giggle too! Her hand came over and pulled my arm over her, all of a sudden she went oh your naked sweetheart and rolled over facing me, well what do we do now she said, At that particular moment I didn’t know what to say or do, I mean she did everything except say have sex with me direct! I plucked up a bit of courage and said well if you were my proper girlfriend we would, you know touch each other, with that she said Shhhhhh and fed an arm underneath me, her gaze was hypnotic as she came forward and kissed me, not the usually peck this time but a full on kiss to which I responded too, it was quite a magical moment as I settled into it, feeling her tongue on my lips as I finally held her, her hand started to move down my body as if exploring it, she broke off for a brief second, you can touch me you know sweetheart I won’t break, with that I began to fondle her breasts, we never spoke just kissed and touched, she felt amazing and would softly purr, it wasn’t long before her hand found my cock. Now I’m not going to say I’m enormous like so many others cause I’m not! I have a respectable 7 inches and it has served me well!

Her hand on my cock felt out of this world as she touched it moving to fondle my balls too, my hand instinctively moved from her breasts down her body to her bum then to her front, she had a little pubic hair beautifully trimmed but a hairless pussy, as if she knew what I wanted she opened her legs so I could feel her, running my finger across her pussy feeling her wetness, I pushed a finger inside her, she was so warm and soaking wet as I moved it in & out of her and extremely tight, (The girls I had been with at university were not as tight as my Mother!) mean while her hand was gently masturbating me, after a few minutes of this I got up and started to take the initiative, I started sucking on her lovely nipples kissing each one of them, I kissed her all the way down her body turning around while I did, I reached her soaking wet pussy, her sexual scent was overpowering, I slipped my tongue all the way inside her, she helped by really opening her legs wide for me.

As I did this she was masturbating me with one hand and fondling my balls with the other, I think we must have stayed like that for a good half hour! I kissed licked & tongued that beautiful pussy and clit of hers feeling her contract and have small orgasms, I loved the way she smelled and tasted as I sucked and swallowed her juices, while I did that she positioned me over her face, she continued stroking my cock and was licking and sucking on my balls, my cock has never felt so stiff and my balls actually ached which has never happened before!
Eventually I couldn’t take anymore, I climbed between her legs and got my first proper look at her gorgeous glistening wet pussy, no hint of a labia just two little mounds coming together guarding her entrance, I knew she looked after herself but this was a sight to behold, I gently pushed the tip of cock between her lips, it’s almost impossible to describe just how tight she was and just how amazing it felt, her tightness pulled my foreskin all the way back as I pushed into her and the fire inside her almost pushed me over the edge straight away!

As I continued she continued to clamp down on me, so tight it should have been painful, but so soft it was just the greatest pleasure ever, I wondered how she could be so hot, so tight and so soft at the same time, it felt like I was her first! Nice and slow sweetheart she said, no need to hurry, I continued with long deep strokes, her breathing quickened, she was approaching her first orgasm with me, with her arms round my neck she pulled me towards her kissing me, the fire inside her got hotter, the walls of her pussy closed in even tighter on me like they going to strangle a horse, all of a sudden she held me in a vice like grip as it hit her, at the same time I pushed too, I could feel the warmth of her cum as it flooded out of her over my balls, it was a magical feeling but it was too much for me, my cock seemed to take on a life of it’s own as my cum erupted out of me, I came hard and deep inside her, and I kept coming as I emptied myself inside her.

She held me really tight as we came together, after the initial surge my cock twitched for a couple of mins more putting out smaller amounts of cum as she clung on to me.
She looked at me and kissed extremely passionately, and that was enough for me to start to harden again though gods knows how after that!

The rest of the holiday we spent every night doing the same thing, she asked me how she compared with someone my own age, out of 10 I gave her 30! I said the girls I had been to bed with had almost elephant ears down there which made her laugh! but the main difference is we made love the way it should be done, she taught me what she likes and didn’t like and she asked me what I liked, obviously we couldn’t stay there forever and put a strict set of rules into place as wanted to continue when we went home too, first and foremost though we never talk about it to ANYONE! Except between us and when Dad is home she is just my Mother, a small price to pay for such exquisite pleasure.
As I explained at the start it lasted for over twenty years, She really did love Dad, we both did, he had a stroke at work one day and died a week later from it but at least I was their, then this coronavirus hit, she died in hospital, I couldn’t visit her and she died alone and afraid, I felt awful grief with Dads passing but nothing like I felt when my Mother passed.
I still have one pic, or should I say the only pic she let me take of her naked when we were on Jersey, it’s hard to believe she is 41 on it and it’s one of most, if not the most treasured possession I own and she will always look beautiful on it.
They say you never forget you first real love, I certainly won’t.

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  • Reply Bt69

    It’s was awesome to read this story not usually story like oh daddy mommy I like u I want to fuck and all.
    It something wonderful. I wish I could see that pic once if you can contact me here’s the e-mail :- [email protected]

    • Anon

      Thank you for your comments Bt69, Yes I was lucky to have such a wonderful Mother and this site does not allow pics on it or I may have considered it, in so much as correspondence I’m really sorry I can’t do that but I’m sure you understand.

  • Reply Bt69

    Well i am extremely sorry for your lost but u were lucky one

  • Reply Charlie

    Beautiful story and well told

  • Reply Mark

    Due to this being long I booked marked it for later, I’m pleased I did, This is an amazing story and not full of the usual shit associated with incest, words like Mommy and daddy! I really do feel for you at the end I wasn’t expecting that, I know what you mean though about her being a tease as my own Mother was, I’m sure she wanted the same as yours but I was afraid to take that final step but I wish I had before it was too late, of course I would love to see that pic you have of her but’s it’s impossible, I know that.
    An awful way to lose someone though, my heart goes out to you, I see you said to some you found it a kind of therapy to finally talk about, yes I can truly see that being the case too after so long being secretive, you take care and at least you have some wonderful memories.

    • Anon

      Thank you Mark for your positive comment, yes it was like therapy remembering her as it used to be, I wish it had been a site where I maybe could have posted the pic but it isn’t, and if you leave an email address you’ll have ever crank contacting you.

  • Reply Anon

    Just remember my friend you can never talk about this openly and it’s the biggest secret you’ll ever keep to yourselves.
    Best wishes

  • Reply Trev.

    OMG! Great story but a sad ending, A strange thing happened to me during these lockdowns, I was busy having a wank in my room and was well into it not being able to see my girlfriend, I got to the point where I was coming and all of a sudden the door opened and there was my mum looking at me while I was having a orgasm! talk about being embarrassed! now my Dad works in the middle east so we are alone a lot of the time, we had a little talk and she said it was nothing to ashamed about as she had the same problem as me! I mean wow what a revelation and maybe we could help each other, our extra relationship started a couple of days later! first time having sex with her was truly unbelievable and she made me cum harder than I ever did with my girlfriend! we do everything except anal and it’s a new beginning in our relationship.

  • Reply H

    A one time encounter with my mom left me wanting more but it wasn’t to be, she sucked me off and we shagged all night, I sympathize with your lose.

  • Reply Bandit

    Your story resonates horribly in my brain with bad memories of the last 18 months with this virus, we lost two family members one was my mum which I was a lot closer too than people think! the relationship didn’t last as long as yours but I enjoyed every second of it even though I had a girlfriend.

  • Reply Milkman

    Wow, great story. Made me cry at the end. I also had sexual relations with my mom, it’s been about 6 months since I’ve visited her. She is the best I’ve ever had. But after reading this story, I’m going to see mom next week. Thanks for the wake up call.
    If u like to talk, email [email protected]

    • Anon

      Thank you for your comment, I’m pleased you are going to see your Mother, she’s the best friend you will will ever have and to a few, the best lover you could ever wish for, the penalty for it though is total and absolute silence.
      Talking about it was a kind of therapy, a release if you like to finally talk about it although still not openly, I looked at quite a few “stories” on here before committing though, and Jesus there are some wishful thinkers on here! a couple of them rang true though.
      I didn’t really have a desire to tell the world but more of an acknowledgement of how much I really loved her and will miss her, because in the end I really did, even though I have a family of my own, two daughters and a son, fall in love with her.
      Once again thank you for your kind comment.
      P.S. Look after your mother, Don’t wait until you lose her to appreciate her true value and don’t take her for granted, like me it only happens once in our lives.

  • Reply Scarlett

    Loved your story and it’s a horrible way to lose someone, I myself had an affair with my father so I can relate to everything you talked about here.

    • Anon

      Many thanks for your comment

  • Reply Jackie

    Long but so sensual and honest

    • Anon

      Thank you

  • Reply Anon

    I’m pleased I stuck around to the end, great story but sorry it had to end the way it did for you.

    • Anon

      Thank you