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Pound Signs

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I found the prettiest sandals, the exact same shade as the grass, and even my brother noticed how nice they were. #Feet #Freak

He’s not really into shoes, and he even made fun of women for having so many. So, when I got in the car, he surprised me with a compliment. “See?”

I crossed my legs, to wiggle my toes between the front seats, and he said “Yeah, those look awesome!” I thought I finally got through to him, but all the way home, he couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

Dad snapped, and turned back, so I could get out his credit card, and hand it back to him. For once he didn’t even ask how much I spent on shoes. The athletic ones were on sale, but the heels were new for summer, so marked up. They just looked so good on my feet, I just had to have them, though.

I had just gone through a pretty big growth spurt, so I threw out my old shoes, which were too tight. Also, the mall’s been closed, so we went all through to summer, and skipped spring. Cooped up in the house, so they were hot, and sweaty with my toes crammed up in the front.

Finally, we got home, and I had to catch the door when one of the heels twisted, getting out. “You all right?” My brother was right there, and he caught my arm-pit.

“Ha, yeah. They might take a little getting used to, but I’m not hurt.” I had to wiggle my foot back in the straps, but I didn’t limp, or twist my ankle, or anything. “You can let go.”

“Shut the door?” He did it for me, while I carried the shoe boxes back to the steps. I also got some new sports shoes for PE at school. Just in case they re-started gym class, or not. I can always keep running with mom, but she backed out to drive off while he rolled the window back up.

“Here, let me carry those for you.” He took the bags, and pointed out. “They match the grass.” At my feet, and I laughed.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” But that left my hands free, so I could hold onto the railing, and climb op the steps. By then, he got his keys out, and opened up the front door. “Uh!” I unbuckled one of them, and took it off.

Rubbing my ankle where the strap rubbed when I walked. I didn’t even go very far, but I felt the start of a callous, so that’s good. It always takes a little while to break in a new pair, and I needed to practice walking in heels all over again.

“You know, I never got the big deal with shoes before.” He picked up the sandal, and turned it around. “But these. Sniff!”

I laughed at him, and took the other one off, so I could walk barefoot in the living room.

“You ever heard of a new shoe smell, instead of the new car smell?”

I shook my head, and sat down on the couch. “Well, they’re vinyl uppers, like vinyl seats. So I guess that’s what they’re talking about.” I’m exhausted from waking around the mall.

First in my old shoes that didn’t fit, and then in my new shoes, which had heels, and straps to get used to. I probably should have put on the new sports orthotic shoes for walking, but the heels looked so good.

I guess I wanted to show them off. Then, I had to wait for mom, and dad, and Joey to get done in the theater. The new Black Widow movie is out, but I thought they were done with the whole superhero movie fad, and I guess it’s great for Scarlett Johansson. Since they killed her character off, but other than that, I don’t care.

“Hm?” I guess I started nodding off, until Joe touched my feet.

“They hurt?” He rubbed around the heel with his thumb.

“A little, but I’ll get used to it.” He kept rubbing around, and I stretched. “Ooh, that feels good.”

“Right here?” He found the top of my foot, where the straps wrapped around, and crossed each other, one went down between my big toe, and my next smaller one.

“Hm, yeah.” His thumb slipped in between them, and I blinked when I felt a little air.


“Uh!” I yanked my foot back, “Joey! When did you turn into such a foot freak?”

“I’m not, I just never noticed your toes before.” He looked back, “How long, and tiny they are. How sweaty it gets in between them, and.” He gulped, so his Adam’s apple bounced in his throat, and then he looked over at me.

To see if I noticed, how sick and perverted he was getting. I frowned, and shook my head. “Totally not like a foot freak, at all.”

“I better go.” He left me, probably to go play with himself, but I’d heard of that. I guess, my brother was turning into one of those guys, that get turned on by feet? It was just such a 180° after he made fun of us for spending so much money on shoes, but he got that from dad.

I got an image in my head of mom holding her foot up for dad to rub, and sniff, and kiss it, but I shook my head to get rid of it. “Ew.” So, I got my phone out, and searched [Foot freaks]

After Urban Dictionary, the first thing that came up was Feet Freak Foot Fetish Apparel, so I tapped on that. [Pretty Feet Deserve Pretty Much Everything] it came up.

(Shop Now)

I just got done shoe shopping, and I can’t do that online anyways, because you can’t try them on to make sure they fit. Me, and mom have weird shaped feet anyhow, and most styles pinch tight around the knuckle of your big toe expecialy.

So, we have to buy Wide, which just makes them rub when you walk, and gives mom these big callouses on the sides of her toes to scrub off with this big brick in the bathtub like an emery board. I really lucked out with the sandals, because the straps wrapped around the widest part, but still held my toes securely enough to walk in them without slipping.

So, I tapped [Back] and kept searching, but of course they had porn for that. [Foot Fetish] Web MD even told me that it’s called Podophilia, and that’s got to be confusing, unless the doctor is real careful how she says it, but that didn’t really help.

So, I started wondering how that even works? I mean, there feet. Yeah, maybe they look sexy in the right shoes, and I got more then I bargained for out of this pair, but how do you actually do it, with your feet? Joey was in the bathroom, I heard him come out, and lock the door before he started up the bathtub, and then switched to the shower.

Mom, and dad are out spending there end of the month money, after our first real family outing since everything started going back to normal, so I knew that we had the house to ourselves. [Site: Xvideos.com Teen Feet.] I like them best, because they have the best search, and went right to the [Filters] on top. [Length]

I looked down, and wiggled my toes. I never noticed before he said something, but he’s right. My toes are getting kinda long now, so I scrolled through the thumbnails until I found a girl that looked kinda like me. As per usual, it helps me imagine doing something like this with men, or a man.

A porno man with a huge crank, because that’s mostly who they get to do pornos. Unless you search for little dick, and then you have to skip past all the little girl/huge dicks videos just to find one to look at.

“Huh!” So, that’s how you do it. She really looks more like mom, with her big tits, but at least he doesn’t look like dad. I really don’t want to think about them going at it, let alone getting freaky like foot fetish, but with those sexy new heels. I bet I’m going to get lots of attention from boys if even my brother can see how sexy they make my feet look.

She wouldn’t really cheat on dad, let alone with a foot freak, anyways. I didn’t get hot, and muggy in my shorts, but I started laughing, because it’s funny, weird, and a little absurd. I mean, why would anybody use there feet, when they have hands?

I shook the image of an amputee girl with stumps for arms out of my head before that ran off any further, and just kept watching, but that.

Latina lady, or maybe Italian? I can’t really tell if that’s in Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese for all I know, but she doesn’t look Brazilian. Maybe she waxed, or got waxed, she doesn’t even have any stubble I can see, but she’s all roast beef sandwich down there, with extra roast beef.

After sitting on his chest, and holding it between her feet to stroke it up, and down, they switched to her laying down on a table, and putting her feet up in his face. He stick it up her butt, and that’s just like. Well, giving a foot job, instead of a handjob, when there’s a perfectly good pussy right there, so why would you stick it in the wrong hole?

I don’t know, but this isn’t working for me. At least it satisfied my curiosity, so now I know how you have sex with a foot freak, but now the water’s stopped. So, I [X]ed out the video before he dried off, and came out in a towel.

“Huh!” I leaned up against the wall, at the end of the hall, and he stopped. Looked over. “My feet really hurt.” he looked down, but I had them hidden behind the corner, so he couldn’t see them. “Could you rub them again?”

“Yeah, let me put some clothes on.” he went in his room, but I stopped him before he closed the door.

“No, that’s okay. They really hurt, so can I come in?”

“Yeah,” he let me open the door, and grinned. That grin guys get when they think you’re going to put out. I never went all the way, but let’s face it. I’m a big tease, and I just love watching their faces, when they’re so distracted by the sexy, they can’t hide what they’re feeling very well, because boys hide their feelings all the time.

It’s not manly, but that just makes them even more adorable when they open up to you. I’m just not ready for sex yet. I’m barely a teenager, maybe next year when I start high school. (Unless they close it down again, because the virus comes back, or another virus breaks out, or aliens…)

“Huh!” I just got on his bad, and swung my feet over, scooting back to the corner so there was room for him to sit down in his wet towel. And nothing else, but I told myself it was just practicing, for another boy. Not my brother, since now I had the perfect shoes to show off my feet, and find another guy that appreciates how wide, and weird my feet really are.

Not my brother, but that’s not how it worked out. “Huh, you like the way they smell?” He could only rub one foot at a time, so I put the other one up in his face. “I haven’t washed them yet, so they’re still real sweaty.” I wiggled my toes, and pushed his nose in between them, so he closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Kissing the bottom right under my big toe and the next, he nodded.

“Huh, yeah.”

That got me thinking about how he’d look from below. Laying down on the bed while he pounded my pussy (Not my butthole) with my legs up so he can smell my feet, lick in between my toes, and suck them.

He let go of my other foot, so I could dig my heel into the towel across his lap. Rub him hard through the damp fabric with my ankle.

“Huh, turn around, and take off that towel. It’s just getting in the way.”

He nodded, and obeyed like he was hypnotized. Just like the boys in elementary school, looking up at us in 6th grade, when they start noticing we’re growing boobs. I guess we’re lucky, skipping most of middle school, since I hear that’s the worst, but it’s normal for boys to get entranced by teh tattas.

Especially when they’re young, and short enough that they’re right in front of them. Just the right height, so I guess like there moms’. My mom is pretty busty, compared to me. So, I can relate to looking up to her, and forward to the day when I’ve got such nice eye catchers to wear in a push up bra, with a low cut top, and bend over their desks like a teacher so there eyes drop down, and get stuck.

In that deep dark valley… “Uh, can you grip it with your monkey toe?”

“Huh?” I guess I got lost in a daydream there, while he just held my feet together, and rubbed them up and down the sides. Like prayer hands, only much much dirtier. “Yeah, maybe? Hold it up, uh!” I shook my head, biting my tongue in my cheek, “Hold still, I think I’ve almost got it.” It just keeps rolling around in his pubes, and i don’t want to pull his hair with my toes, because that’s got to be a turn-off, right?

“Oh!” He put his head back in the corner. “Huh, yeah.” Closed his eyes, “Just like that.”

I giggled, and pulled my foot out, from between his legs. “No.”


“You sick pervert, what’s wrong with you? I’m your sister!”

“I know, I’m sorry.” He tried to cover it up.

“Well, it’s a little late now, since you made me give you a foot job.”

“No I didn’t, you came in here, and told me to take my towel off.” He shook his head, now that I’d broken the spell. Good, it was nice to have my old brother back.

“Well.” He’s right, “Okay, but now I’m horny, and it’s not fair for you to get what you want.” I’m a little jealous, since he’s older, he gets to borrow the car, and go out. Stay out late, and yeah he gets in trouble, but that doesn’t stop them letting him take the car again, and probably bang high school sluts in the back seat while his teenage buddies watch, and wait there turn to gangbang me in the back seat.

Then bent over the trunk, and laid back on the hood with my legs spread wide open so I can get fucked by one, suck another one’s balls with his dick in my face, and 2 more on either side to beat off so my whole world is covered in dicks spitting all over my face, tits, belly, legs, and feet.

“Are you okay?”

“Huh? Sorry yeah.”

“You looked like you’re having a seizure.”

“No, I’m fine.” I’m on Lithium for that, and I don’t even need dad’s Aptiom any more, or at least I haven’t yet since they got me on Lithium.

Oh yeah, and I’m schizoaffective with temporal lobe seizures, so I sometimes have trouble telling my daydreams apart from what’s happening now, since the Lithium stopped the full blown tonic clonic seizures, and hallucinations.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” He let go of my arms, so I could grab his balls, and soft cock.

“Of course not, that’s what makes it freaky, fetish.”

“I didn’t know you even had a family fetish.”

“Me neither, but then I had no idea you had a foot fetish.”

“Me neither.” He shrugged.

“Huh, so let me get you hard again, uh!” He shook his head, and stuck his hand back between my legs. When did I take my shorts off?

“I already came.” And I missed it? “So now it’s your turn.” He rubbed me harder. “You like that?”

“Ah huh!” I just nodded, and tried to stop grinding my teeth. I’m going to lose all my molars, just like dad if I keep grinding my teeth, and oh no. Now the sparkles are turning into those # signs that wiggle, and vibrate rushing past like stars in a warp drive. “AGN Nugh, guh! Ugh, gun, ngh!”

“Joy, Joyce!” He stopped, and shook my, so I just crossed my legs, and shook my head when he shook my arms again. “You’re not having a seizure?”

I shook my head, until I could unlock my jaw, and open up my eyes, and gasp in a breath. “Huh, no. Oh no,” I rubbed his chest. “I think? I was close.” I hadn’t seen those # signs in a long long time, since I finally got old enough to start the Lithium. “Do I really look like I’m seizing when I have an orgasm?”

He nodded, then closed his mouth. “So, you got off?”

“Huh, yeah. That was great.” Maybe it’s just when I cum that hard, but I don’t remember if I ever got myself off so hard before. Since I tend to black out, and then just feel it fading like this. “Huh! Oh!” I just squirmed on the bed, just to feel his blanket bunch up, and my naked body. “So good. You did so good.” I stopped, and felt my tummy. My sweaty tits, and down to my pussy. “You didn’t cum on me, or in me?”

“No, of course not.” He was pulling a shirt on, and already wearing a pair of tightie whities. “I didn’t even fuck you, you’re my sister.”

“I know, but I sure feel like I had a good fuck.”

“So, you’re not a virgin?” he bent over, and stepped into a pair of pants to pull up.

“I guess I still am, if you didn’t break it.”

“You don’t know?”

“Huh!” I shook my head, “Honestly, I’m afraid to check.”

“Your cherry?”

“Sometimes,” I sat up, then lay back down the right way, so I could scrunch up his pillow, and smell his hair. “I black out when I’m masturbating, and I teased myself. My cherry knowing that I can’t bring myself to pop it with my nails, but.” I nodded, “Huh, then I woke up bloody, and it wasn’t what you’re thinking. Way away from that time of the month, but I was pretty scratched up too, and I’m afraid now, to find out whether or not I raped myself.”

“Huh, yeah. Me too.”

I laughed, “You can’t rape yourself.” He’s a boy!

“I know, I mean the blackouts, but they don’t happen when I’m jacking off. Just when I get in a fight, but I know what that feels like. Losing it, then waking up all bloody and sore.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you got the family curse?”

“Not as bad as you, and dad, but yeah. Just the blackouts.” Then, he started crying, so I had to get up, and hug him up against the dresser. Still naked, but his feelings are more important than what we’d just done.

“Oh, what’s wrong?”

“Uh, now I’m afraid that if I’m with a girl, I’ll black out, and rape her like that movie.”

“What movie?”

“You know, Angel Heart?”

“Oh,” right, because of the incest. Interracial incest at that. “No, of course not.”

“You think?”

“Well, you didn’t black out, did you?”

“No, but I was afraid I might, miss it if I blacked out.”

“Yeah.” I know that feeling. “No, you didn’t though, right? You didn’t black out, and rape me when you had the chance.”

“Well, no. But you’re my sister.”

“I know.” He keeps reminding me.

“I think maybe I blacked out a little when you’re giving me a foot job, though.”

“Yeah, I noticed that too.” I’d just never seen him black out before, because I didn’t know he got it from dad, but he’s lucky. He could have gotten it a whole lot worse, like me.


Joyce (m… mf 3sum)

So then, mom drove up, and dad came in with groceries, but Joey went out to help him unload so I could run back to my room, and get dressed.

Of course, mom drives ever since we got in an accident, because dad was driving at night. I don’t get triggered by flashing lights, at least I haven’t ever before, but I’m not a Grand Mal epileptic. I’m Schizoaffective with petit mal temporal seizures, whatever that means.

Mostly that I’m treatable with Lithium, so I grabbed a glass of water, to take an extra dose, just in case. I hadn’t been that close to a seizure in a long time, but when I saw those #es again.

I shook my head, and washed my face. Pulled back my hair with wet fingers to tie it back, then Joey stuck his head in the bathroom. “You want to go out?”

“With you?”

“Yeah, I got the car, and I’m picking up Gary.” My cheeks warmed right up, because I like his friend Gary. “You know Gary.” He grinned, until I had to look away from the medicine cabinet, because he knows I’ve got a crush on his friend, Gary. Ever since 4th grade.

“Uh huh.”

“So, come on, put your shoes on.” He winked to let me know he wanted me to show off my new shoes, but I left those in the living room. My shorts, top, and underwear kicked under his bed, but I got out my new PE shoes.

To break them in, but he put the windows down on his way to Gary’s house. I sat in the back, but Gary called “Shotgun!” Running up his driveway.

“You better get in the back seat,” I leaned over to look through the window. “With me?”

“Oh,” he pulled the door open, and got in. “Uh, hey Joy.” He looked me over, for the first time in my whole life, but I didn’t just put on my running shoes. I also had on my biker shorts, a sports bra, and an old sweatshirt.

One of dad’s old sweatshirts, but it was clean, the sleeves were pulled out by the seams, and it hung down low enough to wear as a dress. It covered up my butt, and my crotch in the front, so I could wear it with tights, and dad didn’t have to worry about boys looking at my camel toe, unless I spread my legs to show them.

“You like my new shoes?” I crossed them to put one up between the seats again, only this time behind Joey in the driver seat, instead of dad on the passenger side.

“Yeah, I thought he said they’re high heels.” I guess when h called him, before he came to ask me if I wanted to go out, so I picked the wrong shoes.

“Not really, only about this big.” I held up my fingers, “But they hurt my feet, and I can’t run in them. So, I got these to go running in.”

“Yeah, around the lake.” Joey told him that part of the plan, but Gary couldn’t take his eyes off my leg. Once I stuck my toes out, so it stretched out my calf like they do when you stand up in high heels. “Maybe you can go running with her.”

“Yeah,” I took his hand, and uncrossed my legs. “Around the back, there’s those trees and stuff behind the bridge.” Put it on my leg, and started inching it up.

“Huh!” He finally glanced over at Joey, who was trying to act oblivious. Keeping his eyes on the road, and ignoring his friend, feeling up his sister in the back seat…

As if we hadn’t just fooled around, less than an hour earlier, and came this close to full on incest. Sex, unprotected sex, and if he wasn’t so distracted by my feet, I probably would have let him take my virginity, and make me pregnant with a fucked up incest baby.

With our family history, she’d probably be born seizing as soon as the hospital lights hit her eyes. I wonder what that would feel like?

“Huh!” Then, he pulled out my shirt, stopped rubbing my crotch, and felt up my tummy.

“So, you’ve been working out?”

“Uh huh!”

“Not all of it, I hope. You don’t want to get too skinny.” He felt around, until he felt something fat, in my sports bra. Gave it a squeeze, while I felt up his pant leg to his crotch. Pinched what I found in there to pull it out enough to give it a squeeze back.

“Huh, yeah. Those Hard body muscle hunks probably don’t like them too skinny, huh?”

“As long as you have something to hang onto.” My brother just shattered the illusion that he had no idea what we’re talking about, because it was that obvious. “Hang on guys.” I let go of his cock, before I made him blow it in his pants. “Save it till we get there.”

“You’re really cool with me, and your sister going out?”

“Ha, yeah! Somebody’s got to, and she’s been so horny lately, she’s driving me nuts. So here.” He just topped a rubber over his shoulder. “Knock yourself out.”

“Wait till we get to the park.” I nodded, and crossed my arms. To pull off the sweatshirt/dress, and let him look at me. Leaned back in the corner with my legs up, in my sports bra, and tight spandex shorts. “Huh, I really do have to get my run in, but if you want to follow me.”

“Yeah, like a stalker.” My brother fantasized with me. We’re not twins, or even like twins. We’re just brother and sister until we started doing more, but Gary didn’t need to know about that. “You’re not really a stalker, I know that, so I trust you not to hurt her.”

“I don’t want you to rape me, for real, but. You know what happens to girls when they run alone in the park?”

“No, I hadn’t heard about any attacks.”

“Of course not, lately we couldn’t even go out to run around the lake, but you know what I’m talking about.”

“Sex?” He guessed.

“Yeah, rough sex, but not rape. Maybe as rough as you can get without rape, but. Kinda not unlike what a man might do, if he grabbed a runner out by the lake.”

“You think you can do that?”

“Yeah, I think I can do that.”

“Good, because it’s starting to get dark.” By the time we got to the dam, there were already some couples walking along the top. Over the parking lot, but they stopped at the benches to sit down, and watch the sun set, over the lake. It’s not really called that, Sunset lake officially, but since the dam is on the east side of it, that’s the best time to head out to the lake, and walk along the dam.

Which means they aren’t around the other side, where there’s a bridge over the river, and trees in the way. Where it’s too dark really, and they close up the parking lot after 9pm.

So, we didn’t have that much time, 45 minutes at best. I got out, and sprinted for the trail head. “Huh!” Looking back at Gary jogging, but Joey pulled out the hat from the trunk. The brown Indiana Jones hat, and a green army coat to match.

Dad couldn’t wear that hat any more, without looking too much like a neckbeard, so he just shaved his head to match the bald spots growing together. The army coat was just a raincoat from the Army surplus, but with the hat, he looked like Stranger Danger.

Hanging out at the lake, trying to blend in, and maybe catch a girl running alone, the other way. “Huh!” I got to the bridge, and slowed down. “Huh!” Caught my breath, sweaty, and crossed it at a jog. “Huh!”

There he is, looking like a sex offender, trying not to look like a sex offender. If he’d belted it over like a bathrobe without buttoning it up, he might look like a flasher, but he put on a mask. Sun glasses, so if I didn’t know it was him, I wouldn’t know it was my brother. Joey, and his real fetish is for my feet.

“UMH!” he grabbed me from behind, covered my mouth. “MRHEE!” Picked me up, so I could kick my legs, and “MHMHMHN!” Laugh into his hand, honestly thrilled, because I could hear his heavy breathing in my ear.

“Shut, uh! Huh, shut up. Don’t. Ngh!” He gulped, grunting, and panting from the run, but he knew just what to say. “Don’t scream, I don’t want to hurt you. I love you.”

“Oh!” I just melted, and relaxed. Let him put me down, then lay me down gently on the ground. Breathe in the tannic air released in a crackle of dry leaves, like paper crumpling up to make an origami boulder.

His fingernails scraped my ribs, rough yanking my bra up. “Huh, fuck you’ve grown such nice tits. Hhuh!” He put his knee up on my tummy, his pants down, and his knuckles rubbing my ribs, bumping the side of my breast, and rubbing the head on my nipple.

“You have a rubber, put it on. I don’t want to get pregnant, either.”

“Oh yeah.” He let me sit up, push off of the leaves, to get my hips, and ass cheeks out of the tight sweaty shorts.

“Take off my shoes.”


“Just take off my damned shoes, all right?”

“Okay, okay.” I know what it looks like, and we kinda planned it as a kind of attack, but honestly? He doesn’t have it in him. So, I had to take over. Honestly, he’s never even been brave enough to tell you how he feels. Let alone grab you, tear off all your clothes, and rape you roughly.

I don’t know what I want, really. My body does, but she’s not talking. Sex, dick pounding in and out of me, semen shooting straight into my womb, and a baby to carry. Take care of, and hold, suckling milk from my nipple, while I look down, and see her little eyes squint to slits, falling asleep, and slowly relaxing with a full belly.

“Huh!” I know why Schizos were mistaken for prophets.

“There,” he got the other shoe off, and threw it to bounce in the leaves. “Now what?”

“Now,” I pulled my knees off, and took off my socks. “Fuck me.” I nodded, ready.

“Okay.” He tried to get on top of me, and bumped the back of my legs.

“Stop, let me. Just sit back, and let me put my feet up.” On his shoulders at first. So I could reach around my hips, and feel the rubbery hardness. Guide it over to my wet opening.

“HUH! Uh!” Nope, no pop. No resistance whatsoever, so I was right all along. “Uh, fuck me, fuck me harder! Harder, fuck me Gary, yeah! Fuck. ME. FUCK! ME! YEAH!”

He had to slow down, to really pound into me deep, and hard, and pull out carefully so he could stop before he slipped out completely. Then, he sank in again, and I know how rape victims feel. All the time, I guess they disassociate to escape the reality of what’s happening to them, but I can’t help it.

I disassociate all the time, but this time, it was different. “Huh, yeah. You’re loosening up.” I’ve never been so clear about what was really happening, as opposed to my fantasies before in my whole life. It felt strangely sane, the way normal people must feel. I’m not really sure I liked it.

“You like my feet?”

“Sptbt!” He shook his face, when I stuffed my toes over his mouth. “Smell my feet while you fuck me. Smell my sweaty feet, smell them?” He finally held still, so I could feel his nose with my monkey toe. Spread them apart, so he could smell the sweat in between them.

This was so much different from the first time. I didn’t even see them, the hashtags, the pound signs no matter how hard I shut my eyes. No matter how hard he pounded me, I never even got close to another orgasm/seizure.

“Uh fuck uh!” He pulled out, and fell back. “Ah shit, uh!” I sat back, and watched his twitching dick fill the reservoir tip with splashes of white fluid. Panting, catching my breath, and turning over on my hip to keep my bare twat out of the dirty leaves, but I looked up, and saw him.

First the hat, peeking out around a tree, then his eyes. Locked onto me, his shoulder, and the raincoat hanging off of it. His arm shaking, his hand behind the trunk, but I knew what he was doing. Watching me get fucked for the first time, knowing that Gary was exactly the boy I wanted all along, for my first time.

“Huh! Whew!” He shook his head, and pinched the rubber. Pulled it off, hunching with a grunt when it slipped out, and flopped glistening on his bare thigh. “Fuck, that was epic.” He picked up my sock, and held it up to his nose. “Can I keep this?” Took a deep breath of my foot sweat.

“Huh, yeah. Let me catch my breath, and get dressed. I’ll meet you back at the car?”

“Huh! Yeah.” He stopped to light up, a cigarette to smoke on his way back, but now it really was getting dark. The fedora disappeared behind the tree, along with the flasher coat, but then he stepped back out. With his fly zipped up, he hung his hat on a broken off branch.

“You satisfied?”

“Huh, yeah, but you bring another rubber?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“You better lay down your coat for me, first. These leaves are starting to itch and annoy me.” I didn’t even notice the pine needles, so that must be what done it.

“All right.” I felt around the hole, just to make sure my fingers didn’t come out bloody. Of course not, I took care of that, and probably just blacked out from the pain. I’m glad I don’t remember that, but Joey took off his mask.

His hat, his shirt, and just dropped his pants to roll on the rubber. I didn’t want him to play the perverted stranger any more. I didn’t want to pretend, because he’s my brother, and I love him.

Honestly, no other boy could ever understand me, and the way I am as much as him. Except maybe my dad, but he’s too old, and he’s married. ​He didn’t ask me what I wanted, he didn’t have to. He just gave it to me, smelling, kissing, licking, and sucking my toes, while Gary waited in the car…

“Oh!” Finally, I orgasmed, “Oh Joey. I love you so much.”

“Huh!” He put my feet down, so he could feel under my back, pick me up, and hold me, trembling under him. “Huh, yeah. I love you too.” Without crushing me, somehow. Even though he is so much bigger, and heavier.

Then, we got dressed again, I wore his coat to cover up my spandex underwear, and we dropped off Gary. Who was more than a little freaked out. So, I took a shower, got ready for bed, and painted my toenails red out in the living room. To really set off the green straps of my new sexy high heeled sandals.

Joey came out, and sat down to watch me put on my new shoes in my night clothes. Mom, and dad were already in bed, with the TV up, but my brother isn’t going to be young enough to get off 3 times in 1 afternoon, and still get it up again forever.

So, we better take advantage of it while we can. At least until I attract another boy that loves my feet as much as he does..

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